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I'm Done

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Once in the DMLE offices, Harry first arranged for his status to be updated so that he would be formally recognized as an adult in all future dealings with the ministry. Harry then asked if he could use there pensive and share his memories with the entire office.

Amelia was stunned. If she was right, Harry Potter intended to show them memories that would prove the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Like many, she hadn’t believed that he had returned, mainly because she didn’t want to believe that the monster that had killed most of her family had returned. But, if he had, then things were going to get more than a little crazy.

Harry set up his first memory as many of the aurors in the office muttered about how he was crazy. It seemed many of them listened to Fudge. That was, until they watched the night in the Shrieking Shack.

They all watched as Sirius explained the truth. About how he never even received a trial.  There was a collective gasp as they watched as Peter was forced back into his human form. They all heard as Peter confessed to what he did, including the deaths of all those muggles that Sirius had been blamed for. The memory skipped forward, Harry didn’t want anyone to say Remus was a danger, so the memory restarted as he and Sirius were being attacked by the dementors. The memory ended just as a patronus saved them from having their souls removed.

Harry turned to the aurors in the room. “As you have just seen, Sirius Black was innocent and sent to Azkaban without ever even receiving a trial. You can check, no trial was ever given.

Allow me to put it another way. This ministry put an innocent man in Azkaban without a trial. But not just an innocent man, an innocent auror. Sirius Black was one of you. And, if they are willing to do that to one, they can do it to you.

Then, there is the attack on me during this summer. If you ask Madam Bones, she can inform you that my cousin and I were indeed attacked by dementors. An odd thing to happen considering that I have been assured that the ministry has complete control over all dementors in Britain. Remember, my father was an auror.

So, this Minister and his supporters seem to think that it is ok to send innocent aurors to Azkaban, and to put out a kiss on sight order on them, they also feel that it is perfectly acceptable for someone to send dementors after the child of an auror, and if said child defends themselves, they will attempt to charge them for it.”

Harry hid a smirk at the clear fury many of the aurors were displaying. The fact that one of their own had been forced to suffer was not something many would be able to forgive. Also, that a former aurors child had been attacked. Many of the older aurors had worked with James Potter and Sirius Black, they had been their friends.

“Shall we continue?” Harry questioned as he added more memories to the pensive.

Again, everyone turned to the screen the pensive was being displayed on. They watched as Harry faced off against a Voldemort possessed Quirrell. Harry had once again selectively controlled what parts of the memory were shown. He had made sure that the memory would end before Quirrell had died. It would do him no good if the aurors witnessed the death of a man at his hand.

When Madame Bones asked why the memory ended so abruptly, Harry simply said that he had been knocked out. The memory picked up when Harry had woken up in the hospital wing, with Dumbledore sitting next to him.

The next memory started as Harry ran into the main room of the Chamber of Secrets. Many of the seasoned aurors couldn’t stop them selves from gasping and almost shrieking in horror as they watched a twelve year old faced down a young Voldemort and a 60ft. basilisk. 

There were even a few cheers as Harry destroyed the diary and the teenage dark lord.  Many couldn’t believe that at the age of twelve, this young man had faced down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and a basilisk. Most, if not all, full grown adults would have failed.

Since they had already seen what happened during third year, the memories went on to what happened at the end of the last year. The memories started while Harry and Cedric had still been in the maze. Everyone watched as the two friends agreed to take the cup together. 

Harry forced his eyes to stay open as he watched as they arrived in the graveyard and Pettigrew killed Cedric. They watched as Pettigrew preformed the ritual. And, more than a few of them actually screamed, and a few even fainted, as they all watched as Voldemort himself rose from the cauldron.

Amelia was in a state of shock as she watched, but she still had the sense of mind to grab a quill and parchment to write down the names of all the death eaters as they were called forward and removed their masks. Like all the others she was stunned when she witnessed a fourteen year old boy, who had just witnessed the death of a friend, not only dual the most feared dark lord, but win.

The memories changed to Harry being led into the fake Moody’s office. Everyone got to listen to Crouch Jr. confess to everything he had done after the teachers had arrived and the polyjuice had worn off.

