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It’s Me and You, Baby

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This is the moment he’s been dreading. He tears through his office, grabbing anything not nailed to the ground at the wall or crashing to the floor. Priceless artifacts, all ruined now. The original Starry Night -a gift from his brother, Taehyung on his 33rd birthday- now has five holes the sizes of fists. He screams, angered that someone would take what’s his - his gummy bear. No ones heard from Yoongi for hours. He calls in the 3 men, who were suppose to be keeping watch on him, into his office.

“What the hell happened.” His voice, dangerously low. One man is about to speak, but Seokjin shoots him point blank in the forehead before he can. The other two men look terrified, flinching at the sound of the gunshot, beads of sweat running down their temple. “Was my request not simple enough?” He says, slowly approaching the two. “All I asked. All I asked, was that he be SAFE. And where is he now, hm?”

“Sir.” one whispers, voice shaky; clearly shaken up thinking that he’d be next. “We we’re keeping watch, like you asked.” He swallows hard. “He was walking in the outdoor market, and we had lost sight of him for one second in the crowd. We tried approaching where he last was, but...” he trails off.

“But. What.”

“We, we last saw him being hauled into an unmarked van.” The other continued. “We tried following for as long as we could, but the civilians-“

“I don’t give a damn about the civilians!” He shouts, grabbing the man by his suit jacket. “I GAVE YOU A SIMPLE REQUEST. TO KEEP WATCH. AND YOU DISOBEYED ORDERS.” Seokjin pulls the gun to the mans temple. “It was so simple, a monkey could do it in his sleep!” His face is bright red now, veins popping from his neck, his eyes filled with tears he refuses to shed in front of them.

A knock on the door disrupts his interrogation.

“Seokjin.” Calls his brother. “We won’t find him like this.” Taehyung says calmly. He slowly approaches Jin and the two men. Taehyung is nervous. He knows his brother won’t shoot him, but with Yoongi missing, you can never tell. No one, NO ONE, touches Min Yoongi. Ever. That’s Seokjin’s first rule.

He uncurls Jin’s hand from the mans suit jacket carefully, ever so slowly.

“Leave. Before I shoot you both.” Voice filled with venom, anger, betrayal. The two men don’t argue, and scramble out of his office.


He doesn’t look up. He’s too angry to discuss this any further. He turns his back on Taehyung, and walks over to his desk. He knocks everything off it, screams of anger coming out of his mouth once again. Taehyung doesn’t flinch.

“We have to find him.” Jin whispers, voice trembling, after a couple minutes. “I need him back.”

His brother comes behind Seokjin, and turns him to face him. Jin doesn’t look up, but his brother can sense the pain radiating from the older. He’s hurt too, Yoongi is his best friend. The three of them have been through so much together. But this is the first time Yoongi’s been in harms way.

He embraces his older brother, hanging on tightly to him. Jin starts to tremble, finally letting the tears fall.

“We’ll find him, Jinnie. We will. I won’t rest until we do. I promise you that. You have my word.”

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Jin, Namjoon, and Taehyung spent the next 36 hours straight looking through surveillance tapes, while Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook looked into their known enemy territories, asking aquatinted gangs if they’ve heard any word of who may have took Yoongi. It was nearing hour 40 when Jin finally passed out after not eating or sleeping while they looked. Taehyung called for everyone to take a break, and carried Jin to his room.


After setting him down in his bed, he sat beside him, watching with a worried expression. How could they not have any clue to where or who took Yoongi? His heart was breaking for his brother, who is usually the strong one in terms of holding in his emotions. The only one able to break down his walls, is Yoongi. He sighed, and brushed the hair gently out of his brothers face before giving a firm but gentle kiss to his temple. He quietly left the room, hearing his brothers mumbles of Yoongi’s name in his sleep, shutting the door before heading to his and Hoseok’s room.

“How’s he doing?” Hoseok asked, getting up from the bed. He can see that Hoseok’s eye bags were extremely prominent, filled with stress, and bruised with a deep purple. He pecked Taehyung on the lips, and wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s waist.

“I can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now. He keeps mumbling his name, and it’s killing me seeing him like this. It’s so rare to see him so broken, so hurt.” He wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s shoulders, giving him a kiss on his head. Hoseok buries his face in Taehyung’s neck, breathing in his scent. “I don’t know what I’d do if something like this happened to you.” He backed away a little bit to look Hoseok in the eyes. “I love you so much.” Taehyung leaned in and gave a hungry kiss upon Hoseok’s lips, and they fall into bed, only to be a mess of tangled limbs.


The feeling of ghosting hands caress his face, a small peck placed upon his lips. He stirs in his sleep, but when he opens his eyes, he’s all alone. Jin places his fingertips to his lips, it’s just a dream. He stretches, wiping the sleep from his eyes and heads to his office to continue his search for his love. He runs into Jimin, who smiles at him.

“Hey boss, get a good rest?”

He merely shrugs, and gives him a small smile in response. “Have you eaten yet, Jimin? You look like you’re about to fall over.” Sleep still lingers in his voice.

“Yes, boss. Namjoon and Jungkook brought in some take out.”

He nods as the pair walk the halls. “You should get some food too, boss. You look like you’re about to faint.” Jimin says firmly. “We can’t have our leader getting sick, can we?”

“I’ll be sure to pass by the kitchen in a bit. I want to try and find some leads.” Jin responds. “And I’ve told you before, Jimin. Just call me Jin. We’ve known each other how long now?” He teases.

Jimin laughs lightly, shaking his head. “Whatever you say, Jin. I gotta find Hoseok, i have a package that needs delivering to my parents. Promise you’ll get some rest and some food, alright?” And with that, he walks off.

Namjoon is in his office, sitting at his designated desk. He gives a quick nod to Namjoon as he looks up from his papers as he walks to his computer. He makes a few calls, but everything comes up as a dead end. God, how he misses Yoongi so much. His heart is aching painfully. Is he hurt? Will they find him in time? He sighs, rubbing his temples. Just one damn lead, and they can-

Jungkook busts into the office, panting heavily while holding a yellow envelope in hand. “Boss. I think I got something.” He says, practically running to hand Jin the envelope.

Seokjin sits up straight, finally, some type of news. “Call everyone in.” He says hastily. “We need everyone to hear this.” It takes every inch of patience in Jin to not tear the damn envelope open and see what’s inside.


As everyone gathers in, Taehyung at his usual place beside Jin in the office, Hoseok next to Taehyung. Jimin, Namjoon, and Jungkook at the other end of the table. The spot next to Seokjin is empty, that’s Yoongi’s place. Rule number two, no one sits next to Jin. That’s Yoongi’s designated spot.

“Alright, it seems we have received a clue as to where Yoongi may be. Kookie brought this in, says he found it at the back entrance of the mansion.” He looks around the table, everyone’s eyes focused on Jin, eyes hard and ready for whatever is inside.

Hoseok speaks up. “How was anyone able to enter? There’s guards everywhere.”

“That’s what I said, too.” Jungkook says. “Holly and Jjangu weren’t around, and when I found them, they were knocked out cold by the outer gates.”

“They must’ve been fed something. Those two don’t go down so easily.” Namjoon frowns.

“They’re fine now, they were fed a decent amount of sedatives. They’re awake now, and resting,” Jin interrupts. “What’s important is the issue of this.” He says, holding up the envelope. “Were going to inspect every single item in this, and try our leads again.”

He opens the envelope, seeing a cd reading ‘You’ll Want To See This, You’ll Enjoy It I’m Sure’ scrawled on the case it sits in. Jimin makes haste to grab the cd to play in the player as Jin presses play when it’s set up. Silence has taken over the otherwise busy and loud room. This is serious. Everyone’s eyes are now trained on the screen. This isn’t what they were expecting. At all.

The first image to pop up is Yoongi, badly beaten and naked, tied to a bed and blindfolded. He’s in a dark room, lit only by a small lamp on the table by the bed he resides in. No windows. Concrete walls, Jin keeps in mind.

Bruises litter his skin, hickeys and bite marks are everywhere. They can hear Yoongi. He’s crying, screaming, pulling at the restraints tied to his wrists and legs. Seokjin’s fists are bunched up tight. Suddenly, a voice speaks.

“Hello there, little one. Would you like to play again?” They hear the voice say, it’s dripping with lust and want. Yoongi begins to yell louder, to stop, to let him go. The man chuckles darkly, and Jin’s jaw is clenched tight. He doesn’t want to continue watching this with the others around. But he has to. Everyone watches. And he hates it with the passion.

A figure hovers over Yoongi, mask covering his eyes, long sleeves to prevent marks being seen, Jimin guesses. The only real skin they can see is the mans mouth.

“Let’s put on a great show for Daddy, shall we?” The man taunts. He begins to mouth at Yoongi’s neck. Taehyung holds onto Seokjin’s hand, squeezing reassurances. Seokjin squeezes back.

“Bos- Jin. We don’t have to keep watching.” Jimin speaks quietly, almost ashamed to be saying anything at all, and pulls Jin out of his hard gaze at the screen.

“No.” Is all he gets in response.

They can see Yoongi trying to fight the mans body off of him, but it does little use. He has nowhere to run, nowhere to go. The man removes his member from his pants, and forces Yoongi’s mouth open. They can see how he’s struggling for breath as the man thrusts inside his mouth, gagging with each forceful push in.

The man is groaning, and Jin’s resolve is slowly crumbling. How can someone defile such a sweet being like this? Tears are forming in his eyes, but they’re angry, furious tears. He’s shaking uncontrollably, hand itching for his gun. He’s going to murder whoever is behind this.

The man finally pulls out of Yoongi’s mouth. “Such a good boy for me. My boss would be proud. Such a sweet little mouth you have, my pretty baby.” The man lowers himself to Yoongi’s entrance, and brutally pushes inside.

Yoongi lets out a painful scream, doesn’t stop as the man keeps up his pace. Hoseok and Jimin rise from their seat to put their arms around Jin, whispering reassurances in his ear. Jin’s breaking. His point is tipping, teetering so quickly. As the mans hip stutter, he releases into Yoongi with a powerful groan.

Yoongi is a mess, sobbing hard, calling out Jin’s name. How Jin wants to reach through the screen and pull his baby, his gummy bear to his chest and tell him he’s ok. He wants to take away his pain.

The man rises from the bed as pulls up his zipper. He walks over to the front of the screen and begins to speak again.

“If you want your precious gummy bear back, you’re gonna have to go through Boss.”

The video cuts off.

“I want every damn surveillance feed on the grounds ran through.” Jin gets up and walks out of the room.

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Everyone sits quietly, trying to take in what they’ve just seen. Jin stormed out of the room what seemed like hours ago, but they’re all still sitting, mouths in hard lines and pensively thinking of what they can do.

“Who the fuck can be so cruel as to taunt boss like that?” Jimin finally demands as he slams his fist onto the table.

“We gotta be calm. For Seokjin’s sake. We can’t be faulting now. We have to look through this again, and see if we can find anything we’ve missed.” Namjoon says firmly.

Hoseok brings Taehyung into a hard embrace and starts sobbing into his neck. “I can’t believe we— Jin, had to sit through that. I feel so sick.” He sobs harder with each breath. Taehyung gives Hoseok’s hair some reassuring kisses.

“I know baby, I know. If we feel like this, just imagine how Jin’s feeling right now.” He murmurs. “He tried so hard to keep it in.”

Jungkook is quiet, silently letting his tears finally fall. He’s shaking, afraid that Seokjin’s going to do something terrible. Being in the mafia isn’t easy, but they’ve never hurt without reason. This? This is just cruel.

“I’m going to go find him.” Jimin stands, walking out of the room. No one disagrees. If anyone besides Yoongi that knows how to calm down their leader, it’s Jimin.

“Taehyung, Hoseok, go through the surveillance’s again, two, three times over. See if you can spot anyone coming in or out of the gates.” They nod, to show they’ve heard him.

“Namjoon, I’ll come back to help you look through the tape after I find boss. Jungkook, dust the envelope and cd for prints. Everyone should take a break. After all that, I’m not sure if I can focus until we’ve all got a clear head.” Everyone nods in agreement.

Jimin strolls the halls, searching for Seokjin. An idea pops in his head, and he sets foot towards the range.

He hears the gunshots first, he was right. He peeks in the room, and there stands Jin, behind the lines of the partition of the range. Gun in hand, shaking, tears spilling down his face. He may be the big, bad leader of the infamous BTS, but he’s a softie deep inside. He sees all the targets have been hit in their designated points. Each shot is precise, clean. He feels a surge of pride that their leader hasn’t let his skills wither.

“I miss him, Jimin. I want him back. I want whoever did this, to suffer the same they’ve made me and Yoongi suffer.” Jimin jumps at his voice. He didn’t expect him to hear him over the gunshots, he certainly wouldn’t have. That’s dangerous. He walks up, a small smile, trying to reassure his leader.

