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The Thorns Of Enyo

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A/N: Here is the first chapter of the rewritten Thorns of Enyo. The first chapters are introductory of course, but I promise I will not be waiting nine chapters to introduce any sort of plot lmao. If you're not familiar with the original story- it doesn't matter because the rewriting of it is almost a complete overhaul. That being said, if you enjoyed the previous story you will probably still enjoy it. Please let me know what you think below and I hope you enjoy :)

It was a rather quiet day at the Cullen house, much of that due to the fact that Emmett had broken Edward's piano because his favorite human sister had asked him to as revenge for cheating on her with the succubus he had always claimed was 'repulsive' and 'loose'.

Bella had gotten over it a week later, having already grown irritated with the immortal seventeen year old when he decided to 'bargain' with her over her being changed into a vampire.

We have no other option, Edward. You either turn me or I die, don't you care about that?

He had spouted off the same shit about dooming her soul or some other bull and Bella had promptly stopped listening as it usually took him several minutes to cool off from one of those tangents.

Eventually she had nodded along to his shitty proposal in the forest guessing that since the Cullens weren't exactly legally alive it would be a hell of a lot easier to divorce him than it would if their papers were genuine.

Emmett had confirmed as much to her on his normally scheduled night of Bella babysitting and so she had allowed the pixie to plan a wedding Bella most definitely did not want to her heart's abandon.

But then his stunt with the Denali coven leader had been revealed thanks to a handy phone call from a vampire-magic-eight ball named Peter and Bella had quite promptly dumped Edward over a less than ten second voicemail ('frigid', Emmett had remarked upon hearing) and arranged with Carlisle to be turned after graduation.

Alice had been a pain in the ass to deal with for several weeks and wouldn't stop nagging Bella to take Edward back- which was not going to happen. It hadn't stopped until Bella handed down an ultimatum to the pixie female.

"If you want to continue being a friend to me, Alice, you will remember that you have no right to tell me how to live my life."

The Cullens had been shocked to a standstill- after all, she had been pliable and easily manipulated by both the pixie and the mind reader and two of them had written her off as weak because of it.

Bella was not weak- desperate for company maybe- but not weak. And no matter how desperate she had been to be accepted by the Cullens, she had grown in the months she had been apart from them and she could not allow herself to give them even an inch lest they take a mile.

Alice had not stopped her nagging and so Bella had written her off with just as much chill as she had Edward.

Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme had remained as unchanged and endearingly caring as they had been to her before, but it was often now that she found herself in the company of Rosalie and Jasper, the latter much friendlier than the former of course.

Rosalie was still harsh and cold, but was never demeaning or cruel to her and her words were never without founding if she had something critical to say.

They weren't exactly friends, but they were not enemies and the two females had settled into an odd companionship with one another with shrewd barbs being tossed between one another like a tennis ball bouncing from court to court.

"How long did it take you to look away from the mirror today, Rose?"

"Bella, I just don't know how you do it… How you so perfectly color clash every piece of clothing you wear everyday. So unique."

The words were often mean and harsh and said occasionally with a sneer but the girls were content to spew their cutting remarks to one another with the barest hint of a grin on each of their faces- thrilled to engage in their battles, no matter how small.

Bella could respect that in Rosalie- she was beautiful and vain and yet so… fierce. It sang to her on a primal level even, how shrewd and clever the blonde could be with little to no effort, and she felt in a way more accepted by the icy vampiress than anyone else, even if she knew Rosalie didn't want her to be a vampire.

Jasper was easier then Rosalie by spades and he offered silent comfort most of the time, not just from his gift but because that was the effect he had on people- he could put them at ease just by being around them and Bella envied him that gift- in another life she had brought out the worst in people but had never seen it that way, had seen a primal elegance in the spray of blood across untamed fields and untoiled soil- had taken pleasure in it even.

