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I'm Done

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The next week was both extremely fun, and extremely annoying. The others in the house seemed to take it upon themselves to try and get Harry to go back to his old behaviour. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about just how he should act, and when he didn’t fall in line he got lectures.

Molly and Hermione seemed to have taken to searching the house, or as much of it as they could access, to try and figure out where he was going when he disappeared. It was clear they were growing more and more frustrated each day as they couldn’t find his room.

But Harry didn’t bother to listen to the lectures they gave him whenever they managed to find him during the rare times he had no choice but to go to the main part of the house. He honestly didn’t care what they had to say and was surprised that they still thought he would.

Most of his time was spent working in the upstairs library. Harry had always loved to read as a boy, something he got to do only rarely. But when he had started school that love had been drilled, or potioned, out of him. Now, he was rediscovering that love. And it was that rediscovered love of learning that resulted in the next blowup in the house.


Amongst the things Harry had been reading about was ritual magic. It was something Harry was growing fascinated with. Shortly after the trial Harry had gotten so caught up in one of the ritual magic books that when he heard someone calling that lunch was ready he had just got up and headed downstairs, book still in his hands. That was his mistake.

Hermione, loving books the way she did immediately noticed the book in Harry’s hands. And she was incensed that she didn’t recognize it. Since arriving at Grimmauld she had made it her business to examine every single book in the library. So seeing a book that she didn’t recognize in Harry’s hands angered her.

Harry had just sat in his seat when Hermione stomped over, hands on her hips, and grabbed the book from his hands. But as soon as she grabbed hold the book started to hurt her. It was like the book was covered in sparks and the longer she held on the more it hurt. After only a few seconds she had to drop it.

“What was that?” Hermione whined as the book fell, only to be caught by Harry.

“What was what?” Harry was confused by the girls reaction.

“That book, it hurt me.” Hermione glared at both Harry and the book in his hands. “Where did you get that book? It isn’t one from the library.”

“It’s just a book I grabbed from the upstairs library.” Harry brushed off, he didn’t want to have to deal with one of Hermione’s tantrums, but at the same time he did want to needle the girl that he had access to more books than she did.

“UPSTAIRS LIBRARY?” Hermione shrieked. 

“Yes.” Harry shrugged. “There’s a library just down from my room.”

“WHY WASN'T I TOLD!?” Hermione demanded.

“Why does it matter?” Harry questioned.

“There is another library here and no one thought to tell me!” Hermione said like it was the stupidest thing she had ever heard. “I’ve looked at all the books in this library, there’s nothing I want to read in there. But there might be something interesting in that library.”

“But since you clearly can’t touch the book what does it matter?” Harry asked another question, he was already sick of dealing with yet another Hermione Granger fit.

“Well, why can’t I touch the books?” Hermione looked to the adults in the room for answers.

“Because you aren’t family.” Sirius told her. 

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Molly questioned, coming to Hermione’s defence.

“That she isn’t family.” Sirius said slowly, showing just how stupid he thought both Molly and Hermione were being. “The upstairs library is the family library. All the books inside are blood bound. Only someone with enough Black blood can even touch the books.”

“Harry isn’t a Black though?” Ginny said in confusion.

“Harry’s grandmother was Dorea Black. Normally that wouldn’t be enough of a connection since Aunt Dorea came from a secondary line, but I blood adopted Harry when I was named his godfather. Because of that, while he is legally my godson blood and magic recognize him as my son.” Sirius explained.

“But I want to read those books.” Hermione whined and pouted.

“Well, it’s not going to happen, move on.” Sirius rolled his eyes at the petulant girl.

Harry just chose to eat his lunch and ignore Hermione and her whining.


But Hermione was an over achiever in everything, and that included whining. Every time she saw Harry she would complain about how she couldn’t access the library. She even tried to get Harry to read the books to her since she wouldn’t be able to touch them even if she managed to get access to the library.