“We’ll find him, Seokjin. Don’t worry.” He pulls the gun down slowly from Jin’s grasp, and Seokjin pulls him into a tight hug. He brings his arms up cautiously, not wanting to startle him, and returns his hug.

“I promise we’ll find him. Ok?” Jimin murmured. He gently cards one hand through Jin’s hair, and Seokjin finally lets it all out. Sobbing hard, body shaking with each inhale.

“It’s a lot to take in, hm?” He gets no response, but that’s ok. He’s fine doing all the talking. “Why don’t I take you to your room, you can lie down and take a breather.”

He can feel Jin nod against his neck, and he maneuvers them towards the exit of the range. Jin draws his hand towards Jimin’s waist as they walk the hall, slowing his steps.

“Will you stay with me? Just for a little bit.” He whispers. “I’m usually calm around you. It’ll help me, I think.”

Jimin turns to look at him, small smile playing at his lips, and nods. “Of course. If that’s what you want.”

They lie in the bed, Jin has one hand over Jimin and pulls him close. He can feel Jin relaxing against him, breath coming out slower and slower. When he feels Jin asleep, he slowly pulls out of his hold, heading out of the door to start investigating.


Jungkook is frustrated. He’s been at this for hours, but comes up empty. The only prints on the cd or envelope are Jungkook’s and Jin’s. Jimin’s and Jin’s are the only ones present on the cd. He runs his hands over his face, exhausted. A knock on the door disrupts him. Taehyung comes in, two cups of coffee in hand.

“Thought you might need this.” Taehyung drawls. Jungkook sighs happily. Coffee. Finally, he thinks.

“You’re a godsend.” He says, practically ripping the mug from Tae’s grip. He hums appreciatively as he takes a sip. Taehyung pulls up an extra chair and sits beside him. “Any hits on the prints?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “None. All of the prints are ours. How’s the tapes?”

“Hoseok started throwing up after you guys left, I barely got him to drink some ginger ale and eat some crackers. We’re going to look through everything in a bit.”

He nods, understanding. He threw up as well, from anger, disgust, wanting revenge on whoever caused Yoongi and Seokjin’s pain. They fall into comfortable silence as Jungkook goes over the envelope and cd again.


“We’ve been through this a hundred times. There’s nothing here.” Namjoon huffs. Jimin hums.

“Have you tried taking out Yoongi’s and that man’s voice?” A voice startles them.

“Jesus, Tae. Are you trying to give us a fucking heart attack?” Jimin says. Taehyung laughs lightly.

“Sorry, Jiminie. I knocked but I don’t think you heard me. So I let myself in.”

Jimin huffs, but takes in what Taehyung said. “We could try that. We haven’t done that. At least I haven’t. Joon?” He looks over at Namjoon, who’s still trying to recover from the scare he received.

“Mm, no I haven’t even thought of that.” He shook his head. “It’s worth a shot.” It takes a few minutes, but finally, FINALLY, they get something.

Someone in the background who’s whispering. And they made the mistake of saying two names.

“Is... is that who I think it is?” Namjoon asks slowly.

Taehyung and Jimin nod in agreement.

“That’s definitely Chanyeol and Jackson behind the camera.”

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“So, it’s come to my attention that Hoseok and Jimin have found something, information as to who’s behind this, correct?” He motions towards the two.

Jimin stands, nodding before speaking. “Yes. Namjoon and I, with the help of Taehyung,” he motions with his head, “we have found voices in the background of the video we were sent.” He hands the folder over to Seokjin. He immediately opens the folder to look over the two profiles.

“Chanyeol, former gang member of EXO. Disappeared about two years ago. There’s been talk of him seen around here, but nothing concrete. And Jackson, former gang member of GOT7. Disappeared from GOT7’s base around the same time. Both gangs have slowly been losing their members, hence why we haven’t heard from them in a few months. They’ve both been eradicated. They’re just. Poof. Gone.”

Jin nods, urging to him to continue.

“We’ve looked into EXO and GOT7’s former bases to look for clues as to where they’d be now, but the only ones we were able to locate were Mark, Suho, Baekhyun, Jaebum, and Yugyeom. From what we’ve gathered, none are affiliated with gang recreations anymore, all leading seemingly normal lives, married, or dead. Yugyeom and Jungkook still keep in touch, but Yugyeom is in the US, and has no further contact with any of his former members.”

Jin’s grip tightens on the folder. Brows furrowed in deep thought. So, they have a lead. A small one, but it’s there. There’s hope in finding Yoongi. They’re one step closer.

“Hoseok?” Jin drawls. Hoseok nods, standing to head towards Jin to hand him another folder filled with surveillance photos.

“We found a blind spot in one of the cameras outside, but we’ve managed to capture footage of two, suspecting males, climbing over the southern gate. One was distracting Holly and Jjangu with meat, and they both fell asleep shortly after. That’s when they were able to climb the gates and go to the back entrance to leave the envelope.”

Jin just nods, showing that he’s listening as he takes in the photos, looking for any details Hoseok or Taehyung May have missed.

Hoseok takes this as a cue to continue.

“Assuming they ARE male, they’re both between 5 feet 7 or 8 inches, give or take. We’ve tried to see if there were any angles from the other cameras that caught them on tape to see if they’d slip and we’d see their faces, but these guys were thorough. They’re both adorning masks, gloves, and black sunglasses, so we don’t have much. But we have their hair colors. The shorter of the two has black hair, slicked back. The other blonde hair, scruffy looking.”

Seokjin slams the folders down and pinches between his brow. “Anything else?” He asks, quiet. But everyone can hear him. His voice is low, tired, but firm and well aware that every single one of the five men can hear him. Before anyone gets to speak up again, the office phone rings, and everyone freezes. How is that possible? Everyone’s eyes are on the phone.

No one, NO ONE, but Seokjin’s men has the office phone numbers. Jin squints at the phone, letting the ringing contraption continue. Breaths are held, tight, awaiting Jin’s next move. But he’s frozen. His hands are clammy. The ringing stops.

“Umm... Brother..?” Taehyung says cautiously. The phone rings again. With a shaky hand, Jin finally picks up after the fifth ring.

“How the hell did you get this-“ he starts, but then his eyes widen, tears forming. “Gummy bear?” He whispers. Everyone’s mouth drops open, and Hoseok lunges at the phone to put it on speaker. They hear sniffing and a straggled voice, trying to speak.


Everyone is speechless. How the fuck is he calling? Yoongi doesn’t even know the number for the office. He has his own phone that he can use to get into direct contact with Jin through his own cell. How would-

“Baby?” Yoongi whimpers. “It’s so good to hear your voice Jinnie, I’ve missed you so much.” Yoongi chokes back a sob. Jin is teetering between the stage of staying sane and complete utter breakdown. Hearing his gummy bear cry is heart wrenching, twisting torture.

“Oh my god, gummy bear, baby oh my god where are you? How are you callin-“

A loud crack is heard from the other side of the phone and a strangled cry is coming out from Yoongi’s mouth.

“Did I say you can speak to him, you disgusting filth?” A voice hisses.

Jin’s jaw hardens, he’s beyond furious now. He can hear Yoongi whimpering in the background. He can hear his gummy bear calling for him, then it’s muffled. He knows his baby has been hurt, and his resolve is breaking. He’s at his end point.

Voice laced with venom, he spits into the phone.

“Where. The. Hell. Is. He.”

A dark chuckle is heard before the man speaks again. “Wouldn’t you like to know? Guess the Boss what’s to play a little more cat and mouse.”

“Listen to me you little piece of shit.” Jin’s voice is dark and haunting, sending shivers through his men’s spines. “Give him back to me. NOW.”

“Aw, where’s the fun in that if we just hand him over after all the fun we’ve had with him? He’s a fun play toy, I see why you keep him around.” The man taunts. Jin slams his fists onto the table.


“YOU WILL BE PRAYING THAT YOU’RE DEAD WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME!? NOT ONE LIFE WILL BE SPARED. YOU DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF TORTURE UNTIL YOU MEET WITH ME AND MY MEN!” Jins face is red with anger, veins popping in his neck and face, outraged that this man is trying to taunt him. And god dammit it’s working.

More dark chuckles are heard. Then a breathy whisper saying, “Come and get him, Jinnie.” And the line goes flat.

Enraged, he grabs the phone and slams it into the wall. He left out a terrible wail. He’s broken. Every single body in that room flinches from his sudden move. Jimin tries again to approach his leader slowly as to not startle him, as his gun is now in Jin’s hands. He motions for everyone to leave the room, and they obey. He’s Jin’s second in command, it’s death to disobey orders from him.

“Jin..?” He touches his shoulder, and Seokjin flinches, grip tightening on his gun. “It’s ok, it’s just me. It’s Jiminie.” He whispers. He runs his hands through Jin’s to take the gun from him ever so carefully as to not let him get trigger happy.

Jin tucks his face into Jimin’s neck, spouting what hears as just nonsense, with the occasional call for Yoongi’s name. He bites his lip, thinking of a way to get his boss to calm down. He runs his hand down Jin’s back, one hand on his head. His hold tightens on his leader as he sobs harder, falling to his knees and bringing Jimin with him.

They sit on the office floors, Jin tucked into Jimin’s smaller frame, while Jimin whispers reassurances of finding Yoongi soon.


Namjoon is getting antsy. Who is this fucker and what does he want? Money? They have enough of that to last the 7 of them five lifetimes.


Jungkook is sipping a coffee in one of his usual haunts. He’s been here an hour already, waiting, hunting. He needs to be precise in his decision to move forward.

The bell adorning the front door dings, alerting the shop of a new customer. Jungkook’s face lights up in disgustingly glee. This is who he’s been waiting for.

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Jin slammed his fists into the punching bag, just imagining it was those who dared take Yoongi away from him. His knuckles were a mess, blood spilling from each throw. His thoughts were jumbled. Whoever did this is covering their tracks well.

“You should have wrapped your knuckles. You’ll hurt yourself.” Namjoon approaches him with the tape. Jin stayed silent, continuing his punches. He gave the bag one last hard kick, before turning to Namjoon.

“Force of habit from dealing with all these goons these past years.” He shrugged, picking up a towel from the floor to wipe away the blood. He’s had worse. A bullet to the shin, a stab to the stomach. This? This was nothing.

“You know very well that I can handle a little bit of pain.”

Namjoon hummed, not disagreeing. They’ve all been on the receiving end of scars, of course this was nothing to them. “What would Yoongi say if he saw you actually hurting yourself, though?”

Seokjin sighed, and plopped himself beside Namjoon. A hand curled over is waist.

“I’m sorry. I know this isn’t easy. But I can feel it. We’re close. We just need a little bit more. And then we can bring Yoongi home.” Namjoon murmured into his hair. “He’s strong. He’ll be ok.”

“Has anyone else found anything yet?”

“Not that I’ve heard. But Jimin and Taehyung are out searching more warehouses.”

He closes his eyes, leaning his head on Namjoon’s shoulder. “I just feel like we’re missing something. How’d they know the number? How’d they know WHERE Yoongi was?” He sighed again. “I just want my baby back.”

Namjoon gives him a reassuring rub to the side of his ribs. “I know. I don’t know either. But whoever it is, they’ll get what’s coming to them.”

Seokjin picks his head up, giving Namjoon a small smile. He leans over to give Namjoon a peck to his cheek. “Thank you, Namjoon. I don’t know what I’d do without my best men.” He whispered.


Taehyung and Jungkook search each room with caution. The building they’re currently in has been abandoned for years, but Taehyung has a strong feeling about this one. He rounds the corners carefully, gun in hand, just in case. He peeks around the corner, to find a door at the end of one of the halls. Odd, he thinks. There’s no other doors in the building besides the main entrance and exit. He brings his free hand up to his headset.

“Jimin, send Jungkook a text. Have him look into who this place belonged to before it was abandoned. I found a door. I’m in the lower east side of the building. Over.”

“Got it. I’m on my way to you. All I’ve found are empty rooms. I’ll give the signal when I’m close. Stay alert. Over.”

After a few minutes of silence, he hears Jimin’s bird call.

“Over here.”

They take cautious steps towards it, and Jimin leans in to try the knob. It’s unlocked. He pulls open slowly, hoping they don’t make too much noise. Stairs. They look at one another and nod. Beginning their way down, they come to a hallway leading to two rooms.

Taehyung signals for Jimin to check one while he checks the other. Silently, they each approach their selected doors and nod to each other. One hand on each knob, one hand drawing their guns up. They quickly open them at the same time, guns pointed towards each room.

Jimin’s is empty. He looks towards Taehyung, who is frozen in front of his. He peeks over Taehyung’s shoulder and gasps. A bed. The same bed they saw Yoongi tied to. But it’s empty now, just the bed and a blindfold are left in the room.

“Call Jungkook. Now.”


Jin sits at his desk, fiddling with a photo of Yoongi and Holly the day they adopted him.

