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It's Not So Simple

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Fifteen seconds left at the clock, both teams tied with 98 points on the score board and it's the fourth quarter. Both teams are exhausted but they tried hard to push through their urges to rest right there on the court. It wasn't just any game, it was college basketball semi-championships to qualify for finals. This game decided everything. This game was a make it or break it game. The court was occupied with the two teams, Chicago Leaf and New York Sand. Both teams have been rivals since the fact that both the states had a competitive side with each other. All the players have been scouted all over the nation, forming two of the strongest teams in America. Everyone anticipated their games, already knowing who to bet and root for. But, this particular game was hard to call. They both weren't giving each other space for mess ups and people were scared that they might lose their money.


They looked at the Leaf's whose players consist of Sasuke Uchiha as their Ace and Shooting Guard, Shikamaru Nara as Point Guard, Kiba Inuzuka as Power Forward, Neji Hyuga as Small Forward, and Choji Akimichi as Center.


They then looked at the opposing team with Gaara Shukaku as Ace and Point Guard, Kankuro Shukaku as Power Forward, Sai Artisan as Small Forward, Suigetsu Hozuki as Shooting Guard, and Jugo Taka as Center.


These teams brought the hype and passion into basketball. From their sweat glistening off their bodies, adrenaline pumping through their veins to their calm steady breathing as they stared at each other. It was the Sand's ball and Gaara had the ball. His narrow eyes observed his surroundings, Kankuro was preoccupied with Kiba and Suigetsu was double blocked by Neji and Shikamaru. Gaara sees Sai open so he passes to him, Suigetsu runs down the court with the ball dribbling in front of him. He goes to pass it to Jugo with eight seconds left on the clock. In mid-pass Sasuke Uchiha intersects the ball. A STEAL! The crowd roared with excitement and shock. It was four seconds at the clock and Sand was jetting towards Sasuke, full intentions on stopping the ball. Gaara eyes widen, they weren't going to make it. He still could try though. Adrenaline pumping, Gaara shot passed his team mates. Sasuke passed the ball to Neji who shot the ball immediately from the three point line. It's not going to make it. Gaara jumped up for the rebound but Sasuke was up higher than him. The raven's hand pushed the ball into the hoop, making a dunk. The stadium was quiet for a few seconds before it burst into cheers. 


The red head stood there shocked. Sasuke let go of the rim and threw his fist in the air, a grin marking his pale skin. "Hell yeah!" The 20 year old just won Championships. One of his goals was finally complete and he couldn't be happier. His team run up to him and grabbed him, shouting congrats, good jobs, and just plan screaming in excitement.


Gaara clenched his fist together, forcing the tears to not fall. There was a pat on his back. He looked and saw his brother Kankuro smiling down at him. "Look, we didn’t win but that was one hell of a game, don't ya think?" Gaara looked at him in thought. He haven't used his energy that way in a while. It actually felt good to know that you might win or even lose. Sasuke made his way to them, stick his hand out to Gaara. "Bro, we need to play like this game, don't ya think?"


"Yeah" he said while taking his hand with his own, "We gotta do this again, man."


Seconds later, confetti fell down and the coach walked to the team with the trophy gripped in his hands. The team walked up to the man, hands out to hold their new possession. "Kakashi what you waiting for, lemme see our trophy." Kiba stated impatiently.


"Not yet hold your panties, damn. We need our boy to be here to get the first touch since he did make the winning basket."


Gaara looked at the Uchiha, a small smile tugging at his lips. He soon released his hand from his. "What you going to do after the game?"


“'m probably going to take my sweet Naru out to eat to celebrate an’ probably give him the attention he needs." Gaara nodded, a slightly knowing grinning gracing his features. Naruto and Gaara have been best friends for years after finding out they had similar pasts. Gaara was just the one who didn't let go out it until he met Naruto. That blonde was a good kid. He was a good match for Sasuke as well.


"Is he here?"


Nodding "Yeah." The raven pointed to the empty seat on the floor. "He sat there but probably went to go to the bathroom or somethin’. Baby probably drank too much and couldn't hold it."


"Sasuke! Come on damn, we won the game. I need to reassure our win by holding this beauty." Kiba shouted out towards him.




Heavy breathing echoed in the bathroom stall. Tan hands rested on the toilet seat, his head rest on his arms with his pants to his ankles. A soft sniffle could be heard, the blonde bang his fist on the toilet seat in anger.


"Why, why the hell did this happen to me?!" He gritted his teeth.


He loved Sasuke so very much. They met in elementary school. Naruto immediately disliked the arrogant, rich Uchiha. They fought every day about the smallest things. Naruto always got in trouble trying to pull pranks on the blonde. He didn't care, he just wanted to mess with the boy. Later on in their lives they attended the same high school Things started to get even more rowdy as they caused more trouble. More fist fights ignited, suspensions for the two became a daily thing. One fight, however, ended in a different way.


