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Harry James Potter stood outside 12 Grimmauld Place watching as it appeared in front of him. Only a few hours ago he had been locked up at his muggle relatives after being attacked by dementors. As much as he hated everything that had happened since then, including being threatened with expulsion, he was almost, grateful, for the attack. It got him out of there.

He had been trying to find ways out of there since the day he arrived. The problem was that there were wards around both the house and the general area that locked him in. He couldn’t get more than 5 blocks from the house. Now, he was free…ish.

Walking into the house he looked around at the dank, dirty place with thinly vailed disgust. This place was filthy. 

When he saw Sirius he was both happy and wary. Ever since Sirius had escaped Azkaban and Harry had learned he was innocent, they had been in contact at least weekly. 

During Harry’s third year, he and Remus had become extremely close. At first, he had held back, until he learned that the only reason Remus hadn't come to take him away was because Dumbledore had placed wards around the entire town that wouldn’t allow Remus anywhere near him. Remus had actually tried to apply for custody of Harry almost every month since his parents had been killed. He had also been sending cards and presents, but none of them had gotten past the mail wards that had been placed around him. After that, Harry and he had gotten extremely close.

When they had learned that Sirius was innocent, they had brought him in on their friendship. When Sirius had had to escape, and Remus had had to leave the school they had left together. Despite what Dumbledore thought, Severus outing Remus had actually been at their request. Sirius needed help, and Remus needed a reason to leave so that he could be there for his best friend.

Severus had originally not wanted to help them, but they had brought him round. Severus’s main issue was about the so-called prank that Sirius had pulled. He hated that Sirius hadn’t been punished. But when Harry pointed out that the punishment for a crime like that was 10 years in Azkaban, and Sirius had served 12, then the punishment had been served. 

Then Sirius had explained the truth. The person that had sent Severus through the Whomping Willow was Pettigrew under polyjuice. Pettigrew had been jealous of Severus’s skill with potions and had wanted him to be turned to destroy his career prospects. After Sirius had apologized sincerely for all the bullying, Severus had started to work with them. He was also planning the slow and painful death of Pettigrew, only a fool crossed someone as skilled as he was with potions.

When Harry was forced into the Triwizard Tournament Sirius, Remus, and Severus had gotten even more involved in his life. They all knew that there was no way that Harry should have been forced to compete. They had had him contest his being forced to compete with both the school board and the Wizengamot. Both had said that he was required to compete, even after he swore a magical oath that he hadn’t been the one to enter. Severus had pointed out that Dumbledore controlled both, the only person that could even come close to challenging his power was Lucius, and it wasn’t likely that he would.

Remus and Sirius had given him one of their contact mirrors and called him almost every night. Especially after what had happened with Cedric. Neither of them wanted Harry to blame himself for Cedric’s death.

All that had changed two weeks into the summer. The calls had stopped, and the weekly letters had changed. When they had first started writing they had agreed on a secret code that would verify that it was them, and that they weren’t being coerced. Those codes had disappeared from there letters. And the calls had stopped completely Severus had also sent a short warning that he believed that something had happened to both of them based on their behaviour.

He loved his godfather, but this wasn’t him. This was whoever Dumbledore wanted him to be. He was going to have to find a way to break whatever had been done to them, Severus hadn’t been able to get close enough for a long enough time to do it himself. Severus and Harry had decided that it was going to have to be Harry, if Severus spent even a few minutes with the two of them it would draw attention.

After Tonks had tripped over the umbrella stand, setting of the portrait of Sirius’s mother, Molly Weasley came out and rushed everyone back to the meeting, telling Harry that he would be sharing a room with Ron. Not likely.

Harry had no intention of staying in a room with Ron. Ron and Hermione had proven over and over again that they just weren’t good friends, and Harry had had enough. It didn’t make any sense that Ron and Hermione had been hidden away here while he had been left out there, alone. Sure they had someone watching him from time to time, but that wasn’t nearly enough. If he had been here, he wouldn’t have had to go up against dementors.