One thing that really upset many of the aurors was that Harry wasn’t then sent directly to the hospital wing, instead he was sent to the headmasters office and left alone. The memories ended as everyone got to see Harry trying to stop the bleeding from the open wound on his leg that they all knew still had acromantula venom in it.

“Does anyone have any other questions, or are you finally going to smarten up, and do your jobs?” Harry asked.

Many of the aurors could only look at him in awe. This boy had repeatedly faced one of the most dangerous wizards in the world, and he had survived.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Well, as you’ve seen, Voldemort is back. He has had months to start gathering his forces, so you had better get to work. I would recommend bringing pain potions, the cruciatus curse hurts like a bitch.” 

Harry turned and started to head for the door, before slowing and turning back. “Oh, and I do so hope that you get your act together quickly. I’m sure you will be retracting that kiss on sight order rather soon, and clearing my godfather. And, start arresting those that you saw in the memory with Voldemort. After all, one of them as we all know, has prolonged daily access to our dear minister.

You see, when I had those memories pulled, I had the goblins make copies and send them out to the news papers. Not just the local papers either, but the major international papers too.”

With that, Harry left the main office of the DMLE. He could hear as Madam Bones started to shout out orders. Leaving behind copies of his memories as he went, it didn’t really matter, soon enough the entire world would know the truth.


Harry made his way back through the ministry to courtroom 10. When he got there he saw Arthur Weasley was still waiting outside of it, even though it had been over an hour. He was joined by Albus Dumbledore, Arabella Figg, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Tonks. They all looked rather flustered.

Arthur was worried that something had gone wrong with the trial. Both Kingsley and Tonks were also worried that the trial was going badly, but for a different reason. They were worried that if Harry was expelled or had his wand snapped then he wouldn’t be able to fight He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named like he was supposed too.

Albus was furious. He had been planning to sweep in at the last minute to safe the day, instead, he was locked outside waiting. He couldn’t even use the Wizengamot entrance anymore because those idiots had dared to strip him of his position as Chief Warlock. He had lost so much power recently, and he didn’t like it. He really had underestimated Fudge, he had never thought the man could be a threat to his power, he knew better now. When Voldemort came out into the open he was going to have to get rid of Fudge and put some knew idiot in place. He just hoped that Potter wouldn’t be expelled and he could continue to prepare the boy to die.

Harry cleared his throat. “Hello everyone, looking for me?”

“Harry, my boy. Where have you been? I was on my way in with Arabella to make sure that you weren’t expelled for something that wasn’t your fault. Lemon Drop?” Albus held out the candies that were coated in a strong loyalty potion.

“Harry, how did the trial go? Is everything ok?” Arthur asked at almost the same time.

“No, thank you headmaster. And, everything went fine. The Wizengamot agreed with me that being attacked by dementors was reason enough for me to do magic to save Dudley and I. I was just up in the DMLE offices filling out some needed forms, and now I’m all done.” Harry told them. 

Arthur gave him a happy congratulatory pat on the shoulder. Tonks and Kings were both also happy, this would work for their plans. Albus was both pleased and annoyed. Now the boy was getting confident, and he couldn’t have that. He would have to talk to Molly and make sure that she got those potions into the brat.


Harry spent the next few hours in Mr. Weasley’s office. He was able to get a few things done though. He told Mr. Weasley that he wanted to send a few letters to his friends, letting them know that everything had worked out. 

Mr. Weasley assumed that he would be sending letters to Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, so he gave his approval. Harry still wasn’t sure about Mr. Weasley. He was a good man, but he had too much blind faith in the headmaster. The twins had told him that they thought he might be on a few potions, but they didn’t know how to purge him without anyone noticing, they had decided that as much as they wanted to help their father, they were going to have to wait.

Rather than sending letters to his so called friends, Harry sent a letter to the school. Since he had been excused from exams the year before, he had decided to do some independent studying. Harry had met almost weekly with Professors Vector and Babbling, the arithmancy and ancient runes teachers. Working with them, Harry found that he had a real talent for both and had quickly caught up to where those in his year were. 