Sasuke slammed the blonde to the locker with a low growl. This blonde was pissing him off more than usual this week. What was up with this kid? Did he not understand that he would get his ass beat every time they fought?


"Let go of me dammit! Why the hell were you staring at me you creep? Lookin’ at my lips? Well guess what, tough luck keep staring at what you can't get."


With his free hand, Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose. How dumb could this boy get? "Why would I ever want to stare at someone like you, baby boy? You're a pest and a eye sore that I don't wanna bother with."


With a bit more strength Naruto managed to push the raven head off him. He clenched his fist and glared at the Uchiha who only used his signature Uchiha stare right back at him. "You think I'm the only one who starts fights with you?"


"and the one who always loses in them." The older one stated plainly.


"I don't always lose, I knocked your wimpy ass out more than I can count."


Chuckling, "Oh really now? Maybe your dreams are beginning to look too realistic." Sasuke retorted.


"Oh yeah asshole, I can beat you in something."


"I'd like to see you try, Dobe."


In that second, Naruto walked over, wrapping his arms around Sasuke arm, slightly lifting up on his toes as he pressed his lips to the other male's. Sasuke being shocked was a understatement but he didn't pull away. The blondes lips was actually pretty soft. Slowly snaking his arms around his enemy with surprising nice figure to his body, Naruto jumped a bit, he'd always fought Sasuke which ended up with one of them on top of each other chocking, punching, clawing etc but this was the first time he had the opportunity to feel his body on his. It felt... good.


They soon released and sasuke put his lips to Naruto's ear, "You still lost, dobe."


Naruto smiled at the memory. It was one of the best days of his life. Who wouldn't have that that the asshole could make his life so happy?


Naruto heard the final sound of the buzzer, indicating that the fourth quarter was over. He also heard that the Leaf won. "Good job Sasuke." he mumbled to himself. He wanted to stay, go run on the court, run into his arms, to be twirled around, to be kissed on the lips, to congratulate him on winning one of the most important events of his life. Sasuke eyes would have been staring into his ocean colored eyes with all the love and care he possessed.


They would go home and slowly kiss, taking off their clothes, enjoying the way their bodies moved and flexed at certain things. They would make love, not caring who heard them from their condo. Naruto would be happy, he would feel complete.


He needed to get up before people came in. He slowly lifted himself up, pulling his pants up to his waist. He opened the stall door and walked to the mirror. He looked at himself. He looked fine besides his puffy eyes and messy hair. Washing his hands, Naruto sighed. "I'll go home I guess. I need to pack."


Once he fixed his hair to the best of his abilities, he walked out, a pregnancy test left on the floor in the stall he was in with a plus sign on the screen.




6 Years later


"Mommy, I wan’ this one. This one!" The small little finger pointed at the frosty flakes while tugging at his mother's shirt.


"Little boy if you do not lower your voice you won't be getting’ anything, do you hear me?" The whiskered cheek male told his child. The little raven haired boy nodded. "Mommy can we please get this one?" He pointed again, his sky blue eyes staring and the similar eyes of his tan mother. Naruto sighed, not able to resist the cute adorable face of his boy. "Sure, grab one."


The boy jumped up and grabbed one, his small hands going to grab another before a hand came to slap it away. "Meito I said go grab one not some. Put it in the cart an’ let's go." He didn't argue as he put it in the cart.


Moments later, a orange aired male with several different types of piercing gracing his face came to the aisle.


"Yahiko, Mommy doesn't want two boxes of cereal." Emphasizing his point by holding up 3 fingers, looking at them; counting, then putting up the correct fingers up.


Yahiko came up to Meito and lifted him in his arms. "Well punk, you barely eat your cereal anyways, why you need two boxes?."


"So they won't be lonely!" Saying happily. Both of the adults looked at the child confusingly. Yahiko put Meito down and Naruto squatted down to the height of the child. "Baby the box is the home. All the flakes inside the box are friends and family. They aren't lonely."


The boys face seem to brighten up more, if possible. "Oh! I get it. They all friends and have a family so they all live together. But wait, I eat them. I eat their brothers and sisters." Meito's eyes began to tear up at the thought of eating innocent 'people'.


Sighing the blonde brought the little raven head to his chest. "listen here Meito. For one, we do not cry. I don't know what Uzumaki cries and we aren't going to start with you. Secondly, the flakes chose to be in the box to be eaten. You can't feel bad because they will feel bad because you don't want to eat them. Now straighten your face out, okay?"


Nodding, Meito but a small face to his face, wiping the tears threatening to fall down.


"O-Okay." He said agreeing.


"Good, now if we hurry up, we can hurry and go back home for some nachos."


That caught the boys interest and easily he turned from hurt to a hyper active kid who just had candy. He run down the aisle, turning around, waving to the blonde and orange head. "Hurry up! Food won't make itself... or will it?" He pondered before shrugging, running to the check out line. Upon running he bumped into something or someone. He looked up, looking at red eyes looking down at him. His bright red hair draping to what seems like his butt. His teeth or more like fangs peeked out as he grinned at the kid.


