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The pain wouldn't stop. The punches and kicks, hateful words being hurled at him by these strangers. Naruto's tears had dried up because he knew they wouldn't care if he cried, they enjoyed it when he did. So he bore it, like old man Hokage said to. He endured.

The darkness was creeping closer when the pain stopped. A voice called out, full of anger if made him flinch, expecting more pain. Through slitted eyes he saw a figure stand in front of the civilians of Konoha.

"How dare you?! Keep your filthy hands off of him or I'll pull them off! Is that what you want, the pain you cause this child hurled back at you tenfold?" The peoples faces contorted in fear. They stepped back but the stranger grabbed one by the throat.

"This is your only warning so make sure you spread it well. If anyone touches that boy again, I'll pull them apart and litter Konoha with their insides and I'll do it slowly. Your hate won't touch him ever again," He threw the man backwards and watched as the group of men and women ran away.

'Some of those people are parents, how can they justify torturing a child.' the man shook his head and turned to the blond haired boy, kneeling he slowly stretched out a hand,

"Hey kiddo, I'm Lucian. I'm gonna make you better alright?" he said softly, Naruto finally felt safe and nodded. "Come on I'm taking you home with me,"


Naruto's life had looked up after that. Five years had passed since that night and Naruto was this close to graduating from the academy. His guardian, Lucian Lycan, had taken him under his wing like lightening. He was so cool in Naruto's opinion. Much better than his classmates parents thats for sure. He was tall and slim, with purple hair that fell around his ears and eyes of bright green. Sometimes when he got made they flashed gold but Naruto could never be sure. He was a Jounin that went on mission and would come back and tell Naruto all about them. When he left he'd take Naruto to Iruka's house and give him strict instructions on how to look after him. Rules and the like which made Naruto pout but Iruka-sensei laugh.

"It just means he cares a lot about you Naruto. Most parents do this sort of thing," and wasn't that a wonder. Naruto with a father. But Lucian acted more like a mother half the time.

He never yelled at him if he got things wrong, he helped train him and do his homework. He even helped him understand why the people hated him because despite his warning people still tried to hurt Naruto, which was funny because then Lucian would pop up out of nowhere and beat the crap out of them.


"Naruto Cub. What I'm about to tell you is very serious. It can't get out, to any one understand?" Lucian asked one night after dinner. Naruto sensed the mood and nodded. Paying apt attention to the words that came from the Purple haired male. Lucian gathered the nine year old into his arms, settling the blond in his lap.

"About nine years ago tragedy stuck Konoha. You know about the story of the nine-tailed fox attacking the village? Well that night we lost the Fourth Hokage and his wife, he was my mentor for many years and his loss struck me hard my child. And because of that I couldn't get past what happened. You see that night the Hokage sealed the spirit of the Nine-tails inside the belly of a newborn baby. His son. You," Naruto's eyes were so wide, so shocked and hurt.

"So you see, the nine-tails took the lives of many people in his anger and the survivors blame you for it. They don't know any better, because the third Hokage banned them speaking about it and refused the late Hokage's wishes to celebrate you as a hero. I'm so sorry Naruto. I let my anger and grief at Minato's death affect me to an unforgivable state. I ignored your existence because a part of me blamed you. But that's not the case now, you're so special to me Naruto, my boy my son," Lucian had started crying during his story and Naruto wrapped his arms around the mans neck, crying with him.

"It's okay, I forgive you," he whispered nuzzling into his fathers neck. This caused Lucian to sob harder.

"Oh you lovely boy, thank you," They held each other all night, neither willing to give up the comfort the other was offering.


Naruto's practically bouncing in his seat, just waiting for Iruka-nii to call him for his test. Knowing it was the clone jutzu test wasn't daunting at all either, even if it was one of his worst jutzu's Lucian had taught him how to get around it.


"Kiddo, listen to me. With as much chakra as you have creating just one illusion clone istn't going to cut it. You need to force your chakra to make more than one real clone,"

Naruto sat boggled. Confused as to what his Papa meant.