He couldn’t trust them anymore, especially after last year. When Ron had abandoned him, Harry had at first thought that Hermione would stick by him. And she had, but only when she was around him. Harry had taken to watching the Marauders Map from time to time and seen her, Ron, and Ginny meeting up to often. He had used his invisibility cloak to spy on them once. It had hurt him a lot to hear what they had to say. They all talked about how pathetic he was and how much they wished they didn’t have to be his friends. Ron even talked about them getting paid. Ginny had said that once they got married she would force him to stop whining about how tough his life was. 

Harry had known that they weren’t the best type of friends, but that had actually hurt enough to make him cry. He had spent over an hour talking it out with Severus, Sirius, and Remus. In the end, he decided that he was better off to keep pretending to be their friend for the time being, but now, he was ready to cut them out. The only Weasley’s that he still trusted were the twins. He couldn’t say much about Bill and Charlie because he hadn’t really gotten the chance to get to know them yet.


Once he was alone in the hall he quietly called for Kreacher. When the elf appeared he had a nasty look on his face, but once he saw they were alone he became respectful.

Sirius had been kind enough to inform Harry that he was next in line to be the Black family heir, and because of that, Kreacher would have to obey him. Sirius was the current heir, but once he was free he intended to take the lordship, and then Harry could get the heir ring.They had been using Kreacher to pass messages back and forth ever since.

“Master Harry. Is you… You?” Kreacher was giving him a thorough survey, trying to see if this master was like the other 2 that had changed.

“Yes Kreacher, I’m me.” Harry told him, keeping his voice low.

“Good.” Kreacher actually liked to serve his Master Harry and those that were loyal to him, but he didn’t like the others making a mess in his house. “Master Mutt and Master Wolf is acting strange. They’s started being mean to Kreacher even when we’s alone.”

Sirius and Kreacher pretended to hate one another whenever anyone from the Order was around because it allowed Kreacher some freedom to insult the ones that invaded the house. Kreachers real job had been to hide everything of value. This included all the family heirlooms, and books. The entire top 4 floors of the house and even the ball room where hidden by Kreachers magic. Sirius, Remus, and Kreacher had had a great deal of fun making the areas of the house that were still accessible a disaster zone to ensure that the Order members didn’t like staying.

“I know Kreacher. Severus and I believe that they have been given potions and are under spells making them act like that.” Harry didn’t like to hear that Sirius and Remus were being forced to be cruel to Kreacher, the poor old elf had been through enough. “Kreacher, can you pop us up to the library, I’m going to need to do some research? Also, can you take my stuff to one of the rooms you have hidden? I have no desire to share a room with one of the traitors.”

Kreacher was happy to help. After taking his Master Harry up to the library, he took the trunk up to the heir sweet. Then he went back to work. He had been trying to figure out a good nickname for his Master Harry, but was having a hard time with it.


Harry was sitting in the law section of the fabled Black Library when Kreacher popped in. 

“Master Harry, the blood traitors be trying to find you. The red headed banshee says it be time for dinner.”

“Thank you Kreacher. Can you do me a favour?” Kreacher happily nodded at his master. “I don’t trust Mrs. Weasley not to try and drug me, so when she goes to hand me my plate, can you make it fall to the floor. I’ll go and dish up my own food after that, I don’t think she would try drugging the entire order, so as long as I am the one to serve myself I think I should be safe. If anything happens, and my behaviour does change, I want you to go and get Severus and bring him to me up here, on the upper floors, do you understand?”

“Destroy food the banshee tries to feed you, make sure you only eat foods you’s serves you’s self. If you’s starts being different get Master Potions and bring you both up heres. Yes, Kreacher understands.”


When Harry arrived in the kitchen everyone started bombarding him with questions. Asking everything from where had he been, how was he, and how he felt about the upcoming trial. Harry just raised an eyebrow. He signalled for the twins to separate slightly, and he sat in-between the two of them, it would offer him a little protection. Fred and George were more than happy to help, they hadn’t like how everyone had been talking about their financial backer, and secret boyfriend.

Molly was at the stove dishing up the food she was going to give to Harry. With her back to the room no one saw as she put a few drops of love potion keyed to Ginny in his drink, some power suppression potion in the gravy, and some mind dulling potion into the vegetables. Although it wasn’t like she needed to hide it, most of the Order knew what she was doing. 