Harry started taking to avoiding everyone on the lower floors as much as possible. Which, again, led to a blow up. 

“WHER HAVE YOU BEEN?” Molly shouted as soon as Harry stepped into the kitchen.

Harry had managed to go almost a full 48 hours without having to see anyone on the lower floors he didn’t like. “I was in my room.” 

Turning away from the woman Harry went and took his seat. As soon as he sat down a plate of food appeared in front of him.

“Where did you get that?” Ron whined. He was hungry and his mum was cooking slower he was sure.

“I asked Kreacher if he wanted to cook my food since I know he’s been wanting to work.” Harry had seen just how angry the elf was with Molly messing up his kitchen and thought this was the best way to appease him.

“Well?” Molly interrupted, irritated not only because she was being ignored, but also because Harry had dared to ask that disgusting elf to make his food rather than eat what she had made for him.

“I was in my room.” Harry said simply to the aggravating woman.

“And just where is your room?” Hermione cut in. “We’ve searched all over and haven’t found anything. I also can’t find that second library you claim is near your room.”

“I’m up on the family floor.” Harry finally informed them, hoping it would stop their constant searching. “From what Kreacher told me, like the library, the family floor is blood bound to the family so only members of the family can even see it.”

“You can’t be up on a floor all alone.” Molly scolded, not liking the idea there were places she couldn’t access. “It just isn’t safe dear. You will need to move down into the room I set up for you and Ron.”

Ron hated the idea of having to share his room with the whiny loser he was forced to pretend was his friend, but he knew the role he needed to play. “Yeah, mate. It’ll be great.”

“No.” Harry had no intention of even pretending he would consider the idea. “Besides, I’m not alone. I reminded Sirius about the floor since he had somehow managed to forget about it. So he’s up there with me. If anything happens Sirius will be there for me.”

“I just don’t think that’s enough dear.” Molly tried again, pushing down her irritation at the boy for arguing with her.

“That doesn’t matter.” Harry started to eat, not caring if it upset the banshee. “I trust Sirius and I feel perfectly safe in my own room, so that is where I am staying. Your opinion on the matter isn’t going to change anything.”

“Don’t speak to Mrs. Weasley like that.” Hermione snapped. She liked Mrs. Weasley a lot more than she liked Harry.

“Really dear, I’m sure Headmaster Dumbledore would agree with me. You really shouldn’t be somewhere in the house where no one else can find you.” Molly tried her motherly voice again, she had been sure the idiot boy had eaten some of her potions.

“This isn’t school, therefore, I don’t have to listen to him.” Harry smiled coldly. “This is the summer and we are in my godfathers house. The only person I have to, or will listen to, is my godfather.”

Sirius smiled into the stew Kreacher had made for him and those they liked. He was really growing to like Harry’s calmer nature. When he and James had had problems with those who thought they had authority over them they had always exploded. Harry’s method seemed to be far more effective, and just as fun to watch, although he wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Molly dyed a different colour or randomly growing animal parts. He might have to speak with the twins.

For the rest of the meal Harry chose to just ignore those he didn’t like, something he was getting better and better at each day.


Hermione screamed in rage as soon as she was in the room Ron was supposed to be sharing with Harry. How could everything have gone so wrong?

Harry was supposed to be the weak pathetic people pleaser he had always been. She just couldn’t understand what was going on. Sure, much of that personality had been created through the potions they had all been giving him over the years but she was sure the real Harry was just as pathetic. Where had the little loser found a backbone?

She wanted access to that library. The only reason Hermione had agreed to even spend the summer at this disgusting house was because she had heard about the fabled Black Library. But then she had arrived and seen the downstairs library and just assumed that it had all been lies. Now she knew it was because the real library was being hidden from her. She could only imagine the kinds of information that was hidden there.

Hermione was the smartest witch of her age, she deserved to have access to as much information as she wanted. She deserved it.