“He’s so cute! He’s the one. Can we get him? Please?” Yoongi looks up at Jin with big, pleading eyes. He chuckles lightly and bends down to check out which pup has his baby so smitten. He’s a cute little pit bull, one brown eye, one blue. Short, curly, brown fur. The look in this puppy’s eyes, the way Yoongi looks at him, he’s melted into putty. This is definitely the one.

“Anything for you, gummy bear.” Yoongi beams and squeals, lifting the little pup in his arms. He presses his lips to Jin’s sighing contently. “Thank you, Jinnie.” He whispers against his lips.

He smiles at the memory, tears stinging his eyes. He traces a finger on the photo against Yoongi’s face. He was so happy that day. What he’d do to see that smile again. A knock on the door, hard and desperate. Jungkook walks in, phone and a file in hand.

“We’ve got good news and bad news, Boss. Taehyung and Jimin found where they had kept Yoongi.”

He frowns, voice hard. “What do you mean, kept?”

“He’s not there anymore, sir. It seems like they’ve moved him.”

He slams a fist on the table, making Jungkook jump almost a foot in the air.

“Shit, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. What else?”

“I got in touch with Yugyeom, says he’s seen Chanyeol around with Jackson and a few men. But...” Jungkook trails off, uncomfortable and fidgety. This won’t be good news at all.

“Spit it out, Jungkook!” Jin yells.

“Sir... some of the men. They’re- they’re some of ours.”

His face pales, hardens and then twists into what Jungkook would describe as murderous. “Excuse me? Wanna run that by me one more time?”


Jimin hangs up the phone. Jungkook called, saying Jin has gone insane. “Tae, we gotta get back. Jin’s gone crazy. Locked up some of our men.” Taehyung looks at him, puzzled. Reaching for his phone, Jimin’s hand stops him.

“I’m just gonna call Hoseok and-“

“Don’t bother. He’s already on it.”

“He didn’t elaborate?”

“No. Just said Jin’s gone crazy.” They rush to the car, heading back to the mansion. “I have a really bad feeling about this.” Jimin whispers as his grip on the wheel tightens.


Knives in all sizes, pliers, and Jin’s special handgun -A gift from Yoongi after their first successful raid- litter the table. He’s carefully examining each piece, deciding which he’d be using first. A small dagger calls his attention. Picking it up, he flips it around his hand in amusement. This is going to be oh so satisfying, he thinks.

He turns to the three men, HIS MEN, tied to the chairs in the room. All three, gagged, arms locked into the locks on their wrists, legs adorning heavy chains. They’re prey in his eyes now. Ones he use to trust with his life, now to be taken down by his hands. He smiles eerily from ear to ear. He looks over his shoulder to see Namjoon and Jungkook, slightly shaken up but angry.

“What made you three even begin to think,” he spits, walking towards the trio, “That any good could come from crossing me?” He holds up the dagger, admiring it in the light. It glistens oh so pretty. It’d look better dipped in blood, he muses. He cocks his head towards one.

“Shall I begin with you?” He chuckles darkly, smile never leaving his face. The man begins thrashing around in his restraints, muffled pleas to let him go. Jin bends down to eye level with the man, fingers still twirling the little dagger around.

He removes the man’s gag, allowing him to speak. “Plea-please, sir,” the man stammers. “I- I have- have a wife-“ he stabs the dagger in the man’s thigh, and twisting hard. The man lets out a painful scream. Ah, music to his ears. Seokjin closes his eyes to take it all in. He smiles bigger. “And I had Yoongi. But you decided, Oh? What’s the harm in helping kidnap him? Correct?” He digs the dagger deeper, blood is gushing out everywhere, soaking every surface it lands.

“Now tell me. Who. Are. You. Working. With.” The man shakes his head, teeth grit tight, thrashing, trying to move the dagger out of Jin’s grip, but it’s solid. He pushes more weight onto it before pulling it back out.


Namjoon takes his position behind Jin.

“Take care of him for me, please. I still have these other two to work with.”

“With pleasure, Sir.” Namjoon takes the dagger from Jin’s grip as Jin heads towards the table to collect another toy. He takes interest in a long, jagged edge for his next man.

“And you?” Jin speaks over his shoulder. “Are you going to give me answers, or am I going to have Namjoon play with you as well?”

The man shakes his head, eyeing Namjoon. He watches as Namjoon starts cutting marks into his buddy’s skin, screams are filling the room before he finally goes into shock from the pain.

“Then. Talk.” Jin hisses as he pulls the gag out.

“I swear sir, I was just promised immunity from being killed and a higher position if I helped, I don’t know anything!” The second man screams. Jin shakes his head, disappointed in the answer. He hears the door quietly shut. Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jimin have filtered into the room now, and they’re all staring at the scene in front of them.

“Not what I need to hear.” He clicks his tongue. “Anything else before I gut you like the scum you are?”

The man’s eyes widen, clearly shaken up and terrified. “W-wait! Uh, I was approached by a man!” This catches Jin’s attention, ten fold.

“And?” He raises an eyebrow.

“He said- he said that he was looking to take you down from your position as boss! He’s using Yoongi to get to you!” The man yells as Jin starts prodding his stomach with the knife. “Please, sir, I don’t- I don’t know anything else!”

“And what did this ‘man’ look like?” Jimin asks. “I highly doubt he’d just happily approach you and offer you this information.”

The man thinks for a moment, eyeing the dangerous glisten in Jin’s eye. “He-he didn’t let me see his face. Bu-but he was short, black hair. He disguised his voice with a voice manipulator. I swear, boss, I-I-I don’t know anything else!”

Jin looks over to Jimin and Taehyung, and they both give him a small nod. He turns back around to look at the man.

“Seems you aren’t telling us all the details, hm? I’m sorry, but not really.” Jin says as he slashed the man’s throat.

“Taehyung. Deal with these two.”

He hears shuffling, assuming that Taehyung is doing as he asked.

“You. You don’t seem scared.” Jin cocks his head a little bit, looking at the third man. “You were one of my top guys, Jay. It’s a shame, really.” He tisks.

The man, Jay, just stares at Jin with a cold gaze. Seokjin rips the gag off. “Fuck you, Jin.” Jay spits into Jin’s eye.

“How dare you-“ Jimin begins, heading towards Jay, but Hoseok holds him back, shaking his head.

“Hm. A fighter you are.” Jin muses, as he wipes the spit from his eye. “That’s what I liked about you. Your spunk. None of that matters now, obviously. As you’re going to die. Would you like me to make it quick?”

“Boss wanted me to relay a message to you.” Jay hisses. “He’s been waiting for you.” A hint of amusement plays into Jay’s voice. “You’ve gone soft, LEADER. Too busy with your fuck toy to do your actual-“ he’s cut off by a fist connecting to his face.

“Don’t. You. DARE. Say another ill word about him. Ever.” Jin hisses. Jay just casually spits the blood pooling into his mouth on Jin’s shoe.

“Hit a sore spot?” Jay teases. “Of course I have. I don’t know WHY Boss chose you, but I guess love makes us do crazy things, hm?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Hoseok hisses.

“Oh, just that our Boss is a little obsessed with your little leader here. He didn’t want to make you suffer. But here we are~” Jay sing songs. He begins to laugh maniacally, “you’ll never believe me when I tell you. So, it’s just going to stay in my pretty little head. So do. Your. Worst.”

“With pleasure.”

Chapter Text

It’s been weeks since that day. Each time they get a new clue, they come up empty handed. They be sure to handle everything with care now; they use gloves and change them often before handling anything they’ve received. Dead ends on each envelope and package.


Jungkook is scanning the photos of Yoongi they were just sent in search for finger prints, any hint of background placement that can give them some type of clue as to where they’re located. Hoseok and Taehyung are out searching for Chanyeol and Jackson. And Namjoon is still trying to piece together the phone’s chip to try and track down the call. Everything seems to come at a dead end.

Jimin is keeping Jin company right now, even though he’s assured his men that he’s perfectly capable of handling himself in case of a sudden attack. They were pushy, insistent that someone keep watch, and they volunteered Jimin. Of course. The one who can keep him calm. They’re laying in Seokjin’s bed, drunk. Jin’s idea. Said they needed to let loose a little bit, and the younger definitely agreed.

“Jiminie?” Jin slurs.


“Who of our men do you trust the most?”

He turns to see Jimin think hard for a moment before he hears him say, “I trust you.”

His breath catches in his throat for a minute. “And I trust Taehyung. And Yoongi.” He pauses, bringing a hand through his blond hair. “I don’t think I really trust anyone else.” He murmurs after a minute of silence. Jin brings a hand to Jimin’s and squeezes. Jimin squeezes back. That’s enough for him. He knows Jimin is loyal to him. He’d never betray Jin.

“I trust you too, Jiminie.”

Jimin turns to look at Jin, and meets his gaze immediately. He gives him a shy smile and says, “I’m glad you trust me.” And gives Jin hand another squeeze. “Really glad.”


Taehyung is passing through the halls, looking through the files they’ve just received. Suddenly, Taehyung’s phone gives off a soft ‘ping’. A text. He reaches into his pocket to grab it and opens it up. His face pales.

A photo of Jimin from an unknown number. And he’s with Jackson.

Taehyung barges into Jin’s room, enraged. It’s empty. No sign of Jin or Jimin anywhere. But his window is wide open. His brother never opens that window. Taehyung screams loudly for Hoseok, Namjoon and Jungkook. He’s checking every room, in frantic search for his older brother. Nothing. Every room is empty. Taehyung yells out, frustrated, feeling betrayed by one he calls his brother.

“What the hell is going on!?” Jimin yells, coming from around the corner. “YOU!” Taehyung screams. “Where the hell is Jin!?”

He lunges for Jimin, grabbing him by the throat, pinning him to the wall. “Babe, What the hell!?” Hoseok yells, trying to pry Taehyung off of Jimin. Jimin’s face is turning a bright red from the lack of air. He scratches at Taehyung’s hands, making Taehyung bleed out. But his grip is tight, unmoving, angered.



“Taehyung, What the fuck are you talking about!? Let him go!” Namjoon screeches.

“NO! HE TOOK THEM! HE STARTED THIS!” Taehyung pushes Namjoon off him with a hard roll of his shoulder.

“YOU’RE GOING TO KILL HIM! STOP!” Jungkook yells, scrambling to get Jimin out from Taehyung’s grasp.

“It’s true! Take out my phone and see for yourself!”

Hoseok comes up behind Taehyung and forces himself back with a hard jerk. “Babe, stop! Calm down!”

They both end up pushed back on the floor, Jimin is leaned up against the wall, coughing, quick inhales of air to get is breathing back to normal. Hoseok has a strong hold on Taehyung, he’s thrashing around, trying to get out of his lovers grasp. He glares daggers at Jimin, who’s being consoled by Jungkook and Namjoon. Angry tears are spilling out of his eyes.

“You. Took. Them.” He lashes out, voice dark and angry. He pulls out his phone, handing it off to Namjoon.

“Look at the last text I got.” He says, voice laced with venom. Namjoon opens it up, and his eyes are tearing up now.

“What... what is this, Jimin?” He turns to face Jimin and Jungkook. Jimin is still trying to regulate his breathing, when he looks up at the phone Namjoon is holding out. Both Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes widen, taking in the picture.

Jungkook’s hold on Jimin’s arms tighten.

“What the fuck...” he trails off.

“I swear, that is not what it looks like.” Jimin says.

“Explain. Now.” Hoseok spits.

“I swear, I wouldn’t ever hurt Jin. He saved me. I owe him my life, I wouldn’t ever harm him OR Yoongi in any way. He was asleep when I left him. I went out to make a run from a few leads that Jungkook got from Yugyeom. At one of my stops, Jackson was there. He was watching me. He’s watching US. Our every move, apparently.” He sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“He said he wanted me to join them, their team, and I refused. I tried to bring him in, but I was knocked out from behind before I could grab my gun. Guys, I couldn’t do that to Seokjin. He means too much to me. I kn-know this looks bad, but I wouldn’t hurt him. I... I love him. But he has Yoongi. And I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. I can see how much he loves him. So I decided to just love from afar, be there for him.”

All eyes are on Jimin now, who’s biting his lip, clearly nervous that they won’t believe him. Hoseok clears his throat.

“I think we need a breather-“

“What is going on?” They hear from behind them. Jin. Soaked in blood, but safe. HERE. ALIVE.

Taehyung runs to him, throwing his arms around his brothers shoulders. He sobs into his neck, body shaking with each struggle inhale of breath. Seokjin looks over to everyone else, confused. He sees the sight of Jimin’s throat, and immediately throws his brother off of him to run to Jimin’s side.

“What the hell happened to you!?” He says, checking over the marks on his neck.

“What happened to him?? What happened to YOU!?” Hoseok screeched, pulling Jin off Jimin. “Wh-why are you covered in blood!?”

