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Wish Dragon

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The person laughed widely with all his top teeth showing, and he jumped around too, as if to use up the energy all the laughter brought him. If Eunhyuk wasn't in such a sour mood, he would probably have smiled at the infectious happiness and laughter.

The guy was currently talking to one of his friends, who was a tall guy and definitely much younger, but of course next to the short man and his happy-youthful face, who could tell?

He hated following people like this. Hated it. He had wanted to turn up at the guy's place and just search for his so called magic container, but no, Heechul had said, it's too risky.

What the hell, even... what the hell? This was ridiculous and he was fucking pissed.

He pulled down his hood over his short warm grey hair. Pushed his dark glasses further on his face. Ducked his head when the man and his friend passed by.

Donghae. Donghae was the man's name.

Laughing with his friend, Eunhyuk saw Donghae from the corner of his eye. The man actually threw a look back towards Eunhyuk, who was leaning against a car, and Eunhyuk swore he saw a frown, but then Donghae's attention was back to his tall friend and they continued walking up the street.

The guy lived in an apartment close by. That's all Heechul had told Eunhyuk. He also told him to drive here like a proper human being in case anything happened, but of course Eunhyuk wasn't a proper human being, so... thanks, but no thanks. 

He did hope nothing would happen. 

He had teleported to a deserted alley that was a few minutes away from wherever this Donghae lived, and he knew this because his eye didn't twitch as much. And as he was walking out to inspect the place, hidden thanks to the rather busy street, he heard a laugh, and his eye-twitching relaxed even more. 

As Eunhyuk was standing with his head hanging low, waiting for Donghae and his friend to walk some distance before following, his eye twitched rather violently behind his glasses. 

He cursed.

That meant he may have lost him.

He pushed himself off the car and surveyed the area. Unfortunately, he wasn't really tall either, so he couldn't see over the heads of people walking around. The only thing he could rely on was the man's tall friend, who... was nowhere to be seen.

They must've slipped into a place to eat. Or shop. Or drink. Or whatever humans did.

Eunhyuk looked around once more, and then turned his attention to the street the man had come from.

If... he could slip into his house... find the vessel... and take it before the man returned, he could be free, right?

The problem was that Eunhyuk's kind were descendants of dragons, and there were a few of them left in the world. Their powers, sadly, were too complicated and they didn't really have many people who had proper knowledge of what was going on. Those that did were really old, secretive, private, and gaurded themselves, their knowledge, and their wealth too seriously. 

Eunhyuk was lucky he knew the Mighty Heechul, at least. He knew some stuff... well, more stuff than him and the younger ones, and looked like so far, Heechul had not lied to him. 

His eye-twitch was getting more rapid as Eunhyuk walked the way Donghae had come. This irritated him. So was the twitching connected to the person whofound the vessel and not the vessel itself? Heechul did say something about serving...

Was his eye twitching because he was somehow bound to this man? 

What the fuck, he hated everything about this. 

He stopped a few buildings past that alley he had teleported in and leaned against a wall. His eye wasn't just twitching now, it was actually almost fucking winking by itself.

Good thing he was wearing dark sunglasses.

The sun was about to set soon. 

He sighed in frustration and tapped his expensive boots on the pavement. The man will have to come back home so he had no choice but to wait for him.

Actually, Eunhyuk hadn't really thought about this... Uh, what is he supposed to do after that? Follow the man into his house? Just shove himself in? Pretend to be a cop?

Yeah, that would work with his fancy clothes and hair.

Maybe he could pretend he... is a friend of a friend who... needed a place to stay? But... what friend? He should have listened harder to the person Donghae was talking to... he hadn't caught his name at all—

"I'm really tired of this, Donghae! Really fucking tired of this!"

He quickly focused his hearing on the voice. Without really looking in the person's direction, his eyes searched behind his glasses till he found her.

A well-dressed woman in green heeled boots, standing in front of a five level elegant apartment building, a handbag clutched tightly in her right hand, and speaking into her phone.

That's where the fucker lives!

"You know what? Whatever! I don't care!"

And the woman huffed angrily and shoved her phone into her purse. Then she marched quickly to a car, her facial expressions ones of someone fighting tears.

Yikes. Donghae was probably an asshole, huh.

Eye still bothering him, he waited for the woman to drive off, wished her well, and then wished himself some luck and walked towards the building. He looked around and behind to make sure no Donghae had shown up and entered the glass double doors. 

The second set of doors were actually locked. 

He could see a reception area with two men. They sent him questioning glances. He looked to his right and on the wall were buttons — for the condos on the different levels. 

So he had to either call the person to come and get him, or enter the pin and go inside. Neither of which he could do, of course. 

The place was well protected and secure.

He sighed and slipped back outside, hoping the guards or receptionists or whatever they were didn't call anyone or think of him as too suspicious. 

Well, he sort of was, but he wasn't going to harm anyone. Just take something of his own. 

As he walked to his previous waiting spot, he wondered. Should... he use a bit of magic? 

He didn't know where the man lived though... Getting invisibility was a real pain in the ass, that was one of his weakest skills, and he didn't want to risk fainting while he popped into every floor to check which one was Donghae's.

Why was this so fucking hard and why the fuck did someone have to find his goddamn vessel and why did he have such terrible luck?

At least his eye twitch was slowing down.



He shoved his hands into his pockets and quickly scanned for a place to slip into. His eyes landed on the convenience store across the road and he quickly ran towards it, thanking all his dragon ancestors for the slow movement of cars. 

He sighed in relief, checked behind and around him, then took the steps up to go inside.

The doors opened for him and he slammed into a body.

His sunglasses fell to the ground, and his hood slipped off. He cursed, steadying himself, but also quickly extended an arm out to hold whoever he bumped into from falling or getting hurt.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry—"

He was interrupted with a loud gasp. Looking up, he found himself facing the handsome Donghae.

"What the fuck?" Donghae said.

"Uh—Uhm I'm sorry, are you all right?" Eunhyuk said quickly.

Donghae's eyes were wide, and from what Eunhyuk could see in the light from the store and the setting sun behind him, Donghae's face was red.

"Are you hurt?" Eunhyuk asked, concerned.

The man stuttered and struggled to speak. He was staring at Eunhyuk like he had seen a ghost.

Shit. What if he had actually used magic by accident?

Eunhyuk wasn't sure what to do, but if he had really hurt the man, he had to make sure he was okay. He pulled him away from the doors and towards the side.

"Sorry, are you hurt anywhere? Can you please tell me, if you can speak?"

He touched the man's arms and chest for any injuries or bleeding and watched if the man's face jerked in pain—

"N-No! What are you doing here?" Donghae finally said, pushing Eunhyuk's hands away. 


"I-I... wha-? C-ca—" Donghae struggled, as Eunhyuk waited for a coherent word to form.

"I'm sorry," Eunhyuk repeated, this time meaning he was sorry for bumping into him, not the sorry for not understanding.

"J-just watch where you're going!" Donghae finally said.

Oh... was he embarrassed? That was odd. 

An idea popped into Eunhyuk's head. He touched his leg with his hand, and bent a little. 

"Ow," he muttered. "I'm sorry again."

Then he limped and leaned on the wall. Tried to show himself in pain. If he had fooled dragons he could fool a human, right?

"Are you okay?"

The man was suddenly beside him, holding his arm and looking very worriedly into his face.


Eunhyuk used a tiny bit of magic to sear his own skin, on his palm. He hissed in pain and held it out in front of him.

"I got hurt."

Eunhyuk held his knee with his other hand, wincing. He managed to make a little burn on that too.

"Oh, you've grazed it. We-we should look after that. What's wrong with your leg?"

Pfft. Grazed it. How the fuck would he have done that?

"I... I don't know, but it hurts."

"Oh shit. That's not good—can you walk? Come with me."

Really, Eunhyuk knew that if he had given this a little more thought, he could've done better. Chosen better "injuries" — he bumped into him! Didn't even fall! At least he could've made himself bleed from the nose to make it more believable! Nevermind that he couldn't really do that, but the fact that this worked on Donghae, and the fact that Eunhyuk was entering Donghae's place five minutes later and the man was running to find a first-aid kit... 

Well, that had Eunhyuk smirking victoriously. On the inside, of course. On the outside he was wincing. 

Donghae appeared with a bag and a bottle and bandages, and in seconds he had pulled up Eunhyuk's pant-leg up to his knee and was inspecting his injury.

"This... this looks like a burn?"

Shit. He fucked up. He fucked up.


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Eunhyuk stared at Donghae, thinking hard and fast of what to say. The man himself was staring from his knee to his face and then to his hair, and he looked frightened and confused. 

"Y-yes," Eunhyuk said.

Donghae blinked and then he glanced to the side, as if thinking. 

"Did... did you hurt yourself before?"

"Yes, I was just going to get myself some bandaids from the store."

He was a fucking genius!

"Oh!" Donghae said, and he looked back at him, his expression clearing. "How did you hurt yourself?"

"Uhm... "

Donghae began dabbing something wet on him gently and then cutting gauze, not pressuring him to answer. 

"Uhm... I..."

