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Harry James Potter stood outside 12 Grimmauld Place watching as it appeared in front of him. Only a few hours ago he had been locked up at his muggle relatives after being attacked by dementors. As much as he hated everything that had happened since then, including being threatened with expulsion, he was almost, grateful, for the attack. It got him out of there.

He had been trying to find ways out of there since the day he arrived. The problem was that there were wards around both the house and the general area that locked him in. He couldn’t get more than 5 blocks from the house. Now, he was free…ish.

Walking into the house he looked around at the dank, dirty place with thinly vailed disgust. This place was filthy. 

When he saw Sirius he was both happy and wary. Ever since Sirius had escaped Azkaban and Harry had learned he was innocent, they had been in contact at least weekly. 

During Harry’s third year, he and Remus had become extremely close. At first, he had held back, until he learned that the only reason Remus hadn't come to take him away was because Dumbledore had placed wards around the entire town that wouldn’t allow Remus anywhere near him. Remus had actually tried to apply for custody of Harry almost every month since his parents had been killed. He had also been sending cards and presents, but none of them had gotten past the mail wards that had been placed around him. After that, Harry and he had gotten extremely close.

When they had learned that Sirius was innocent, they had brought him in on their friendship. When Sirius had had to escape, and Remus had had to leave the school they had left together. Despite what Dumbledore thought, Severus outing Remus had actually been at their request. Sirius needed help, and Remus needed a reason to leave so that he could be there for his best friend.

Severus had originally not wanted to help them, but they had brought him round. Severus’s main issue was about the so-called prank that Sirius had pulled. He hated that Sirius hadn’t been punished. But when Harry pointed out that the punishment for a crime like that was 10 years in Azkaban, and Sirius had served 12, then the punishment had been served. 

Then Sirius had explained the truth. The person that had sent Severus through the Whomping Willow was Pettigrew under polyjuice. Pettigrew had been jealous of Severus’s skill with potions and had wanted him to be turned to destroy his career prospects. After Sirius had apologized sincerely for all the bullying, Severus had started to work with them. He was also planning the slow and painful death of Pettigrew, only a fool crossed someone as skilled as he was with potions.

When Harry was forced into the Triwizard Tournament Sirius, Remus, and Severus had gotten even more involved in his life. They all knew that there was no way that Harry should have been forced to compete. They had had him contest his being forced to compete with both the school board and the Wizengamot. Both had said that he was required to compete, even after he swore a magical oath that he hadn’t been the one to enter. Severus had pointed out that Dumbledore controlled both, the only person that could even come close to challenging his power was Lucius, and it wasn’t likely that he would.

Remus and Sirius had given him one of their contact mirrors and called him almost every night. Especially after what had happened with Cedric. Neither of them wanted Harry to blame himself for Cedric’s death.

All that had changed two weeks into the summer. The calls had stopped, and the weekly letters had changed. When they had first started writing they had agreed on a secret code that would verify that it was them, and that they weren’t being coerced. Those codes had disappeared from there letters. And the calls had stopped completely Severus had also sent a short warning that he believed that something had happened to both of them based on their behaviour.

He loved his godfather, but this wasn’t him. This was whoever Dumbledore wanted him to be. He was going to have to find a way to break whatever had been done to them, Severus hadn’t been able to get close enough for a long enough time to do it himself. Severus and Harry had decided that it was going to have to be Harry, if Severus spent even a few minutes with the two of them it would draw attention.

After Tonks had tripped over the umbrella stand, setting of the portrait of Sirius’s mother, Molly Weasley came out and rushed everyone back to the meeting, telling Harry that he would be sharing a room with Ron. Not likely.

Harry had no intention of staying in a room with Ron. Ron and Hermione had proven over and over again that they just weren’t good friends, and Harry had had enough. It didn’t make any sense that Ron and Hermione had been hidden away here while he had been left out there, alone. Sure they had someone watching him from time to time, but that wasn’t nearly enough. If he had been here, he wouldn’t have had to go up against dementors.

He couldn’t trust them anymore, especially after last year. When Ron had abandoned him, Harry had at first thought that Hermione would stick by him. And she had, but only when she was around him. Harry had taken to watching the Marauders Map from time to time and seen her, Ron, and Ginny meeting up to often. He had used his invisibility cloak to spy on them once. It had hurt him a lot to hear what they had to say. They all talked about how pathetic he was and how much they wished they didn’t have to be his friends. Ron even talked about them getting paid. Ginny had said that once they got married she would force him to stop whining about how tough his life was. 

Harry had known that they weren’t the best type of friends, but that had actually hurt enough to make him cry. He had spent over an hour talking it out with Severus, Sirius, and Remus. In the end, he decided that he was better off to keep pretending to be their friend for the time being, but now, he was ready to cut them out. The only Weasley’s that he still trusted were the twins. He couldn’t say much about Bill and Charlie because he hadn’t really gotten the chance to get to know them yet.


Once he was alone in the hall he quietly called for Kreacher. When the elf appeared he had a nasty look on his face, but once he saw they were alone he became respectful.

Sirius had been kind enough to inform Harry that he was next in line to be the Black family heir, and because of that, Kreacher would have to obey him. Sirius was the current heir, but once he was free he intended to take the lordship, and then Harry could get the heir ring.They had been using Kreacher to pass messages back and forth ever since.

“Master Harry. Is you… You?” Kreacher was giving him a thorough survey, trying to see if this master was like the other 2 that had changed.

“Yes Kreacher, I’m me.” Harry told him, keeping his voice low.

“Good.” Kreacher actually liked to serve his Master Harry and those that were loyal to him, but he didn’t like the others making a mess in his house. “Master Mutt and Master Wolf is acting strange. They’s started being mean to Kreacher even when we’s alone.”

Sirius and Kreacher pretended to hate one another whenever anyone from the Order was around because it allowed Kreacher some freedom to insult the ones that invaded the house. Kreachers real job had been to hide everything of value. This included all the family heirlooms, and books. The entire top 4 floors of the house and even the ball room where hidden by Kreachers magic. Sirius, Remus, and Kreacher had had a great deal of fun making the areas of the house that were still accessible a disaster zone to ensure that the Order members didn’t like staying.

“I know Kreacher. Severus and I believe that they have been given potions and are under spells making them act like that.” Harry didn’t like to hear that Sirius and Remus were being forced to be cruel to Kreacher, the poor old elf had been through enough. “Kreacher, can you pop us up to the library, I’m going to need to do some research? Also, can you take my stuff to one of the rooms you have hidden? I have no desire to share a room with one of the traitors.”

Kreacher was happy to help. After taking his Master Harry up to the library, he took the trunk up to the heir sweet. Then he went back to work. He had been trying to figure out a good nickname for his Master Harry, but was having a hard time with it.


Harry was sitting in the law section of the fabled Black Library when Kreacher popped in. 

“Master Harry, the blood traitors be trying to find you. The red headed banshee says it be time for dinner.”

“Thank you Kreacher. Can you do me a favour?” Kreacher happily nodded at his master. “I don’t trust Mrs. Weasley not to try and drug me, so when she goes to hand me my plate, can you make it fall to the floor. I’ll go and dish up my own food after that, I don’t think she would try drugging the entire order, so as long as I am the one to serve myself I think I should be safe. If anything happens, and my behaviour does change, I want you to go and get Severus and bring him to me up here, on the upper floors, do you understand?”

“Destroy food the banshee tries to feed you, make sure you only eat foods you’s serves you’s self. If you’s starts being different get Master Potions and bring you both up heres. Yes, Kreacher understands.”


When Harry arrived in the kitchen everyone started bombarding him with questions. Asking everything from where had he been, how was he, and how he felt about the upcoming trial. Harry just raised an eyebrow. He signalled for the twins to separate slightly, and he sat in-between the two of them, it would offer him a little protection. Fred and George were more than happy to help, they hadn’t like how everyone had been talking about their financial backer, and secret boyfriend.

Molly was at the stove dishing up the food she was going to give to Harry. With her back to the room no one saw as she put a few drops of love potion keyed to Ginny in his drink, some power suppression potion in the gravy, and some mind dulling potion into the vegetables. Although it wasn’t like she needed to hide it, most of the Order knew what she was doing. 

Turning around, Molly went over to set the food in front of Harry. But before she could set the food down, that dratted house elf threw some of the twins ever bouncing balls causing her to slip, and for the food to go crashing to the floor.

As a few people got up to help Molly clean up and start rounding up the balls, Harry knocked his shoulders against the twins on either side and suggested that they go and get their own food. The twins saw the small smirk Harry sent to the elf and understood. They had found potions in their food from time to time and had taken to scanning their food at every meal.

Nodding their agreement the three of them got up and went over to the food to serve themselves. Just to be safe they shot quick scans at each plate, not even considering touching any of the food before.

When Molly looked up after gathering the balls, she saw that Harry already had food. She couldn’t even yell at that elf for what he had done as the elf had disappeared. Merlin she hated that thing. When she had been told that there was a house elf at the headquarters she had been ecstatic, less work for her, then she met the thing.

“Harry, why didn’t you come up to our room?” Ron asked, his mouth stuffed with food.

“We were waiting for you.” Hermione added in a prissy voice.

“I went to my room.” Harry tells them in a flat voice.

“But I told you, you are in with Ron, Harry dear.” Molly scolds.

“Why does it matter? Why do we need to share, there’s plenty of room.” Harry argued  back.

“We use the extra rooms in case another member of the Order wants to spend the night.” Molly tried the sweet approach.

“So… What you’re saying is that I need to share a room with someone that snores louder than a fog horn, on the off chance, someone else might want to spend a night here, even though they have their own homes.” Harry raised an eyebrow. He was not about to share with Ron.

“Well… None of the other rooms have been properly cleaned.” Molly tried again.

“My room is just fine for me.” Harry said.

“Then you might be in someone else’s room.” Hermione said. “The only rooms that are clean have already been claimed.”

“It is an empty room. No one else’s stuff is in there.” Harry said as he and the twins started to eat.

“How did you find a clean room that no one else is in?” Ginny demanded. She would love to have a properly clean room that she didn’t have to share with Hermione.

“I asked Kreacher.” Harry told her.

“But that elf is useless. All he does is call people names. Why would he help you?” Ron said as he started to stuff food in his mouth.

“Maybe, if you didn’t call him useless, he might be nicer to you. I was polite and he helped. It’s as simple as that.” Harry told the boy, making sure not to look at him. Nothing could make a person lose their appetite faster than watching Ron eat.

“Then I’ll just move in with you. Our room that I’m in now is a mess.” Ron liked the idea of having a clean room.