Turning around, Molly went over to set the food in front of Harry. But before she could set the food down, that dratted house elf threw some of the twins ever bouncing balls causing her to slip, and for the food to go crashing to the floor.

As a few people got up to help Molly clean up and start rounding up the balls, Harry knocked his shoulders against the twins on either side and suggested that they go and get their own food. The twins saw the small smirk Harry sent to the elf and understood. They had found potions in their food from time to time and had taken to scanning their food at every meal.

Nodding their agreement the three of them got up and went over to the food to serve themselves. Just to be safe they shot quick scans at each plate, not even considering touching any of the food before.

When Molly looked up after gathering the balls, she saw that Harry already had food. She couldn’t even yell at that elf for what he had done as the elf had disappeared. Merlin she hated that thing. When she had been told that there was a house elf at the headquarters she had been ecstatic, less work for her, then she met the thing.

“Harry, why didn’t you come up to our room?” Ron asked, his mouth stuffed with food.

“We were waiting for you.” Hermione added in a prissy voice.

“I went to my room.” Harry tells them in a flat voice.

“But I told you, you are in with Ron, Harry dear.” Molly scolds.

“Why does it matter? Why do we need to share, there’s plenty of room.” Harry argued  back.

“We use the extra rooms in case another member of the Order wants to spend the night.” Molly tried the sweet approach.

“So… What you’re saying is that I need to share a room with someone that snores louder than a fog horn, on the off chance, someone else might want to spend a night here, even though they have their own homes.” Harry raised an eyebrow. He was not about to share with Ron.

“Well… None of the other rooms have been properly cleaned.” Molly tried again.

“My room is just fine for me.” Harry said.

“Then you might be in someone else’s room.” Hermione said. “The only rooms that are clean have already been claimed.”

“It is an empty room. No one else’s stuff is in there.” Harry said as he and the twins started to eat.

“How did you find a clean room that no one else is in?” Ginny demanded. She would love to have a properly clean room that she didn’t have to share with Hermione.

“I asked Kreacher.” Harry told her.

“But that elf is useless. All he does is call people names. Why would he help you?” Ron said as he started to stuff food in his mouth.

“Maybe, if you didn’t call him useless, he might be nicer to you. I was polite and he helped. It’s as simple as that.” Harry told the boy, making sure not to look at him. Nothing could make a person lose their appetite faster than watching Ron eat.

“Then I’ll just move in with you. Our room that I’m in now is a mess.” Ron liked the idea of having a clean room.

“No.” Harry said firmly. “I will stay in my room, and you will stay in yours. I want to be able to sleep at least some during whats left of this disaster of a summer. Sirius, Remus, how have you two been?” Harry turned away from the others to pay attention to the two remaining marauders.

“You know, Harry…” Sirius shrugged, sounding depressed. “It’s been hard. I hate being locked up here, but no one will let me help.”

“We’ve missed you.” Remus sighed.

“I’ve missed you too.” Harry said to them. He was going to have to get them up to the upper floors tonight to use the purging potions Sev had left for him.

“So Harry, how has your summer been so far?” Ginny asked, trying to refocus Harry’s attention on to herself.

“Really.” Harry gave her a look that clearly showed he thought she was an idiot. “Let’s see. After watching a friend of mine get murdered, I was sent to magic hating muggles. Rather than being there for me, and supporting me during a hard time, my so called friends, decided not to write to me. And then, to top it all off, I was attacked by dementors, and am now facing a hearing about wether or not I should be expelled from school or charged. How do you think my summer has been?”

Ron and Hermione shared a look. They both knew that Harry would be upset over their lack of contact, but they figured they could win him over. Harry was always so desperate for friends that he would never risk losing them.

“We’re so sorry Harry. The headmaster felt that it was too dangerous.” Hermione started.

“Ya mate.” Ron added.

“So, let me get this straight. You decided that writing to me was too dangerous, so it was better to leave me completely ignorant of what was going on. It was better to leave me out in the open, rather than have me come here.” Harry said.

“The headmaster said you were safer with your relatives.” Hermione defended.