Like Hermione, Ron was furious as he returned to his room. He hated how that loser was treating him and everyone else. For Merlin’s sake, the only reason the loser had friends was because Headmaster Dumbledore had been paying them to put up with him. And now he was acting like he was better than them, and Ron was not going to let him get away with that. 

Ron looked to Hermione and could see she was just as angry as he was, if not more. And that worked in his favour, Hermione had a surprisingly large cruel streak that Ron greatly enjoyed. They were on the side of the light, they deserved to have things their way.

“Once we’re married I am going to make him pay for treating me like this.” Ginny growled as she joined them in the room.

“What happened?” Ron questioned. He knew Ginny was getting annoyed that he was ignoring her, but so far the loser hadn’t done anything that should have made Ginny as angry as she was.

“I tried to convince him to let me into his room.” Ginny threw herself onto the spare bed that should have been Harry’s.

“Why would you want to spend even more time with that loser?” Ron questioned with a disgusted look.

“Because you idiot, I have to marry him.” Ginny rolled her eyes at her stupid brother. “Mum told me she and Headmaster Dumbledore were going to set up a marriage contract for him and I that would give me complete control, but they can’t do that now.

Since the idiot got himself declared an adult and had the mutt freed they aren’t sure if the contract will be valid. They’re still going to set one up, but we’re going to need encouragement to get him to sign it.

Mum said the best way for that is if I’m pregnant. I hate the idea of having to have a kid so young, but it will get me access to all the Potter money so I can put up with it. Since we’re both underage Headmaster Dumbledore will be able to step in and point out the idiot clearly isn’t mature enough to be classed as an adult and the mutt clearly isn’t responsible and use it to get himself declared his guardian.”

“Gross.” Ron retched at the idea of his little sister having to sleep with the loser.

“It isn’t like I like the idea either.” Ginny glared at her brother. “But since the two of you have so clearly failed at keeping him dumbed down, I have to let that freak touch me.”

“What happened when you tried to talk him into bed?” Hermione cut in, seeing how close the two were to one of their screaming fits.

“That… Idiot said he would rather be locked in a room with a hoard of rabid nifflers.” Ginny said in fury. 

Now Ron was insulted that loser thought he was too good for his sister. He may hate the idea of his sister having to lower herself to sleeping with him, but the fact the loser had been so rude to her angered him even more.

“You’re just going to have to give it some time.” Hermione assured. “The potions haven’t been working like usual since he isn’t getting them often enough, but once we’re back at school he won’t be able to avoid them. We’re just going to have to wait to get him back under control. 

Then we can make him pay for treating us all like this. I swear, once we’re back at school I’m going to use that nightmare curse Mad-Eye showed us. We’ll see just how he feels about denying me books when he is slowly being driven insane by his own dreams.”

Ron smirked as Hermione kept muttering about how they could make the loser suffer for how he was acting. For his part Ron really wanted to curse the loser a bit, but knew he was going to have to make sure someone who could do memory charms was around since no one could know how much he hated the loser.

Ginny sat back to think, completely ignoring the others in the room. She was going to make Harry pay for ignoring her. In reality, she actually preferred to not have to spend any length of time around him, but the fact that when she did try and spend time with him he was rude annoyed her. She was perfect, and Harry was acting like she wasn’t.

The three spent the rest of the afternoon thinking up ways to make Harry pay.


Upstairs Harry enjoyed his day. He was finally free of having to put up with the traitors. Even when he had actually truly believed they were his friends he still found them overwhelming.

Relaxing back, Harry curled himself under George’s arm as they watched Sirius and Fred try and best each other in gobstones. Life was good for him.

And Harry wasn't the only one in the room that thought that. As planned they had reached out to both Bill and Charlie and both had agreed to join them. Both were with Remus reading books about their favourite subjects. The family library was massive and had many incredibly rare books. And despite what they had been telling those like Hermione, others could enter the library and touch the books, but only if they had permission from a member of the family.

He knew that those in the downstairs were probably making plans on how to go after him, but he was just too content to care.