“Oh.” Jin looks down at his clothes. “It’s not mine. I’m fine.” He shrugs, but then takes another glance at everyone’s hardened gaze at Jimin.

“Is anyone going to tell me what the fuck is going on? Why is Jimin hurt??”

“He met with Jackson.”

“Ah. So did I.”


Yoongi feels the movement around him. His body is aching, his head throbbing in pain. His eyes are still covered by the blindfold. He listens, searching for any hint of where he may be now. They’ve moved him again, he thinks. Second time now. They must be getting desperate, he thinks. Suddenly, there’s a harsh tug to his hair, and Yoongi lets out a hiss in pain.

“How’s daddy’s baby doing?” A voice whispers in his ear.

“Fuck you, asshole.” He spits towards his assailant.

“Now, is that any way to speak to an old friend?” He knows that voice. “How would Daddy feel if he heard you speaking to me that way?” The man muses.

“I don’t think he’d mind, really. Knowing that you’re a fucking traitor.” He hisses.

“Hm. Well.” The man says. “Guess we won’t know, will we?” There’s a hint of a smile in his voice.

“I knew you’d be getting in the way the moment you came into the picture. He was MINE. And you TOOK HIM FROM ME.” A harsh slap rings in the air, and a yelp comes from Yoongi’s mouth.

“Let’s send daddy another present, shall we?” And slices into Yoongi’s arm, carving out what feels like a large letter Y. Yoongi screams out in agony, trying to move and kick his way free, but is unsuccessful. His voice cracks at every dig the knife takes to his skin. Eventually, he passes out from the pain.


After the talk with Jimin, everyone is on edge. Jin has taken him aside, to everyone else’s distaste, to get Jimin to tell him everything without the others around. Jimin leaves out the part where he’s in love with his boss, not wanting to make things more complicated than they already are.

“Jackson’s been trailing us. He knew I was going to one of GOT7’s old hideouts. He’s got eyes everywhere. I-I failed my mission. I’m so sorry, Jin.” He bows, practically folding himself in half. “One of his guys snuck up on me before I was able to draw my gun and bring him back.”

“Jimin, please get up. You don’t need to-“

“YES I DO! I FAILED!” He interrupts, voice cracking. “H-he got to me, I wasn’t quick enough.” He sobs harder, and Jin pulls him into a hug.

“Shhh. You didn’t fail. And I believe you.”

Jimin perks his head up, confused. “Y-y-ou believe me?” He whispers. Jin simply smiles at him, giving a light shake of his head.

“Of course I do, silly. I followed you. I saw what happened.” Jimin frowns.

“Why did-“

Jin shushes him with a raised palm to the space between them. “I was a little worried. Whenever I wake up, you’re not there. So I faked being asleep so I could see where it is you go. You always come back so disappointed whenever you go on your hunts.”

“So you followed me...” Jimin replies.

“To see why. I don’t like seeing you, any of you, so upset.” He lightly pats Jimin on the cheek, before he walks towards the door.

“I better talk to Taehyung. He’s really upset right now. I’ll make sure he’s alright.” Hand on the knob, he pauses a little before looking back at Jimin.

“Please don’t go out alone anymore. Bring one of them with you next time.” Is all he says before walking out.


“Want to tell me why you’re covered in blood now?” Taehyung spits as Seokjin comes into his and Hoseok’s shared room. Jin nods at Hoseok, understands they need to talk alone. With a small smile, Hoseok gets up, plants a kiss on Taehyung’s cheek before leaving the room.

“I found Jackson. He got away before I could get to him, but I dealt with some of his men.” He says, sitting next to his brother.

“And. I got a lead.”

Chapter Text

Jin pulls up beside a large metal crate near an abandoned warehouse. He’s followed Jimin here, with rather small suspicions that maybe, just maybe, he’s been betrayed by the one who he wouldn’t even begin to suspect. He’s got to make this stake out count. Have all your ducks in a row, Jin thinks. He needs to be sure. Seokjin wants to desperately to be wrong. He has to be wrong about Jimin.

He slowly opens the car door, careful as to not make any noise. Ducking behind a large cement pillar, he takes in the surrounding area. The building is cracked everywhere, large gaping holes of wall missing throughout the front and down the sides. The paint job is almost nonexistent at this point, chipped in large quantities over the surface. Large metal crates litter the grounds. A couple busted post lamps, a dumpster to the left of the alley way. He checks a couple of the crates to find that they’re all empty, to his disappointment. He listens for any other noise around him, ears perking up when he realized he can hear voices.

He peeks around one of the crates to see a man murmuring into a walkie talkie, informing whoever is on the other side that he’s lost sight on Park Jimin. His heart stutters a bit, and now he’s angry. He doesn’t hesitate to move. Jin quietly sneaks up behind the man, grabbing him by the neck and snapping it quickly, giving it a clean break.

He bares the man’s weight to gently set him down, unsure if any other men are around and not draw any unnecessary attention to himself. He’s here for information, after all. And he can’t fuck this up. Not when he’s so close.

He lurks around, searching every corner he can. No one. After what seems like hours, he finally hears a voice. Jackson. He peaks around a dumpster, and sees Jimin talking to Jackson. His heart is clenching a bit, until he hears Jimin.

“Who are you working for and tell me why I shouldn’t just shoot you right here and now.” Jimin’s voice is hard and strong.

“Now now, where would the fun in that be if I just tell you? You’ll just go running to your little boss and then you’ll be a rat. Couldn’t have that now, could we?” Jackson smirks with the tilt of his head.

“Cut the crap. Where is Yoongi?” Jimin demands, reaching for his gun.

Jackson tuts, and it takes everything in Jin not to lunge out and attack Jackson himself.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Jimin. What would your boss say if he found me dead, and no info on Yoongi, hm?” Jackson murmurs. Jin fidgets in his spot, itching to just shoot the man himself for threatening Jimin that way, taunting him with Yoongi’s whereabouts.

Jimin pulls his hand away slowly, keeping it hovered over his holster.

“Answer my fucking question then.”

Jackson kicks around at the ground for a second, before looking back at Jimin with an unreadable look. Before Jimin even blinks, someone comes up from behind Jimin and whacks him across the head with a large AK, and he’s down.

Jackson laughs, turning away from where Jimin lays on the floor, snapping his fingers at the man, and that’s when Jin snaps.

He darts out from behind the dumpster, and holds out his gun to shoot. It grazes Jackson’s arm, and he lets out a painful cry before spinning around to spot Seokjin making his way towards him. He runs, clutching his injured arm in his free hand, yelling for his guy to shoot Jin.

He dodges the bullets with ease, aiming to shoot at the man, when he gets an idea. He shoots a clean hole through the man’s hand that’s holding his gun, and the man lets out a scream. He turns to look for Jackson, but he’s long gone. Jin walks up to the man, kicking his boot against his skull. The man reaches for his gun, but Jin kicks it away and presses his foot against the man’s injured hand.

“Don’t do anything stupid, now.” He says with an evil grin. “I have plenty I need to ask you, so I need you alive. For the time being, anyway. Understood?” The man groans in pain, nodding dumbly at Jin, but refusing to meet his gaze.

“Good. Now.” He kicks at the man’s head, knocking him out cold. Jin takes a quick look at Jimin’s unconscious body, telling himself that he needs to leave him here to deal with this guy before tending to his hurt Jimin.

It takes Jin a bit to haul the man’s body to his car, dumping his body into the trunk with a loud thud. He wipes the sweat from his brow, and closes the back. He makes his way to the drivers side of the car, and gets in. Jimin will be ok. He’ll wake up, and he’ll head back to the house, safe and sound, he tells himself.

The man wakes up to a stab in the arm, screaming.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” Jin smiles.

“Fuck you.” The man stutters through gritted teeth. “I’m not going to say anything to you.”

Jin sighs, brows slightly furrowed. “Guess we have to do this the hard way.” He sighs, as he picks up his favorite dagger. “I hope you’re ready.”


It takes Jin two hours to get any sort of information from the man, but when he finally gets what he wants, he smiles in satisfaction. He guts the man with no remorse, and makes his way back home, clothes drenched in the latter’s blood. He makes it to the door just in time to hear yelling.


After everyone is calm, he gathers everyone into his office. This is vital information, everyone needs to be there for this. He has a plan.

“I’m coming, baby. I’ll be with you soon my gummy bear.” He whispers into the photo of him and Yoongi. He hears the door click open, and sets the photo down.

Everyone files in, sitting in their assigned seating arrangement, eager for the news Jin has for them.

“I just received news that they’ve moved Yoongi. Again.” Seokjin grits out. “But. I know where they’re going to be next. And Chanyeol is going to be there.”

He walks around the table, eyeing each of his men carefully before continuing.

“Jimin, I want to apologize before I go any further. I’m so sorry for leaving you there, but know that I absolutely-“ Jimin cuts him off.

“It’s ok, Jin.” Jimin smiles at him. “I would have done the same if I were in your shoes.” Jin gives him a small smile, nodding. No one misses the glare Taehyung sends Jimin’s way, still angry from earlier. Hoseok runs his hand up Taehyung’s arm, subtly trying to calm his boyfriend.

“We’re going to attack. Tonight.”

Everyone gapes at him.

“Tonight??” Namjoon stutters.


“Isn’t that too soon? Shouldn’t we have a few plans beforehand?” Hoseok says. “It’s too soon, Boss. We need time.”

“We don’t have time!” Jin slams his hand down on the table. Everyone flinches, startled by Seokjin’s sudden outburst. Jin runs a hand through his hair.

“Sorry. I’m just, excited? On edge. We’re so close. I can feel it.” Jin whispers.

Everyone’s quiet for a moment, until Jungkook speaks up.

“So what’s the plan then, boss?”

Jin grins, and they get to work.


They’re scattered around the building, Jin with Hoseok and Jimin on the west side, Taehyung and Namjoon take the north side, and Jungkook to the east. Guns in hand, ready to shoot when necessary. The adrenaline is rushing through their veins, ready to get Yoongi back, and to finally put an end to all of this.

They all confirm their ear pieces are working. There’s an unsettling quietness to the place, but Jin knows he’s not wrong about this. He can feel it in is bones, his heart racing with each step they take. They scour the building, checking each room. Chanyeol isn’t anywhere to be found yet.

Jin motions for Jimin to take to the left corridor. Once he’s out of sight, he and Hoseok head right. They can hear gunshots through out the building. They can faintly hear Jungkook laughing with ease with each man he takes out. Men pop out of nowhere, suddenly overtaking the place.

They shoot left and right, hitting each of their marks. Men fall, blood is everywhere.

“You guys ok?” He yells, hoping everyone can hear over the commotion.

“All Good here!”


“We’re Good here.”

“I’m fine, Jin.”

He nods to no one, knowing they can’t see him but they can hear his gun go off, so he figures he doesn’t need to confirm that he’s also ok. He spots Hoseok behind him, shooting at the men to their back. Hoseok peaks over his shoulder when the last man goes down, and gives him a nod.

He turns back to his front, seeing a clearing and they head towards the end of the corridor.

“All clear here, boss.” He hears Jungkook say, and another “clear here too.” From Jimin.

“Tae? Joon?”

“All clear.”

“We’re at the entrance to the basement. This is it. Keep lookout. Watch your backs.”

They all hum in agreement, the dark stairs to the basement eerily quiet.

They make their way down, making sure not to make much noise, if any at all. Hoseok holds his hand up, gesturing for Jin to stop. He cups his ear to hear, and there’s murmurs of voices. One in particular stands out. Chanyeol.

He breathes in, trying to keep his cool, until he hears a crack and a loud but muffled yelp. Yoongi.

All reason leaves him as he rushes down the stairs, Hoseok calling to him to calm down and to think rationally. He bursts into the first door he sees, to see Yoongi tied to a chair, gag in his mouth and blood forming at his parted lips. Chanyeol has a hand in Yoongi’s hair, pulling back harshly, as he whimpers in pain.

Chanyeol looks up with an amused look in his eye.

Yoongi’s eyes shoot open at the clamor of the door hitting the wall, widen when they land on Hoseok and Jin. Seokjin can tell that Yoongi is trying to shake his head, with little success as the grip in his hair tightens.

“Boss.” Chanyeol says smugly.

“I’m not your fucking boss. Now get your hands off him before I shoot you right between the eyes.” Jin hisses.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Jinnie.” He hears from behind him.

He whips his head so quick it gives him a bit of whiplash. Hoseok has his gun aimed right at Yoongi.


“Hello, my love.” Hoseok smiles.

Chapter Text

“Hoseok? What- what is this?” Jin stammered out. “Wha-“

Hoseok giggled, cutting Seokjin off. “Oh, my sweet, sweet Jinnie bear. You’ll understand soon enough.” He pockets his gun, closes the space between them. A rough hand caressing Jin’s cheek. Hoseok then brings his jacket up to his lips, speaking into what Jin thinks is a hidden microphone.

