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Dragging Michael Along

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"So what's the excuse for not coming to the show this time?" Michael asked as he and Jeremy walked down the hallway together to Spanish. "If you don't want to come to my show that's fine but at least give me an answer."

"They're not excuses, I really want to go. It's just I've been busy with drama practice lately."

"Sorry you can't miss one of your staring at Christine sessions to come see me."

"I don't...just stare a Christine. I'm reading my lines."

"For a highschool play. Jeremy Christine's the only person I've met that's even slightly good and even then she's overshadowed by everyone else who can't remember their lines. Now if you want a g-"

"Sup losers?" Michael was cut off mid-sentence by Rich who slapped the two on the backs with a smirk.

"Oh Rich...hey..."

"Hey Jeremy bro, we're having a party at Jake's house tomorrow night."


"Yeah, you're not invited. Just wanted to make sure you knew so that you didn't accidentally come over." Jeremy deflated as Rich said this, the bully walking away leaving Michael angry.

"Ignore him Jer, he's just being jackass as usual."

"Kind of hard to do when you have to spend an hour with him after school everyday."

"You don't have to go to play practice."

"Yeah but Christine's there."

"Oh right I almost forgot." Michael's sarcasm went ignored as Christine happened to walk by at that very moment making the the almost literal hearts in Jeremy's eyes appear. Michael had to drag him down the hall to their next class.


"-love looks through the heart but not the mind-"

"No, no, no, Ms.Valentine, you're getting it wrong again," Mr.Reyes called from director pit rubbing his head in annoyance, "...Jesus Christ we can't do this in three weeks...Alright students, five minute break!" He disappeared under the stage allowing the teenagers to move around again.

"I'm telling you man tomorrow's party is going to be off the hook," Jake said excitedly fist bumping Rich as he stared at Chloe across the stage, "Now that I have an awesome, new, not a bitch girlfriend!"

"Fuck off Jake."

"Don't worry Jake my man, girlfriend or no girlfriend this is going to be awesome. Besides at least you're not Jeremy. He's probably never even had sex before." Said teen's face went red as Rich said that.

"E-excuse me?"

"You heard me tall ass, probably never even kissed a girl before."

"Please, that would mean he likes girls," Chloe added not looking up from her phone.

"I-I like girls!"

"Sure you do."

"I have a girlfriend!"

"You do?" Christine asked looking at Jeremy curiously.

"Oh, u-ugh, yeah! We've been dating for a while."

"And what's this mystery girl's name?" Jenna looked intrigued at this possible new source of gossip.

"It's Anne!"



"And why have we never met her before?" By the now everybody was staring at Jeremy interested in what he would say next.

"Because s-she...lives in Canada..." Jeremy mentally face palmed himself as he said that. If she didn't sound made up before that was the nail on the coffin of his lie. It took a minute before everybody except Christine started laughing.

"S-sure she is," Rich was almost on the ground laughing.

"Canada? Really dude?" Jake asked inbetween his laughs.

"She's real! I swear."

"Yeah, I bet." Chloe covered her mouth to hold back a snort. Jeremy tried hiding into himself as the laughter continued before Mr.Reyes came back.

"Alright students, back to practice! From the top Ms.Valentine."


"-and it's just I don't know what happened!" Jeremy paced around Michael's bedroom as his friend sat in front of his mirror applying the red lipstick. "I said fucking Canada Michael! Canada!"

"Why did you even lie about having a girlfriend in the first place?"

"Because Rich."

"Ah," Michael got up going over to his closet and looking through his wigs. "Do you think I should go with the teal pixie cut out the red ringlets?"

"Michael I'm too busy with my own problems to care about your stupid drag club."

"It's not stupid, listen Jeremy if you're going to be pissy fine but don't take it out on me."

"Sorry Mike it's just..." Jeremy trailed off as Michael put on the wig before adjusting it. Michael really did look like a girl. Maybe even like a girl from Canada. "Hey Michael, can I ask you a favor?"