“No.” Harry said firmly. “I will stay in my room, and you will stay in yours. I want to be able to sleep at least some during whats left of this disaster of a summer. Sirius, Remus, how have you two been?” Harry turned away from the others to pay attention to the two remaining marauders.

“You know, Harry…” Sirius shrugged, sounding depressed. “It’s been hard. I hate being locked up here, but no one will let me help.”

“We’ve missed you.” Remus sighed.

“I’ve missed you too.” Harry said to them. He was going to have to get them up to the upper floors tonight to use the purging potions Sev had left for him.

“So Harry, how has your summer been so far?” Ginny asked, trying to refocus Harry’s attention on to herself.

“Really.” Harry gave her a look that clearly showed he thought she was an idiot. “Let’s see. After watching a friend of mine get murdered, I was sent to magic hating muggles. Rather than being there for me, and supporting me during a hard time, my so called friends, decided not to write to me. And then, to top it all off, I was attacked by dementors, and am now facing a hearing about wether or not I should be expelled from school or charged. How do you think my summer has been?”

Ron and Hermione shared a look. They both knew that Harry would be upset over their lack of contact, but they figured they could win him over. Harry was always so desperate for friends that he would never risk losing them.

“We’re so sorry Harry. The headmaster felt that it was too dangerous.” Hermione started.

“Ya mate.” Ron added.

“So, let me get this straight. You decided that writing to me was too dangerous, so it was better to leave me completely ignorant of what was going on. It was better to leave me out in the open, rather than have me come here.” Harry said.

“The headmaster said you were safer with your relatives.” Hermione defended.

“I think we can all say now, he was wrong.” Harry was getting even more annoyed. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone again. “Back to the whole, ignoring me thing. You ignored me because the headmaster told you too. Are you kidding me, what right does that man have to dictate who can contact me.”

“Harry James Potter!” Hermione wouldn’t hear one word against the headmaster. “He was doing what was best. You can’t expect us to break the rules just for you, we need to think of everyone.”

“Right, because the perfect Hermione Granger would never break the rules, unless it’s her idea.” Harry countered.

“I always follow the rules. It’s you that is always sneaking out and getting us in trouble.” Hermione was angry, how dare he say something like that to her.

“Right.” Harry gave her a vicious look. He could see Sev out of the corner of his eye watching the show. “So it wasn’t you that decided to brew a potion well beyond our year level in second year, a potion that is restricted to advanced brewers only? It wasn’t you who stole the ingredients for it rather than buy it. Remember, that was your idea, not mine. I might sneak out after curfew, but you break the law.” Harry decided to change to topic again to keep everyone on their toes. “So tell me, if it’s so much safer for me to be with muggles, why are you here Hermione?”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked.

“She’s here because everyone knows she’s your friend Harry. It would be reckless to have left her undefended. Hermione came here to keep everyone safe.” Molly admonished the boy. How she wished he had gotten the potions she had planned to give him.

“Really.” Harry gave Molly a dry look. “So Hermione is in too much danger living with muggles because she claims to be my friend, but it’s safer for me to stay with muggles even though I have magical Hitler after me. You seem to have a very skewed logic on what it means to keep everyone safe. So, what is going on with the Order?”

“Well…” Sirius started only to be cut off by Molly’s shriek.

“Don’t you dare tell him anything Sirius Black. They are just children. They are too young to know any of this. I forbid you from telling them anything.”

“Interesting.” Harry said as he got to his feet. “I’m going to my room.”

“We’ll come with ya, mate.” Ron said as he, Hermione, and Ginny started getting up.

“No, you won’t.” Harry held out a hand to stop them. “You had no problem ignoring me for the first half of the summer, so, you shouldn’t have a problem ignoring me for the second half.”

“But Harry, the headmaster said…” Ginny started to whine.

“I don’t care what the headmaster said.” Harry snapped at her to interrupt the girls annoying whining. “You had a choice, be my friends, or do what the headmaster told you too. I think we all know which you chose.”

All three huffed as Harry walked out of the room. Hermione turned around, ready to start talking to Ron and Ginny about how they were going to make Harry be their friend again when she saw Professor Snape looking at her with fire in his eyes.

“Stole ingredients to brew a restricted potion. Very interesting Ms. Granger.” Snape drawled as he headed for the floo. “I will be seeing you at school Ms. Granger.”

Ron and Hermione knew that the next year was going to be awful in Snape’s class. Neither of them could believe that Harry had betrayed them like that.

Molly looked around the kitchen practically growling. Sirius was sitting in the corner, looking lost and confused. Remus was next to him looking depressed. The twins were quietly whispering to each other. All the others were trying to figure out how to regain control of the brat.


Later that night, Harry was sitting up in the library when Kreacher popped in.

“Master Harry, all the’s intruders are asleep.”

“Thank you Kreacher.” Harry gave the elf his full attention. “We will be starting with Sirius. Can you pop him up to the tub in the ensuite bathroom of the bedroom next to mine?”

The elf started to wring his hands. “Kreacher has been ordered to never enter Master Mutt’s room.”

Harry thought for a few moments. “Kreacher, correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the Black family scripts, if the Lord or Heir has been compromised, by potions or spells, then the next heir in line may take control and override any previous orders given.” The elf just nodded. “Then, as future Heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, I am assuming control of the family until such time as we can verify that the future Lord of the House of Black is free of foreign influences. 

As such, I am overriding Sirius Black’s order that you are to never enter his room. Does that work for you, Kreacher?”

“Yes Master Harry.” The elf said as he popped away to get the mutt.

Harry was entering the ensuite bathroom just as Kreacher popped in with Sirius. Sirius woke up with a start. He had been having another nightmare, and then he was suddenly sitting in a bath tub looking up at his godson and a demented house elf.

“Harry. What’s going on pup?”

“Siri, do you trust me? Would you do something I asked you too without asking why?” Harry asked.

“Of course Harry. Anything you want.” Sirius didn’t understand where this was coming from. He knew he was a terrible godfather, but he really did love his godson.

Harry held out one of the purging potions. “Drink this.”

Sirius didn’t hesitate. He took the vial and downed it without question. He didn’t understand what was going on, then his stomach flipped. He threw himself forward and started throwing up in the bucket Harry held out to him. He felt fire in his veins, as he started to sweat and shake. The shower came on and he felt cool water flow over him.

When Sirius finally became aware again he started to wonder if he was hallucinating again as he saw Harry and Kreacher playing what looked to be a rather intense game of Candy Land. They both looked to him when he groaned.

“How are you feeling, Siri?” Harry asked warily.

“Better than I have in a while. I can finally think clearly again.” Sirius said as he slightly shook his head to clear it.

“What happened?”

“I don’t…” Sirius tried to focus on his last clear thoughts before these. “That absolute bastard. Mad Eye caught Moony and I with one of your letters. When he realized that we were still in contact he went to the old goat. They spelled Moony and I so that we would start ignoring you. Mad Eye also hit me with a nightmare curse, for his own amusement I guess. Shit, we need to help Moony, if I remember correctly they made him hate himself and gave him severe depression.”

Sirius fumed as he got out of the tub, now thoroughly soaked, but feeling much better. He slipped into the room that he had previously been living in to get some dry clothes. The room he had downstairs had just been a cover.

When he walked back into the bathroom he saw as Kreacher brought Remus in. Sirius had wanted to hurt those that had spelled and potioned him, the nightmares and delusions he had been having had almost broken him, but now he wanted to kill them. Remus, his best friend, the man he loved, one of the nicest people he knew, was a mess. He had arrived in the tub, curled in the fetal position, sobbing.

Harry quickly asked Remus the same questions he had asked Sirius. Remus had responded in almost the exact same words as Sirius.

After Remus had taken the potion, Sirius got to see just what he must have looked like less than half an hour earlier, not that he thought he was looking so good right now. Sure, he felt like himself again, and he felt better than he had in a while, but he still felt like crap. He was exhausted, he had a pounding headache, and he couldn’t even take anything for it because of the purging potion. If he took any potions within the next 24 hours, the purging potion still in his system would force him to get sick again. Sitting down, Sirius joined in a new round of Candy Land.

Remus’s eyes flashed amber as he started to growl. When his eyes caught on his cub he relaxed slightly, but it was clear Moony was furious.

“Are you doing ok Uncle Remy?” Harry asked.

During the last school year Harry had helped Remus to accept his inner wolf, which allowed him to keep his mind during the shift. It also stopped the pain.

“Cub. My cub.” Remus said as he climbed out of the tub and went directly to Harry and hugged him. Getting both the floor and Harry completely soaked along the way. “They made me abandon my cub. I will kill them slowly.”

“And I will help.” Sirius added as he flicked his wand to send a drying charm towards the two, while Kreacher dried the floor.

“No” Harry wasn’t about to let them get themselves in trouble, yet. “At least, not yet. Right now I am going to need help preparing for my hearing. You will continue to behave as if nothing has changed, lock yourselves in your rooms and have Kreacher pop you up here so we can work. They can not know that their potions and spells have been removed until after. I have plans. until then, we all must play our rolls. Just spend as little time as possible with them to keep them from noticing anything.”

“Ok.” Sirius sighed, he really did want to hurt those that had kept him from being there for his pup, but he would do anything for his godson. “Oh, and Kreacher, I’m sorry I have been so mean to you lately.”

“Me too.” Remus said to the elf.

Kreacher just nodded at them. He knew it wasn’t their fault, but he was grateful that they were sorry they had been cruel. Yes, Kreacher liked his new masters.


The next afternoon Harry was once again sitting surrounded by law books, but this time, Sirius and Remus were with him. Harry hadn’t been downstairs yet that day and had had Kreacher get him his breakfast. Sirius and Remus had both gone down for breakfast, but had returned to their rooms right after pretending that they were depressed that Harry hadn’t been there.

Harry and the others were working on planning his approach to the upcoming hearing when Kreacher popped in. “Master Harry. The intruders are searching for you. They is going room by room trying to find you’s.”

“Thank you Kreacher. Is anyone in the lower library?” Kreacher shook his head. “Can you bring me down there? Remy, Siri, just keep researching. I should be back fairly quickly.”

Kreacher took Harry’s hand and they popped away.


The library on the lower floor was nothing like the one on the upper floors. The upstairs library had tens of thousands of self updating books that covered some of the most ancient forms of magic. The lower library still had plenty of books, about a thousand or so, but they were far more basic. Sirius and Remus had gone through this library and removed any book that could be considered, questionable, or, dark, by Dumbledore. 

