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Albus Severus Potter and the Seer of Heart

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ROSE watches as ALBUS walks around the living room, waiting for HUGO, LILY, and JAMES to finish up packing.

ROSE: ( She looks at him and grins ) So Lily tells me that you finished packing a week ago.

ROSE sits herself on the couch that ALBUS is walking around

So I guess you're excited to see him?

ALBUS: ( He nods ) Of course I am! He's my best friend, we haven't talked in months!

ROSE: You've only been apart for three months. ( ROSE's grin turns into a look of pity ) Albus.

ALBUS: ( He stops walking and looks at her, confused ) What?

ROSE: Does it bother you that he likes me? ( Her face goes into a frown ) Because I don't like him back, so don't worry about it starting to be... well- awkward. Well at least more then it already is. ( Her face wears a sheepish grin )

ALBUS: For the last time, the idea of you and Scorpius dating doesn't bother me!

ROSE: Really? Then why in every owl you send him, you feel the need to write down: Rose doesn't like you, she says the acorn thing is silly. It's a miracle the boy the doesn't already hate you!

ROSE has gotten up now and is standing with her hands to her hips. ROSE had grown so she now had to look down at ALBUS

ALBUS: I only write that to get myself through the shock! I mean, why wouldn't you like Scorpius? He's smart, he's kind, he's brave- well brave enough- and he can be ambitious about things if he really enjoys them! You guys are a match made in heaven!

ROSE: ( She rolls her eyes ) Really? Because judging by the way you're listing his personality traits, I'd say you two would be the match made in heaven!

ALBUS: Oh, can-it Rose!

ROSE bursts out into fits of laughter at ALBUS turning red. ALBUS rolls his eyes

HARRY: ( Enters the room ) C'mon kids! It's time to head to Kings Cross, get in the car!

ALBUS and ROSE go outside of the house while GINNY, JAMES, LILY, and HUGO go downstairs and join HARRY.

JAMES: ( Points his wand up at the stairs and three trunks float next to him ) Thank Merlin we're part of wizarding family's if we weren't, we'd be stuck carrying the trunks.

GINNY: ( Shakes her head and sighs ) James, Lily, don't be lazy. But Hugo, I'm not your parent so you still can.

JAMES and LILY: But mum...

Despite his complaints, JAMES stops the trunks and they fall to floor. LILY and JAMES pick up their trunks.

HUGO: Thanks, Aunt Ginny! ( Points his wand at his trunk ) Locomotor Trunk!

The trunk floats next to HUGO. HUGO smirks at JAMES and LILY. In return, JAMES does a rude hand gesture and LILY kicks HUGO in the knee

GINNY: James! If I see you do that gesture again I wi- ( She stops and looks at HARRY, who's chuckling ) What?

HARRY: ( He smiles and looks at GINNY ) You just sound so much like Molly.

GINNY: ( She smiles at this and nods ) I do don't I? ( She turns back towards JAMES who was about to leave ) But as I was saying if I see you do that hand gesture again, I won't let your new girlfriend visit for Christmas.

JAMES: ( Sets down the trunk and puts his hands up ) Alright, Alright. I surrender, see? Hands up.

JAMES picks up his trunk and He, LILY, HUGO, GINNY, and HARRY leave the room.