“Round the others up and bring them to me. Don’t hold back anymore. Free rein.” He says, keeping eye contact with Jin. He’s too stunned to speak. Thoughts racing through his head, trying to put the pieces together.

Why. Why. Why, is all he can think right now.

Jin begins searching Hoseok’s eyes, looking for any clues, but sees nothing but love and adoration in his gaze. He’s so distracted by his thoughts that he doesn’t feel Hoseok’s hand slip into his free one, intertwining their fingers, and prying the gun out of the other to toss it across the room.

“I’ve waited for this for so long, baby. I missed you so much.” Hoseok whispers, love laced in his voice before crashing his lips to Jin’s. He’s caught off guard that he gasps, parting his lips and allowing Hoseok’s tongue to explore his mouth. He tries to pry out of Hoseok’s grasp, to push him away, but it just spurs Hoseok on, pushing him against the wall, grinding into him.

Yoongi behind them begins to thrash around, angered at the fact that Hoseok is forcing himself onto his boyfriend. Hoseok pulls out his gun, and shoots. Seokjin flinches at the sound, and Hoseok pulls away. Parting slightly from Jin, his voice drips low before saying, “Make another move and I’ll be sure not to miss next time.” He warns Yoongi.


“Yes boss?”

“Help me with tying my love. I need some alone time with my Jinnie bear.” Lips upturned into a wicked, evil smirk. Chanyeol makes his way towards the two, roughly grabbing Seokjin and throwing him on the bed in the corner of the room before he can even blink. He makes quick work to tying Jin’s hands and legs to the bed, and takes his leave. Jin pulls at the restraints, trying to loosen them to no avail.

Hoseok circles Yoongi in his seat, eyes lit up in amusement. He chuckles lightly at the fierce and deadly glare Yoongi is giving him. He whips off the gag, allowing Yoongi to talk.

“Hurt him, and I’ll kill you.” Yoongi hisses.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare hurt him. You on the other hand, I wouldn’t even hesitate.” Eyes zoning in on Yoongi’s, fierce and deadly.

Seokjin bites his lip, thinking of escape routes. With his hands tied, he’s in a bind. If only-

“Hoseok, why?” Seokjin asks cautiously. He doesn’t want to anger him, in fear that he may hurt Yoongi more than he already has.

Hoseok turns on his heel to gaze at Jin tied up. He shakes his head lightly, walking up slowly to where he lies.

“Its all HIS fault. He took you from me, Jin! Don’t you understand that!?” Hoseok’s voice is high pitched, angered and hurt.

“We were perfect together. How did you not see that I loved you? We were happy, we fit so well together! If we hadn’t gone to that damn cafe you’d be-“ he chokes on a sob now, eyes filled with tears, hovering over him.

“We were happy. Why wasn’t I enough?” He whispers, caressing Jin’s face with his fingers, tears falling onto Jin’s cheek.

Seokjin’s eyes widen, lips parting in surprise. He remembers now. College.

He’d met the younger on campus one day, when they were assigned in the same group for a project. Study sessions quickly turned into meeting up frequently to go to the arcades, out to eat, or even stargaze late into the night.

Late nights from binging Netflix, getting high off whatever drugs they could get their hands on. One night during tone of their late night drinking sessions was all it took for them to become a little more than just friends. Seokjin doesn’t remember who moved first, but he remembers the way Hosoek was like putty underneath him. So willing to please him, the touches and the faint gasps and moans whenever he’d move the right way.

From that day on, they would often become one, bodies sweaty, nothing but moaning messes, slight curses, nails digging into flesh from pleasure and overstimulation.

“Jinnie? What is he talking about?” Yoongi demanded softly, eyes still focused on how Hoseok was touching his lover.

“C-college, gummy bear. Hoseok and I- we were uh, we use to mess around.” Seokjin stammered out uneasily. “It wasn’t for long baby. I promise. The moment I met you, I stopped.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened, unable to comprehend what his lover was telling him.

“You use to what?” Came a voice from the door. Shit. Jin whipped his head to face the door, and there his men stood. Bloody, cuts everywhere, but standing tall. Seokjin’s pride swelled a bit, they definitely put up a fight. All eyes were on them, Taehyung’s boring into Hoseok’s.

“Baby, what’s going on?” Taheyung asked, eyes flitting between Hosoek’s and Jin’s, confused.

Hoseok visibly shuddered.

“Stop calling me that. I’m not your baby. I’ve never been your baby.” Hosoek hissed. “Don’t you see? It was NEVER you. It’s always been Jin.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened, filling with hurt. “You... you used me. To get to my brother!? Did all these years mean nothing!? I LOVED YOU! I STILL LOVE YOU!” Taheyung tried ripping his grip from his holder, clawing and kicking, trying to make his way to Hoseok.

“How could you!? I’ve always been there for you! How could you just use me like that!” Taehyung’s voice hitched, anger crossing. Hoseok lifted his gun and pointed it towards him.

“Now, now. Don’t get any ideas. I won’t hesitate to shoot each and every one of you.” He warned.

“You asshole!” Namjoon yelled. “Let them go!”

“We’re family! How could you do this to us?” Jungkook screamed.

“Stop!” Seokjin yelled over everyone.

All eyes on him again.

“And you! Why didn’t you tell me!?” Taheyung seethed. “How could you!?”

Seokjin gave him a sad smile. “I’m so sorry, Taehyung.”

He looked over at Hoseok.

“What do you want? Name it, it’s yours. Just let them go. Please.” Seokjin begged. He saw Hoseok’s face light up.

“I want you.” He began. The dangerous look in his eyes is prominent. “I want us again.”

Seokjin thought for a moment. If he can keep his family safe-

“Jinnie, no! Don’t! Stay with me. I need you. Please.” Yoongi pleaded, his eyes filling with tears. “I need you. Stay with me.”

Hoseok turned and backhanded Yoongi. He put a tight grip in his hair and pulled back. Yoongi whimpered, still sensitive from the lashes and blows he’s received.

“Don’t. Speak.” Hoseok warned. His gaze was like fire, ready to blow at any moment. “I’m holding back, for Jinnie’s sake. Don’t make me angry.” He spat.

“I’ll go.” Seokjin interrupted. “But you have to promise me. That they’ll be safe.”

He ignored everyone’s pleas for him to not do it, thinking only of their safety. Yoongi looked at him, tears spilling down his cheeks. He mouthed an ‘I love you’ to him, earning him a small nod and a mouthed ‘I love you too’ I’m response.

Hoseok beamed, clearly pleases with Seokjin’s response.


Chapter Text

“Only rules I have,” Hoseok says as they walk into a swank apartment, “is that you keep this on at all times.” He cuffs an ankle bracelet onto Jin’s leg. House arrest. How fun, Jin thinks.

“And, that you never speak of Yoongi again.” Hoseok spits the last bit, as if something rotten has invaded his tastebuds. “There’s sensors at every window and entrance. That,” he points to the ankle monitor, “will let me know if you’re trying to leave. Other than that, you have free rein of the place.”

He nods, and takes the time to overlook the small mansion. It’s huge, is the first thing that comes to mind. Not as big as his place, obviously. But it’s a looker. Its fancy, whoever actually owns this is trying to show off that they’re rich.

There’s lavish vases littering almost every table, perfect blush pink peonies in each one. Tapestries in various prints clutter the walls. Priceless original sketches from Leonardo Da Vinci, paintings by Monet hang in the halls. A coffee table sits in the middle of the living room, scattered with old newsprints and layouts of buildings they scanned in their hunt for Yoongi.

The couch. It’s out of place. It is a pretty cream color, familiar. It’s old, he muses. Decades at least.

He inspects it a little further, and sees a tear in one of the arms, and one of the cushions has a small cigarette sized burn mark.

Jin’s eyes widen slowly. He’s definitely seen it before. He reminisces how they burned it, during one of his and Hoseok’s sessions. A shiver runs down his spine.

He looks back at Hoseok, who’s just watching him with careful, yet oddly fond eyes.

“Remember this?” Jin nods.

“We had a hell of a time on this baby, didn’t we? I rode you like a mad man on this old thing.” Hoseok pats the couch, looking at it fondly.

After the rest of the tour, he leads him to a room, motioning for Jin to open the door. It’s so off putting from the rest of the house. It’s like he’s back in college, and he can’t seem to get the images out of his mind. It’s his old room. Laid out almost perfectly. But much, much bigger.

“We can relive it, Jinnie. It’s ours. Just think of what we can accomplish if we banded together.” Hoseok whispers, licking a stripe up his neck. “I’ll be so good for you, baby.”


“Why did you just let him go!?” Jimin shouts. “How can you just let him walk out of here with Jin!?”

“You heard him, Jimin! He wanted to go! He left us!” Taheyung fires back, still angry from what’s just happened hours ago. They’re all tired, bruised, from the fight they endured earlier.

Yoongi is holding his head in his hands, knees on his elbows. He’s shaking uncontrollably, and Jungkook is rubbing small, reassuring circles into the elders back. He’s trying so hard not to cry, wanting to get Jin back. It’s like a never ending circle, and he’s just so tired. He’s tired of this cycle. Jungkook just wants his family back together again.

“Arguing isn’t going to help us right now! What we need to do is get Jin back. So let’s just shut up and figure out a way. Calm the fuck down, lover boys.” Namjoon spits from in between the two. Yoongi whips his head around, glaring at the three who are currently yelling at one another.

“What was that?” Yoongi hisses. “What fucking lover boy?”

Taheyung points an accusatory finger at Jimin. “This is his fucking fault!”

Jimin gapes at the latter, “Me!? How the fuck is this my fault!? It’s not my fucking fault your boyfriend is a fucking psychopath! If you had just kept him in check, this wouldn’t have fucking happened!”

Taehyung lunges at Jimin, managing to push Namjoon out of the way before he could intervene. They tumble onto the ground, Taheyung landing on top of Jimin. He raises his fist, punching him straight in the jaw.

Insults are thrown around, and there’s more punching involved.


He stirs with the feeling of a mouth around his neck, sucking hickeys into the sensitive skin. The bed is soft beneath his fingers, fluffed to his liking. They feel like clouds, he muses.

He’s unbelievably hard, no matter how much he wants to protest.

“Jinnie Baby, do you remember the bar? The one with the couches and the pool tables?” Hoseok says huskily into his ear.

“The bathroom?” He replies, trying to keep his voice from hitching.

He feels a smile forming into his neck. It’s warm and Hoseok’s breath is so hot against the skin it’s burning into him. He presses more kisses into his skin, a hand coming up to stroke Jin’s already hard dick.

“That one. Remember how you couldn’t keep your hands off me? How eager you were to be inside me. How hard you were-“

“I remember.” Jin snaps. Hoseok goes quiet for a moment, and sits up to straddle Seokjin. He slowly rolls his hips against Jin’s clothed crotch.

“Want to have a little fun?” He says with a wiggle on his eyebrows.

“Not really.” Jin flushes, trying to control himself. If he can just pretend he’s Yoongi-

Hoseok gives him an amused smile and gives his hips another roll, this time, earning a small moan from the man underneath him.

“Hm. Little Jinnie seems to think otherwise.” He moves a bit upwards to take out Jin’s member from his boxers, removing his also in the process.

He wraps his hand around the now bare cock and strokes. He doesn’t give Jin any warning as he slams down on him. Hoseok and Seokjin both hiss at the feeling.

Hoseok takes his time, grinding himself in tiny circles, adjusting to the length that’s currently invading him from the inside.

He sighs as he begins to move up and down, slamming himself onto Jin.

“O-oh god, I’ve mis-ah!-sed your cock s-so much,” Hoseok moans loudly, throwing his head back. “So fuck-king much.”

A low, deep moan comes from Jin. His hands find purchase on Hoseok’s hips, and begins to move with him.

“F-fuck, Jinnie,” Hoseok moans wantonly, “Make me cum.”

He nods, hair matted and sweaty. Seokjin grips his hands tight around Hoseok’s waist to hold him up, and slams him down hard. He hits Hoseok’s prostate dead on, a gurgled noise leaving his lips. He continues his abuse as Hoseok leans down, sucking and biting on Jin’s neck.

Jin quickly slips out of Hoseok to switch their positions, flipping Hoseok on his back to bring himself back inside of him. He’s pounding Hoseok into the mattress now, the younger is a sputtering mess, incoherent blabbering in between moans and ‘oh god fuck-‘ and ‘right there Jinnie’.

He can feel the coil in his belly begin to tighten as Hoseok cums with a loud cry, white painting his belly and chin. Jin braces himself on his forearms, and relentlessly abuses Hoseok’s hole chasing his own release.

He cums after a few more thrusts with a small gasp and collapses himself on the bed panting to catch his breath. Hoseok cuddles up to him, giving him a peck on the lips.

“I love you, Jinnie Bear.”


Jungkook is waiting for the scanner to complete. He taps absentmindedly at the counter top, drumming his fingers along.