Harry grabbed one of the books on potions and sad down in one of the high back chairs that faced the fire. This would hide him from anyone that just looked in from the door. It would give him an excuse as to why they didn’t see him if they just looked in. Opening the book, he started to read.

Ten minutes after he sat down, he heard footsteps behind him, though, he didn’t worry as it was two sets of feet and he knew that the only ones that would not be searching for him were the twins. They would trust him to look after himself.

“Well, well, well,” George said.

“If it isn’t our little,”


“Gred, Forge.” Harry nodded to each of the two in turn. “How has your day been going?”

“Fine, fine.”

“Watching the Order, run around like headless chickens. They seem to think they’ve lost their precious golden boy.”

Most didn’t realize that the twins didn’t always speak in twin speak. They often did, but when they were with someone they liked and trusted they didn't.

“Oh, they’ve lost him alright.” Harry gave them a wicked smile that they returned. “I’m what’s left behind.”

The twins laughed before they walked back out of the room.


Twenty minutes later, the twins were sitting in the kitchen when the rest of the Order stormed in. They were all clearly panicking.

“What do we do?”

“Where could he have gone?”

“How dare he just disappear like that?”

“We need to contact the headmaster?”

“What,” It was Fred that started this time.

“Are you lot,”

“On about?” Fred finished, though, they both already knew, it was just more fun for them this way.

“Harry has run away?” Ginny whined.

“We’ve searched every room.” Ron added as he threw himself gracelessly down.

“Not very well.” George said.

“Yes we have. We’ve been at it for hours.” Hermione told them.

“He’s sitting in the library.” Fred told them.

“He’s been there all after noon.” George added.

“What, no he isn’t.” Ron said.

“Really,” Fred made his voice surprised.

“Then who was it,”

“That we were talking too?”

“I don’t know Freddy. Must’ve been a ghost.”

The group all stormed off to the library, leaving the twins behind.

Harry hid a smirk as the library was invaded.

“Harry James Potter, what do you think you are doing?” Molly Weasley shrieked.

Harry gave her a puzzled look. “Reading. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“We have been looking for you for hours.” Ron whined. He really hadn’t liked having to search, he had wanted to take a nap.

“Well, I’ve been here. Not my fault you didn’t do a proper job in your little search. All you would have had to do is talk to the twins and they could have told you where I was.” Harry got up and put his book back. “I’m going to go get something to eat.”

“I haven’t gotten around to cooking dinner yet honey.” Molly said in a motherly voice. She needed to make sure that he ate food that she had prepared, or he would never stop being so difficult.

“I am perfectly capable of cooking my own dinner Mrs. Weasley. After all, I was forced to do all the cooking at the Dursley’s. At least I will actually get to eat the food I make here.” Harry reminded everyone before he walked out of the room.

Once in the kitchen, Harry started grabbing things out of the ice box to make his food. The twins came up beside him and started to help him. They both agreed that it would be a good way to avoid being potioned. All three of them also always enjoyed working together.

When the three took their food to the table, Ron started trying to take food from their plates. After repeatedly smacking their greedy little brothers hands away they both finally snapped.

“If you do not stop,” Fred’s voice was like ice.

“Trying to steal our food, Ronnikins,”

“You will find your bed,”

“Full of spiders.”

Ron instantly stopped trying to take any food.

“Fred, George.” Molly shrieked, coming to the defence of her baby boy. “Don’t you dare threaten your brother. He’s just hungry, he is a growing boy after all. You need to share with your brother.”

“If he wants food,”

“He can make his own,”

“Like we did.” The twins argued back, never stopping protecting their food.

Molly huffed before she went over to the stove and started on dinner for everyone else. Before she could finish, Harry and the twins finished their food and all said that they were going up to their rooms.

Hermione and Ginny tried to follow Harry to see which room he was using, as they hadn’t found another room that looked like it was being used during their search, but Harry was already gone by the time they came out of the kitchen. Ron hadn’t wanted to miss any of the food so he stayed in the kitchen.


A few nights later, Harry was sitting in his upstairs room, waiting. Kreacher popped in, a twin on each side.

“What can we do for you?” George asked him. Neither he or Fred had been overly open with Harry yet, they weren’t sure if this was there Harry, or the one that Dumbledore and the rest of the order created with their potions and spells.

In answer, Harry held out two doses of the purging potion.

Fred took the potion, opened it, and sniffed. “Purging potions.”

“Sirius and Remus have already taken theirs. I also took one after they did.” Harry told them. Sirius had insisted that Harry take one just to be sure. He had shown evidence of a few minor potions, but nothing as extreme as the two men. “This is just to be sure you’re you before this goes any further.”

Both Fred and George got into the bath tub and turned the shower on before they each downed the potion. Luckily, this was the heir suite, so the bath tub was large enough to fit four people comfortably. Like it had been for Harry, the purging potion quickly burned through a few minor potions, but nothing too big. 

Once they were out of the tub, they both flicked their wands simultaneously, casting drying charms. After they were dry, the twins slowly backed Harry out of the bathroom.

When Sirius came in half an hour later to check and see how the purging was going, he found his godson sitting on Freds lap, making out with him, while George worked on decorating his throat with hickeys. Sirius cleared his throat and almost smirked when all three of them jumped.

“Remus and I were wondering if you were going to come and assist us with Harry’s defence?”

Harry pouted at his godfather, he had the worst timing. “Coming Siri.”

Sirius just smirked at his blushing godson. The twins didn’t bother to blush, they looked more proud than anything.

“Hey Remy,” Harry said as he bounced into the library. “We were just talking.”

“Talking?” Remus said in an amused voice. “Is that what you kids are calling it these days. Before you try lying like that cub, you might want to look in a mirror.”

Harry turned to look in the mirror that hung on the wall. He could clearly see that George had been very successful in his hickey endeavour. Turning back to look at George he raised an eyebrow at him, George just smiled smugly.

They spent a few hours going through old law books before they went to bed. The twins joined Harry in his room, but they just slept. The twins had both agreed when they had started seeing Harry the year before that they were all going to take their relationship slow. They still hadn’t moved past the kissing and light touching stage.

Chapter Text

It was two nights later that Harry put on his invisibility cloak before flooing directly to Gringotts. He could see that the goblin guards could see through the cloak by how they all tensed and tightened their grip on their weapons.

Not panicking, since goblins did understand the importance of secrecy, Harry walked up to one of the open tellers and waited. When the teller looked to him, Harry held up a sign requesting to speak in a private room. The goblin nodded and lead him down one of the halls.

Once in the room, Harry pulled off his cloak. “Greetings master goblin. May your gold grow.” Harry stood up straight while he spoke, placing his hand over his heart, and bowed slightly at the waist, though he made sure to never drop his eyes to the floor, to do so would be a sign of subservience.

“May your enemies fear your name.” The goblin returned, using the same posture. He was surprised this wizard understood the proper way to greet a goblin. His respect for this wizard increased. The goblin tellers always did take great joy in making the banking experience difficult for those that were rude. “How may I help you this day, Heir Potter.”

“I have been going over the self updating accounting books that I found at Potter Manor.” Harry had sent Sirius to gather the books the year before. “There have been some inconsistancys, and it is my belief that the ministry has been meddling in bank business and making a mess. I would request a meeting with Chief Ragnock.”

Harry knew that if he even implied that the goblins were involved in any mismanagement he would be signing his death warrant. Goblins were extremely proud, and they hated thieves.

“Follow me.” Goblin teller Hookfang did not like what this wizard was saying. If their had been any mismanagement of an account as large and as important as the Potter Estates, heads would roll, literally.

Harry was led down more hallways. The shiny marble was gone as he went deeper into the bank, being replaced with rough hewn stone. He was taken to a large door, after the goblin knocked, they both went in. While the goblin teller quickly explained what was going on in gobbledygook, Harry stayed near the back of the room, it was impolite to take a seat before being invited.

After the teller left to return to his work, and they had greeted each other properly, Harry was invited to sit.

“Heir Potter, Hookfang informs me that there has been some inconsistencies with your accounts and you believe the ministry is overstepping their bounds.”

“Yes Chief Ragnock.” Harry pulled out his account book and showed him highlighted lines of money being removed from his accounts and transferred to others. “Neither my magical guardian, nor I, authorized any of these payments.”

Ragnock looked over the book. He saw that the money removal dated back to only a few days after the deaths of Lord and Lady Potter. He also noticed that Albus Dumbledore had been the one to arrange the payments. Going so far as to have keys made for those outside of the family. It was not technically legal, but it was also not illegal, actions like those sat in the grey areas. The gold being moved around easily totalled over 5 million galleons.

“Although this is a rather large amount of money, there is nothing we can do. Albus Dumbledore signed off on it all, and he is your magical guardian.”

“And that is the issue. Albus Dumbledore, is not, nor has he ever been, my magical guardian. My magical guarding is my blood adopted godfather, Sirius Black.”

“A blood adoption would supersede Albus Dumbledore’s claim on you, but that is not possible. As soon as Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban he was stripped of all claims on you.”

“And that is where the ministries meddling comes in. I have checked the laws. The law states that a convict is stripped of all guardianship rights, and rights to a family title, only when they are convicted. But you see, the ministry never bothered to give Sirius Black a trial. As he was never formally convicted, he never lost his guardianship rights. He also still maintains his right to inherit the Black title.”

“No trial.” Ragnock was stunned. Had the ministry really been that stupid.

“Yes.” Harry gave the goblin a vicious smirk, making sure to show no teeth. “And that is another issue.” He pulled out the Black accounting books, and a letter from Sirius. He handed both over.

Ragnock opened the letter first. It was from Sirius Black himself. The letter said that Harry Potter was his legal heir, and as such, Sirius Black was giving him permission to deal with the family finances on his behalf. It was also stamped with the Black Heir ring. The only way the man could have that was if he was accepted by the family magics as heir, something that would never happen if he had been convicted.

“Heir Black has given you permission to discuss the Black Estate on his behalf. What is it that he wishes for you to discuss?”

“Well, you see, Heir Black is planning on bringing suit against the ministry for fraud and theft and he was hoping that the bank of Gringotts and his account manager Iron claw would be willing to join him. If you look at the last entry in the Black account ledger, you will see that the ministry attempted to claim the Black family fortune. They provided a notice of conviction to achieve this.

As you and I both know, a notice of conviction is not enough for the ministry to claim the assets of an Ancient and Noble house. They would have also been required to submit a copy of the magically certified trial transcript. As the transcript was not provided, as we have already covered no trial occurred, Account Manager Ironclaw managed to protect the estate by placing it in dormancy until a transcript was provided. And we are grateful to him for that, as if he had not, the Black’s could have lost everything.