Both professors said that if he wanted to transfer into their fifth year classes he was more than welcome. Since he knew that the headmaster and those who were close to him never bothered to read the list of course changes, he sent in a request to take arithmancy and ancient runes, and drop divination. He figured that if the headmaster or McGonagall did notice the changes in his schedule and tried to stop it he could just bring it up with the school board. According to the school charter, every student had the right to select their courses so long as they were capable of doing the work.

He also sent a letter to the Diggory’s. He wanted to warn them about what would be in the paper the next day. He apologized for having to show the murder of their son, but he just hadn’t been able to find another way to get justice for their son. While he was waiting, he received a letter from Amos Diggory and his wife. It said that although they wished it hadn’t come down to that, they didn’t blame him for what he had had to do. They were actually grateful that he was working so hard to get justice for their son, they would just avoid getting the paper the next day.

When it came time for them to leave, Harry couldn’t wait. He was one step closer to gaining his freedom from these people.

Walking into the house, Harry smiled at the twins, Sirius, and Remus. The twins both shot forward before any of the others could move and wrapped him in a hug, keeping him between them to keep the traitors away from him.

They kept Harry between them the rest of the afternoon, no matter how hard the traitors tried to take their places. Ginny had even once ended up falling on the floor when she tried to sit between George and Harry on the couch. Molly had scolded the twins, but they just pointed out that the couch was full, and that Ginny needed to find her own seat as none of them were her chairs. 

When Molly had continued ranting at them, they all got up. They said that they were going to go to their rooms as they didn’t want to have to listen to an adult woman throw a temper tantrum.


Upstairs was where the real fun was. Sirius, Remus, Severus, Fred, George, and the portrait of James, who was joined by the other original Order members that had had portraits made, threw a party to congratulate Harry. 

That was another thing that had surprised Harry. Many of the original Order members had been like his father, they had all started to doubt that Dumbledore was actually one of the good guys, conveniently, they all died soon after they started to question the man. None of them thought that Dumbledore had killed their living selves, but they did think that he arranged for their locations to be leaked to the death eaters.

They had already discussed it amongst themselves, and they had decided to support Harry. When he asked why he hadn’t heard of any of them having portraits they explained. They had all had portraits made, and a joint portrait, but they had left them in the original headquarters, and they weren’t there anymore. They believed that someone must have destroyed their portraits. The joint portrait had survived but they didn’t know where it was exactly, wherever it was, it was covered by a sheet and they never heard any noise. Only James’s personal portrait had survived because he had placed it in the vault when he was forced into hiding. The reason they didn’t often see all of them was because they had had a room painted behind the curtains, and most stayed there so as not to interrupt Harry’s time with his father.

Harry already had had Remus and Sirius link two other portraits to the one he had. In the order were the parents of Susan Bones, and Neville Longbottom. He had heard that Neville’s parents were still alive, but their minds had been destroyed, but the portrait versions of them had been activated before the attack on them so they were there too. The plan was to send out the portraits to the other children once they were all set.


They all stayed hidden upstairs until just before breakfast the next day. Harry hadn’t told any of them exactly what he had done, but they knew whatever it was, it had to be good. Just based off of the smile Harry had been wearing since the night before.

Entering the kitchen, Sirius took his place at the head of the table. He knew it wasn’t much of a change, and most wouldn’t notice, but it showed his position as head of the house. Now that the trial was over, he and Remus were planning on starting to act more like themselves.

Remus sat to Sirius’s left, with Severus on his other side. Fred was directly to Sirius’s right, next to him was Harry, and George was next to him.

Molly cheerfully served everyone breakfast, she wasn’t going to let Harry leave the table until he ate the potion laced food.

Fred cast a quick detection charm on Harrys meal. He was actually surprised at the number of potions that were in the food, although he was slightly surprised the woman had actually left out the love potion that day, he figured she was just out and would be brewing more. When he checked his and George’s, he found almost as many potions. It would seem that their mother wanted all three of them weak, stupid, and loyal.