Jimin is quiet, fiddling with a napkin from his lunch. His bruise is fading now, it being a couple days since the incident where he and Taehyung had fought.

Yoongi is focused on the screen, awaiting the results. He doesn’t look anyone in the eye anymore. His blond hair is matted from lack of brushing, his eyes don dark circles, heavily noticeable against his pale skin. He’s wearing one of Jin’s sweaters, inhaling the scent to comfort him.

Namjoon is humming a tune, unknown to anyone else but him. He’s distracting himself from having to speak.

Taehyung is nowhere to be found. He’s hiding, ashamed and angry at the betrayal from his brother, from his lover. They haven’t seen him in days, and they’re worried. But there’s more important matters to deal with now.

The monitor beeps, alerting them. They scramble to look, pushing against one another. Dead end.

With a heavy sigh, Jungkook pulls out his phone in time to hear it beep.

He clears his throat, and makes his way to stand.

“Where are you going.” Yoongi doesn’t look at him, but he can see from the corner of his eyes that the younger has stood.

Jungkook purses his lips. “Meeting with someone.” And walks out.

“Should we follow him?” Jimin says quietly.


“No, Yoongi.”

Yoongi slams his hands down on the table causing Jimin to flinch. Namjoon lets out a breath.

“He could be working with Hoseok for all we know!” In a way, he has a point. They can’t really trust anyone anymore, let alone each other. Hoseok has broken that trust, broken them, letting them begin to doubt everyone’s intentions.

“No.” Namjoon is firm.

“If you fuckers won’t, them I will.” Yoongi goes to stand, but Namjoon tugs him back down to sit in his chair.

“Look, I know everyone is on edge, but we have to trust him. We’re family.” The look in Namjoon’s eye leaves him no room to argue.

“I fucking hate you guys.”

“You love us.” Jimin pipes in.

He gives Jimin a hard glare.

“Don’t even get me started on you, asshole. Just how long were you going to hide that you’ve been dreaming of fucking Jin?” He spits.

Jimin gapes, eyes wide. He looks to Namjoon nervously, and Namjoon nods. He gulps, and licks his lips.

“I told everyone I wouldn’t do anything.” He says quietly.

“Doesn’t matter.” Yoongi replies.

“It does. I wouldn’t jeopardize your relationship. He’s my best friend. And I owe him my life. That’s it.” Jimin says quickly.

“And you believe him?” Yoongi addresses Namjoon now. “What if he’s another psycho like Hoseok?”

Namjoon just shakes his head. “Because I trust him. He wouldn’t do that.”

Yoongi slams the door as he leaves towards his and Jin’s room.


How long has he been here now? Days? Weeks? It feels like it. Seokjin rubs the sleep from his eyes, Hoseok snoring lightly against his chest. He wiggles out carefully from his grasp, and makes his way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

He’s eating quietly when Hoseok comes in, leaning against the door frame.

“Can I join you?”

He nods, standing to serve Hoseok a plate of bacon, eggs, and waffles.

“How did you sleep?” Hoseok asks, pushing around the food on his plate.


“That’s good.”

The silence is deafening, the walls creak a bit, the house settling.

“I was thinking of getting us a dog.” Hoseok pipes up after a few minutes.


Hoseok hums around his mouthful of food.

“Was thinking of going to the shelter. I can send you pictures so you can help me choose.”


Jin stands to take his empty plate to the sink, and a pair of arms wrap around his middle.

“I’m sorry it had to come to this.” Hoseok whispers against the skin on his neck, leaving a trail of small pecks. “But you wouldn’t come to me otherwise.”


Jungkook bites his lip, staring at the door in front of him. He knows they won’t like this, but it has to be done. They’ll hate him for a little while, he guesses, and then things will go back to normal. Right? They can’t hate him for long, he’s their baby, their little brother. Right?

Jungkook nods to the man next to him who nods back, and holds his breath as he opens the door. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jimin are all arguing about-something, he doesn’t know what- and he stands in the doorway, clearing his throat. The three of them turn to stare at him, and Jimin and Yoongi get a murderous glint in their eyes. Before Yoongi can even blink, Jimin moves first.

He slams the man Jungkook brought in against the wall, a knife to his throat.

“What the fuck are you doing bringing him here!?” Jimin hisses.

“Jimin stop! He’s going to help us!” Jungkook tries prying Jimin off of Chanyeol, but Yoongi grabs Jungkook by the back of the shirt, flinging him backwards.

“Give us one good reason why we should fucking trust you.” Yoongi says, eyes burning into Jungkook’s.

“He has him.” Chanyeol gasps as Jimin presses the knife harder against his throat, a small trail of blood seeping out and down his neck.

“Who has who?”

“Hoseok. He has my husband. Sehun.”

“LIAR!” Jimin screams.

“He has pictures. Yugyeom showed me their album! Let him go! He has a way inside to get Jin!” Jungkook shouts, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“What do you mean?” Namjoon asks with a quirked brow. “A way inside where? How do you know where he is?”

“I’m his s-second in command. I know everything. I want that bastard dead.”

Chapter Text

He’s fiddling with a book on the shelf, trying to ease his boredom. Hoseok is god knows where right now. Hoseok often leaves him alone to do who knows what, fuck knows where. He doesn’t even know where he is either, leading him to believe that he’s in some god forsaken countryside. Not that he can see past the enormous gates this place has, anyway.

He huffs, finding nothing interesting. Aimlessly walking the halls, he takes his time peaking into each room he finds. At least three bathrooms, spare rooms littering the place. One door though, piques his interest. An office. Hoseok did say he had free reign, right?

Jin admires the intricate paintings and knick knacks (that he thinks are utterly useless) and pauses at one photo on one of the bookshelves. It’s of him, but torn in half. It made him shudder a bit. How long had Hoseok been following Jin around? Although he can only see half of the photo, he remembers that day fondly. It was the middle of the semester a few weeks after he had asked out Yoongi. He was laughing at a pun Yoongi had blurted out when he was on his break at the coffee shop he worked at.

Yoongi was a flustered mess when Jin just stared at him, mouth agape. He tried apologizing, shaking his hands frantically in front of him to apologize when Jin burst out in the loudest laugh he’s ever let escape his plump lips. Tears prickled in his eyes at the memory, missing his lover, his whole world. His innocent gummy bear. He feels disgusting, skin crawling with utter vile at the decisions he’s made.

He’s going to make it his damn mission to get back to his baby, no matter the costs.


Taehyung is so tired. He’s been drinking himself into a drunken stupor since the Hoseok left. After hearing what his brother had done, he became angry. Why didn’t he tell him? Why didn’t he even bother mentioning what had gone on between him and Hoseok? He smiles bitterly at his phone, slightly blurry from the alcohol induced state he’s put himself in.

Thousands of photos of he and Hoseok scattered in his photo album. They were happy. At least he thought they were. They spent the last decade together for fucks sake. He sits up from the hotel bed, glaring at the screen now. Fury flowing through him, he flings his phone against the hotels dingy wall, shattering it to pieces. Picking the bottle of Hennessy back up, he brings it to his chapped lips and guzzles it down.


“He’s angry with me, isn’t he?” Jimin fumbles with his fingers in his lap.

“He’s just hurt right now. He’s vulnerable, Yoongi’s been through a lot these past few months. He’ll come around, don’t worry.” Namjoon says with a pat to his shoulder. Jimin smiles up at him, but he’s sure it comes out more as a grimace than anything. Jungkook and Chanyeol are at the other side of the room, phone calls upon phone calls to some men that are still around that they can trust to help.

They’ve been under strict orders by both Jimin and Yoongi (surprisingly that they can agree on something at the moment) that Chanyeol never be left alone at any given moment. Someone was always going to be there- while he slept, pissed, ate, showered- no alone time whatsoever.

And as promised, he handed over his freedom no questions asked. His phone, they triple checked him for wires or microphones- clean as a whistle. The only thing he requested to keep was a photo of him and Sehun with their two dogs. He clutched the photo each night tightly as he slept, wrinkling it a little bit here and there.

“Anything yet?” Namjoon asked from his place beside a still upset Jimin.

“You must not know me, Joonie boy.” Chanyeol smirked. Namjoon gave a small scowl at the nickname. “We already got some men on the lookout for Hoseok.”

“What about Seokjin?” Jimin says quietly, still not completely convinced that Chanyeol is doing this for their benefit.

“Knowing how overly obsessed he is with your boss lead me to believe that he’s holding him somewhere, not letting him leave wherever he’s at.” Chanyeol said deep in thought. “Has he mentioned any properties he may own?”

Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jimin shake their heads. To their knowledge, Hoseok is a country boy with barely anything to his name. Taehyung has always provided anything he needed, anything he wanted, he got immediately. No matter the cost.

“Well shit. Maybe this will be a bit harder than I thought.”

“You got that right, fucker.” Yoongi spat, walking into the office. They all jump at his sudden voice.

“Don’t think that any of this means we’re even for what you’ve done to me.” Yoongi’s eyes narrow. “I’m doing this to get Jinnie back.” He sniffs.


“Of course. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t want to do any of that. Hoseok had my hands tied. Sehun..”

“Save it.” Yoongi plops into a seat by his laptop, beginning to search for any aliases Hoseok may be going by.

A phone starts to ring from Jungkook’s pocket, but it’s not his. Picking it up, he puts it on speaker.

“Chanyeol. We found Hoseok.” A woman speaks.

“Jisoo! How are you darling?”

“Where is he!?” Yoongi shoots up from his seat to grab the phone.

They learn he’s been spotted at a market out in Anyang alone, confirming that he has Jin hidden away from prying eyes. Though he disappeared before they can start tailing him. Guess their search starts in Anyang. They all set to work, looking up properties in the area.


“Can we dye your hair, baby?” Hoseok asks Jin after dinner a few days later.


“I think you’d look great with pink hair.”

“Hoseok, no one is going to scared of me if I have pink hair.” Jin deadpans.

“Cmon! It’ll look good! I’ll dye mine too!”

“...fine.” Hoseok claps, giddy and a giggling mess. He pulls a bag up to the counter. Where the fuck did that come from?


“Told you it’d look good.” Hoseok smirks. He hums in response.

“I look good anytime. It’s not new news to me.” Jin retorts while styling his hair. It does look good, he frowns, tussling at the stray strands that refuse to cooperate.

“Baby...” hands come around his waist and a wrap around him tightly.


“Please?” Hoseok whined, grinding his hips against Jin’s backside.

“I’m tired. Can we just-“ he licks his lips, “Can we just go to sleep?”

“But I want to play.” Jin can practically see the pout from behind him, hips still grinding into him.

“I’m tired. I just want to sleep.” He sighs, getting agitated. He turns to Hoseok who still has his arms wrapped tightly against him. It’s a bit of a struggle, but he manages. He leans in to give Hoseok a quick peck, hoping it’ll satisfy the latter for now.

“You don’t even have to do anything! I’ll do all the work.” Hoseok purrs into his ear. “I promise. Scouts honor.” He raises one hand in salute.

Jin snorts a bit at that. He shakes his head, pushing Hoseok away. Walking over to his bed- their bed (he shudders internally)- and tucks himself in.

“I’m just going to do it anyway. Might as well say yes.” Hoseok huffed as he straddles Jin’s lap. They’re both a panting, moaning mess a mere hour later.


“I got a hit!” Jimin jumps from his seat. The men run to his side, Yoongi pushing his way up front to see the screen first.

“Jung Jinwoo... why does that name sound familiar?” Jimin mumbles with a scratch to his temple.

“That’s Marksman’s drug lord.” Taehyung calls from the open door. “Hoseok’s father.”

Namjoon Jimin and Yoongi jump three feet in the air.

“Can everyone stop popping up like that!?” Jimin huffs clutching onto his shirt, his heart beating rapidly against his chest.

“I know which property that is.” Taehyung ignores Jimin’s huff of annoyance.

Chapter Text

“What would you like for dinner?” Hoseok calls from the kitchen, he’s holding take away fliers, shuffling between Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and pizza.

“Whatever. I’m not really hungry.” Jin replies, head in his palm as he watches the characters running around on the screen in front of him. Men in spandex sure are nice to look at.

Hoseok pads into the living room, plopping next to Jin on the couch, take away fliers still in hand. He raises a skeptical eyebrow at Jin’s stance.

“You’re always hungry. In college-“ he begins but Jin cuts him off.

“College, Hoseok. We aren’t in college anymore. I’m almost 34, things change between the years.” Jin snaps, sudden anger flushing through him. He hates being holed up, nothing to do but sit around. He’s itching for a fight, any type of fight to blow off the steam brooding inside him. He hates being closed off to the world. He hates being away from Yoongi.

“Whats gotten into you?” Hoseok retorts, anger almost matching Jin’s expression. “All you do is bitch and complain now. As if I haven’t given you enough!”