But, unfortunately for the ministry, that notice of conviction is clear evidence of fraud and attempted theft. Also, since the account was forced into dormancy the accounts have not been able to be properly managed. Their fraud and attempted theft has resulted in the Black family, Gringotts Bank, and Account Manager Ironclaw losing money, which is where the theft comes from. 

Over the past, almost 14 years, the accounts have not been able to gain a profit due to the ministry. By stopping the accounts from gaining the appropriate amount of interest and growth that would have come from the accounts being managed by Ironclaw, they have also denied the bank and Ironclaw their share of the profit. We feel that the ministry should have to pay to make up for the amount of gold that they have denied us due to their crimes.”

Ragnock thought for a few moments. The wizard was right. If Ironclaw had been left to manage the accounts he could have made the Black family millions from investments and interest. Both the bank and Ironclaw himself would have also gained profit from this, as they got a percentage of the profits they made for an account. 

“Gringotts would be happy to join your suit against the ministry for their crimes. But, we still have no evidence that Sirius Black was named your magical guardian. Albus Dumbledore claimed that he was appointed to the position by the ministry and your parents wills.”

“Ah. But, the Wizengamot sealed my parents wills without due cause. My parents wills have never been read, so how do we know that his claims are true.”

“The wills were sealed?” Ragnock was stunned. To seal a will was almost unheard of. “The bank maintains a copy of all wills, so we will just have it read now.”

Ragnock sent for the wills, and called for Ironclaw. When they explained what was going on, the old goblin was terrifyingly happy. He had been fighting the ministry for years to bring the Black accounts out of dormancy. He knew that soon enough he would be back to managing one of the banks largest accounts. He was pleased that the Blacks were almost as bloodthirsty as goblins. They would make sure the ministry payed for denying them their profit.

The messenger returned with the wills, and they decided to start with Lily’s will first.


I, Lily Marie Potter, nee Evans, declare this is my last will and testament. This nullifies all previous wills by me. I enter into this will free of potions and spells.

To James Potter I leave these words. “You are no longer the man I married. Albus is only doing what is right for our world. I hope that you turn away from the dark and return to the light.”

To Sirius Black and Remus Lupin I leave these words. “Grow up. Stop acting like petulant children. Albus is doing what is best for our world and you shouldn’t let the darkness within you sway you away from the light. If you continue down the path you are on I will never allow you near my son again.”

To Severus Snape I leave these words. “I should have listened to Petunia when we met. You are dark and dangerous. Know that I will never consider you as a friend, and I never should have. Keep your evil darkness away from all us good light people. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

To Albus Dumbledore I leave the contents of vault 837, and I leave these words. “Albus, I am so grateful for everything you have done for me since the day you came to deliver my Hogwarts letter. You will never know just how much good you brought into my life. You have taught me so much and shown me the truth of what is right and wrong. Please, show my son the same things.”

To my son, Harry Potter, I leave everything else, and I leave these words. “Harry, my sweet baby boy. I love you so much. You have an incredible destiny ahead of you, and I know that it will be hard, and it will hurt, but you must do it for the greater good. No matter what happens, you can always go to Albus Dumbledore for help, he will always do what is best for our world. I love you my baby.”

Custody of Harry Potter:

Physical: Petunia and Vernon Dursley

Magical: Albus Dumbledore

*Under no circumstances is Harry to stay with my husband, James Potter, or go to Sirius Black or Remus Lupin.*


Harry stared blankly for a few seconds. He had always been told that his mother was smart, but he thought she must have been a complete moron. She honestly made him think of Hermione. A silly little girl that thought she knew everything because she had read a few books.

“The blood adoption Sirius did should supersede the custody order she set.” Harry got ready to argue.

“I agree. Let us listen to your fathers will and see what he states.” Ragnock knew that there was no way this wizard was going to accept what that clearly delusional woman wanted.


I, James Charlus Potter, declare this is my last will and testament. This nullifies all previous wills by me. I enter into this will free of potions and spells.

To start this off. As Lord Potter I declare my right of solus dignum parente, in regards to my son and heir, Harrison James Potter.


Ragnock Paused the reading when Harry held up his hand. “What does that mean?”

“Solus dignum parente, effectively translates to sole parent worthy. That flash of light we saw when he said that was magic acknowledging and approving his right. It means that from the moment he made this will, which was three days before the attack, Lily Potter had no control over you. She is still your mother by blood, but she has no say in your life. It means that we don’t need to find ways around her will, as she had no right to dictate your custody.” Ragnock told him.

Harry signalled for the will to continue.


To Sirius Black I leave one galleon, and these words. “Padfoot, I know you have more than enough money, so you get one galleon, like we agreed to leave each other. All I can say is, don’t morn me too much, I know you won’t ever find some one as amazing as me, but, be happy my brother, ask out Moony, we both know you’ve been trying to build up the courage basically since we all met. Also, we all know how much you like are dark bad boy, I recommend apologizing and trying again.

Make sure you teach my boy the ways of the marauder. I don’t want him to have to go through school following all the rules. Make sure he gets in a bit of trouble. Love him with all your heart. And tell him about me.

I will miss you my brother. All I can say is, Mischief Managed.”

To Remus Lupin I leave vault 483, it contains 500 galleons and will be refilled every week. I know those stupid laws say that a werewolf cant have more than 500 galleons in the bank, so this is what I came up with to make sure that you always have some money. I also leave you the Bookeville Cabin that I know you love. I also leave these words. “Moony, I know that you have always had trouble with your confidence, but I need you to be strong for me.

You are my brother, and that is all that matters. I need you to be there for Harry and Padfoot. We both know that old dog is going to be a mess. And my little boy is going to need you there to keep Pads from going to crazy.

Use the money and cabin. Don’t just leave them sitting because you don’t want to accept charity, because it isn’t charity. It is payment for all the trouble Pads and our Pronglet are going to give you.

Live your life my brother. Find Love, (ask out Pads if he hasn’t asked you out yet, the idiot has been madly in love with you since we were 11, but is too afraid that it will ruin our friendship so he doesn’t say anything. You might also consider bringing in the dark bad boy you two have always had a crush on.) And, look after our boys.

Goodbye my furry little friend, Mischief Managed.”

To Peter Pettigrew, if I die of natural causes I leave 500,000 galleons, if I am killed by Voldemort or any of his followers I leave these words. “I hope you burn you traitoris little rat.”

To the Ministry of Magic I leave this information. Peter Pettigrew was our secret keeper, Sirius Black was the decoy.

To Severus Snape I leave 1,000,000 galleons, a storefront I own in Diagon Alley, and these words. “I am sorry. I don’t know what else to say. I was a bratty, self-entitled child, and I made your life hell because you had something I thought I wanted.

Take the money and store and make a good life for yourself. I know that you’re a spy, you need to get away from that. You are far to good a person to live that kind of life. After everything, you deserve to be happy. I would recommend that you ask out two men that I know have had a crush on you for years. Just remember, all silly little boys pull pigtails.

Again, all I can say is, I’m sorry.”

To Lily Potter, nee Evans, if our divorce hasn’t been finalized yet, I leave you only these words. “Don’t ever come near my son again. I know all about those love potions you used on me, and I hope you get everything you deserve. The only good thing that came from these last few years with you, is my son, and I have made sure that he is protected from you. 

I know all about your devotion to Albus, it is pathetic. Dark is not always evil, just as Light is not always good, you are the proof of that. Yes, Voldemort is evil, but that does not mean everything that is dark is. Remus is classified as a dark creature, but he is a far better person than you could ever be. Don’t think I don’t know that you are already planning the death of my son. I hope that the world will learn just how disgusting you are, what kind of woman plans the death of a child, let alone her own child. You will pay for everything that you have done.”

To Albus Dumbledore I leave these words. “Leave my son alone you meddling old goat. 

I know very well that your ‘for the greater good’ line comes from your old boyfriend Gellert Grindelwald. You are a disgrace to the magical world, and I hope you get everything you deserve.”

To my son Harrison James Potter I leave everything else. I declare him heir to all titles I am in line for. I also leave these words. “Harry, my precious little boy, I am so sorry I had to leave you so soon. I wish I could be there to see you grow up, but I feel my time is growing short.

What you need to know is that just before you were born Albus came to your mother and I with a prophecy. I started to become suspicious a few months ago after Albus and Lily forced you and I to leave the ancient wards of Potter Manor, to go to Albus’s home in Godric’s Hollow with only a simple fidelus for protection. It didn’t make any sense.

When I came to the bank once, I got a check and found that I had been under spells and compulsions for years. I was purged, but I had to keep quiet. It was you they were after, and I needed to get you out without anyone noticing. If I am gone, it means that I have failed. I’m sorry for that.

Make sure you get checked, and claim what is yours. Everyone believes that the Potter fortune has been dwindling, but it has not. A part of me has been wary of Albus and Lily for years, so I have been moving the money so they can’t access it. 

I was in line for the Peverell Lordship, but I never took it, and just remained the heir. I have systematically been transferring the Potter fortune over to the Peverell vaults, as no one but you or I can access them.

Something else you need to know is that you can’t trust Albus or Lily. They are planning terrible things using the excuse ‘for the greater good’. You need to know that that line comes from Gellert Grindelwald. It was his excuse for the atrocities he committed. You can trust Sirius and Remus, they have always stood by me, and they consider you to be like their own son, just make sure that they are checked for potions and spells. You can also rely on Severus Snape. I know he can come across as mean, but he is a good man under all the snark and sass.

I love you with all my heart my son. You have been my entire world since the day I learned Lily was pregnant. I have left a wizarding portrait of myself in the main Potter vault, have it brought up if you ever want to talk to your old man.

I love you my son.”

Custody of Harrison James Potter:

Physical: Sirius Black

    Remus Lupin

Magical: Sirius Black

  Remus Lupin


Harry sat for a moment. His father knew what was happening and had ensured that he would be protected. He also wanted that portrait, now. The chance to speak to his father was something he would give anything for. He didn’t even need to ask Ragnock, the goblin instantly sent one of the messenger goblins down to collect the portrait of James Potter.

“It would seem that you are indeed correct, Sirius Black is your legal guardian, along with Remus Lupin. Given this, we can get a refund of all monies taken from your vault since the death of your parents. It will be done as quickly as possible.” Ragnock said.