He hated lying. He also hated it when someone was being so fucking nice and he was taking advantage of them. If this counted as... taking advantage...

Did it? 

Still! He wasn't really hurt; his burns healed quite fast anyway. 

"Listen," he said, clearing his throat, stopping Donghae from pulling his pant-leg back down. "Thanks... but..."

He fixed his pant-leg himself, not sure how to explain it to Donghae.

"Do... Uhm, can you take a seat—I mean, it's your house, of course you can do what you want!" Eunhyuk said. "Uhm, I meant, can I tell you something?"

What the fuck, this was so difficult.

When he looked at Donghae, he found the man looking worried and uncomfortable and nervous.

There was something strange going on here. He thought back to the look Donghae had thrown him when he was sort of following him. And then the question, or his entire reaction, when Eunhyuk accidentally ran right into him. 

"What are you doing here?" he had said.

Eunhyuk frowned, thinking, his eyes on Donghae, and the man fidgeted. 

"Or... is there something you want to say to me?" Eunhyuk changed his question, tilting his head.

The reaction was incredible. Donghae, still on the floor in front of him, turned red and gasped.

"Wh-what-why? I don't know you!"

"You don't?"

"I-I... No! I've never met you!"

"Yes, that's true. So why are you acting like this?" 

"Like what?! You-you were following me!"

"Ah, so you saw me."

"You're not denying it?" Donghae said, his eyes wide.

"This is exhausting for me." Eunhyuk sighed.

He stood up, pulled Donghae to his feet, and then sat him down on the couch Eunhyuk had been sitting on seconds ago. The man looked surprised and still incredulous. 

"So," Eunhyuk said, folding his arms. "This is going to sound insane, but just bear with me."

Donghae turned pale. He was holding his own hands together. 

"I—" Eunhyuk began.

"Please don't say anything crazy," Donghae said. "Please."

Eunhyuk stared. This man... this man had definitely experienced something strange.

"Donghae," he said, "did something happen to you that... relates to me?"

The man turned even paler and he gulped. 

"I didn't tell you my name."

"I saw it on your door," Eunhyuk lied. 

"Liar. I don't know you."

Eunhyuk watched his face carefully. "But... you know my name?"

"Eunhyuk..." the man whispered, and he was close to crying. 

What the fuck was going on here?

"How do you know that?" Eunhyuk asked slowly, trying to keep his gaze gentle. 

Donghae looked down and swallowed. "This is crazy. It is so crazy. Am I losing my mind?"

"No, Donghae," Eunhyuk said, and he got down to pull Donghae's hands apart. The man had been clenching them so tightly and they looked white. "It may sound crazy but you're fine. I will make sure you're fine. I'm not here to hurt you."

Eunhyuk wasn't sure what was happening, but it was never his job or desire to hurt humans. Majority of dragons took to protecting humans and in fact liked them! They resembled each other in many ways, and really, the only difference was their magic. So the fact that Donghae was frightened to this extent and worried for his mental health bothered him.

"If you tell me how you know my name, I will also tell you about myself."

Donghae looked at him, searching his eyes, and Eunhyuk hoped he looked and sounded trusting. 

Seems like he did because Donghae looked back down and took a breath to answer.

"I... I... had some dreams about you."

What in his mighty ancestors' names...?

"What was in the dream?" Eunhyuk asked, because this, this could be related to the container and to his magic and to whatever bound him to Donghae.

"I... don't remember."

Eunhyuk knew he was lying. But, it was still something.

"Well, for me..." he said. "My eye started twitching recently."

He pointed to his right eye. 

"It's not doing it now because you're here."

The man turned pink.

"I mean, because I am actually not... really human. I think I'm supposed to do something related to you, but I don't know what. That's why I was following you."

"N-not... n-not... Don't lie—whose prank—"

The man was struggling again so Eunhyuk quickly held up a finger to stop him, opened his own palm, and a tiny light blue flame appeared, floating over the middle.

Donghae jolted. He pulled his knees up and hugged them.

"This is crazy, this is crazy — fuck, I don't need this in my life —"

"Donghae, stop. You're fine, seriously, you're really fine!"

"Don't touch me!"

Eunhyuk pulled his hands back and stood up, keeping his distance. 

The man rocked himself back and forth, still mumbling to himself. Some things were coherent and others Eunhyuk didn't understand at all, only catching random words.

"Keep getting worse... Fucking embarrassing... I didn't ask... Why... Has to...hate this, hate this, have to wake up now... this, I hate this!"

"You're wide awake already," Eunhyuk offered, trying to be helpful.

"Then I wish I was asleep!" Donghae snapped, looking up from his knees. 

Eunhyuk stepped forward and put his hand on the man's head. In seconds, Donghae fell on his side on the couch and started snoring softly.

As Eunhyuk stepped back, he stared. 

A... wish grantor. 


So, this is what was happening. 


He was fucked, all right.

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Siwon poked the sleeping Donghae's face, and then moved on to touching and stroking Eunhyuk's face, because Eunhyuk wouldn't let him touch Donghae.

He laughed. A lot.

"Siwon, please be useful," Eunhyuk said, holding Siwon's weight as the man laughed breathlessly into his neck, his arms around his shoulders.

“This is the funniest," Siwon said, between breaths, "thing I have ever seen!"

Eunhyuk unwrapped Siwon's hands from around him and pushed him away.

He had called Siwon minutes after the incident, but all he was getting from Siwon was laughter, the touching of his face, his hair, his hands, his sleeve—because that's all Siwon did, he fucking touched people.

“Our poor Eunhyukkie,” Siwon said, back to hugging Eunhyuk with one arm and stroking Eunhyuk's hair now. “How is he sleeping, anyway?”

Eunhyuk sighed. “He... said he wished he was asleep, and then I don't know what came over me but I just... put him to sleep. I didn't even know I could do that.”

“Why did he wish to be asleep?” Siwon said, and pinched Eunhyuk's cheeks with both his hands.

“I think he was freaking out a bit – he said he dreamed about me, and I guess since he saw me in real life, it was a bit too much.”

“That's it?”

“Well... I may have shown him some flames.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Uhm... he thought I was pulling a prank on him when I said I wasn't human, so I thought it'd be quicker to show him my magic.”

Eunhyuk felt like he was having a counseling session. That was always the case when talking to Siwon, and it wouldn't be bad, if only the guy kept his hands off of people.

“And why did you tell him you weren't human?”

“Siwon, what the fuck?” Eunhyuk said, since Siwon was now sniffing his hair. "Because I need to know why my stupid eye is twitching when I'm not around him!"

He pushed Siwon off again and sat down on the adjacent couch.

Siwon was laughing silently, his face holding a ridiculous expression. Eunhyuk wondered what it must be like to have a face that moves so much.

“He's actually dreaming about you now,” Siwon said.


“He's adorable!”

“Siwon, are you reading his mind? You're not supposed to do that!”

“Hey, it's not my fault. His thoughts are too strong and loud.”

“You're invading his privacy!” Eunhyuk said. “Block them—wait, what's in the dream?”

Siwon fell on the floor, laughing more. It was a miracle that Donghae wasn't waking up.

“He can't wake up because he doesn't want to wake up.”

“Now you're reading my mind! Stop it!”

Siwon's strongest skill was telepathy, with a bit of telekinesis. At first Eunhyuk was somewhat jealous, but then he realized how annoying it could be and decided he didn't want it.

"So you're like a... you know, those genie stories," Siwon said.

Eunhyuk thought about it and felt panic rising.

"Are you saying that because he found whatever has my magic, I have to be his servant?"

Siwon shrugged.

"Is there a limit to wishes?"

Siwon shrugged again.

"Siwon, please help me!" Eunhyuk whined.

"I dont know, either!"

Eunhyuk slipped further down into the couch. This was insane and he hated it.

"Wait, doesn't Heechul have his magic container thing?" he said, sitting up again.


"What did he do to get it? Grant wishes? But he's fine, isn't he?"

In fact, he was more than fine, he was sort of the boss and he could do loads of shit without worrying.

"Nah, that doesn't sound like him. I remember a story about some other dragon—she was captivated by some ruins and she kept going there. Ended up finding her vessel there and took it and that was it."

Eunhyuk nearly cried as he fell back on the floor in misery. Of course, he had to be stuck with something like this! Why didn't they have a goddamn rule book explaining everything? Why did the older dragons have to be so fucking tightfisted with their knowledge?

"Hey, maybe they don't know either, Hyuk."

"Don't read my mind, you ass," Eunhyuk said, rolling on the floor.

Siwon's hand was back. On his head now.

"It's okay, he doesn't seem too bad. Just stick around... and see how you feel ... and find your vessel ... and then see what happens? It's a learning experience. Do it for the greater good of the dragons, Eunhyukkie."

What Siwon said would've been nice if he wasn't saying it with a layer of suppressed laughter underneath.

"Could you fucking stop?"

"This man... actually... has a crush on you."


"His dreams are getting pretty intense."


Eunhyuk flipped over and toppled Siwon to the ground.

"Stop fooling around and take this seriously, you creep!"

Siwon kept laughing. Eunhyuk held up his fist, ready to punch Siwon's mouth shut. But the man's eyes went wide suddenly, and then he grinned, jerking his head to the side.