"Easy. Chakra control. Picture your chakra taking shape outside your body, it looks like you, it sounds like you, feels like you. There are no differences, an even spread of chakra between them. They're solid, corporeal beings. Now repeat after me. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu  with the tiger hand seals," Naruto took a deep breath and did just as Lucian said, hands flying through the hand signs and then...

Another Naruto was staring at him and Papa was crowing in delight and Naruto had never felt so happy.


Sasuke smirks at Naruto's excitement. He's already passed and tied his headband around his forehead, he's just waiting for Naruto to pass so they can both go and celebrate with Lucian-nii. And how surprising was that, Sasuke had lost an older brother and family only to be found by another one.


Sasuke sat ignoring the people around him, giving him fake apologies and pity. He doesn't need it, doesn't want it. What he want's is to find Itachi, to hurt him. He's falling into a whirlwind of despair and hatred when a man sat next to him.

"These things suck right?" he glances over, the man has purple hair, is the only thing he can think of. And gold eyes. "They walk around like they give a damn but don't actually know what they're talking about or they hated the person during life and now feel bad that their dead so try to relieve themselves of their guilt. Kinda crappy really," and he doesn't whisper it. No the stranger says it nice and loud to everyone in the room hears and Sasuke can count the people who wince at that comment and try not to look guilty.

"I on the other hand knew your mother. Dad too but more your mother," he says. Now he has Sasuke's attention.

"Oh yes, I was one of her many admirers. She had a fan club you know. Men throwing themselves at her, Fukaku had to beat them off with a club, it was so funny. Helps she was friends with my sensei's wife," The man talked a lot. More than the others did,

"Oh by the way, I'm Lucian, dinners at six on the dot so make sure your there squirt," the man-Lucian- walked away into the crowd and Sasuke vowed not to go. He didn't need to.

Two hours later he found himself sat at Lucian's kitchen table, glaring at Naruto and waiting for the curry to finish. And Lucian now had green eyes not gold.


"Naruto Uzumaki," Iruka sensei called and Naruto sprinted into the exam room. (Which was really just the other classroom but the teachers here like to try and impress the kids).

"Okay Naruto, I'd like you to perform the clone jutzu for us," Iruka smiled. Mizuki grinned but waited impatiently. Naruto was a loser, he'd never get this technique and all he'd have to do is swoop in. Then finally he'd have that scroll.

"Okay, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Iruka sucked in a breath when two perfect Naruto's grinned at him.

"Well done Naruto! Congratulations  you've graduated from Ninja Academy and are now a genin," the brunette handed the boy a hiate which immediately replaced the goggles he was wearing. Mizuki was quick to hide his scowl, his plan crumbling around him.

"Oh man! I can't wait to get home. Lucian will be so proud of me!" He said to himself as he ran back to meet Sasuke. They bumped fists and laughed. Jumping out from one of the windows they raced each other to their home. Bursting through the door they were met with Lucian, hands on hips and bowed slightly he grinned at them his green eyes twinkling.

"Now what has my cute little charges all a flutter? Hmm, has Ichiraku brought out a new menu? No. Or maybe Sasuke was able to complete his jutzu training before Naruto? This is hard," He pretended to ponder, he always did it to them. The boys felt exasperated but the warm feeling in their chests negated everything else.

"Oh, I know! Today was the genin tests wasn't it? And both my cute boys passed just like I said they would," He was met with two large hugs, and roaring laughter. A sound he was sure he'd never hear again. Something brushed up against his legs. Looking down he met the red eyes and gold of the family 'pets' Kurama and Khan.

Kurama was a little fox cub Naruto had discovered hiding in a tree from the villagers. Feeling empathy for the creature and the nine-tailed fox inside him he quickly brought him home and cared for him. Gave the fox a bath, a hearty meal and cuddled him all night. Sasuke had found Khan inside the Uchiha district at the same time. A little wolf, with lovely silver fur he'd fallen in love with the beast and much like Naruto brought him home.


Lucian had always had mixed feelings about the pets. They made his boys smile and laugh and gave them responsibility but...Khan...he looked too much like the creature that haunted his nightmares at times. They even had the same names. But nothing he said could dissuade the boys. Nothing, they even ganged up on him together to make him concede.

"Alright my little ninja's dinner's ready and after we can go out and get some dango,"