“Actually, I was hoping that you would be willing to hold of for a while.” Harry said, he saw the confusion in Ragnock’s eyes. “I have a hearing in the ministry in two days, and it would not do to give them early warning. I intend to show the DMLE that Sirius is innocent that day. So, I wanted to hold off on letting it out that he was my guardian until then. 

As for the money, I was hoping to hold on to that information until the end of the summer. Many of those that I know have been stealing from me have moved into my godfathers home. I don’t want to have to deal with them for the rest of the summer if the money has been returned. I was wondering if there was any way we could hold off on returning the funds until the day before Hogwarts is to start?” Harry said.

Ragnock smirked. This wizard was interesting. He intended to make those that had wronged him pay, and he was going about it intelligently, so as to avoid having to deal with them. “It could be done. We could say that we are doing an audit of our larger accounts due to the robbery a few years ago. It would allow us to do a detailed search as to where your money has gone, as there have been multiple people involved in the theft. Would that work for you Heir Potter?”

“That would be perfect Chief Ragnock.”
With their business finished up, and the goblins getting to work on locating all of the Potter Estates missing money, Harry got up and left after asking for some assistance with a few things for his hearing. Making sure that he put on his cloak before he went out into the main lobby, he flooed back to the upstairs of the Black house in London.


When Harry arrived back, he handed over copies of the sections of the wills to Sirius and Remus that were meant for them. While they were both reading over them, he pulled out the portrait of his father. He couldn’t wait to actually get to speak to the man.

Remus was the first to spot the portrait, and he almost had a panic attack. Sirius joined him a few seconds later when he saw what Remus was freaking out about. They set about waking the portrait, and waited for James to focus.

They all spent hours everyday just talking to James. When James learned of what his son’s life had been like, plus what had happened to Sirius and Remus, he had almost come directly out of the painting so that he could go and kick Dumbledore’s ass. He and Severus had a few long conversations, and although they were very different people, they were approaching a easy friendship.

Severus had been disappointed when he read what Lily had written to him, a small part of him had still hoped that she was the woman he had built up in his mind, but he guessed that he had been wrong. He was grateful that James had clearly wanted to make up for his mistakes and had apologized. The money would come in handy if he ever needed to get away.

The only thing that calmed him down was the fact that they were already working on their revenge. One thing James did love to do, was to rial Harry up about his relationship with the twins, and Sirius and Remus were always willing to join in.

Harry didn’t manage to find anything he could use against his father until he had gotten a visitor. It would seem that a few of the original Order members had had portraits of themselves made, and had linked them all together. Portrait James had apparently been dating the portrait of Marlene McKinnon. Harry had taken great joy in teasing his father.


Eventually, after a few more days of avoiding everyone that lived on the lower floors, the day of Harry’s hearing arrived. He was going to be going to the ministry with Arthur Weasley. Harry knew, just from what he knew of Fudge, that things were going to get complicated.

His suspicions were confirmed, when after they arrived at the ministry, they were informed that the hearing that was suppose to be in Amelia Bones’s office in the DMLE, had been moved to courtroom 10, and started in ten minutes. But, Harry was ready for this.

When they got to the court room, Mr. Weasley told Harry that he was going to have to go in alone. Walking into the room, Harry turned to close the door, flicking the lock so that they wouldn’t be interrupted. It would be just like Dumbledore to show up at the last minute to pretend to save the day to make Harry grateful to him.

After a while of letting Fudge think he was in control, Harry had had enough.

“Minister Fudge” Harry held up his hand, stopping the mans yammering, after he had been interrupted again. “I must object to this behaviour. This is a court of law, not a campaign event. If you are unaware, allow me to inform you how this works. As an interrogator you are indeed free to ask questions, but you must allow me to answer before you interrupt. Unless, you are admitting you do not actually care about the truth. I mean, it is clear that this trial is inappropriate, if not illegal, as it is.”

“Enough Cornelius, he is right. You are behaving with less dignity than a toddler.” Amelia Bones snapped at the minister before he could reply. She was annoyed by the mans high handed tactics. “What do you mean inappropriate, if not illegal, Mr. Potter?”

“Simple Madam Bones. By law, the Wizengamot is required to inform a defendant a minimum of 48 hours before a trial is to begin. That did not occur in this case. I was informed that this would be a hearing in your office in the DMLE, scheduled for after lunch.

A message of the change of time and place was sent to another, and not me. If you look at the message, you will see that it is time stamped as less than two hours ago. Now, this is not illegal, just inappropriate, at this point.

However, if I had shown up for the meeting that I had been informed of, this trial would already be over. And, as I wouldn’t have been here, I would, therefore, have be found guilty in absentia. If it had been the intent for me to miss this trial to force a guilty verdict without me being able to defend myself, then you enter the realm of conspiracy. 

Now, I am sure no one in this august body would dare to use such underhanded tactics. After all, it would be a crime to do so. And a conspiracy such as one I just described is worth a minimum of six months in Azkaban.”

Amelia smirked slightly at the boys words, he was indeed, correct. “I can assure you I will personally arrange an investigation into this. We can not, after all, risk something like this happening again. Why don’t you explain your side of the story?”

“Thank you Madam Bones.” Harry nodded to the stern looking witch. “I feel that I should start at the beginning. As the minister already pointed out I received an official warning after a hover charm was preformed in my muggle relatives home before my second year. That was in fact, not done by me. The charm was preformed by a house elf that had come to speak to me.” Harry said in a calm voice.

“A house elf in a muggle home, do you really expect us to believe something like that?” Fudge blustered. He shut up when Madam Bones gave him a stern look.

“If you do not believe me minister I would recommend that you speak to Lord Malfoy. We all know about your good friendship with him. You see, the elf, Dobby, was a Malfoy elf.” Harry almost smirked when the minister lost some of his bluster. It was clear he didn’t want to bring Lucius Malfoy into the discussion. “As for the incident before my third year, you yourself were kind enough to pardon me for that incident. I believe you said that none of us can keep control of our temper all the time, and that the ministry didn’t punish children for accidental magic.

Now we come to the events that led to this trial. As I have repeatedly attempted to inform this court, I did cast the patronus charm, but it was due to the two dementors that attacked my cousin and I.”

“Hem hem.” Came the voice of the woman in disgusting pink. “I must have misunderstood you Mr.Potter. But I thought you said that you were attacked by dementors. But that can’t be, as the ministry has complete control of all the dementors in Britain.”

“That is exactly what I said.” Harry told the toad like woman. “Though, I must admit, knowing that the ministry has control of all dementors, when I was attacked by two is very interesting. I’m sure Madam Bones will also be looking into it, as sending a dementor after someone is the equivalent of attempted murder.”

“These are nothing but tails of a child that craves attention and is attempting to cover up his breaking the law.” The minister said jovially as he looked around at those around him, more than a few nodded at him. “Unless you can provide evidence to your silly claims, then we will have to find you guilty, as you have just admitted to a crime.”

“Oh, not to worry minister. I have the evidence right here.” Harry pulled out a memory file from inside his robes. “This is a memory of what happened, if I could use the courtroom pensive, you will all be able to see exactly what happened.”

“Those memories are probably faked. Who knows what you have gotten up to.” Fudge didn’t want those memories shown.

“Really Cornelius. As we all know the Wizengamots pensive has runes on it. If the memory is false, it will not show.” Madam Bones snapped at the man.

“Also, these memories were retrieved, certified, and sealed by the goblins of Gringotts. And, I do so hope that you, as Minister of Magic, are not saying that the goblins are guilty of fraud. That could be considered an open declaration of war.” Harry gave the man a look.

Fudge started trying to make the Potter boy out to be a liar without angering the goblins. One of the court staff came forward with the pensive and set it up for Harry. Once everything was ready, Harry added his memory.

Everyone got to watch as Harry and Dudley ran from the dementors. Harry had made sure that the memory would begin with them running as he didn’t want anyone to see that he had pulled his wand on his cousin before then. They watched as Harry cast his patronus just in time to stop the dementors from removing both of their souls.

After the memory finished Amelia returned her attention to the boy in front of them. “It is clear that you did magic in the protection of both yourself, an your cousin. It is completely within the law for you to do so. I motion to…”

Harry held up a hand to stop her. “As grateful as I would be for you to clear me of the charges, there is no need.”

“Would you care to explain that Mr. Potter? If you are not formally cleared of the charges, they will remain on your record?” Amelia was confused, why didn’t the boy want to be cleared.

“It wont be on my recored, as, I didn’t commit any crimes.” Harry said with a small smile.

“Hem, hem. You preformed underage magic Mr. Potter” The pink toad said.

“No, I didn’t. You see, I am a legal adult, and you can not charge an adult with underage magic.” Harry smiled at the woman.

“Mr. Potter, you are 15, you will not come of age until you are 17.” Madam Bones said.

“That is where you are wrong Madam Bones. I have been a legal adult for almost a full year.

If you all recall, the Triwizard Tournament was held at Hogwarts last year. As added protection, the Wizengamot passed a law that stated that only of age wizards could compete. As we all know, my name was added, and selected. Now, I know there have been many rumours that said that I entered my own name, I did not. And I proved that when I contested my placement within the tournament with both the Wizengamot and the school board. I provided a magically binding contract that stated that I did not enter my own name, did not ask another to enter my name, and that I did not wish to compete. That contract was signed using a blood quill. And, given that, as we all know, I still have my magic, I didn’t enter the tournament of my own free will.

Both the Wizengamot and the school board over road my request to be removed from the tournament due to the fact that I was under age, and that I hadn’t entered my own name. I was forced to compete. By that order, you set a legal precedent. The tournament was for of age witches and wizards, by forcing me to compete against my will, you formally recognized me as an adult.

I will also point out. Only an of age wizard can face a trial such as this one, an under age wizard would instead have a hearing in juvenile court or a hearing in Madam Bones’s office. By holding a trial such as this one, in this courtroom, you have reaffirmed that this ministry recognizes me as a legal adult.” 

Everyone was silent for a few seconds working through what Harry had said. Because of this, Harry was able to hear someone repeatedly turning the doorknob, attempting to get in. He knew it was probably Dumbledore.

Madam Bones let out a soft laugh as she looked through the paperwork in front of her. “I must agree. Looking through the paperwork, these charges don’t seem to have been formalized, I honestly don’t understand how a mistake like this could have been made. There is no need to find Mr. Potter innocent, as he has never even been charged due to these errors. 

I can assure you Mr. Potter, I will personally be having everything that has occurred here today investigated. And all involved will be charged. No one is above the law. I suggest that we call this farce to an end.”

With that, the fake trial was called to an end. Harry went directly over to Madam Bones when everyone started to mingle.

