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A Halo of Feathers

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Hawks whimpered as he pulled his fingers free, wings fluttering unpleasantly at the empty feeling that accompanied the motion. He shifted until he was comfortably settled onto his side, sighing as wet fingers trailed along the plains of his sensitive thighs where the ghost of pleasure lingered. He could still feel the dull ache that settled at the base of his wings where most of his weight fell.

Reasonably, Hawks knew that he should bathe himself. He reeked; the stickiness of his cum and lube crusting his skin, and a sheen of sweat adorning his body. He lazily sat up with a groan, his eyes narrowly looking down at himself. He felt agitated behind the cause in his sudden spike of pleasure, icy blue eyes flashing behind his eyelids.

It had only taken a glance, but the familiar blue fire was enough to bring back memories of his childhood. He hadn’t known him as well back then, but their attitudes often clashed with one another. Hawks, with his more laid back personality, often provoked the elder Todoroki, who was ambitious. He often expressed how the red head was taking this far too literally, but now in the present he knew. His younger self had been mistaken, and even now as the Number 2 Hero, he still didn’t know what was going on under that new black hair dye. He shook his head to rid of the taunting thoughts; he could really go for a shower about now.

“Well isn’t this a nice surprise,” a voice interrupted the brooding silence. Hawks turned his head to the window that he often left unlocked. The man he had just been thinking of perched upon his window, a leg propped on the silland one leg hanging inside. Bright blue eyes soaked in the sight of his nudity, interest clear in his gaze. Hawks was beginning to see that leaving his window unchecked was a bad idea, he mused. “Are you coming onto me?”

“You?” Hawks teasingly questioned, “I shouldn’t have to seeing as we’re already a thing.”

Dabi hummed, slipping inside the room onto the bed stationed underneath the window. Hawks felt his skin prick pleasantly from their proximity. He hadn’t seen the proclaimed villain in a while, both occupied by their opposing lives. Tension settled around them, and their gazes met in a heated stare. Dabi broke eye contact an eternity later in favor of staring between his legs at the evidence of his previous activity on his stomach and thighs.

“You’ve been busy,” he commented. Hawks’ tongue darted out to lick his dry lips, watching as Dabi traced the movement.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Hawks said smartly.

Dabi crept closer to him, settling between his legs, their faces just barely touching. As much as he wished to look away, Hawks kept his eyes locked on Dabi’s. Purposely or not, smoke fell from Dabi’s lips. Their respective patience on thin thread, they remained in silence. Scared hands caressed Hawks’ inner thighs and he hissed, reminded of his sensitivity having just cum not long before the other’s arrival.

His mind wondered when their last encounter had been. He abruptly realized just how much he had missed Dabi’s touched upon his heated skin. He knew that their relationship required the utmost discretion, but he was unfortunately insatiable. He usually relied on his own methods to take the edge off when Dabi was away to do whatever villainous thing he did. He wished that they wouldn’t have to meet like this: randomly, visits few and far inbetween. He was increasingly becoming dissatisfied with this arrangement, but neither would, or could, stray from their destined paths.

Just as Hawks was getting emotionally worked up, a slight tug of his hair reeled his mind back. Dabi critically studied him, and Hawks swallowed the lump his throat. Dabi wrapped his arms around Hawks’ waist and settled him into his lap.

“You were thinking too loud,” the raven teased “I didn’t come here for that.”

Hawks snorted, “Then what did you come for?”

Dabi smirked, his hand trailing and settling on Hawks’ ass, fingers ghosting over his entrance. Hawks shivered in anticipation at the touch, pushing back only to groan when Dabi’s hand followed.

“You’re asking the wrong question,” Dabi prompted, causing the other to groan and bury his face in his shoulder. Dabi was such an asshole sometimes.

“Can you fuck me now?”

Dabi gave him a look and he rolled his eyes.

Pretty please ??”

Dabi chuckled, “Close enough, I guess.”

Hawks laughed as he was shoved off of Dabi’s lap. He laid back and propped himself up on the headboard with his legs spread, his half hard arousal prominent where it lies. Dabi licked his lips and stretched himself out on the bed with his face leveled with Hawks’ dick. Hawks twitched at the sight.

“Someone’s excited,” Dabi smirked, using his index finger to lift the appendage to his lips to place a soft kiss to the tip.

“And someone’s a tease,” Hawks countered.

“Well,” Dabi started, tongue darting out to lick a long stripe from the base to the tip, “You aren’t wrong.”

“Dabi I swear-- Hnng!”