Eunhyuk looked over and saw Donghae, sitting up. He was rubbing his eye and his hair was tousled from sleep. He really did look like a kid.

Donghae noticed Eunhyuk and Siwon on the ground, and he froze.

"It's okay!" Eunhyuk said quickly. "Don't be scared, we won't do anything and we're not here to hurt–"

Eunhyuk's upper body smacked on the floor, and he yelped in pain.

Fuck Siwon.

Fuck Siwon to the depths of the ocean.

He teleported off now? When Donghae was watching? The fucking useless piece of greasy shit.

"I-It's okay! You're–you're not–" Eunhyuk said, scrambling to his feet.

Donghae was staring at him and he looked ready to cry.

"I'm losing my mind," the man mumbled, and he looked down, his eyes filling with tears.

"No no no! You're not hallucinating or losing your mind, Donghae," Eunhyuk said, kneeling down in front of the man.

He wasn't sure if he should hug him or hold his hands or stroke his hair – what the fuck do people do?

Ask him for a wish.

Siwon, you get the fuck out of my mind or I swear when I find you–

The presence was gone before Eunhyuk could send his feelings to the traitor.

"What's happening to me?" Donghae said quietly.

"Nothing! Nothing is happening to you, Donghae. It's just me here who is strange, but it's okay, I won't hurt you," Eunhyuk said. "I just need to figure a few things out, but I promise I won't hurt you and no one will hurt you! In fact, I think I am supposed to help you."

Eunhyuk hoped something from what he spilled will make the man feel better.

Donghae sniffed. "Did you make me sleep?"

"Uh... y-yes. I think so."

Eunhyuk watched the man wipe a tear off his cheek with the side of his index finger.

"Thank you," Donghae said, and he nodded.

"Uhm... you're welcome?"

"I... don't trust you, yet," Donghae said slowly. "But... I can't call the police because I don't know how to explain anything."

"Please don't call the police."

"How are you in my dreams and then here?"

"I honestly don't know, because I need to figure things out too..."

"You didn't ... put yourself in my dream?"

"No! I promise you I don't know how to do that!"

"Who was that guy?"

"Uhm, that was my... friend. Don't know if I should call him friend, actually, he's an asshole. I was worried about you because you wouldn't wake up, so I asked him to help."

"Where did he go?"

"He, uh, he teleported."

"Can you do that?"

"Y-yes, if I need to."

Donghae nodded again and he looked at his lap. A pout appeared on his face as he thought.

Eunhyuk waited patiently.

"In... my first dream, you... said you will grant me wishes," Donghae said.

Oh, fuck himself to the depths of the oceans too.


"Is... is that why you made me sleep?"

Eunhyuk realized that Donghae here might know a little more than he does. If he kept dreaming about him, and if dream-Eunhyuk kept talking to him or telling him shit, then Eunhyuk needed to find out what.

"Maybe? What else did I tell you in the dream?"

Donghae suddenly turned pink. He rubbed the back of his neck. "You don't... tel-teleport into dreams?"

"No, I can't do that. It's not the same thing. I really don't know anything about your dreams, Donghae, and I don't know very much about my own magic. That's why I had to follow you and find you– "

"How did you find me, then?"

"My other friend Heechul gave me some information."


"Uh, to be honest, he's kind of weird and he knows a lot, so I don't know?"

Eunhyuk didn't know if he should tell him that Heechul had told that Donghae had the vessel. It could be used against him and he needed to keep himself safe, at least.

His legs and knees were getting tired but he didn't want to do anything to make the man stop talking, or get suspicious of him, or call the police, or start freaking out again. So he kept kneeling, watching Donghae's face patiently and waiting for him to ask the next question.

Donghae was not looking at him now though, and he was watching his own hands, the pink still on him, his thinking-pout also present.

Eunhyuk cleared his throat. "When... did you first have a dream about me?"

Donghae glanced at him, then to the side, trying to remember. "Around... two weeks ago?"

That was the same time Eunhyuk started twitching.

"Do you... remember what happened that day?" Eunhyuk said.

"I saw some people and went to some places. Why?"

"Ah... uhm, I'm just trying to figure out if there's a connection or a reason why this is happening."

"D-Do you dislike it?" Donghae said, and Eunhyuk was suddenly amused at how the man's face turned darker.

"I do dislike my eye twitching, yes."

"It's not twitching now."

"Yes, it stops twitching when I'm around you, like I said."

Wow, there goes the blush intensifying. Was... Siwon telling the truth, then? He wasn't lying to him?

"Th-that must be hard for you," Donghae said.

"Yes, a little bit. That's why I want to find out what's going on. Would you mind... if I stayed and..."

Eunhyuk spoke slowly and carefully, trying to choose the right words, and he watched Donghae's eyebrows go higher and his eyes widen.

"... tried to figure this out? With you? I will help any way I can, of course," Eunhyuk finished.

"W-w–like, stay here? With me?"


"B-but I... I don't trust you, how do I know you're not lying–"

"Okay," Eunhyuk said, and he stood up. This was perhaps too much to expect from the first day. He could mess things up if he pressed, and he might even make Donghae feel threatened. If Donghae knew anything about the vessels, like from his dreams, he could ruin things for Eunhyuk.

He had to be careful.

Eunhyuk rubbed his legs to get some blood flowing back into them, then shook them a little. "Okay, I will leave."

"Oh," Donghae said, and he also stood up.

Eunhyuk wasn't sure if he heard disappointment, but he thought he heard disappointment.

"What... what about your eye?" Donghae said, following Eunhyuk to the door.

"Ah, it won't kill me. I think," Eunhyuk said. "I can come visit again, if it's okay?"

"Y-yes, okay," Donghae said, and Eunhyuk swore he heard the tone brighten. Donghae fished his phone out of his pocket.

"Is there a way you can call me when you're coming?"

"Yes, we do use phones," Eunhyuk said, smiling at him. He took Donghae's phone and dialed his own, which was on silent but in his pocket, and then handed it back. "If you...I don't know, need me or want to tell me something before that, you can call me, okay?"

Donghae nodded, and Eunhyuk was pleased to get a small smile before he left.

It was the next day, as Eunhyuk was lying in bed, trying to ignore the twitching of his eye and hoping to sleep, when his phone beeped.

A message from Donghae read:

Hello, this is Donghae. Can you help me today, if you are free?

Eunhyuk jumped out of bed, thanking his ancestors. The twitching was just about to drive him insane.

Sure, I will be there in a few minutes. Are you okay? Eunhyuk typed quickly and dropped his phone on the bed.

He grabbed clothes in a hurry, dressing himself. Even though he was immensely glad, he was also a little worried for some reason.

Eunhyuk paused in the middle of putting on his shirt when he saw Donghae's reply pop up on his phone screen.

I can't sleep. :(

Chapter Text

Would you mind if I teleported into your living room? Or is it better to come to the front of the building?

Message from Donghae: Whatever is easier for you.

So Eunhyuk teleported into Donghae's living room, right on the spot before the chair Donghae had fallen — wished to fall — asleep at.

He heard a yelp behind him, and he turned to find Donghae actually sitting there, hugging a pillow.

"Sorry," Eunhyuk said. "It's just quicker and my eye has been bothering me a lot."

"No, it's okay. I just—just got surprised."

"Are you all right?" Eunhyuk asked, carefully.

Donghae's face was pale and he had dark circles around his eyes.

"I can't sleep," he mumbled.

Eunhyuk frowned. The man had thanked him before for making him sleep... and Eunhyuk wanted to ask, but right now, under his gaze, the man looked uncomfortable, so he didn't.

"Hm," he said instead. "Well, what can I do for you?"

Donghae looked up, biting his lip.

"If... If you're not busy, can we talk?"

Eunhyuk hid his smile well. Busy... pfft. As if he could do shit with his eye twitching madly.

Well, actually, he could. But he didn't want to. It was kind of embarrassing and annoying.

"Nope, not busy right now. What do you want to talk about?" Eunhyuk said, and he dropped into the other couch on the side, letting his eyes close. Finally. The fucking twitching was gone. He could relax his stupid eye.

"A-Are you tired?"

It seemed that Donghae took Eunhyuk's closed eyes and dropping on the couch as signs of exhaustion, so Eunhyuk opened one eye, flashed him a smile, and shook his head.

"I'm not tired. Just my eye. I'm listening if you want to talk, go ahead."

"Oh... Okay..."

Eunhyuk waited.

Nothing came from the man, so Eunhyuk had to open his eyes. Donghae was staring at him, and catching Eunhyuk's glance, he quickly looked away, now biting the inside of his cheek.

"You want to ask me questions?" Eunhyuk guessed. "You can, if you want. I don't know how much I can answer, but I don't mind."

"Sorry if this is rude, but what are you?" Donghae said.

"Ah... Uhm...."

Eunhyuk wasn't expecting this. He didn't want to say dragon... or should he say dragon? Because then the guy would think he is a genie... and then he might ask about his lamp, and then if he did know something, what if he got the upper hand on Eunhyuk's magic?