“I think we can all say now, he was wrong.” Harry was getting even more annoyed. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone again. “Back to the whole, ignoring me thing. You ignored me because the headmaster told you too. Are you kidding me, what right does that man have to dictate who can contact me.”

“Harry James Potter!” Hermione wouldn’t hear one word against the headmaster. “He was doing what was best. You can’t expect us to break the rules just for you, we need to think of everyone.”

“Right, because the perfect Hermione Granger would never break the rules, unless it’s her idea.” Harry countered.

“I always follow the rules. It’s you that is always sneaking out and getting us in trouble.” Hermione was angry, how dare he say something like that to her.

“Right.” Harry gave her a vicious look. He could see Sev out of the corner of his eye watching the show. “So it wasn’t you that decided to brew a potion well beyond our year level in second year, a potion that is restricted to advanced brewers only? It wasn’t you who stole the ingredients for it rather than buy it. Remember, that was your idea, not mine. I might sneak out after curfew, but you break the law.” Harry decided to change to topic again to keep everyone on their toes. “So tell me, if it’s so much safer for me to be with muggles, why are you here Hermione?”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked.

“She’s here because everyone knows she’s your friend Harry. It would be reckless to have left her undefended. Hermione came here to keep everyone safe.” Molly admonished the boy. How she wished he had gotten the potions she had planned to give him.

“Really.” Harry gave Molly a dry look. “So Hermione is in too much danger living with muggles because she claims to be my friend, but it’s safer for me to stay with muggles even though I have magical Hitler after me. You seem to have a very skewed logic on what it means to keep everyone safe. So, what is going on with the Order?”

“Well…” Sirius started only to be cut off by Molly’s shriek.

“Don’t you dare tell him anything Sirius Black. They are just children. They are too young to know any of this. I forbid you from telling them anything.”

“Interesting.” Harry said as he got to his feet. “I’m going to my room.”

“We’ll come with ya, mate.” Ron said as he, Hermione, and Ginny started getting up.

“No, you won’t.” Harry held out a hand to stop them. “You had no problem ignoring me for the first half of the summer, so, you shouldn’t have a problem ignoring me for the second half.”

“But Harry, the headmaster said…” Ginny started to whine.

“I don’t care what the headmaster said.” Harry snapped at her to interrupt the girls annoying whining. “You had a choice, be my friends, or do what the headmaster told you too. I think we all know which you chose.”

All three huffed as Harry walked out of the room. Hermione turned around, ready to start talking to Ron and Ginny about how they were going to make Harry be their friend again when she saw Professor Snape looking at her with fire in his eyes.

“Stole ingredients to brew a restricted potion. Very interesting Ms. Granger.” Snape drawled as he headed for the floo. “I will be seeing you at school Ms. Granger.”

Ron and Hermione knew that the next year was going to be awful in Snape’s class. Neither of them could believe that Harry had betrayed them like that.

Molly looked around the kitchen practically growling. Sirius was sitting in the corner, looking lost and confused. Remus was next to him looking depressed. The twins were quietly whispering to each other. All the others were trying to figure out how to regain control of the brat.


Later that night, Harry was sitting up in the library when Kreacher popped in.

“Master Harry, all the’s intruders are asleep.”

“Thank you Kreacher.” Harry gave the elf his full attention. “We will be starting with Sirius. Can you pop him up to the tub in the ensuite bathroom of the bedroom next to mine?”

The elf started to wring his hands. “Kreacher has been ordered to never enter Master Mutt’s room.”

Harry thought for a few moments. “Kreacher, correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the Black family scripts, if the Lord or Heir has been compromised, by potions or spells, then the next heir in line may take control and override any previous orders given.” The elf just nodded. “Then, as future Heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, I am assuming control of the family until such time as we can verify that the future Lord of the House of Black is free of foreign influences. 

As such, I am overriding Sirius Black’s order that you are to never enter his room. Does that work for you, Kreacher?”

“Yes Master Harry.” The elf said as he popped away to get the mutt.

Harry was entering the ensuite bathroom just as Kreacher popped in with Sirius. Sirius woke up with a start. He had been having another nightmare, and then he was suddenly sitting in a bath tub looking up at his godson and a demented house elf.

“Harry. What’s going on pup?”