Molly was watching them all like a hawk. But, they were all avoiding the food by talking to one another. Then, owls started flying in. Some were carrying the paper, while a few others went directly to Sirius.

Sirius opened his letters and smiled. The first was from the DMLE letting him know that the kiss on sight order had been cancelled. The second was to let him know that they had discovered his lack of trial, and as a result they were dropping all charges and that he was a free man. The third was a formal apology from the DMLE for their roll in his incarceration. Sirius could barely believe it, he was free. He looked over to see the grinning face of his god son.

As Sirius was reading his letters, the rest of the people in the house were in shock. The Daily Prophet was much thicker than normal, and there were many blaring headlines. Copies of the paper were made and passed out, and chaos rained.

The paper went into detail about the return of Voldemort, though they referred to him as ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. There were also articles detailing the evidence that had been submitted showing that Sirius was innocent and had been framed, and that the ministry had sent him to Azkaban without giving him a trial and then attempted to effectively steal the Black family fortune. They even theorized that their desire to gain access to the Black’s money was why they had sent him to prison. There were also multiple articles about all the high profile ministry members that had been arrested for the crime of treason, including Lucius Malfoy. They had attached the memories that Harry had provided to each story.

Everyone was so absorbed in the papers, that none of them noticed what Severus was doing. He had, of course, checked all the meals that had been given to his allies. There was no way he was letting any of them eat that food. Using the chaos caused by the articles he started casting switching spells. Harry’s plate was switched with the annoying youngest Weasley males, Fred and George’s were switched with the female Weasley’s and Granger’s. Molly received the concoction she had made up for Sirius, Tonk’s got Remus’s, mainly because of the love potion keyed to her in it, and Severus sent his own to Shacklebolt. How Molly thought he wouldn’t notice potions in his food proved just how stupid she was, he was a potions master after all. He cast a quick detection spell, when it came back clear, he started to eat.

Harry had been enjoying the chaos when he saw Severus take a bite out of the corner of his eye. The man had to know that there were potions in the food, what was he thinking. Sending him a panicked look, he saw laughter in the dower mans eyes. Severus looked at the plate in front of him, and then glanced down the table to where the traitors were before giving a slight smirk. It was really just a twitch of the lips, but it was enough for Harry.

Casting a detection spell on his own food, it came back clean. Harry grinned as he looked at the plate. There were 6 slices of bacon, he knew that Molly usually gave everyone only 4, only Ron got 6. Harry took a perverse pleasure in the fact that Molly was now drugging her own son, even though she hadn’t meant to.

When the others noticed him and Sev eating, they started to panic. Harry leaned over and whispered what Severus had done to the twins. Remus heard due to his heightened senses, and then he told Sirius. After checking their food just to be safe, they also started to eat slowly, watching the others all reading the paper and freaking out.

The floo flared up, and Albus Dumbledore himself came in, followed by Minerva McGonagall. He looked directly to Harry as the rest of the Order started bombarding him with questions.

“Harry, my boy, what have you done?”

“What do you mean headmaster? I’m just sitting here eating my breakfast.” Harry said as he took another bite of eggs, he could see the vicious glee in Mrs. Weasley’s eyes as he did so.

Albus ground his teeth slightly. “I mean the paper my dear boy. When did you go to the papers? You should know how dangerous that is.”

“Dangerous? All I had to do was send them certified copies of my memories. I didn’t even have to go and see them. There was no danger involved.”

“But they could have taken things out of context, they have done so before. You have placed yourself in even more danger with this.” Albus tried to make the boy feel guilty.

“Well, they seem to have kept everything in context. And how does this put me in any more danger?” Harry argued back.

“Harry James Potter, don’t you question the headmaster like that, he is just trying to keep you safe.” Molly yelled at him.

“Harry, I understand that you don’t fully understand what’s going on, but this causes problems for the Order.” Albus said, signalling for Molly to hold back.

“Well I’m sorry if it goes against your plans. But I wasn’t allowed to know what was going on, so I had to do what I thought was best on my own. Besides, this should make things easier for the Order. Now everyone knows he’s back and some of his biggest and most loyal supporters have been arrested. If you can’t figure out how to work that in a way to help defeating Voldemort than this Order is useless.” Harry said back calmly.