"Didn't your momma ever tell you not to run in the store?"


Meito stuck his tongue out at the man and ran passed him. "My momma also said don't talk to strangers." Turning the corner to proceed his trail to the checkout aisle.


A red eyebrow twitching, the tall pale red hair stared in the direction the boy went. "Damn kid." He soon turned the corner to pursue what he came for.



"Damn Naruto, he already has a wide active imagination now you had to go tell him that." Yahiko said, shaking his head in disapproval.


Naruto simply kept walking as if nothing was said. He looked at the grapes and examined them. Hm, they looked okay. He grabbed and put them in the cart, strolling to the pineapples. "I know you hear me." Yahiko stated, trying to get the stubborn mans attention.


"Hey, Naruto? Naru-"


The shorter male whipped around. "Listen, I heard you alright? But that don’t mean I have to listen to you telling me how to raise someone I gave birth to. Especially someone who doesn't have a kid." He then turned back around, putting the pineapples in cart. "Now if you wanna walk to my place that's cool also."


The man raised an eyebrow, this guy must be high of something. "Walk? You joking right?"


Naruto shook his head, making a turn to the checkout aisle. "No, I don't want my bad parenting skills to wash off on you so you can walk to my house, idiot."


The blonde turned the corner and left Yahiko blinking at his direction. As he was about to run after him, he bumped into someone a bit taller then him, his red hair getting in his sight. "Damn.." Pushing the hair off him. "My bad. Hey Naruto, wait! I'm sorry, geez!." He said running after the blonde.


The redhead raised an eyebrow in question. Naruto?




"Oooo, nice shot Sasuke. Keep that up an’ we winning Championships easily." Kiba chanted, passing the ball to Neji.


The long brunette snorted "Don't get too cocky Uchiha, you almost cost us the game last week, dumbass. I don't wanna come home losing, that kills boners. I really wanted to cuddle."


"It's not like what you have could pleasure anyone anyways. Heard Gaara say you wasn't packin' shit on the court." Sasuke commented back, shooting another ball perfectly in the net. He was feeling pretty pumped for this game. It's been a while since he felt this way actually. He was glad that his old team was drafted along with him to the NBA, he didn't know what he'd do without them. I wonder what he would do once he got home. Probably invite someone over for some... company.


"He does that shit to make me foul him. I showed him that night when he came over. Doubt his sore ass is even at practice today." Neji grinned as he stated.


The raven only chuckled and thought of all his partners. Unlike Neji, Sasuke wasn't one to stay with one person at a time. He went around and slept with whoever he wanted to, after all he was a damn good basketball player with more money then he could count. Of course everyone and anyone wanted to have sex with him, he was a prize worth taking. But that's the thing, he didn't claim just anyone. Sure he had many partners but none took his heart. It was petty love but who was complaining? He always get tested to make sure someone didn't give them something other then their bodies. He should stop but what's the fun in that?


"Sasuke! Oh Sasuke!" A hand waved from the side lines. He looked to the side, spotting a small perky breasted pink haired woman, Sakura. He groaned, no matter how many times he's been rude and evil towards her she still wagged her tail for him. She was a good fuck but he hated clingy people.


"Sasuke youlooking good. I made plans for us to eat at this new restaurant that opened, baby. Heard it was really yummy." The raven head pretended to not pay attention as he kept shooting from the 3 point line. This girl was really annoying and maybe if he stayed quiet she would take the hint and leave.


Sakura kept calling out to him, walking onto the court to get him to look at her. Half way through and her annoying voice calling his name a ball flew towards her way, landing straight on her head. She fell to the ground with a not so graceful thump.


She groaned in pain and rubbed her now aching head.


Yet, even after all that, Sasuke never looked towards her. Others from the team seem to noticed and ran to check to see if she was okay. "Get the hell ‘way from me, damn." She yelled out and shoved most of them away. She glared at Sasuke then at the ball at her feet. Picking it up, she threw it, in hopes it would hit the Uchiha. But to her disappointment, he easily stepped to the side. So he was ignoring her.


"You’re such a jerk!" Sakura shouted, standing up and dusting herself off. She walked off the court and grabbed her bag with her. "Forget ‘bout the dinner plans. They CANCELED. And don’t even try and text me later on, asshole" Turning around, she strutted off as if she won the battle.


"I don't give a damn." He plainly stated.


Kiba jogged up to the pale male with confusion written all over him. "Why you let that go away?"


Rolling his eyes, "Simple. Kiba you don’t have to be nice to a refundable item."


"Man, you're fucked up. But honestly I think that's an Uchiha thing so I guess that shit works out too." The Red tatted male said casually, looking back at the rim to make a random shot towards the basket.