“Madam Bones, I was hoping that you and I could have a word in your office.” Harry told the woman.

“Certainly Mr. Potter. Please follow me.” Amelia took the young man out the side entrance and led him up the back passages that would allow them to get to the DMLE offices without having to deal with people.

Chapter Text

Once in the DMLE offices, Harry first arranged for his status to be updated so that he would be formally recognized as an adult in all future dealings with the ministry. Harry then asked if he could use there pensive and share his memories with the entire office.

Amelia was stunned. If she was right, Harry Potter intended to show them memories that would prove the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Like many, she hadn’t believed that he had returned, mainly because she didn’t want to believe that the monster that had killed most of her family had returned. But, if he had, then things were going to get more than a little crazy.

Harry set up his first memory as many of the aurors in the office muttered about how he was crazy. It seemed many of them listened to Fudge. That was, until they watched the night in the Shrieking Shack.

They all watched as Sirius explained the truth. About how he never even received a trial.  There was a collective gasp as they watched as Peter was forced back into his human form. They all heard as Peter confessed to what he did, including the deaths of all those muggles that Sirius had been blamed for. The memory skipped forward, Harry didn’t want anyone to say Remus was a danger, so the memory restarted as he and Sirius were being attacked by the dementors. The memory ended just as a patronus saved them from having their souls removed.

Harry turned to the aurors in the room. “As you have just seen, Sirius Black was innocent and sent to Azkaban without ever even receiving a trial. You can check, no trial was ever given.

Allow me to put it another way. This ministry put an innocent man in Azkaban without a trial. But not just an innocent man, an innocent auror. Sirius Black was one of you. And, if they are willing to do that to one, they can do it to you.

Then, there is the attack on me during this summer. If you ask Madam Bones, she can inform you that my cousin and I were indeed attacked by dementors. An odd thing to happen considering that I have been assured that the ministry has complete control over all dementors in Britain. Remember, my father was an auror.

So, this Minister and his supporters seem to think that it is ok to send innocent aurors to Azkaban, and to put out a kiss on sight order on them, they also feel that it is perfectly acceptable for someone to send dementors after the child of an auror, and if said child defends themselves, they will attempt to charge them for it.”

Harry hid a smirk at the clear fury many of the aurors were displaying. The fact that one of their own had been forced to suffer was not something many would be able to forgive. Also, that a former aurors child had been attacked. Many of the older aurors had worked with James Potter and Sirius Black, they had been their friends.

“Shall we continue?” Harry questioned as he added more memories to the pensive.

Again, everyone turned to the screen the pensive was being displayed on. They watched as Harry faced off against a Voldemort possessed Quirrell. Harry had once again selectively controlled what parts of the memory were shown. He had made sure that the memory would end before Quirrell had died. It would do him no good if the aurors witnessed the death of a man at his hand.

When Madame Bones asked why the memory ended so abruptly, Harry simply said that he had been knocked out. The memory picked up when Harry had woken up in the hospital wing, with Dumbledore sitting next to him.

The next memory started as Harry ran into the main room of the Chamber of Secrets. Many of the seasoned aurors couldn’t stop them selves from gasping and almost shrieking in horror as they watched a twelve year old faced down a young Voldemort and a 60ft. basilisk. 

There were even a few cheers as Harry destroyed the diary and the teenage dark lord.  Many couldn’t believe that at the age of twelve, this young man had faced down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and a basilisk. Most, if not all, full grown adults would have failed.

Since they had already seen what happened during third year, the memories went on to what happened at the end of the last year. The memories started while Harry and Cedric had still been in the maze. Everyone watched as the two friends agreed to take the cup together. 

Harry forced his eyes to stay open as he watched as they arrived in the graveyard and Pettigrew killed Cedric. They watched as Pettigrew preformed the ritual. And, more than a few of them actually screamed, and a few even fainted, as they all watched as Voldemort himself rose from the cauldron.

Amelia was in a state of shock as she watched, but she still had the sense of mind to grab a quill and parchment to write down the names of all the death eaters as they were called forward and removed their masks. Like all the others she was stunned when she witnessed a fourteen year old boy, who had just witnessed the death of a friend, not only dual the most feared dark lord, but win.

The memories changed to Harry being led into the fake Moody’s office. Everyone got to listen to Crouch Jr. confess to everything he had done after the teachers had arrived and the polyjuice had worn off.

One thing that really upset many of the aurors was that Harry wasn’t then sent directly to the hospital wing, instead he was sent to the headmasters office and left alone. The memories ended as everyone got to see Harry trying to stop the bleeding from the open wound on his leg that they all knew still had acromantula venom in it.

“Does anyone have any other questions, or are you finally going to smarten up, and do your jobs?” Harry asked.

Many of the aurors could only look at him in awe. This boy had repeatedly faced one of the most dangerous wizards in the world, and he had survived.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Well, as you’ve seen, Voldemort is back. He has had months to start gathering his forces, so you had better get to work. I would recommend bringing pain potions, the cruciatus curse hurts like a bitch.” 

Harry turned and started to head for the door, before slowing and turning back. “Oh, and I do so hope that you get your act together quickly. I’m sure you will be retracting that kiss on sight order rather soon, and clearing my godfather. And, start arresting those that you saw in the memory with Voldemort. After all, one of them as we all know, has prolonged daily access to our dear minister.

You see, when I had those memories pulled, I had the goblins make copies and send them out to the news papers. Not just the local papers either, but the major international papers too.”

With that, Harry left the main office of the DMLE. He could hear as Madam Bones started to shout out orders. Leaving behind copies of his memories as he went, it didn’t really matter, soon enough the entire world would know the truth.


Harry made his way back through the ministry to courtroom 10. When he got there he saw Arthur Weasley was still waiting outside of it, even though it had been over an hour. He was joined by Albus Dumbledore, Arabella Figg, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Tonks. They all looked rather flustered.

Arthur was worried that something had gone wrong with the trial. Both Kingsley and Tonks were also worried that the trial was going badly, but for a different reason. They were worried that if Harry was expelled or had his wand snapped then he wouldn’t be able to fight He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named like he was supposed too.

Albus was furious. He had been planning to sweep in at the last minute to safe the day, instead, he was locked outside waiting. He couldn’t even use the Wizengamot entrance anymore because those idiots had dared to strip him of his position as Chief Warlock. He had lost so much power recently, and he didn’t like it. He really had underestimated Fudge, he had never thought the man could be a threat to his power, he knew better now. When Voldemort came out into the open he was going to have to get rid of Fudge and put some knew idiot in place. He just hoped that Potter wouldn’t be expelled and he could continue to prepare the boy to die.

Harry cleared his throat. “Hello everyone, looking for me?”

“Harry, my boy. Where have you been? I was on my way in with Arabella to make sure that you weren’t expelled for something that wasn’t your fault. Lemon Drop?” Albus held out the candies that were coated in a strong loyalty potion.

“Harry, how did the trial go? Is everything ok?” Arthur asked at almost the same time.

“No, thank you headmaster. And, everything went fine. The Wizengamot agreed with me that being attacked by dementors was reason enough for me to do magic to save Dudley and I. I was just up in the DMLE offices filling out some needed forms, and now I’m all done.” Harry told them. 

Arthur gave him a happy congratulatory pat on the shoulder. Tonks and Kings were both also happy, this would work for their plans. Albus was both pleased and annoyed. Now the boy was getting confident, and he couldn’t have that. He would have to talk to Molly and make sure that she got those potions into the brat.


Harry spent the next few hours in Mr. Weasley’s office. He was able to get a few things done though. He told Mr. Weasley that he wanted to send a few letters to his friends, letting them know that everything had worked out. 

Mr. Weasley assumed that he would be sending letters to Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, so he gave his approval. Harry still wasn’t sure about Mr. Weasley. He was a good man, but he had too much blind faith in the headmaster. The twins had told him that they thought he might be on a few potions, but they didn’t know how to purge him without anyone noticing, they had decided that as much as they wanted to help their father, they were going to have to wait.

Rather than sending letters to his so called friends, Harry sent a letter to the school. Since he had been excused from exams the year before, he had decided to do some independent studying. Harry had met almost weekly with Professors Vector and Babbling, the arithmancy and ancient runes teachers. Working with them, Harry found that he had a real talent for both and had quickly caught up to where those in his year were. 

Both professors said that if he wanted to transfer into their fifth year classes he was more than welcome. Since he knew that the headmaster and those who were close to him never bothered to read the list of course changes, he sent in a request to take arithmancy and ancient runes, and drop divination. He figured that if the headmaster or McGonagall did notice the changes in his schedule and tried to stop it he could just bring it up with the school board. According to the school charter, every student had the right to select their courses so long as they were capable of doing the work.

He also sent a letter to the Diggory’s. He wanted to warn them about what would be in the paper the next day. He apologized for having to show the murder of their son, but he just hadn’t been able to find another way to get justice for their son. While he was waiting, he received a letter from Amos Diggory and his wife. It said that although they wished it hadn’t come down to that, they didn’t blame him for what he had had to do. They were actually grateful that he was working so hard to get justice for their son, they would just avoid getting the paper the next day.

When it came time for them to leave, Harry couldn’t wait. He was one step closer to gaining his freedom from these people.

Walking into the house, Harry smiled at the twins, Sirius, and Remus. The twins both shot forward before any of the others could move and wrapped him in a hug, keeping him between them to keep the traitors away from him.

They kept Harry between them the rest of the afternoon, no matter how hard the traitors tried to take their places. Ginny had even once ended up falling on the floor when she tried to sit between George and Harry on the couch. Molly had scolded the twins, but they just pointed out that the couch was full, and that Ginny needed to find her own seat as none of them were her chairs. 

When Molly had continued ranting at them, they all got up. They said that they were going to go to their rooms as they didn’t want to have to listen to an adult woman throw a temper tantrum.


Upstairs was where the real fun was. Sirius, Remus, Severus, Fred, George, and the portrait of James, who was joined by the other original Order members that had had portraits made, threw a party to congratulate Harry. 

That was another thing that had surprised Harry. Many of the original Order members had been like his father, they had all started to doubt that Dumbledore was actually one of the good guys, conveniently, they all died soon after they started to question the man. None of them thought that Dumbledore had killed their living selves, but they did think that he arranged for their locations to be leaked to the death eaters.