Hawks’ breath hitched as his length was suddenly engulfed in intense, wet heat. His hands fisted the sheets to ground himself, his legs unconsciously spreading wider. Dabi wasted no time in going down to the base, his nose nestling in the patch of hair at his pelvis. Hawks groans filled the room, his eyes sliding shut periodically out of habit. Dabi paused whenever he did, forcing Hawks’ eyes to look at him with desperation, begging him to continue. The pauses enraged Hawks, since the point of shutting his eyes was to not feel the need to cumeverytime he saw Dabi’s lips stretched beautifully around his shaft, and holy shit--

“Fuck, Dabi. You’ve gotten slow down,” Hawks warned as Dabi’s relentless tongue melted him into a merciless puddle. He would never get used this, every time feeling like he’s being sent to heaven.

“It’ll be over too quickly.” Dabi hummed around him, and it’s the exact opposite of what Hawks wanted, but he couldn’t deny that it was the only thing he could crave in this moment.

“Ggh! Do..Do that again.”

He was rewarded another hum, although it sounded suspiciously smug in origin; a mystery with how Dabi could convey complacency with an entire dick in his mouth was beyond his comprehension. Hawks petted his hair in measured strokes as Dabi sucked him off. Blue eyes flickered up to meet his and he swore. A pool of precum gathered at his head, and Dabi promptly licked at his tip to swallow the bitter fluid.

Growing impatient, Hawks gave an experimental thrust. Dabi relaxed his jaw in response, using his eyes to prompted the hero further. Heat erupted low in his stomach - and without hesitation, Hawks began to thrust erratically into Dabi’s laxed mouth.


Hawks moans climbed higher in pitch as his orgasm drew closer, voicereaching notches that he couldn’t obtain on his own. His head pressed back against the headboard, his hips seeking out the heat of Dabi’s mouth. Dabi allowed his mouth to be abused by the punishing pace Hawks set. He watched as Hawks’ face contorted, his muscles constricting and his thrusts shallowing. Dabi knew Hawks was right on the edge, so he gave a deep hum from the back of his throat. Hawks shouted when his orgasm hits him hard, spilling inside the awaiting mouth with tears stinging his eyes. Dabi swallowed the release that spilled into his mouth, cleaning whatever residue left  Hawks’ cock when the spurts ceased.

Hawks’ limbs fell limp as his orgasm settled into a dull thrum beneath his skin, his wings flickering happily behind him. He hadn’t realized he had closed his eyes until Dabi’s fingers stroked under his eyes. His eyelids fluttered, pushing through the haze of his release. He had just came twice in a short time span, but even so, it didn’t stop him from pulling the other into a heated kiss.

Dabi’s tongue licked at the seam of his lips and without hesitation, allowing him passage to his mouth. Tongues danced; stroking, licking, and sucking at each other. Hawks would have happily allowed himself to kiss the villain for hours, but air was a vital necessity. As he pulled away, a string of saliva lingered, connecting the tips of their tongues. Dabi flicked his tongue, the string easily splitting at the pull, and Hawks silently cursed him.

“I didn’t think you’d be hard from that even when you just came,” Dabi hummed.

Hawks glanced blankly down at his hardening arousal. It was edging on painful, but the heat that rivaled Dabi’s fire kept him from cringing from it. Hawks shrugged, his fingers trailing his thighs. His body trembled in sensitivity, and Dabi’s hands gripped his to move them around his neck.

“You’re insatiable,” Dabi whispered against his lips, not quite kissing, but with a welcoming pressure. Hawks responded by gripping Dabi’s neglected bulge, delighting in the hiss he received in return.

“Then how about you try to satisfy me then?” he said cheekily.

Both realized just how impossible it was to try to strip a person with someone sitting in their lap, but they managed. Hawks rutted his hardening cock against Dabi’s straining one. Dabi had neglected himself in favor of pleasuring Hawks, and now he sighed as he finally felt pressure where he needed it. They made out until Dabi pulled Hawks away, the latter whining at the loss.

“Where’s the lube?” he hissed out, a distracted moan leaving his lips as Hawks unhelpfully moved against him.

“I’m already stretched,” Hawks pouted childishly, “Now come on already .”

“I’m not fucking you until--” Dabi was cut off by Hawks forcibly pushing him onto his back.

“If you won’t fuck me,” Hawks said lowly as he lifted himself, wetting his hand with his saliva. He stroked Dabi’s cock a few times before positioning it at his entrance, “then I’ll fuck you.”

Hawks penetrated himself onto Dabi’s cock with his last word. He hissed at the sting from not being properly lubed or stretched since before his own fingers were in himself. Dabi’s hands shot up to grip his waist, keeping him from going too fast for both their sakes. He was teetering along the edge himself, and he didn’t plan to release like a virgin. Once settled, Hawks released a low groaned and leaned forward to crash his lips into his lover’s. Dabi moaned, thrusting his hips up into Hawks, a high pitched moan leaving his lips.