No, she had not known how pleasant peace could be until this life and even though she had often times been the prize to a rabid vampire to be killed or worse there were still moments of peaceful stillness that taught her the beauty of the calm and how pleasing it could be to know one was safe with the people you loved.

That war was not all that she was and all she had to live for.

Jasper gifted her with that feeling the most out of anyone she had met and she... loved him for it.

It wasn't quite romantic, but it wasn't entirely platonic either and she knew better than to look any further into those feelings to decipher them.

He was married to Alice and as annoying as the pixie could be they seemed happy most of the time. Maybe not as happy as the mated pairs in the Cullen coven like Carlisle and Esme or Emmett and Rosalie, but they found a great deal of happiness together it would seem, even if they weren't mated as Edward had once explained to her.

Graduation had passed two days ago and she had spent the weekend with Charlie on the rez where she found little welcome with anyone outside of her father and Billy.

Billy knew she still remained with the Cullens and didn't like it, but he never made her feel unwelcome at his home and in that small gift she took peace.

The Pack didn't speak to her often, but when they had to they would have Seth Clearwater do the talking with her and she was glad of it. Seth was a good guy and was as non judgemental as they came and she was glad to call him a friend- though it looked like they might become step-siblings in the next few years with how close Sue and Charlie seemed to be becoming.

It hadn't been long since Harry died but no one brought it up- it wasn't as if the two of them were dating quite yet anyway.

Seth had regaled her with their time hunting the 'redheaded leach' and how Victoria had disappeared a month after Bella's return from Italy.

Bella had updated the Cullens accordingly but nothing seemed to be coming of it.

She had a feeling she knew why, but steeled herself to rid herself of that train of thought- even if Edward couldn't hear her thoughts she couldn't risk it.

It was Monday night and she was at the Cullen house with Jasper, Emmett, and Rose- Alice having gone up north to the Denali's to bitch to Edward, who had ran out as soon as she arrived that morning and Carlisle and Esme having gone on a brief couple's trip to set up the new house in Wyoming for the family's use during Bella's newborn year.

Jasper and Emmett had taken an almost giddy excitement in planning out how they would fake her death and Bella was sure Jasper was not tampering with any of that- at least not intentionally as occasionally even Rose and Bella would be overcome with giggles.

"I'm telling ya, Jazz, we gotta do this right!" Emmett exclaimed, much louder than he needed to.

"So?" Jasper hedged, "What are you thinking?"

"Maybe you should get Peter's help?" Rose drawled and the two males glanced at each other then at her then back at each other before shaking their heads.

"Nah, Rosie." Emmett said, "He takes all the fun out of these things- always gets it right. Takes away the risky business part."

Bella cocked a brow, "Haven't we pissed off the Volturi enough?"

Emmett pouted, physically deflating a bit at her words.

Jasper sighed, "I'll call Pete."

He stood, flitting out of sight and out the house in the blink of an eye.

"Em?" Rose purred.


"You haven't been gambling again, have you?"

Emmett gulped, and Bella burst out laughing at his expense, dropping her book -a shitty bodice-ripper leant to her by Rose.

If a vampire could sweatdrop Emmett would be sweat-dropping indeed.

"Uh," He swallowed, "No?"

"You don't know?" Rose purred, "Have you been bad?"

"N-no- I mean, yes! Yes… I have been a bad boy, Rosie."

The words were playful but uttered with an undertone of fear as if he wasn't sure which Rosalie he was talking to.

Could be bitchy Rosalie, could be cutting Rosalie, could be kinky Rosalie- it was a lot like playing russian roulette except with stranger consequences.

"Get the fuck to bed," Rose deadpanned, her expression flickering to flat and unamused all of a sudden.

"Uh, what?"

"Get. The fuck. To bed." She demanded and he rushed to abandon the room either in excitement or fear- maybe a little bit of both.

Rosalie didn't get up to follow, content to continue to flip through the latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

"Not going to follow?" Bella asked.


"He's going to be disappointed."