"Uhm... well, let's see. Our ancestors were... uh, friends with dragons? So... We got some powers from them," Eunhyuk finally said. He didn't lie. Not really. Well, he just didn't clarify that his ancestors were also dragons. That had other dragon... friends?

See? It was true.

"So... what do you do?" Donghae said.

"Uhm... What do I do? Or what do we all do? Because it's different for each," Eunhyuk said.

He... really didn't want to say anything about himself. Not yet. Donghae seemed nice and kind, but he didn't know what people were around him and what could—

Eunhyuk suddenly sat up and leaned forward.

"Donghae," he said. "Have you told anyone about me?"

Donghae shook his head.

"Why?" Eunhyuk asked. He didn't want anyone to find about him of course, that would cause trouble, but—

"Who would believe me?" Donghae said.

Eunhyuk watched him, trying to understand the man, and he sort of wished that he had even a tiny bit of Siwon's power right now. Not enough to get into Donghae's head, that would be awful and mean, but just to even get a sense of the man's feelings and thoughts.

"Do... you want to tell someone?" Eunhyuk said.

Donghae blinked a few times, glancing down, thinking. Then he shook his head.

"Not about you being magic, no."

Eunhyuk relaxed, leaning back into the chair.

"Uhm... I was..." Donghae started, and Eunhyuk gave him his full attention, since it seemed that the man needed some encouragement to talk.

"I was thinking..." Donghae said again, his voice now more stable. "About what happened and what you said. You haven't done anything to hurt me and you could have, easily, and you didn't steal or... or force me to do anything, or accept you in my house or — what I mean is, I think you're telling the truth about everything, and if... if you want to stay here, I wouldn't mind."

Eunhyuk smiled.

"Do you have any other reasons?" he asked.

Donghae's face was pink again. "I-I, well, I would like to be your friend. You seem... cool."

Eunhyuk dropped his head, just in case he ended up blushing. Okay, trust. That would be good for him.

"What if someone comes? Friends, girlfriend, family?" he asked.

He heard the sound of leather from the couch, and looked up to see Donghae on his feet, walking towards the kitchen.

Eunhyuk hesitated a moment, then followed him.

He hung back a few feet and watched Donghae, who reached for the kettle and filled it with water.

"Tea?" Donghae asked. "Or... do you eat? Drink?"

Eunhyuk burst out laughing. "Yes, I eat and drink."

"Hey, just making sure," Donghae said. He turned back to Eunhyuk after plugging the kettle in, leaning on the counter. "My family lives far away, so they're not going to show up unannounced. Friends... well, if you don't want to see someone, can you just teleport?"

"Uhm, yeah, I can. Usually."

"I could just make up a story too, if you want." Donghae scratched the back of his neck. "And I broke up with my girlfriend, so she's not going to show up."

"Hm," Eunhyuk nodded. He chose not to comment on the lady he had seen when he was following Donghae. That's just creepy. "Sorry to hear that."

"Well, it was my fault. She'll find someone better."

Eunhyuk wasn't sure where he could ask more and where he couldn't, so he just nodded again.

"So... um... this wishes thing, how... does it work, exactly?" Donghae said.

Eunhyuk sighed. "I don't know, to be honest."

"Can... can I try it?" Donghae asked, hesitantly.

The kettle clicked softly, signalling the water boiled.

"Well, sure. I guess."

"Uhm," Donghae said, tapping his lips with his index finger, and he glanced at the boiled water. "Oh! I wish I could have a cup of mint tea."

Eunhyuk moved to the cupboards behind Donghae, shoving him to the side. He pulled out a mug, set it on the counter, then opened another cupboard and looked through it for tea—black, green, raspberry, chamomile—what?

"You don't have mint tea?!" he said. He didn't know why, but frustration was growing in him. His chest felt like it was tightening and what the fuck, was his palm itching? His palm was itchy!

"N-no... I don't drink it..." Donghae said, watching Eunhyuk, astonished.

"What the fuck?"

Eunhyuk thought quickly as the feeling in his chest got tighter and tighter, tea tea tea tea who drank tea? He didn't have mint tea, he didn't even remember the last time he thought about tea and he couldn't go to the mansion now to search because it will take too long and there was the whole fucking house to deal with! Who else had a place by themselves and would keep fucking tea? Mint tea— Sungmin!

"Twenty seconds!" he said, holding a finger up to Donghae and he vanished, appearing right into Sungmin's kitchen. It was considered beyond rude to do that to a fellow dragon, especially one who was older, without letting the person know, but he had no choice! He was going to suffocate soon and fuck, his eye started its twitch!

Eunhyuk rummaged in Sungmin's closet in the dark — the man was asleep, thankfully — sniffing the boxes until he smelled one that was definitely mint.

He grabbed it and teleported back into Donghae's kitchen, ignoring the loud gasp from him, threw the bag of mint tea into the mug and poured the hot water into it.

Just as he set the tea on the counter in front of Donghae, his entire body relaxed.

He let out a breath and took a huge one in to calm himself.

"There! Mint tea!" he said, breathlessly still. "You fucker, don't ever do that again!"

As he tried to breathe regularly again, he leaned on the counter, not paying attention to Donghae who was still beyond shocked.

"I'm so sorry... Are you all—" he heard Donghae say, but Eunhyuk held up a hand to stop him.

"Give me a minute," he said and sat down on the floor. The tightening in his chest was gone but it felt like it had been wrung like a cloth and it was sore. He could tell from Donghae's voice and his posture that the man felt both sorry and worried, and Eunhyuk hadn't exactly spoken to him nicely. Eunhyuk wasn't to blame really, this had scared the shit out of him! But he knew it wasn't Donghae's fault either.

He took a deep breath again.

"Sorry," he finally spoke. "Maybe I should have told you that none of us actually ever conjure things out of nowhere."

"I'm sorry, so sorry, are you okay? I didn't know, I'm so sorry—"

"I know," Eunhyuk said to stop Donghae's sputtering. "I know you didn't know, it's okay. I'm fine."

He finally looked at Donghae to see the man had tears in his eyes. Why the fuck was this man crying? Again!

Eunhyuk didn't deal well with tears, what the fuck!

"Hey," he said, running a hand over his face tiredly. "It's fine. Now we know sleeping works, but not tea. It's fine, don't cry."

He got up and grabbed the weeping thirty year old man's arm. He grabbed the mug too and took both Donghae and the tea back to the couch.

"Sit," he said. He handed Donghae the cup. "Sorry, I wasn't feeling well so I spoke to you like that."

"You're hurt?" Donghae asked, wiping his falling tears with his fingers.

"Uh, no. I'm fine now."

He had a sensitive grown up child to deal with... he would have to be very careful with what he said and how he acted.

"Don't cry," Eunhyuk said, uncomfortable and not sure what to do.

But Donghae had a lot of tears and they were falling into his mint tea now.

Eunhyuk took the mug from him and got down to hug him. It was a stiff and awkward hug from Eunhyuk's end, but as soon as Donghae seemed to realize he was being hugged, he brought his arms around to clutch at Eunhyuk.

"I'm sorry," Donghae sobbed.

What the fuck, Eunhyuk thought. Hugs were supposed to stop the crying!

"Don't be," Eunhyuk said, trying to be gentle. "Would you... like to sleep now?"

Donghae nodded into his chest.

"Okay, wish for it."

Donghae mumbled something and Eunhyuk's hand went to the man's head. In seconds, the man's body loosened, and Eunhyuk had a sleeping Donghae in his arms.

Chapter Text

At about four in the afternoon, Eunhyuk returned to Donghae's apartment, since the man had told him he finished work around that time.

When Donghae had left, Eunhyuk quickly searched his apartment. Every corner of it. Or, well, he walked around it to see if there was anything there that drew him in. He discovered nothing, and this troubled him.

Then he had gone back to his family's mansion and had lazed around all day with a twitching eye, updating his family and friends on his situation. Before he came back, he also made sure to visit Sungmin and apologize about stealing tea.

He threw his leather jacket in the office that Donghae looked like he kept his work stuff in, and then returned to slump in a couch in the living room, closing his eyes. One continued its rapid movement, of course.

It really confirmed that it was Donghae who stopped his eye twitching, and that he had to grant his wishes or be attacked by that strange suffocating feeling in his chest.

He shuddered. What would have happened if Eunhyuk didn't make the stupid tea? He didn't want to know.

But why Donghae? Did he have to worry about the person who found his magic container and the item or thing or whatever it was or... was... Donghae the one who had his magic?

That didn't make any sense.

He groaned. Kicked off his fancy boots. Brought his legs up so they were dangling from the side of the couch. He didn't know if it was his eye that made every other little thing uncomfortable, but every stupid little thing that he would otherwise not even notice was making him uncomfortable. Right now it was his jewel studded silver belt under him that was making laying on the couch uncomfortable. And his necklace made his neck uncomfortable, fuck, it was between his neck and the arm of the couch he had rested his head on. He shifted to get it to loosen.

Then his rings and bracelets and watch started bugging him. Was he putting on weight? Why would these bug him — he almost always wore them?

Frustrated, he rolled off and got back up, deciding to change. Before he had passed the front door, he heard a click, and the door opened and revealed Donghae.