Before anyone could say anything in response, Bill spoke up. “I agree. I came back here to help in recruiting people to fight against him. The biggest problem we have had is that the ministry and the Prophet have been saying he’s not back, now they have admitted that he is. It will be a lot easier to recruit people now that they have proof.”

“I’m with Bill and Harry on that.” Charlie added in. “Honestly, this should have been the first thing the Order did. There is no way they can deny certified copies of memories. Now everyone will be aware, and they will be able to take precautions to protect themselves. Harry has just cut our work load in half, at least, if not more, with this single action. You should be thanking him, not scolding him.”

“He is just a child, he doesn’t understand the bigger picture.” Molly huffed at her two oldest.

“So I’m just a child, am I. Funny how none of you felt the same way when I was being forced to compete in the tournament last year, even though it was only for of age wizards.” Harry said blandly.

Albus knew that he had to stop this. Molly was about to start yelling at the boy, and that wouldn’t do them any good. “Now, Harry, I understand what happened last year was upsetting, but we must carry on. We are just worried that your rashness will put you and others in more danger.”

“There is no need to worry sir. I’m perfectly safe now, I mean now that I am no longer being left undefended with muggles. The wards on the Black house are more than sufficient to keep me safe, I am sure.” Harry said.

“Of course my boy. We just want to keep you safe. You were safer with your relatives.” Albus said.

“So safe that I am the only one here that has been attacked this summer. If that is your definition of safe I would recommend you look up the definition in the future.” Harry rolled his eyes as he finished his food. “If you will excuse me, I have some work to do.”

Albus and many of the others ground their teeth as Harry walked out, followed by the twins once again. Sirius, Remus, and Severus stayed behind to watch everything.

Everyone remaining in the kitchen started trying to figure out how to regain control over Harry. Molly couldn't understand why the potions hadn’t taken effect yet. Maybe it would just take a little more time.

Sirius, Remus, and Severus all noticed the anger on Bill and Charlies faces. They were going to have to bring it up with Harry. After a few minutes of listening to them argue, Bill and Charlie had clearly had enough of them. Bill told them that they should just leave Harry alone, the boy had already done more for their cause than the rest of them put together. Charlie added in that they couldn’t have it both ways. If they wanted him to kill a man, then they shouldn’t be treating him as a child, and if they wanted him to be a kid, then they couldn’t expect him to kill a man for them. It shouldn’t be left to Harry to do everything. After that, both boys left for work.

Severus said that he was retiring to his home, but actually flooed home, and then flooed to the upstairs of Grimmauld Place. Sirius and Remus stayed only for a few more minutes before they were sick of the others and left and went upstairs to meet with the others to talk.

Down in the kitchen, the rest of the Order continued to try and figure out how to regain control. Now that Sirius had been proven innocent they risked losing control of him too. They were also going to have issues with people knowing that Voldemort was back. Even though them knowing returned the credibility of those like Dumbledore that had been saying so, the fact that it was Harry that proved it meant the credit for the reveal would go to him.


“I was thinking that we might want to speak with Bill and Charlie.” Remus said once they were all in the upstairs sitting room.

“I agree.” Harry said in a thoughtful voice. “Since Bill works at the bank, he should be relatively clear of potions. I believe they get checked every week. Charlie might need to be purged though.”

“We can talk to them both later this evening if you want us to.” George said.

“Do it. We are going to need more support for what I have planned.” Harry smiled over at the twins.

“What are you going to do next?” Sirius asked. He didn’t know what else they could do.

“I am going to be a fifteen year old boy. I am going to hang out with my real friends. I am going to go to school. I am going to do my homework. As Molly said, I am just a kid, so that is how I am going to act. It isn’t my job to save anyone. I have done more than my fair share, I’m done.” Harry smiled.

All the others just smiled back at him because they knew that he was right. He had suffered enough for the ungrateful people around him. He deserved to get to be a kid.