They had already discussed it amongst themselves, and they had decided to support Harry. When he asked why he hadn’t heard of any of them having portraits they explained. They had all had portraits made, and a joint portrait, but they had left them in the original headquarters, and they weren’t there anymore. They believed that someone must have destroyed their portraits. The joint portrait had survived but they didn’t know where it was exactly, wherever it was, it was covered by a sheet and they never heard any noise. Only James’s personal portrait had survived because he had placed it in the vault when he was forced into hiding. The reason they didn’t often see all of them was because they had had a room painted behind the curtains, and most stayed there so as not to interrupt Harry’s time with his father.

Harry already had had Remus and Sirius link two other portraits to the one he had. In the order were the parents of Susan Bones, and Neville Longbottom. He had heard that Neville’s parents were still alive, but their minds had been destroyed, but the portrait versions of them had been activated before the attack on them so they were there too. The plan was to send out the portraits to the other children once they were all set.


They all stayed hidden upstairs until just before breakfast the next day. Harry hadn’t told any of them exactly what he had done, but they knew whatever it was, it had to be good. Just based off of the smile Harry had been wearing since the night before.

Entering the kitchen, Sirius took his place at the head of the table. He knew it wasn’t much of a change, and most wouldn’t notice, but it showed his position as head of the house. Now that the trial was over, he and Remus were planning on starting to act more like themselves.

Remus sat to Sirius’s left, with Severus on his other side. Fred was directly to Sirius’s right, next to him was Harry, and George was next to him.

Molly cheerfully served everyone breakfast, she wasn’t going to let Harry leave the table until he ate the potion laced food.

Fred cast a quick detection charm on Harrys meal. He was actually surprised at the number of potions that were in the food, although he was slightly surprised the woman had actually left out the love potion that day, he figured she was just out and would be brewing more. When he checked his and George’s, he found almost as many potions. It would seem that their mother wanted all three of them weak, stupid, and loyal.

Molly was watching them all like a hawk. But, they were all avoiding the food by talking to one another. Then, owls started flying in. Some were carrying the paper, while a few others went directly to Sirius.

Sirius opened his letters and smiled. The first was from the DMLE letting him know that the kiss on sight order had been cancelled. The second was to let him know that they had discovered his lack of trial, and as a result they were dropping all charges and that he was a free man. The third was a formal apology from the DMLE for their roll in his incarceration. Sirius could barely believe it, he was free. He looked over to see the grinning face of his god son.

As Sirius was reading his letters, the rest of the people in the house were in shock. The Daily Prophet was much thicker than normal, and there were many blaring headlines. Copies of the paper were made and passed out, and chaos rained.

The paper went into detail about the return of Voldemort, though they referred to him as ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. There were also articles detailing the evidence that had been submitted showing that Sirius was innocent and had been framed, and that the ministry had sent him to Azkaban without giving him a trial and then attempted to effectively steal the Black family fortune. They even theorized that their desire to gain access to the Black’s money was why they had sent him to prison. There were also multiple articles about all the high profile ministry members that had been arrested for the crime of treason, including Lucius Malfoy. They had attached the memories that Harry had provided to each story.

Everyone was so absorbed in the papers, that none of them noticed what Severus was doing. He had, of course, checked all the meals that had been given to his allies. There was no way he was letting any of them eat that food. Using the chaos caused by the articles he started casting switching spells. Harry’s plate was switched with the annoying youngest Weasley males, Fred and George’s were switched with the female Weasley’s and Granger’s. Molly received the concoction she had made up for Sirius, Tonk’s got Remus’s, mainly because of the love potion keyed to her in it, and Severus sent his own to Shacklebolt. How Molly thought he wouldn’t notice potions in his food proved just how stupid she was, he was a potions master after all. He cast a quick detection spell, when it came back clear, he started to eat.

Harry had been enjoying the chaos when he saw Severus take a bite out of the corner of his eye. The man had to know that there were potions in the food, what was he thinking. Sending him a panicked look, he saw laughter in the dower mans eyes. Severus looked at the plate in front of him, and then glanced down the table to where the traitors were before giving a slight smirk. It was really just a twitch of the lips, but it was enough for Harry.

Casting a detection spell on his own food, it came back clean. Harry grinned as he looked at the plate. There were 6 slices of bacon, he knew that Molly usually gave everyone only 4, only Ron got 6. Harry took a perverse pleasure in the fact that Molly was now drugging her own son, even though she hadn’t meant to.

When the others noticed him and Sev eating, they started to panic. Harry leaned over and whispered what Severus had done to the twins. Remus heard due to his heightened senses, and then he told Sirius. After checking their food just to be safe, they also started to eat slowly, watching the others all reading the paper and freaking out.

The floo flared up, and Albus Dumbledore himself came in, followed by Minerva McGonagall. He looked directly to Harry as the rest of the Order started bombarding him with questions.

“Harry, my boy, what have you done?”

“What do you mean headmaster? I’m just sitting here eating my breakfast.” Harry said as he took another bite of eggs, he could see the vicious glee in Mrs. Weasley’s eyes as he did so.

Albus ground his teeth slightly. “I mean the paper my dear boy. When did you go to the papers? You should know how dangerous that is.”

“Dangerous? All I had to do was send them certified copies of my memories. I didn’t even have to go and see them. There was no danger involved.”

“But they could have taken things out of context, they have done so before. You have placed yourself in even more danger with this.” Albus tried to make the boy feel guilty.

“Well, they seem to have kept everything in context. And how does this put me in any more danger?” Harry argued back.

“Harry James Potter, don’t you question the headmaster like that, he is just trying to keep you safe.” Molly yelled at him.

“Harry, I understand that you don’t fully understand what’s going on, but this causes problems for the Order.” Albus said, signalling for Molly to hold back.

“Well I’m sorry if it goes against your plans. But I wasn’t allowed to know what was going on, so I had to do what I thought was best on my own. Besides, this should make things easier for the Order. Now everyone knows he’s back and some of his biggest and most loyal supporters have been arrested. If you can’t figure out how to work that in a way to help defeating Voldemort than this Order is useless.” Harry said back calmly.

Before anyone could say anything in response, Bill spoke up. “I agree. I came back here to help in recruiting people to fight against him. The biggest problem we have had is that the ministry and the Prophet have been saying he’s not back, now they have admitted that he is. It will be a lot easier to recruit people now that they have proof.”

“I’m with Bill and Harry on that.” Charlie added in. “Honestly, this should have been the first thing the Order did. There is no way they can deny certified copies of memories. Now everyone will be aware, and they will be able to take precautions to protect themselves. Harry has just cut our work load in half, at least, if not more, with this single action. You should be thanking him, not scolding him.”

“He is just a child, he doesn’t understand the bigger picture.” Molly huffed at her two oldest.

“So I’m just a child, am I. Funny how none of you felt the same way when I was being forced to compete in the tournament last year, even though it was only for of age wizards.” Harry said blandly.

Albus knew that he had to stop this. Molly was about to start yelling at the boy, and that wouldn’t do them any good. “Now, Harry, I understand what happened last year was upsetting, but we must carry on. We are just worried that your rashness will put you and others in more danger.”

“There is no need to worry sir. I’m perfectly safe now, I mean now that I am no longer being left undefended with muggles. The wards on the Black house are more than sufficient to keep me safe, I am sure.” Harry said.

“Of course my boy. We just want to keep you safe. You were safer with your relatives.” Albus said.

“So safe that I am the only one here that has been attacked this summer. If that is your definition of safe I would recommend you look up the definition in the future.” Harry rolled his eyes as he finished his food. “If you will excuse me, I have some work to do.”

Albus and many of the others ground their teeth as Harry walked out, followed by the twins once again. Sirius, Remus, and Severus stayed behind to watch everything.

Everyone remaining in the kitchen started trying to figure out how to regain control over Harry. Molly couldn't understand why the potions hadn’t taken effect yet. Maybe it would just take a little more time.

Sirius, Remus, and Severus all noticed the anger on Bill and Charlies faces. They were going to have to bring it up with Harry. After a few minutes of listening to them argue, Bill and Charlie had clearly had enough of them. Bill told them that they should just leave Harry alone, the boy had already done more for their cause than the rest of them put together. Charlie added in that they couldn’t have it both ways. If they wanted him to kill a man, then they shouldn’t be treating him as a child, and if they wanted him to be a kid, then they couldn’t expect him to kill a man for them. It shouldn’t be left to Harry to do everything. After that, both boys left for work.

Severus said that he was retiring to his home, but actually flooed home, and then flooed to the upstairs of Grimmauld Place. Sirius and Remus stayed only for a few more minutes before they were sick of the others and left and went upstairs to meet with the others to talk.

Down in the kitchen, the rest of the Order continued to try and figure out how to regain control. Now that Sirius had been proven innocent they risked losing control of him too. They were also going to have issues with people knowing that Voldemort was back. Even though them knowing returned the credibility of those like Dumbledore that had been saying so, the fact that it was Harry that proved it meant the credit for the reveal would go to him.


“I was thinking that we might want to speak with Bill and Charlie.” Remus said once they were all in the upstairs sitting room.

“I agree.” Harry said in a thoughtful voice. “Since Bill works at the bank, he should be relatively clear of potions. I believe they get checked every week. Charlie might need to be purged though.”

“We can talk to them both later this evening if you want us to.” George said.

“Do it. We are going to need more support for what I have planned.” Harry smiled over at the twins.

“What are you going to do next?” Sirius asked. He didn’t know what else they could do.

“I am going to be a fifteen year old boy. I am going to hang out with my real friends. I am going to go to school. I am going to do my homework. As Molly said, I am just a kid, so that is how I am going to act. It isn’t my job to save anyone. I have done more than my fair share, I’m done.” Harry smiled.

All the others just smiled back at him because they knew that he was right. He had suffered enough for the ungrateful people around him. He deserved to get to be a kid.

Chapter Text

The next week was both extremely fun, and extremely annoying. The others in the house seemed to take it upon themselves to try and get Harry to go back to his old behaviour. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about just how he should act, and when he didn’t fall in line he got lectures.

Molly and Hermione seemed to have taken to searching the house, or as much of it as they could access, to try and figure out where he was going when he disappeared. It was clear they were growing more and more frustrated each day as they couldn’t find his room.

But Harry didn’t bother to listen to the lectures they gave him whenever they managed to find him during the rare times he had no choice but to go to the main part of the house. He honestly didn’t care what they had to say and was surprised that they still thought he would.

Most of his time was spent working in the upstairs library. Harry had always loved to read as a boy, something he got to do only rarely. But when he had started school that love had been drilled, or potioned, out of him. Now, he was rediscovering that love. And it was that rediscovered love of learning that resulted in the next blowup in the house.