Hawks sat up and rocked his hips, grinding to feel the full length embedded inside him. He planted his hands on Dabi’s chest, just above the stapled skin. He leisurely thrusted, setting a slow pace to allow himself to adjust. Feeling the pain slow fade into a low hum of pleasure, Hawks lifted his hips and slammed himself down making them both moaned loudly at the spike of pleasure. He quickly set a fast pace, but even then it wasn’t enough for him.

He gripped Dabi’s hands on his waist, and when he lifted himself he pressed against  his hands as he slammed down. Quickly grasping the concept, Dabi harshly pulled Hawks down with every pull off his cock. Hawks’ loud moans filled the room once more, building pleasure. Unconsciously, his wings spread wide behind him, and Dabi was left breathless.

He admired the view of Hawks’ pleasure-filled look, his sweat-stained muscles, his heavenly sculpted wings, and the sight of his tight heat enveloping Dabi’s dick. Dabi felt something twist deep inside his gut and he felt himself move before his brain could catch up to what he was doing, an even more perfect sight greeted him. Settled between his legs, Hawks on his back, his arms by his head with his hair surrounding him like a halo. Dabi pulled him into a bruising kiss, grabbing his legs and thrusting inside him.

Hawks sobbed into the kiss, powerless to do anything but take what Dabi was giving to him. He gripped the sheets with clenched eyes, riding out the immeasurable pleasure with tears barely held at bay. He felt heat radiating from Dabi’s skin, feeling as if he was slowly being burned. His cock nestled neglected on his stomach, and he made a point to reach for it, but his hand was stopped and soon both of his hands were pinned under scarred ones. Hawks griped and glared at the man above him.

“Sorry,” Dabi lied, “I want to see if I can make you cum like this.”

“Hnnng...unbelievable. Ahh!”

Hawks wailed as a thrust struck the bundle of nerves nestled within him. Dabi grinned as he maintained his angle to hit his prostate on every thrust. Hawks clenches his fist, the onslaught of pleasure turning his brain into mush. He tried to warn Dabi that he’s about to release, but his words caught in his throat. Before he was able to realize, his back posed in a perfect arch as his sperm was decorated his chest in thick, milky white.

Dabi watched in awe as Hawks came untouched, his cock twitching in the puddle left by its release. He pulled out and jerked himself off until he added to the mess with a drawn out groan, painting the canvas that is Hawks’ chest. Hawks watched with lidded eyes as Dabi orgasmed. He only gave a small twitch of a smile, his limbs feeling full of lead, unable to offer a more lively response. Hawks lifted a heavy hand to trail his fingers through the sperm on his body.

“Ew,” he said plainly. Dabi snorted.

After taking a shower (that lasted longer since it included a heated makeout session until they turned to prunes ), Hawks sighed as he buried his face in his pillow. He felt refreshed and pleasantly worn. He decided the most appropriate attire to wear to bed was only a pair of briefs. Dabi called him a tease, and he only shrugged.

He suddenly felt fingers carding through his wings, and he jolted in surprise before settling. He sighed and turned his head to face Dabi, the man sitting fully clothed beside him.

He preened at the attention, savoring Dabi’s touch; starved. He sighed, but this time in longing. He wished that they didn't have to hide like this. Their meetings were short, their time together stretching further and further apart. Hawks’ heart felt heavy as he thought about it, the pleasant buzz fading and leaving him empty.

“Hey,” Dabi called, Hawks realizing that he had spaced out, “you're thinking too much again.”

“I am,” Hawks admitted. He paused, before continuing, “When are you coming back?”

“You know I can't answer that,” Dabi strained.

“Worth a try,” Hawks shrugged, adjusting himself until his face was buried in Dabi’s chest.

“Stay until I fall asleep?” It was a statement, but it edged on a pleading question.

Dabi’s arms weaved themselves around Hawks’ waist, and he settled his head on Hawks’ head.

“Alright,” he agreed. Hawks smiled in his chest. As much as he dreaded it, his body betrayed him with drowsiness; he could barely keep his eyes open and he yawned.

“Night, little birdy,” Dabi cooed.

Hawks snorted, “Told you not to call me that.”

“You like it,” Dabi said knowingly.

“I do,” Hawks said fading into slumber.


“I'll be back,” Dabi said wistfully as he left a lingering kissed to a sleeping Hawks’ forehead. He slipped from his grasp and felt his heart pound at the sight of Hawks sleeping peacefully, happily.

“Look what you do to me,” He whispered, disappearing into the cool night.