“You’ve given me hell, Hobi! Im stuck in here twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! I haven’t been able to go past the damn door without a fucking shock to my ankle! This shit hurts!” He yells, pointing to the said device. “I NEED HUMAN INTERACTION! I need my friends back! I need-“

“Don’t you finish that fucking sentence, Jinnie Bear.” Hoseok warns him, teeth clenched tight. He’s hands are in fists now, shaking slightly.

“I need YOONGI! I need him with me, dammit!”

Hoseok lunges at him, one hand over his throat, the other slamming Jin’s hands into the floorboard. He’s pinned Jin to the floor, straddling him, and if he can’t see the way Jin’s eyes glaze over at the feeling of being choked, he’s going to take his chance.

“I told you. Never. Say. His. Name.” Hoseok hisses.

He begins to grind into Jin’s cock, coaxing the sex crazed demon out of him. Jin doesn’t respond at first, pushing the latter off him with little success. His airways are closing, but fuck, the hand is placed just where Jin likes it. He can’t help the moan that escapes his lips, and Hoseok knows. He knows he has him right where he wants him, so he grinds harder, faster, wanting to create a mess out of Jin. To have him only in his thoughts.


He backs away slightly to pull at Jin’s sweats, bringing them down in one quick movement.

“Just give in, Jinnie. Give in.” Hoseok whispers seductively, licking at Jin’s neck. It earns him more moans, spurring him on. Hoseok lowers himself, mouthing along Jin’s torso, aiming for his target. Sucking skin, red and purple blossoming on his hips, he mouths at Jin’s cock, licking lines up his hard shaft.

Jin lets himself go. He knows it’s Hoseok’s mouth on him, his hands, his cock grinding into his thigh as he continues to blow him, but all he can think under the haze of lust and movements is Yoongi.

A loud ring suddenly interrupts, Hoseok doesn’t budge.

“H-Hoseok, the phone.” He bemoans.

“Let it ring.”

So he does.


“According to Jisoo and Mingyu, the warehouse is under his fathers name.” Chanyeol says, sifting through the papers he received. It’s been a week and a half since they’ve found Jin’s whereabouts, and they’re trying to find the best tactical solution to grab Jin unharmed. They can’t take any risks at this moment, knowing Hoseok may have other hostages lingering about. So they’re careful, noting any flaws in each plan they come up with.

“I don’t understand why we can’t just go in guns ablaze.” Yoongi sighs, running his hands over his face. They’re tired- they’ve been up for hours on end figuring out any loopholes around the surrounding area at Hoseok’s place.

“Because we can’t. We have to think this through. We have to be thorough.” Chanyeol responds.

“I wasn’t talking to you, asswipe.”

“Too bad.”

Namjoon and Jungkook heave sighs at the two, not letting up from their constant bickering. They get it, Chanyeol is the one who was torturing Yoongi for months.

“Guys-“ Jimin says, “We got to find a way to get Jin out. Stop acting like children and actually help.”

“Fuck you, Jimin.” Yoongi glares. “I say we just barge in. Grenades and all. To hell with everything and everyONE else.” He pointedly looks at Chanyeol, not caring about the latter’s husband.

“Whatever happened to that scared little kitten?” Chanyeol bites. “If Hoseok kidnapped your husband-“

“He technically did!” Yoongi screeches back. “Hoseok TOOK Jin. He has Jin right now, who knows what that psycho is doing to him right now!”

“Probably riding his cock.” Chanyeol mutters under his breath, but Yoongi heard anyway.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t just shoot you in the head right now. I only need one.” Yoongi makes to take his gun out from his holster when Jimin and Jungkook pull him back.

“Because I’m the only one who’s close enough to Hoseok to get to Jin. And I’ve just got the most brilliant idea.”


Jungkook is anxious. He’s fidgeting. This is a bad idea. Those seem to be coming up a lot lately, he thinks. He looks over at Jimin, who’s staring pensively at the screen in front of him. How did someone as sweet as Jimin get pulled into all this?

“Hey Jimin?”


“What happened to you?”

Jimin frowns.

“What do you mean?”

Jungkook gives him a pointed look, causing the elder to understand. Ah, that.

“Oh. I don’t think it’s all worth knowing. It’s a boring story.” He waves his hand dismissively, not wanting to remember. But it’s always there. The burns, the whippings- they’re all still there. The screams, how his throat would ache after a terrible beating from his pimp if he didn’t come back with a certain amount of money. He learned to suppress them after a while, holding them down and drowning them in alcohol after a bad day.

Dread fills his mind, dangerous thoughts reeling in his head. Remembering.

“He just got me out of a bad situation. That’s all.”

Jungkook looks like he doesn’t believe him, but doesn’t press it any further. He wants to know, but the far away look in Jimin’s eyes is all too telling. He doesn’t ask anymore.


The third time Hoseok’s phone rings, he’s irritated. Someone has been calling nonstop the past five days. And it’s irritating. Hoseok is ignoring it, as usual, as they sit at the table eating dinner, scrolling through the pound’s website.

“You really should answer that. It might be important.” Jin says after the last ring.

“They’d leave a message. He’s cute, what about him?” Hoseok points to a small dachshund, a light brown, short haired puppy with black spots across its back and face.

He makes a face, “Too small. Hol- he won’t be good for cuddles.”

Hoseok makes a noise of acknowledgment, scrolling on. The phone rings again. This time, Hoseok picks it up.

“What.” Hoseok hisses into the phone. Jin tries to listen closely, wondering who’d be calling him so insistently. Hoseok is quiet for a few moments, before shouting.

“They’re WHAT!?” Muffled voices from the line are not clear, but he can make out the words ‘coming’ and ‘hurry and move’. His heart stops. Hoseok hangs up the phone without another word, scrambling to get to the room, pulling Jin along.

Jin has a vague idea of who would be coming. Yoongi. He internally curses, knowing Yoongi wouldn’t hesitate to come along with whatever plan they’ve come up with.

“Pack some stuff. Clothes, shoes. Hurry! We have to leave. Now!” Hoseok is panicking, pacing back and forth across the room, hands gripping his hair as he pulls at the strands in frustration.

“How did they find us!?” Hoseok screeches. Then he stops, and turns on his heel to glare in Jin’s direction. “You told them, didn’t you!? How did you contact them!?”

“I didn’t call anyone! I don’t even have a phone! There’s no computer anywhere, no phone! How would I call someone!?” Jin says. “How dare you accuse me of doing this when I went with you WILLINGLY!”

Hoseok lets out an angry yell, kicking over one of the end tables. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

Eyes filled with fury, Jin has never seen this side of Hoseok before. Veins popping out from his neck, angry sweat running down his face. Hoseok is shaking with anger.

“Fuck packing, we gotta go, NOW!” He grabs Jin’s wrist, pulling him towards the garage. Hoseok shoves him into a black car, bending down at Jin’s legs as he fumbles out a set of keys to unlock Jin’s tracker anklet. Shaky hands finally make it into the keyhole after a moment, and he slams the door shut.

Hoseok peels out of the garage with a loud screech to the tires and tears down the driveway. He weaves through the lanes, cutting off cars, heading nowhere in particular, anywhere but the house.

They seem to be driving for a while. They enter country territory now, cars scarce on the road now. It’s been a long drive. Hoseok seems to relax somewhat. He is still constantly checking the rear view mirrors on high alert. He screeches to a halt as a van pulls up in front of them. They know that van.

Namjoon is in the drivers seat, Jungkook in the passenger side. The side door slides open, Yoongi and Jimin step out heavily armed. And beside them is-

“Chanyeol.” Hoseok hisses through gritted teeth. He peels the car back, lurching Jin forward in his seat. Pulling out a gun from his side, Hoseok shoots, aiming for anyone he can hit. They shoot back, hesitant, not wanting to hit Jin on accident. Hoseok tries to turn the car around when another van comes behind them. Fire ceases.

Two unfamiliar males to Jin are up front, faces hard and concentrated. The side opens up, and out steps Taehyung from the back, face unreadable and stoic. He has two pistols, and his gaze never leaves Hoseok’s face.

“You’re as good as dead, Seok! Just come out now and we’ll play nicely.” Chanyeol taunts.

Hoseok gives Jin a pointed look and says,

“If you make a run for it, I will shoot you.” Hoseok’s gun doesn’t leave Jin’s temple.

Chapter Text

He stands still outside the car as Hoseok pushes a few buttons on his phone. He can see Hoseok smirk from the corners of his eyes.

“Now that that’s settled, let’s go and play, shall we?” Hoseok grins, pulling Jin into a kiss. Hoseok licks eagerly into Jin’s mouth, sucking and biting his lips and tongue any chance he got. The gun is still pressed firmly to Jin’s head, and slightly worries that Hoseok will indeed pull the trigger if he doesn’t comply. Hoseok’s free hand comes up to grab at Jin’s hair, moaning loudly into his mouth.

“Get your filthy hands off him.” Yoongi grits out through clenched teeth, gun pointed straight at Hoseok.

“Now now, this is nothing compared to what we’ve been doing.” Hoseok says, knowing that it’s riling up Yoongi’s temper.

“I don’t think I’ve cum that much in years. It’s incredible, really. I’ve missed him so much.” Hoseok looks over at Jin now, find eyes and a small smile.

“It’s a shame it’s come to this. Although, I did get my Jinnie Bear back. And I’m not leaving without him. You can back down now and no one has to get hurt. I genuinely liked you all, besides Jimin and Yoongi, anyway. You two I can deal with dying for all I care.” He waves his hand at them, giving them a pointed look.

“What’s Jimin got to do with anything? He’s been loyal to us, to ME. He’s one I can count on for anything.” Jin says, “Unlike a selected few.”

Hoseok’s face contorts in annoyance, pushing the gun further into his temple.

“Don’t test me, sweetheart.” He growls lowly.

Multiple cars are heard in the distance, Hoseok adorns a shit eating grin.

“Looks like my men are here. It’s been so good to see you all again, but unfortunately, we must be on our way.” He pulls Jin over to the side, careful to not let his guard down just yet. Shots are fired from behind them, and everyone scrambled for cover. Yoongi shoots, aiming for one gunman approaching closer and closer. Hoseok pulls Jin over kneel beside his car, shoving him in and locking the door as he joins in the fight.

“Jimin! He’s in the car!” Jin can faintly hear Jungkook shout over the gunfire.

Shouts of men are heard, in pain, in anger, in frustration from missing a shot or being struck by a bullet. Jin keeps a close eye on Yoongi and his own men, praying to a god he doesn’t believe in to help them somehow.

He tries unlocking the door to escape, but it won’t budge. He digs through the seats, for any sort of weapon he can use to kick open the window. He looks under the seat to find a small pocket knife hidden in between the leather and springs. Jin holds it in place on the window with his hand, smashing his foot against the end to try and make a crack.

It takes him a few tries, but he finally manages. He sticks his hand out from the outside to open the door, and bolts.

“Fuck! Jin! Get your ass back in that car right now!” Hoseok shouts as he’s running for cover. He hides behind a van, smashing one of Hoseok’s men’s face into the side, knocking him unconscious. Grabbing the gun, he makes to join in. He shoots at out four men heading his way, shooting in return.

“Don’t kill him, you fucking idiots! Just fucking grab him!” Hosoek yells to them. “Hit him in the leg if you have to but don’t you dare fucking kill him!”

Scoffing slightly, he rounds the front of the van to be hit in the face by a goon.

“Jin!” Yoongi yells. “You just done fucked up, asshole.” The man suddenly stops from above Jin to fall at his side. A clean bullet through the head.

Hands are on him now. He can vaguely see a frame in front of him, hands cupping his face.

“Baby, talk to me. Are you ok?” Yoongi says. He gives Yoongi a slight nod of the head, still a bit dizzy from the blow before being picked up from the ground into a sitting position. Yoongi slings his arms around his back, sobbing into his neck.

“Fuck. I missed you so much. I love you, I love you, I love you-“ Yoongi chants like a mantra. “I love you so fucking much. I thought I’d never see you again. I thought he’d taken you away for good. Oh my god I love you. Never, EVER do something that stupid again.”

He brings one hand up to tangle in Yoongi’s hair, pulling him back just a smidge to crash his lips to his lovers. It’s heated, desperate, but oh so loving and right. This is RIGHT. It’s home. It’s where he belongs.

“Lets get you out of here, hm? My sweet gummy bear.” Jin murmurs against Yoongi’s lips. “Let’s finish this. And we can go home.”

Yoongi gives him a nod, standing and pulling Jin up. They make their way to the van, dodging the bullets riddling in the air. Blood is scattered all over the dirt, pooling out from enemies. Namjoon is limping, pant leg drenched in a scarlet red.

Jungkook and Jimin are in a stand off to the side, aiming at a group of six, slowly dropping Hoseok’s numbers. They reload as they back up behind a car, and begin their shoot off again. Sweat is pouring out of them.