Ah. His eye had stopped twitching.

Donghae saw Eunhyuk and smiled brightly.

"Eunhyuk," he said. "I got you something!"

Before Eunhyuk could respond, the door opened wider and two men in red shirts and black caps carried in a long rectangular box. Donghae smiled at Eunhyuk again and then went towards the office, leading the men.

"Right over here, please," he told them.

Eunhyuk stared as the men started pulling pieces out and setting them up, and he saw a bed frame form in a few minutes. Then the men left and came back, adding a mattress. The whole time, Eunhyuk watched, and Donghae smiled, all stars and sunshine.

Closing the door behind the workers finally, Donghae turned to Eunhyuk.

"Now, you'll have a place to sleep!"

"Oh," Eunhyuk said.

Donghae grabbed his arm and led him to the office. He opened a door on the side, across from the desk with Donghae's printer and computer, and the shelf of books.

"You can put all your stuff here. I know it's not the best, but I don't really work here much. Maybe I can move this stuff out—"

"No, it's fine," Eunhyuk said. He just needed a place to sleep and he would've slept on the floor or couch or wherever, there was no need for Donghae to buy a bed.

"Uhm, thanks," he said to Donghae, who smiled, showing his teeth.

The man then picked up the leather jacket that Eunhyuk had left on the chair in front of the desk. He pulled a hanger from the closet and hung it up.

Eunhyuk was still rather stunned. So... Donghae had taken Eunhyuk asking about staying here as more like... moving in?

Last night, he had to teleport back and grab a change of clothes and a pillow, then with his eye relaxing, he had gone straight to sleep on the sofa. He was woken in the morning by a Donghae dressed in a clean suit, who had smiled at him like he was smiling now, and told him he was off to work and, "Thank you so much!"

"Are you hungry?" Donghae asked, taking off his suit jacket and walking out of the office room, that was now... sort of Eunhyuk's room.

"Uhm," Eunhyuk said, trailing behind him. "Sure, if you are..."

"Okay, we'll eat together!"

Before the man slipped into his own room, he turned and smiled again, that happy smile Eunhyuk had seen on him the first day.

Eunhyuk sat on a stool in the kitchen as he waited for Donghae to change. This was getting a little strange.

Well, at least the man was more comfortable with him, probably because he had had the time to properly think about everything on his own. He also seemed well rested and in a better mood. He... wanted Eunhyuk to stay here....

Was it because of sleep? If it was so bad that a good night's sleep produced that huge change from yesterday to today, shouldn't the guy see a doctor?

Eunhyuk sighed. As Siwon the piece of greasy shit had said, just wait and see. So he'll stick around and see what happens.

Donghae returned with his hair slightly damp and his bangs across his forehead, once again looking ten years younger. He was dressed in black sweatpants, a plain white shirt, and there was a silver—what the fuck?

Eunhyuk had to stop his surprise from showing as his heart began beating rapidly. There was a very thin silver chain around Donghae's neck, almost unnoticeable since it was covered mostly by his shirt. Eunhyuk wouldn't even have seen it if not for the reflected light when Donghae passed underneath one of the kitchen lights.

Could that be it? It wasn't Donghae, it was a piece of jewellery Donghae was wearing. It made sense too, considering the dragons' obsession with hoarding and storing their powers in treasured pieces of metal and stones.

Donghae was humming to himself, getting ingredients out, hovering around the stove, and Eunhyuk watched him, his mind racing.

What would happen if... Donghae wished for sleep, and Eunhyuk just... slipped it off of him? Put it around his own neck and went back to his own life? No no, what if he duplicated it and took the original, left Donghae with the other one, and told him he had run out of the number of wishes he could have? Then go back to his own life?

What would happen to Donghae, though? The man had just bought him a stinking bed because he saw Eunhyuk sleeping on the sofa in the morning.

Eunhyuk also had... other things to find out. Like, where did Donghae get this chain? It can't be old—would it be okay for Eunhyuk to ask about it? Would Donghae notice and make connections? What if Donghae knew, since he had seen Eunhyuk in his dreams?

Oh, fuck all this. Why was it so complicated and confusing and difficult? Eunhyuk inadvertently let out a sigh, and it caught Donghae's attention.

The dark haired man turned to him, a wooden spoon in his hand.

"Eunhyuk? Are you okay?"

"A-Ah, yes. Yeah. Don't mind me," Eunhyuk said, and gave him a smile.

Donghae still had an unsure look in his eyes. "I'll cook faster!"

"No, take your time. I didn't do anything all day, so it's not like I'm starving."

"Did you stay here all by yourself?" Donghae asked.

"No, I went to my house."

"Is it far?"

"Not really, I can just teleport."

"Would it be far for human distance?" Donghae asked, and Eunhyuk had to laugh.

"Yes, actually. Very far." It was high up in a mountain, hidden, but he wasn't going to tell him that.

"What did you do there?"

"Just talked to people."

"Did you see that friend of yours?" Donghae said.

"Friend? You mean the asshole friend?"

Donghae laughed so hard he dropped the lid of the pot. As he bent to pick it up, Eunhyuk slipped off the stool to join him.

"What can I help with?" he asked. "Let me do something."

"Oh, you can just rest!"

"I told you, I did nothing but rest all day. You should rest."

There was Donghae's smile again.

"Okay, can you peel vegetables for me?"

Eunhyuk nodded and grabbed the bowl of vegetables, peeling away.

"What do you do for work?" Eunhyuk asked him.

"I teach! A bunch of seven year olds!" Donghae answered happily.

Eunhyuk had guessed that from the books he had seen on the shelves in the office. Fitting though, he thought. Kids probably love him.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it!"

Then why can't you sleep? Eunhyuk almost asked. Nah, he couldn't, he couldn't.

They worked in silence after that, till they sat down to eat. Donghae's smiles were so contagious that Eunhyuk found himself smiling back as he ate rice, vegetables, and soup. A few times he caught himself and he had to wonder if the food was poisoned.

It tasted fine.

And a few times, as he ate, he felt the man watching him.

And a few times more, he had glanced up and caught the man staring at him, a pleased look in his eyes, mixed with a bit of wonder.

Maybe the food did have something, but it didn't affect Eunhyuk, just Donghae?

The man's cheeks would tint with a bit of pink and he would look back down, a shy smile on his lips.

Well... Eunhyuk thought. If the man acted like this, brought him to his apartment because he had "hurt" his knee, cried over the thought of Eunhyuk being hurt over a wish, bought him a goddamn bed so he could sleep comfortably, maybe... maybe he wasn't so bad?

He cleared his throat.

"Uhm, Donghae," he began. "That time when you started having dreams, and you said you went and saw people... I hope you don't mind me asking, but where exactly did you go? What kind of people did you meet?"

Donghae looked up, chewing slowly. He swallowed, smiled a little and looked back down at his plate. "Are you thinking that maybe I got something there that has to do with you?"

Ah, right. The man wasn't an idiot, of course.


"Maybe it does," Donghae said.

Eunhyuk put his fork down. "What does?"

"I went to a historical site, just to see if I could organize a trip for the kids there. I met with the tour guides and some workers, and... someone else. I don't think he worked there. Maybe he was a researcher? An archeologist? I don't know, he was strange, but he let me have something."

Eunhyuk was listening intently, absorbing every piece of information and his mind trying to make connections and find answers.

"What... What was the something?"

Donghae smiled, lopsided. "I told you this much, can't you tell me why you want to know?"

"I..." Eunhyuk cleared his throat again. How much can he say?

"Does this have to do with your magic?"

Fuck. Eunhyuk nodded slowly.

"I thought so," Donghae said. "I... was told not to give it to anyone. The first night I didn't have it on, I... got nightmares."

Donghae shivered. He was pale again.

"Just, awful stuff. When I kept it on, there were still dreams and I couldn't sleep, but you would show up. Say nice things. No proper sleep, but it was better. Now that you're here though, I sleep well and have no dreams or just..." the man rubbed his neck, blushing again, "or just... good dreams."

Eunhyuk ignored that part and thought back to what Donghae had said before.

"The person who gave you the... something. What did he look like?"

"Uh," Donghae said, his eyebrows furrowing in thought. "He had a sort of dark cloak on. Couldn't see his face well. But what I could see, he was pretty? I thought it was a woman till he spoke. He was sort of very cheerful, but scary—what is it?"

Eunhyuk had closed his eyes as the description matched a certain someone he knew. A certain someone who had told him about Donghae. Of course.

"I think that's the same person who told me about you," Eunhyuk said, pushing his plate away to prop his elbows on the table and rest his head on it.

Fucking Heechul.

He sprang to his feet, startling Donghae.

"I will be back in a few minutes," Eunhyuk said.


Chapter Text

"Heechul!" Eunhyuk yelled up from the bottom of the tower, hand on his eye that was suddenly twitching violently. "I'm coming up!"

His mood was bad enough to just barge in, and if this was anyone else, he would've teleported right into their space by now, screw manners, but ... Heechul could be scary. Plus, Eunhyuk needed him to talk.

"Heechul!" he called up again. 

A window opened and he heard Heechul yell back, "Don't come up, stupid lizard!"