"I suspect he already is." Rosalie hummed and Bella picked up her book off the carpeted floor and turned it back to the chapter she had been reading only to drop it once more when the front door slammed open.

"What the fuck?!" Bella screeched, almost unconsciously.

"Ooh, Bella said a bad word!" Emmett teased with a booming volume from upstairs.

"We have a guest on the way." Jasper growled out in agitation as he entered the room to find a flustered Bella and an unimpressed Rosalie.

"So?" The blonde rolled her eyes, "Who is it this time?"


A heartbeat of silence in the room passed, then another.

"What the fuck?!" She screeched, "Garrett?! Fuck no!"

Bella blinked and grimaced the ringing in her ears away as she waited for the blonde to come back down to earth.

"Who's Garrett?" Bella asked and Jasper sighed, "A friend of Carlisle's. Human drinking nomad who has a habit of pissing off everyone."

"Sounds like he'd be Emmett's friend too, then."

Chortling sounded from upstairs, "You ain't wrong, Bellyboo!"

Jasper grinned as Rosalie stormed out of the room, "He tends to piss off Rose, Edward, and Alice every time he's here."

"Yeah, but everyone pisses them off." She muttered before sighing.

"You sounded annoyed he was coming too." Bella reminded and he shook his head.

"Garrett's a good guy. I like him well enough, he just doesn't call ahead. If I hadn't been talking to Pete I wouldn't have any advance warning at all. We need advance warning cuz-"

"Cuz of me. Reasonable." Bella finished and he nodded.

"Also… Peter and Charlotte are coming too."

"Sweet!" Emmett cheered- still from the upstairs, mind you.

Bella nodded, "How are they going to be?"

She wasn't concerned, but it seemed reasonable to ask.

"Around you?" Jasper cocked a brow, "They'll be fine as long as they feed before they get here. Peter's going to intercept Garrett along the way and take him on a hunt before they get here."

Bella nodded and closed her book, "Alright."

Jasper sent her his gratefulness, which he often did since she was apparently the most stable out of everyone and therefore the easiest for him to deal with.

He left the room and Bella quickly followed suit, heading to the guest room to sleep while they were all busy prepping the house for the arrival of their three guests.

She curled into bed after cleaning herself up, content in the silent darkness of the room as her thoughts wandered, straying from thought to thought restlessly, constantly straying.

She would be a vampire by next week, maybe even by the weekend and they still had to sort out the nature of how she would be turned and who would watch over her as she changed since the Cullens would all have to be present at her funeral.

They'll probably have Peter watch over me, they all trust him and I've talked to him and Charlotte before.

She was unsure on who this Garrett was, but she had a good feeling on what the next week held for her so she wasn't too worried. If Emmett and Jasper liked him then chances are she would too.

Her thoughts strayed to her previous life in the silence, hating the worry that bit into her with sharp teeth briefly.

She fought it off, focusing on the excitement bubbling in her over the arrival of Peter and Charlotte. She refused to think about how long in truth it had been since she'd seen Peter and how she would have to put on her best acting to pretend that this was the first time she had met Peter, though it would indeed be the first time she had met Charlotte in person.

She hated lying- it was cowardly, but it felt necessary when she thought about her situation.

It wasn't, she knew that.

And she knew that she was acting a coward by doing so.

In fact, it would probably be better if she hadn't lied to the Cullens at all about who she really was. Why she was really in Forks and who she was there for.

But she had made her bed and now she had to lie in it and hope when the truth came to light she wouldn't be smothered by the heavy blankets of false truths she had constructed for herself.

Bella sighed into the dark room, clenching her fists as anxiety weighed her down.

Soon though, soon she felt Jasper send her a wave of peace and serenity, followed by a wave of drowsiness that she didn't bother to fight.

She sank trustingly into his power, yawning.

She drifted off slowly, huddled under mounds of soft blankets as consciousness faded and only the scent of strawberries and freesia remained from her wet hair.

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