Chanyeol is fighting off men hand to hand, landing a few punches on the three surrounding him, dodging their kicks and punches with ease. He lands a foot to one guys’ ribs, a loud audible crack to be heard. The man doubles over, screaming out in agony. The other two charge, and miss. Chanyeol ducks, swiping at their feet to knock them down.

Taheyung, Jin cannot find. He panics, turning every which way whenever he gets the chance. Then, he spots him.

He’s with Hoseok, screaming and yelling with tears running down his face.

“I gave you everything! Everything! I took care of you, I gave you- us!- a home! And you destroyed it!” He kicks at Hoseok’s kneecaps, but Hoseok dodges in time. And he laughs.

“You think I could ever love you? Ever DID love you? You’re nothing compared to your brother- you’re the coward! The one who ran away when things got tough. The one who’d hang back when shit got out of hand-“ he grunts, connecting a fist to Taehyung’s jaw. A deep red is trickling down his mouth, nose a bloody mess.

“And I grew from that! You? You changed. You’re not the same Hoseok I met all those years ago. You aren’t the one I fell in love with! But even after all that, you know what’s pathetic? That I still fucking love you! After all this time!” He lands a punch to Hoseok’s temple, causing Hoseok to stumble backwards and fall on his backside. Taheyung hovers over him, pulling out a gun from the back of his pants waistband, aiming straight for Hoseok’s forehead.

“For every last breath you take, as you lay dying, you will remember me. Taking you down. For hurting my brother, for hurting those who mean more to me than anything in this world- I won’t ever forgive you for fucking with my family.” Taheyung growls, tears pooling in his eyes again. “I love you, and I’ll probably still love you later on down the road, but know this- You. Will. Burn. And I won’t feel sorry for you.” A shot rings out, silencing everything for Jin.

Hoseok cackles with glee, a haunting smile daunting his sharp features. Jin’s world stops. Taehyung’s eyes are wide, staring at nothing as he falls to the floor. A maroon sea is underneath him.

“I knew my boys wouldn’t let me down.” He says, rising from the ground, coughing. “Now that the brat is out of the way.” Hoseok hums, kicking at Taehyung’s side.

“You- Tae- oh my god. No, no, no! Taheyung! Get up! Please! Get up!” Jin cries, trying to pull out of Yoongi’s grasp. “Let me go! Taehyung! Please!” He looks around, spotting the man who shot his brother. Smug smile plastered on his face.

“You asshole! Just wait til I get my hands on you!” He sees red, aiming at anyone and everyone he sees. Bodies drop significantly and quickly as he makes his way to his brother. Hoseok dove behind a car, but Jimin catches him before he can get any further away.

“Hello.” Jimin gives him an evil grin. Picking his gun above his head, he knocks him out and drags him to Chanyeol who begins to tie him up and toss him into one of their vans. They still need him, after all.

Jin’s rampage continues, picking up guns left and right as he aims everywhere, emptying his ammo rather quickly. Yoongi and Jungkook join him, quickening their pace as Jin makes stead to grab his brother. His body feels cold, pulse weakening. He makes quick to pick him up, Jungkook and Yoongi serving as his eyes to guide him to a clear pathway to the van.

When they deem the coast clear, the haul out, driving back to their mansion. Taehyung’s head is cradled in Jin’s lap, hands grasping his brothers tightly. Taheyung mumbles incoherently, opening his eyes for a split second, before shutting them again.

They need to get home, and fast.

Chapter Text

As they burst their way into the house, everyone scrambles. Jimin, Jungkook, and Chanyeol drag in an unconscious Hoseok to their underground lair while Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jin call out for their medic team to set up the operation room. Three of his men pick Taehyung from their grasp as Jin shakily hands him over. His men are the best, gotten them out of the worst of the worst situations before.

“He’s going to be ok, Boss. We’ll take good care of him.” One of the men says, as they rush to the room.

“If anything goes wrong, call for me immediately. I’m giving you permission this time and this time only to enter the underground.” Jin says as best he can muster as Yoongi is pulling him into his arms, face wet from tears, hands shaking from the adrenaline rush from earlier. The nod, and they’re off.

“Take Hoseok to the underground. I’ll be there shortly.” Jin turns to his left, speaking to Namjoon, Jimin, and Chanyeol.

“Yes, boss.” They say in unison.

And then they’re off. Yoongi is still holding onto Jin like he’ll disappear. As he turns his face back to Yoongi, he can see the adrenaline washing out of him. Yoongi isn’t looking at him, but down the long corridor to the operating room they have. His face is paler than usual, sweat bearing down his neck, eyes heavy with tears that have yet to come down, his shirt is torn from the scuffle. Jin cups Yoongi’s face to coax the younger to look at him.

“Gummy bear, look at me.” He says softly. Yoongi slowly brings his eyes to meet Jin’s, and the tears start pouring out.

“I’m so sorry, Jinnie. Oh my god this is my fault, if I had only told Taehyung to stay here, this wouldn’t have-“

He shushes his lover with a gently kiss against his lips.

“None of that is your fault.” He whispers against Yoongi’s mouth. “None of it. He wouldn’t have listened to you anyway, that brat. He would have found another car, hack into your phones to find the location anyway. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault baby, it’s not.”

Yoongi lets out a sob, clutching onto Jin’s jacket. Pressing his face to Jin’s chest, he lets it all out. Jin joins him, letting his own tears fall silently, body slightly shaking to keep in the noise. His arms wrap around Yoongi, pulling him in tightly, small kisses pressed into Yoongi’s matted hair.

“I love you.” Yoongi mumbles against his chest.

“I love you, gummy bear.” His hand comes to Yoongi’s arm, to the scar of a large letter Y, and caresses it slowly.

“I’m sorry this happened to you. If I hadn’t met you, you’d be safe-“

“Shut the fuck up.” Yoongi hisses, lifting his face to give Jin a hardened gaze. “If I hadn’t met you, I’d be in a ditch somewhere, trying to scramble my savings, choosing between a room to sleep in for the night or food. You’ve done more for me than anyone’s ever done before. I only worked at that stupid cafe so I can eat. And out of that guess what I got?”

Jin hummed, urging him to continue, grasp tightening as he gazed at his lover with a small smile and fond eyes. Yoongi fairing just the same.

“You’re amazing, you’re so kind, besides being a big bad mafia boss, you treat ME well. You’ve never raised your hand to me, you treat me with respect, you saved Jimin. And that’s all that matters to me. So shut the fuck up with that ‘never meeting you’ nonsense. I LOVE YOU. And I’m never letting you go. No one is going to take you away from me again. You’re mine, and I’m yours.”

The lustful gaze in Yoongi’s eyes grew, pupils blowing slowly, as the grip Yoongi has on Jin’s waist tightens in intensity.

Jin pulls Yoongi in quickly, crashing their lips together. It’s desperate, hungry, urgent. The need is too strong as their tongues dance, small moans emitting from the smaller man. Oh god, Jin’s missed this. He’s missed Yoongi’s touch, his lips, just Yoongi.

They make their way up the stairs to their shared room, Jin pinching Yoongi’s butt as he hauls Jin up the stairs. Loud squeaks and giggles are heard all throughout the halls. The workers pay them no mind, just smiles all along the way. It’s been a long time since they’ve heard these familiar noises coming from them.

“I’d suggest ear plugs for the time we’re in here!” Jin yells at a passing maid and guard. Both heavily blush before nodding, smiles on their faces. Yeah, to say they’ve missed this is an understatement. They hush the others off of their floor.

Yoongi shoves Jin into their room, licking the door behind him. He leans against it, watching Jin as he sits on their bed.

“What?” Jin smiles.

He shakes his head. “I love you.”

“I love you too, gummy bear. Now get your ass over here so I can wreck it.”

Yoongi doesn’t think twice as he hurts himself into Jin’s lap, thrusting his tongue back into his lovers mouth. Jin swallows the loud moans coming from Yoongi as he grinds against his crotch. He’s painfully hard, and he can’t wait any longer.

He flips them over, ushering Yoongi up towards the large pillows up at the head of the bed.

“Eager, are we?” Yoongi teases.

“Very. Now take off those pants before they’re ripped off you.”

He fumbles with his belt, shirt having been taken off who knows when, and pulls them down. Jin yanks them the rest of the way off, and groans at the sight beneath him.

Yoongi is laid back against the mattress, cock peeking out from his boxers, face pink and panting heavily as he strokes himself while watching Jin rip off his own clothing.

He does it quickly, wasting no time as he dives back into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi moans loudly, running his hands down Jin’s back, caressing, feeling, savoring every divot.

“Oh god I missed you so much.” Jin mumbles in between kisses. He brings one hand up to pinch and tease at Yoongi’s nipple, knowing it’s a sensitive area. Yoongi jolts and moans, not holding back.

“Yes baby, that’s it. Let everyone know who makes you feel this good.”

“Oh god,” Yoongi groans, back arching against the mattress, “you baby, only you.” He squeaks when Jin’s hand travels down to grasp at his cock, pulling and twisting just the way he likes it.


“Jinnie, Baby, oh god, yes fuck just like that! Please, harder!”

Namjoon blushes furiously, coughing to clear his throat. This isn’t new to them, but being a handler in becoming a voyeur isn’t in his pay grade.

“I think that’s enough, Jimin. Turn it off.” Jimin nods, and shuts off the listening device.

Everyone is a shade of red, but Hoseok is red for a different reason. Anger.

“As you can hear, Jin doesn’t want you. Never wanted you. So try and get that through your head.” Namjoon speaks, turning to look at Hoseok. He’s just woken up from his unconsciousness.

“I don’t see how that was necessary. I could have gone without hearing all that.” Jungkook says with a wrinkle to his nose.

“To try and maybe get it through this thick skull of his. He doesn’t want you. Not that way anyway. It’s a shame it’s come to this, but when Jin comes down, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a different side of him that you won’t ever forget. If you live through it.” Namjoon says cooly, as it if was the most normal thing in the world.

“Fuck you.” Hoseok spits at Namjoon’s shoe.

Namjoon grimaces, staring at the spot on his now dirty shoe.

“It was Jin’s idea, not mine. I’m just doing as I was told. No harm in listening to your boss.”

“Still, what the fuck. I don’t need to hear Yoongi call Jin daddy. That shits forever going to be imprinted in my brain.” Jungkook says, shaking his head with disgust.

“Orders are orders.” Jimin says shrugging. “Now what to do with you until Jin comes back?” He says darkly.

Jimin makes his way towards Hoseok with a small knife, eyes hauntingly dark and dangerous.

“Boss said not to touch him until he’s here.” Namjoon reminds him.

“I’m sure a nick or three won’t hurt.” Jimin cocks his head. “Should I start with a pinky? Or maybe-“

“Jimin.” Namjoon says sternly. Jimin sighs, placing his knife down.

“Fine. I’m gonna go check on Tae.”


Jin stands in the hallway, staring at the solemn faces his men are wearing.

“What’s going on?” He asks, approaching the group.

They look up, eyes red and puffy. They don’t need to say anything as he looks at the door, mouth hanging open.

“No, no, no...” he whispers. Tears swell up in his eyes. “Why didn’t anyone call me!?” He rushes to the door, slamming it open.

His brother is sitting up, pain etched onto his face.

“Can you keep it down? My head hurts like a bitch.” Taehyung says as he grabs at a bottle of water on the table next to him, wincing a little at the movement. Jin turns to see Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook, and Yoongi smiling at him.

He gives out a loud sob, “You guys are such assholes. I’d kill you if I didn’t need you right now.”

Yoongi gives him a cheeky smile as he walks up to him. “No you wouldn’t.” He teases, and gives him a peck on the cheek.

“Yes I would, gummy bear. Don’t ever do some shit like that again.” He says as his eyes well up even more. He turns to his brother, who’s giving him a smirk.

“Think you’d get rid of me that easily?”

“Never.” Jin says as he pulls his brother into a hug.

“What’s going to happen to Hoseok?” Taehyung asks in a low voice.

“The fuckers gonna pay, that’s what.” Jimin says back, eyes hard.

No one speaks for a moment, until Taehyung whispers into Jin’s shoulder.

“I want to have a funeral for him. Just, for old times sake, ya know? To let his spirit know I cared. I know he was crazy about you, but I still love him, I think. He wasn’t all too bad underneath all that crazy he had in him.”

Simple enough, Jin thinks. He nods, giving his brother another squeeze. He looks around the room, seeing Namjoon speak lowly into Jungkook’s ear, arm wrapped around the You gets torso, causing the younger to blush immediately. Well. That’s new.

Yoongi and Jimin are finally on good terms, or somewhat. They’re joking around a little, but Jin can still see the guarded look Yoongi gives Jimin. All that matters, in this moment, is his family.

Together. Safe. He smiles at everyone around the room, until his eyes land on one of his guards standing at the doorway. His expression is grim, and he doesn’t like it.

“What is it?” Jin asks, and everyone turns their attention to the door.

“Sir... Hoseok’s gone.”