"Thirty seconds, Heechul!" Eunhyuk said. "I'm counting and then coming, I don't care—ow!"

He held his head and crouched down in pain. Something heavy was thrown at him from the window, and looking to his side, he saw a thick book lying on the ground. 

"Don't talk to me like that, skinny-butt!"

Eunhyuk rubbed his head, trying to ignore the throbbing like he tried to ignore the twitching, and stood back up. 

"Mighty Heechul," he tried again. "Can you please let me in? I just need two minutes of your precious time."

Precious time that the jerk probably spent sleeping.

"Oh, Eunhyuk, my lovely boy!" Heechul's head appeared at the window—and what the hell, he had attached a long white beard to his chin. Eunhyuk was sure he had just done that moments ago. Heechul nodded his head at Eunhyuk, smiling and stroking his fake beard. 

The door at the bottom of the tower swung open and Eunhyuk quickly ran in and bolted up the stairs, before Mighty Heechul could change his mind.

He reached the door of the room and almost ran in, but stopped himself and knocked quickly. It swung open too, revealing Heechul's cushiony red room.

The man with the fake beard was sitting on the window sill on some more red pillows and he smiled at Eunhyuk, his eyes twinkling.

"I thought you would come to me much earlier than this. It took you this long to get him to speak?" Heechul said.

"Tell me what's going on," Eunhyuk said, breathing hard from his rush.

"What's going on," Heechul said.

"Hee—Mighty Heechul, please," Eunhyuk begged.

"Well, how about you tell me first?" 

Eunhyuk cursed in his head and decided to be patient and told him everything he had learned from Donghae so far.

"You gave him the chain, didn't you?" he finished.

"Did I?" Heechul said, twisting the end of his stupid beard around his finger. 

"How did you even know who he was or where he lived—?"

Heechul waved his hand. "That's not hard to find, boy." 

"Fine, never mind that, but what do I do? Just take it from him? I think he knows stuff and I don't know if—"

Heechul jumped off the sill. "Don't take it from him, you dumb lizard!"

"What, why?" 

"You'll kill someone," Heechul said, nearing Eunhyuk and staring hard at his eyes. He poked the twitching one, holding the eyelid closed.

Eunhyuk couldn't believe it! If it was this serious, why hadn't Heechul told him? He was so close to just taking it—that's all he had been thinking about since he saw the chain around Donghae's neck!

"Wh-what?" Eunhyuk said, moving away from Heechul. "How? Why? What the fuck?!"

"Don't swear in my presence, boy," Heechul said, and he used his fake beard to slap Eunhyuk across the face. "You just grant him wishes and everything will be fine."

Eunhyuk nearly shrieked.

"Everything will be fine? It'll be fine? The guy has nightmares and can't sleep and last time we tried a different wish I nearly fucking suffocated!"

Another beard slap. "Don't swear."

Eunhyuk grabbed the beard from the end and pulled it off, causing Heechul to yelp. He threw it aside. 

"What the fuck am I supposed to do about this crap? You gave it to him instead of giving it to me and now we're in this fucking mess!"

"Don't accuse me of things I didn't do!" Heechul yelled, and he picked up his beard and dusted it off, then set it on his head like a wig. "Besides, you should be thanking me."

Eunhyuk paused to take in what Heechul just said.

"You... didn't give it to him?"

"Nope, he found it and I let him keep it."

"Why didn't you just take it?!"

"Because it was too late—it was bound to him."

Eunhyuk had to sit down on the fluffy red bed. He didn't understand anything and he was angry and confused and his eye was fucking annoying.

"You should be thanking him too," Heechul said, and there was that knowing mischievous look in his eye that Eunhyuk always hated and dreaded.

"Thanking... him?"

"Yes, you stupid fool."


"In the time it took you to take your eye twitching seriously and come complain to me, this man was struggling all by himself nearly losing his mind."

"What's that got to—?"

"He picked up something that belonged to you and then he gets nightmares to the point he can't sleep. Tell me, smart-bum, what's wrong with that?"

"I... I don't know? Fuck, Heechul, just tell me!"

Another book off a table was thrown at him, but Eunhyuk caught it.

"It's cursed, you idiot. He picked it up and took the curse, or you'd be stuck with it."

Eunhyuk fingertips went ice cold, something that almost never happened.

"C-cursed?" he gasped.

How could it be cursed? They could curse things? Who cursed it? When did it get cursed? Surely not by his mother? Of course not — how did it get cursed? Why is it cursed?

"B-but it's mine?" he said, trying to understand. "How is it cursed?"

Heechul shrugged. "Either someone cursed it or something is wrong with your magic."

Eunhyuk stared, frozen, trying to comprehend. And Donghae—shit!

"W-what happens to Donghae?" 

"Well, I tried a counter curse," Heechul said, and he laughed, "but I don't think it worked out too well? He just has to keep it on, you stay close by and grant him wishes."

"What kind of counter curse is that," Eunhyuk said, breathing out softly. He was thinking of Donghae, worried, his heart racing, his mind jumping from one thought to another. He let his upper body fall back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling Heechul had stuck multiple shiny stones on.

No wonder Donghae was acting like that after he had seemed to accept the idea that Eunhyuk wasn't human and some crazy magic was going around him. At least he could sleep in peace now. That's why he was talking about losing his mind—and then to see a person from his dream, in real life, even if it wasn't the really bad dreams, following him? The guy was probably terrified! What if whatever he saw in his nightmares seemed more real just because Eunhyuk had shown up, straight out of one of his dreams?

And Donghae still tried to believe in his reality, that it was probably just him being weird, and taken Eunhyuk to his apartment because of his knee "injury"...

Cursed. The man actually got cursed.

To think Eunhyuk was complaining of his eye twitching. 

He felt terrible.

"What kind of... curse is it?" Eunhyuk said out loud.

"I don't know," he heard Heechul reply.

Eunhyuk's eyes flicked from one gemstone in the ceiling to another, still thinking hard. 

"How... can I help him?"

"Well, you are helping him now, aren't you?"

"But this way I have to stay around forever? Or he can't live a normal life?"

"You can figure it out."

Eunhyuk sighed in frustration. "But I have to break the curse!"

"You have to know what you're doing or you'll end up killing the guy — since he took your stupid curse that wasn't meant for a poor human."

Eunhyuk sat up, angry. "Why didn't you tell me about this crap?"

Heechul was standing in front of a mirror, trying to glue his fake beard back on again. 

"I only knew something was wrong with it, you told me everything else just now!" Heechul laughed.

"Don't lie!"

"Skinny-butt lizard boy, don't call me a liar! I only knew you need to grant him wishes—"

"But how did you know that?" Eunhyuk said, still suspecting that Heechul was hiding things and not telling him.

"Oh," Heechul said, turning around and stroking his long beard again. "That may have been my addition! When I suspected something had happened through it when Donghae picked it up."

"Fuck you to the depths of the ocean, Heechul," Eunhyuk muttered under his breath.

Before he could be hit with another book, he vanished away back to Donghae's place.

He appeared beside the table they had been eating at. Donghae wasn't there, and the remaining food was still left, untouched. 

Eunhyuk quickly left the kitchen to the living room.

"Donghae?" he called. 

He heard rapid breathing and hurried to the sofa. The man was lying on it, an arm over his eyes.

"Donghae?" Eunhyuk said, gently shaking him.

Donghae gasped and bolted up to a sitting position. "Eunhyuk!"

"Yeah, it's me," Eunhyuk said. Donghae was white and shivering. The man threw his arms around Eunhyuk's waist, holding him tightly. Eunhyuk heard him sob a little. He patted the man's head gently.

"I thought you... weren't coming...back!" Donghae said between breaths.

"I said I would be back in a few minutes, didn't I?"

"It's been hours!" 

Had it? Maybe around two hours, Eunhyuk thought. He patted the man's hair anyway, reminding himself that with Donghae's nightmares, and the dream he probably just woke up from, the man probably got extremely scared and terrified. 

"Sorry," Eunhyuk said. "I was talking to that person — who is another asshole, by the way."

Donghae didn't seem to be able to respond. He was holding Eunhyuk close, his face buried in his shirt. Eunhyuk hoped he didn't get a lot of snot on it —it was expensive — and kept stroking his head. 

"Don't worry though, I am staying with you," Eunhyuk said, and in his mind he added, I don't have a choice. 

"R-really?" Donghae said, pulling away to look up at him.

Eunhyuk's chest tightened at sight of the man's tearful and pale face.

"Yeah," he said, wiping Donghae's tears with his hand.

Donghae's eyes widened and Eunhyuk realized what he had just done.

"Sorry!" He pulled his hands away, folding them behind his back. "J-just don't cry. You'll be okay."

Donghae slowly reached for his elbow and pulled Eunhyuk's arm forward, then held his hand in his own.

"Your fingers..." Donghae said, worry on his face. "They're so cold."

Ah. That meant the heat in his body had retreated to his chest. He probably couldn't produce flames right now. It was a very rare occurance, for a dragon's magic to weaken or stop working. Eunhyuk was sure it had to do with his shock at finding out he had ended up cursing Donghae with something that contained his magic.