Amongst the things Harry had been reading about was ritual magic. It was something Harry was growing fascinated with. Shortly after the trial Harry had gotten so caught up in one of the ritual magic books that when he heard someone calling that lunch was ready he had just got up and headed downstairs, book still in his hands. That was his mistake.

Hermione, loving books the way she did immediately noticed the book in Harry’s hands. And she was incensed that she didn’t recognize it. Since arriving at Grimmauld she had made it her business to examine every single book in the library. So seeing a book that she didn’t recognize in Harry’s hands angered her.

Harry had just sat in his seat when Hermione stomped over, hands on her hips, and grabbed the book from his hands. But as soon as she grabbed hold the book started to hurt her. It was like the book was covered in sparks and the longer she held on the more it hurt. After only a few seconds she had to drop it.

“What was that?” Hermione whined as the book fell, only to be caught by Harry.

“What was what?” Harry was confused by the girls reaction.

“That book, it hurt me.” Hermione glared at both Harry and the book in his hands. “Where did you get that book? It isn’t one from the library.”

“It’s just a book I grabbed from the upstairs library.” Harry brushed off, he didn’t want to have to deal with one of Hermione’s tantrums, but at the same time he did want to needle the girl that he had access to more books than she did.

“UPSTAIRS LIBRARY?” Hermione shrieked. 

“Yes.” Harry shrugged. “There’s a library just down from my room.”

“WHY WASN'T I TOLD!?” Hermione demanded.

“Why does it matter?” Harry questioned.

“There is another library here and no one thought to tell me!” Hermione said like it was the stupidest thing she had ever heard. “I’ve looked at all the books in this library, there’s nothing I want to read in there. But there might be something interesting in that library.”

“But since you clearly can’t touch the book what does it matter?” Harry asked another question, he was already sick of dealing with yet another Hermione Granger fit.

“Well, why can’t I touch the books?” Hermione looked to the adults in the room for answers.

“Because you aren’t family.” Sirius told her. 

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Molly questioned, coming to Hermione’s defence.

“That she isn’t family.” Sirius said slowly, showing just how stupid he thought both Molly and Hermione were being. “The upstairs library is the family library. All the books inside are blood bound. Only someone with enough Black blood can even touch the books.”

“Harry isn’t a Black though?” Ginny said in confusion.

“Harry’s grandmother was Dorea Black. Normally that wouldn’t be enough of a connection since Aunt Dorea came from a secondary line, but I blood adopted Harry when I was named his godfather. Because of that, while he is legally my godson blood and magic recognize him as my son.” Sirius explained.

“But I want to read those books.” Hermione whined and pouted.

“Well, it’s not going to happen, move on.” Sirius rolled his eyes at the petulant girl.

Harry just chose to eat his lunch and ignore Hermione and her whining.


But Hermione was an over achiever in everything, and that included whining. Every time she saw Harry she would complain about how she couldn’t access the library. She even tried to get Harry to read the books to her since she wouldn’t be able to touch them even if she managed to get access to the library.

Harry started taking to avoiding everyone on the lower floors as much as possible. Which, again, led to a blow up. 

“WHER HAVE YOU BEEN?” Molly shouted as soon as Harry stepped into the kitchen.

Harry had managed to go almost a full 48 hours without having to see anyone on the lower floors he didn’t like. “I was in my room.” 

Turning away from the woman Harry went and took his seat. As soon as he sat down a plate of food appeared in front of him.

“Where did you get that?” Ron whined. He was hungry and his mum was cooking slower he was sure.

“I asked Kreacher if he wanted to cook my food since I know he’s been wanting to work.” Harry had seen just how angry the elf was with Molly messing up his kitchen and thought this was the best way to appease him.

“Well?” Molly interrupted, irritated not only because she was being ignored, but also because Harry had dared to ask that disgusting elf to make his food rather than eat what she had made for him.

“I was in my room.” Harry said simply to the aggravating woman.

“And just where is your room?” Hermione cut in. “We’ve searched all over and haven’t found anything. I also can’t find that second library you claim is near your room.”

“I’m up on the family floor.” Harry finally informed them, hoping it would stop their constant searching. “From what Kreacher told me, like the library, the family floor is blood bound to the family so only members of the family can even see it.”

“You can’t be up on a floor all alone.” Molly scolded, not liking the idea there were places she couldn’t access. “It just isn’t safe dear. You will need to move down into the room I set up for you and Ron.”

Ron hated the idea of having to share his room with the whiny loser he was forced to pretend was his friend, but he knew the role he needed to play. “Yeah, mate. It’ll be great.”

“No.” Harry had no intention of even pretending he would consider the idea. “Besides, I’m not alone. I reminded Sirius about the floor since he had somehow managed to forget about it. So he’s up there with me. If anything happens Sirius will be there for me.”

“I just don’t think that’s enough dear.” Molly tried again, pushing down her irritation at the boy for arguing with her.

“That doesn’t matter.” Harry started to eat, not caring if it upset the banshee. “I trust Sirius and I feel perfectly safe in my own room, so that is where I am staying. Your opinion on the matter isn’t going to change anything.”

“Don’t speak to Mrs. Weasley like that.” Hermione snapped. She liked Mrs. Weasley a lot more than she liked Harry.

“Really dear, I’m sure Headmaster Dumbledore would agree with me. You really shouldn’t be somewhere in the house where no one else can find you.” Molly tried her motherly voice again, she had been sure the idiot boy had eaten some of her potions.

“This isn’t school, therefore, I don’t have to listen to him.” Harry smiled coldly. “This is the summer and we are in my godfathers house. The only person I have to, or will listen to, is my godfather.”

Sirius smiled into the stew Kreacher had made for him and those they liked. He was really growing to like Harry’s calmer nature. When he and James had had problems with those who thought they had authority over them they had always exploded. Harry’s method seemed to be far more effective, and just as fun to watch, although he wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Molly dyed a different colour or randomly growing animal parts. He might have to speak with the twins.

For the rest of the meal Harry chose to just ignore those he didn’t like, something he was getting better and better at each day.


Hermione screamed in rage as soon as she was in the room Ron was supposed to be sharing with Harry. How could everything have gone so wrong?

Harry was supposed to be the weak pathetic people pleaser he had always been. She just couldn’t understand what was going on. Sure, much of that personality had been created through the potions they had all been giving him over the years but she was sure the real Harry was just as pathetic. Where had the little loser found a backbone?

She wanted access to that library. The only reason Hermione had agreed to even spend the summer at this disgusting house was because she had heard about the fabled Black Library. But then she had arrived and seen the downstairs library and just assumed that it had all been lies. Now she knew it was because the real library was being hidden from her. She could only imagine the kinds of information that was hidden there.

Hermione was the smartest witch of her age, she deserved to have access to as much information as she wanted. She deserved it.


Like Hermione, Ron was furious as he returned to his room. He hated how that loser was treating him and everyone else. For Merlin’s sake, the only reason the loser had friends was because Headmaster Dumbledore had been paying them to put up with him. And now he was acting like he was better than them, and Ron was not going to let him get away with that. 

Ron looked to Hermione and could see she was just as angry as he was, if not more. And that worked in his favour, Hermione had a surprisingly large cruel streak that Ron greatly enjoyed. They were on the side of the light, they deserved to have things their way.

“Once we’re married I am going to make him pay for treating me like this.” Ginny growled as she joined them in the room.

“What happened?” Ron questioned. He knew Ginny was getting annoyed that he was ignoring her, but so far the loser hadn’t done anything that should have made Ginny as angry as she was.

“I tried to convince him to let me into his room.” Ginny threw herself onto the spare bed that should have been Harry’s.

“Why would you want to spend even more time with that loser?” Ron questioned with a disgusted look.

“Because you idiot, I have to marry him.” Ginny rolled her eyes at her stupid brother. “Mum told me she and Headmaster Dumbledore were going to set up a marriage contract for him and I that would give me complete control, but they can’t do that now.

Since the idiot got himself declared an adult and had the mutt freed they aren’t sure if the contract will be valid. They’re still going to set one up, but we’re going to need encouragement to get him to sign it.

Mum said the best way for that is if I’m pregnant. I hate the idea of having to have a kid so young, but it will get me access to all the Potter money so I can put up with it. Since we’re both underage Headmaster Dumbledore will be able to step in and point out the idiot clearly isn’t mature enough to be classed as an adult and the mutt clearly isn’t responsible and use it to get himself declared his guardian.”

“Gross.” Ron retched at the idea of his little sister having to sleep with the loser.

“It isn’t like I like the idea either.” Ginny glared at her brother. “But since the two of you have so clearly failed at keeping him dumbed down, I have to let that freak touch me.”

“What happened when you tried to talk him into bed?” Hermione cut in, seeing how close the two were to one of their screaming fits.

“That… Idiot said he would rather be locked in a room with a hoard of rabid nifflers.” Ginny said in fury. 

Now Ron was insulted that loser thought he was too good for his sister. He may hate the idea of his sister having to lower herself to sleeping with him, but the fact the loser had been so rude to her angered him even more.

“You’re just going to have to give it some time.” Hermione assured. “The potions haven’t been working like usual since he isn’t getting them often enough, but once we’re back at school he won’t be able to avoid them. We’re just going to have to wait to get him back under control. 

Then we can make him pay for treating us all like this. I swear, once we’re back at school I’m going to use that nightmare curse Mad-Eye showed us. We’ll see just how he feels about denying me books when he is slowly being driven insane by his own dreams.”

Ron smirked as Hermione kept muttering about how they could make the loser suffer for how he was acting. For his part Ron really wanted to curse the loser a bit, but knew he was going to have to make sure someone who could do memory charms was around since no one could know how much he hated the loser.

Ginny sat back to think, completely ignoring the others in the room. She was going to make Harry pay for ignoring her. In reality, she actually preferred to not have to spend any length of time around him, but the fact that when she did try and spend time with him he was rude annoyed her. She was perfect, and Harry was acting like she wasn’t.

The three spent the rest of the afternoon thinking up ways to make Harry pay.


Upstairs Harry enjoyed his day. He was finally free of having to put up with the traitors. Even when he had actually truly believed they were his friends he still found them overwhelming.

Relaxing back, Harry curled himself under George’s arm as they watched Sirius and Fred try and best each other in gobstones. Life was good for him.

And Harry wasn't the only one in the room that thought that. As planned they had reached out to both Bill and Charlie and both had agreed to join them. Both were with Remus reading books about their favourite subjects. The family library was massive and had many incredibly rare books. And despite what they had been telling those like Hermione, others could enter the library and touch the books, but only if they had permission from a member of the family.

He knew that those in the downstairs were probably making plans on how to go after him, but he was just too content to care.