"It's fine," Eunhyuk said. "They'll go back to being warm soon."

Donghae held his hand between both of his and rubbed them. Then he brought them to his lips and blew hot air on it. He did the same to his other hand, and Eunhyuk was deeply touched. 

"It's fine, Donghae," he said. "It's just my magic acting weird."

"Are you okay?" Donghae asked, looking up at him with really sad eyes.

Eunhyuk didn't know if it was the eyes, the care Donghae had shown him throughout, the genuine kindness of this man in front of him, or the knowledge of Donghae suffering because of stupid dragon shit that he should never have been a part of, but whatever it was, Eunhyuk could feel himself wavering. 

It was an unfamiliar feeling of weakness, and though he wanted to blame it on his magic, a part of him knew it didn't have anything to do with that. 



Chapter Text

Eunhyuk's attention always came back to his extremely cold fingers and limbs when he was alone.

With Donghae around, he didn't say anything because he didn't want the man to worry about him as there was nothing he could do. Unfortunately, blowing on his fingers or wearing gloves didn't help.

Donghae always had a lot of anectodes to share from his day with the bunch of seven-year-olds. It was clear to Eunhyuk that he was much healthier and more relaxed. Donghae's happy laughter, which was already so joyous even when the man had been weaker, was twice more infectious now, and Eunhyuk would often join in without even realizing. 

With Donghae going to work, Eunhyuk would hang around or go see his family or teleport back to his own place, but he... had started to feel restless at both places, like something was wrong... so he always turned up back in Donghae's place.

Yesterday, to pass time doing something instead of laying around here and there, he had cleaned. He tidied up the living room, the kitchen, and even vacuumed Donghae's room. 

Today, Eunhyuk sat on his bed in the office room, his eye twitching, and he was filled with worry.

He still hadn't told Donghae about the curse. And he hadn't stopped suspecting that Heechul didn't tell him everything, but he knew he won't find out now if the man didn't want him to find out. And Donghae... he felt that Donghae may know something too, but since for him it was in the form of dreams or nightmares — the man could just be too scared to talk about them, or even want to think about the possibility of them affecting his real life in some way.

Well, apart from Eunhyuk. But... Eunhyuk was special, wasn't he? From Donghae's explanation, Eunhyuk was the good in his dreams, even before Eunhyuk had shown up and ... stopped the nightmares.

Eunhyuk reached for the tape dispenser on Donghae's desk, pulled and cut some tape off, then slapped it over his twitching eye. 

It helped a little.

He laid across his bed, looking at his fingers. He couldn't make flames. 

He, Eunhyuk, still couldn't make flames. And he felt... weaker too. He felt like curling up into a ball and just wrapping himself up in a blanket, surrounded by precious metals and stones—what?

Could it be? 

He pulled out his phone and dialled Siwon.

The man didn't reply, but a foreign thought invaded Eunhyuk's head.

What's up?

Siwon, what happens if my powers are used up?

Eunhyuk felt the complete presence slip into his head now.

You have some stored, don't you? And how would they be used up so much? What did you do?

Eunhyuk had thought about that...

Donghae's sleep recently, teleporting, that two second flame he had shown Donghae, those little burns he gave himself near the store and which had healed minutes later...

It was really impossible. There was no way he had used up so much magic that he would have to run out. He had used up much more—a thousand times more—in the past and he had still been strong and healthy to continue for years.

Siwon turned up in front of him.

"That shouldn't be much, though?" he said.

"How could you just turn up in my room like this?" Eunhyuk said, not even bothering to sit up.

"Your room?" Siwon said, laughing and looking around. 

"Well, sort of," Eunhyuk said. He felt tired and couldn't even bring himself to come up with clever things to say. "Anyway, one time Donghae asked for tea and my chest hurt."

"When was that?"

The bed dipped as Siwon sat down. He touched the tape on Eunhyuk's eye, thankfully didn't comment, and then started stroking Eunhyuk's hair.

"About a week ago."

"Why do you think your powers are being used up?"

Eunhyuk slapped his hand on Siwon's cheek. "I feel cold. Really cold."

"That is cold. When did this happen?"

"When I went to Heechul."

"And what did Heechul say?" 

"I didn't go to him for that." 

Eunhyuk didn't want to get into that story because it was exhausting to talk now and he had a feeling Siwon might know already.

Siwon shook with laughter and got up. He pulled some rings from his hand, took some stones out of his pants' pockets, and put them on Eunhyuk's bed. 

"I think you should transform and sleep for a while," he said.

"What if Donghae comes back?"

"I'll take you away if you want," Siwon said. 

Eunhyuk bit his lip. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"You either do it yourself or it'll happen when you don't want it to."

"But this is crazy—why would it even happen?"

"I don't know, Eunhyuk, but this whole situation is already crazy so just get used to the crazy and accept it."

"But Siwon," Eunhyuk said, sighing. "It makes no sense and I need answers. There's gotta be answers!"

"Eunhyuk," Siwon said, pinching both of Eunhyuk's cheeks between his fingers. "You can get answers later when you're better. Now you've gotta make sure not to make things worse."

Eunhyuk groaned. He knew he was right. He knew. But transform? When he was in this mess with Donghae? And what if he couldn't transform back? 

"I'll come and bring you many stones, okay? I promise, now do it," Siwon urged. 

Eunhyuk sat up. "Okay, I will do it tomorrow after Donghae leaves to work. That way I will have more time. Donghae will come back soon so it won't work."

"You'll only get weaker," Siwon said. 

"I know," Eunhyuk replied. He could feel it each day. "But I think a little more time would be fine."

Siwon shook his head but sighed.

"All right. Keep these," he said, pointing at the pile of jewels he had set down earlier. "You will need them. Get me when something happens. You can even tell your Donghae to call me and I'll show up, okay?"

Eunhyuk nodded. "Thanks, Siwon."

Siwon smiled and ruffled his hair. Then he vanished.

Eunhyuk took a deep breath and released it slowly. He had to plan this. He had to first explain it to Donghae... unless he could turn into a dragon, then back to his human form... before the guy got back from work? It was a total of eight hours... would that be enough? 

He didn't know because it never happened. Not to any of the dragons he knew. It was so rare.

But he was also so... small. Maybe he could manage? 

He got off the bed and walked to the kitchen, feeling like he was carrying freezing litres of water with him. He wanted to make something for Donghae since the man usually came home and started cooking food. It made Eunhyuk feel a bit useless, especially since he hadn't done much today. 

He opened the fridge and stared into it, thinking of what he could manage to make without destroying it. He wasn't that great of a cook, if he was being honest. 

Then he closed it and sat on a stool. Maybe Donghae can pick up food. He was rather hungry himself.

Ah! He could get take-out. 

Fifteen minutes later, with glasses covering his twitching eye, without tape, Eunhyuk walked back to his favourite hiding/teleporting spot behind an old building. Holding his food, he teleported back into Donghae's kitchen before anyone could see him.

He saw a little "Okay!" had been added to the note he had left Donghae on the counter, just so the man didn't panic again at Eunhyuk's absence. 

Donghae had probably gone in to change, so Eunhyuk quickly took the food and plates out.

He then leaned on the counter, hit with exhaustion. 

All this for teleporting? Something wasn't right. Something really wasn't right. 

He heard the door open and quickly straightened up. 

Everything spun around him and he went down.

"Eunhyuk? Eun—Eunhyuk!"

He heard horrified yelling, incoherent mumbles, silence... and then the ground was shaking. Everything was huge around him, and he was trembling. 

Through his hazy vision, he saw Donghae's apalled face, standing at the kitchen's entrance. The man looked white, scared, but then Eunhyuk saw concern show in his eyes. 

"Eunhyuk...?" he heard Donghae whisper, and the man came closer. Eunhyuk couldn't move, he felt tangled in his own clothes.

The hand that reached out to him was large... too large... why? He and Donghae were not that different in size...


Oh no. Oh no.

This didn't happen. How could it happen? 

He saw Donghae's trembling hands come closer to him. A touch with a finger, very careful, on Eunhyuk's head. 

"Eunhyuk... is that you?"

Eunhyuk blinked, unable to speak. To save himself and to calm Donghae, he nodded.

"You're a ... dragon," Donghae said, and in gentle and extremely warm hands, he scooped up Eunhyuk. 

He carried him to the table and set him down on a napkin. Eunhyuk curled himself tightly, cold again, wrapping his tail around his body, and his wings folded carefully. 

Yes, he was a dragon. A small, tiny, silver dragon.



Chapter Text

Eunhyuk woke to the sound of someone talking. He blinked, disoriented, and then confused at the towering objects around him...

What was he lying on?

And... was that... a bowl of water?

Oh, is that his jewellery—?

He saw white move in the distance, and he quickly swung his head towards it.


He was dressed in a white shirt, pacing, holding his phone to his ear.

"No, I'm sorry. Yes, I'm fine now, really. I'm fine, mom, seriously. I just ... gotta do something, I'm sorry. It's for a friend, so I can't say... much..." Donghae looked over, met Eunhyuk's eyes. "Oh! No, nothing, listenYeah! Of course, momI really gotta go, mom. Sure. Yeah, you too. Bye!"

He dropped his arm and hurried over. Eunhyuk felt vibrations of everything around him with Donghae's quick oncoming footsteps.

Oh, right.


He had turned into his dragon form.

"Eunhyuk?" Donghae said softly, lowering himself so he was looking at Eunhyuk at eye-level. "You're awake? I'm so glad! I thoughtthought you were dying... or you had died..."

There was a slight tremble in the man's voice. 

"I didn't know what to do... I felt so useless..."

Well, that was Eunhyuk's fault. If he had listened to Siwon, he could've prevented this. 

Eunhyuk flicked his tail, testing the strength in his body. Still weak. But he got on his legs and crawled towards Donghae. He nudged Donghae's nose with his own, hoping it was comforting in some way.

I'm sorry, don't cry, he wanted to say, but he couldn't speak. 

Donghae blinked, startled by the action, then smiled warmly. 

"Is there something I can do? I feel like you're not okay, but I really don't know what to do."

Eunhyuk turned back to where he had seen his jewellery piled up near the bowl of water. He got closer to it, and pat it with his foot. 

"What is it?" Donghae asked, standing up.

He wanted his phone, dammit! Where was his other stuff?

He looked around to see if he could spot them, but he couldn't see past the kitchen counter, behind where he had fainted. Donghae probably picked up everything... but he would put his phone somewhere safe, right?

Eunhyuk slowly unfolded his wings and beat them lightly. He probably couldn't fly around the house, but he could at least lift himself a little to survey the area.

He pushed himself a little harder, and blowing the napkin away, he rose in the air. He continued beating his wings till he could see the entire kitchenhis things were gone, of course. Before he could direct himself towards the living room and check the office, he was hit with dizziness, and he lost all the power in his body.

"Whoa! CarefulEunhyuk!"

He fell right into Donghae's extended hands. 

They were warm. 

They were really warm. 

He quickly got back up on his feet. Hoping Donghae wouldn't freak out, he lightly dug his claws into the skin and crawled up Donghae's arm.

"What... what are you doing? You okay?"

He kept climbing up, and he was thankful to Donghae holding a hand over his back as he went up, as if to protect him from another fall.

He came to Donghae's shoulder, his neck, and he touched the silver chain there with his claw. 

He felt a strong flood of power. So strong, in fact, that he had to pull back. 

All right. All right

He had to figure this out too, but not in this body. 

He crawled back down his arm, then hopped off to dig his claws into Donghae's white shirt. He descended sideways to Donghae's pants' pocket, with Donghae still holding a protective hand behind him all the way.

He slipped into his pocket and tried to pull out Donghae's phone with his mouth.

"What is it? Do do you need to use it?"

Donghae pulled out his phone with Eunhyuk dangling from it and placed it on the table gently. He tapped it and unlocked it so the dialpad was open, ready for a call.

Eunhyuk quickly shook his head. He didn't know anyone's number by heart.

He pointed at himself. 

"Can't you use the touchis there any way to write me the number?"

Donghae hurried off and came back with a sticky note pad.

"Can't you scratch it on there?"

Eunhyuk shook his head and pointed at himself again, then pointed at the phone.

"You want... to take a picture?"

Why would he want to take a picture of himself? Donghae! Come on! He shook his head vigourously and once again pointed at the phone and then at himself.

"Oh! Your phone?"

He nodded hard.

Donghae's hand slipped into his back pocket and pulled it out. There it was!

Eunhyuk did a little jump, relieved, as Donghae placed the phone in front of him. 

He struggled a bit, since his nails didn't work well on the phone, but Donghae saw what he was trying to get and touched it for him. He nodded his thanks to Donghae.

Eunhyuk tried to scroll down through his contacts, and then tried using his snout, which worked better, and he managed to find Siwon. He nudged the name with his nose and pushed his phone towards Donghae.

"You want me to call this person?"

Eunhyuk nodded. Donghae pressed call and held it to his ear without any hesitation.

Siwon usually didn't answer and responded by invading Eunhyuk's head. He didn't know if that was possible in his state, but he hoped Siwon would just show up here instead.

Eunhyuk watched Donghae holding the phone still, but kept his ears alert for any noise from the apartment. 

Seconds later, he heard footsteps behind him somewhere from the direction of the office room. Donghae's eyes widened in shock, and before Eunhyuk could find a way to reassure Donghae in some way, he found himself scooped up in Donghae's hand and covered with the other, shielding him.


That was Siwon's voice. Eunhyuk lightly nipped Donghae's fingers with his teeth, and Donghae immediately moved his fingers. 

"Ah!" Siwon said, coming into view.

Siwon stared at him, and then at Donghae, then back at him.

"Oh, Eunhyuk, you fool," he muttered, then his eyes went back to Donghae. "Sorry, sir. Ah... I'm Eunhyuk's friend, Siwon. He called me... I think?"

"I did," Eunhyuk heard Donghae say above him. "Can you... help him?"

Siwon smiled. "I will try."

Siwon came over and Eunhyuk saw that he was holding back a laugh. He had just been thinking of jumping into Siwon's hand, but now he didn't want to. Not if Siwon was going to laugh at him!

Here he was in Donghae's warm hands, and the man was very careful and protective of him. He felt safe.

"Let's go, buddy," Siwon said, and he said it kindly too.

But Eunhyuk had already taken offense at that suppressed laugh, so he wrapped his tail around one of Donghae's fingers and clung tightly to his warm palm. He shook his head at Siwon.

"Are you serious? I wasn't going to laugh—I'm glad you're okay, but it is your fault! You are stupid. Just admit it."

Oh? Now he'll never go near Siwon. Never. Jerk!

He felt Donghae's other hand hover over him again.

"If he doesn't want to come to you, you can't make him," Donghae said. 

Siwon sighed and straightened up. 

"Fine. Can you tell me what happened, then?"

Donghae stepped towards the table and sat down, holding Eunhyuk gently in his palm, but his fingers lay flat so Eunhyuk had a view of everything. 

"I was just coming to the kitchen when he sort of looked faint? Then he vanished! I thought he teleported but his clothes just fell to the floor. I really freaked out but... then I saw him on top, and... well..."

"How did you know it was Eunhyuk, though?" Siwon said, and Eunhyuk could still hear some amusement in his voice. Siwon pulled a chair and also sat down.

"Uhm... his... hair?" Donghae said. "Like it's a similar colour..."

Eunhyuk had heard that tone before. There was something else, but Donghae was choosing not to reveal it. 

"All right. Anyways, I'm glad you didn't squash him thinking it was a lizard pest."

"What? Why would I? Besides, do you even know what a lizard looks like? He's clearly a dragon!"

Yeah! Siwon, you moron! Heechul should hear this too! Eunhyuk thought. He also liked that Donghae was affronted and on his behalf.

Siwon looked at Eunhyuk, surprised at Donghae's answer, and Eunhyuk closed his eyes, turned his head, and released a puff of air through his nostrils.

Then, Siwon was laughing. He was laughing a lot, which was not good because once he started laughing, he basically never quit. 

The laughing man got to his feet, and wobbling, he left. 

"What... what is he doing?" Donghae asked, raising Eunhyuk in his hands to look at him. Eunhyuk tried to show a roll of eyes, and he was sure he managed it with a circular head motion too.

"Oh, he's back," Donghae said, and he brought his hands back down. 

Siwon was doing his silent laughing with the ridiculous expressions. He approached the table and threw some jewel stones the ones he had left Eunhyuk earlier. He then dug in his pockets and pulled out bigger precious stones, also putting them on the table. 

Siwon took a huge breath, as if swallowing his laughter. He was still smiling widely, his dimples showing.

"Let him sleep among these and keep him warm. At some point he should be able to transform back."

"H-how does this help?" Donghae asked, as if not believing Siwon.

"In dragon form, we can suck up magic. He's weak because it got all used up."

"H-how?" Donghae said, sounding alarmed. 

Siwon shrugged with a wide smile. "I can't tell you this stuff. Ask him when he's better."

"How... long?"

"Till he's back? I don't know. Can you stay with him? I can take him—"

"No! I mean... yes, I can watch him..." 

"Good. I will come back to check and maybe I can ask if anyone else can help? You can call me and I will come immediately, okay?"

"Wait!" Donghae said, as Siwon turned away. "Sorrywhat do I feed him? Does he eat?"

Siwon barked a huge laugh, then he vanished. 

To answer Donghae's question, Eunhyuk hopped off his palm and walked towards the container of food he had bought earlier. He tapped it with his foot. He was really hungry.

"Oh, you can eat that? Thank goodness!"

As Donghae went to find something small for him to eat off of, Eunhyuk shook his head. What had Donghae been thinking? Did he expect to get some bag of dragon food from Siwon?

When Donghae had put some food on a small saucer, Eunhyuk held the edge with his teeth and pulled it to where Donghae's hand was. He sat close and wrapped his tail around Donghae's thumb. Then he started eating.

He heard a chortle from Donghae.

"You're really being cute."

The man pet his head with a finger gently. Eunhyuk didn't know if he could blush, but he did feel some warmth, which was great because he needed that, and Donghae's hands were so warm.