“Siri, do you trust me? Would you do something I asked you too without asking why?” Harry asked.

“Of course Harry. Anything you want.” Sirius didn’t understand where this was coming from. He knew he was a terrible godfather, but he really did love his godson.

Harry held out one of the purging potions. “Drink this.”

Sirius didn’t hesitate. He took the vial and downed it without question. He didn’t understand what was going on, then his stomach flipped. He threw himself forward and started throwing up in the bucket Harry held out to him. He felt fire in his veins, as he started to sweat and shake. The shower came on and he felt cool water flow over him.

When Sirius finally became aware again he started to wonder if he was hallucinating again as he saw Harry and Kreacher playing what looked to be a rather intense game of Candy Land. They both looked to him when he groaned.

“How are you feeling, Siri?” Harry asked warily.

“Better than I have in a while. I can finally think clearly again.” Sirius said as he slightly shook his head to clear it.

“What happened?”

“I don’t…” Sirius tried to focus on his last clear thoughts before these. “That absolute bastard. Mad Eye caught Moony and I with one of your letters. When he realized that we were still in contact he went to the old goat. They spelled Moony and I so that we would start ignoring you. Mad Eye also hit me with a nightmare curse, for his own amusement I guess. Shit, we need to help Moony, if I remember correctly they made him hate himself and gave him severe depression.”

Sirius fumed as he got out of the tub, now thoroughly soaked, but feeling much better. He slipped into the room that he had previously been living in to get some dry clothes. The room he had downstairs had just been a cover.

When he walked back into the bathroom he saw as Kreacher brought Remus in. Sirius had wanted to hurt those that had spelled and potioned him, the nightmares and delusions he had been having had almost broken him, but now he wanted to kill them. Remus, his best friend, the man he loved, one of the nicest people he knew, was a mess. He had arrived in the tub, curled in the fetal position, sobbing.

Harry quickly asked Remus the same questions he had asked Sirius. Remus had responded in almost the exact same words as Sirius.

After Remus had taken the potion, Sirius got to see just what he must have looked like less than half an hour earlier, not that he thought he was looking so good right now. Sure, he felt like himself again, and he felt better than he had in a while, but he still felt like crap. He was exhausted, he had a pounding headache, and he couldn’t even take anything for it because of the purging potion. If he took any potions within the next 24 hours, the purging potion still in his system would force him to get sick again. Sitting down, Sirius joined in a new round of Candy Land.

Remus’s eyes flashed amber as he started to growl. When his eyes caught on his cub he relaxed slightly, but it was clear Moony was furious.

“Are you doing ok Uncle Remy?” Harry asked.

During the last school year Harry had helped Remus to accept his inner wolf, which allowed him to keep his mind during the shift. It also stopped the pain.

“Cub. My cub.” Remus said as he climbed out of the tub and went directly to Harry and hugged him. Getting both the floor and Harry completely soaked along the way. “They made me abandon my cub. I will kill them slowly.”

“And I will help.” Sirius added as he flicked his wand to send a drying charm towards the two, while Kreacher dried the floor.

“No” Harry wasn’t about to let them get themselves in trouble, yet. “At least, not yet. Right now I am going to need help preparing for my hearing. You will continue to behave as if nothing has changed, lock yourselves in your rooms and have Kreacher pop you up here so we can work. They can not know that their potions and spells have been removed until after. I have plans. until then, we all must play our rolls. Just spend as little time as possible with them to keep them from noticing anything.”

“Ok.” Sirius sighed, he really did want to hurt those that had kept him from being there for his pup, but he would do anything for his godson. “Oh, and Kreacher, I’m sorry I have been so mean to you lately.”

“Me too.” Remus said to the elf.

Kreacher just nodded at them. He knew it wasn’t their fault, but he was grateful that they were sorry they had been cruel. Yes, Kreacher liked his new masters.


The next afternoon Harry was once again sitting surrounded by law books, but this time, Sirius and Remus were with him. Harry hadn’t been downstairs yet that day and had had Kreacher get him his breakfast. Sirius and Remus had both gone down for breakfast, but had returned to their rooms right after pretending that they were depressed that Harry hadn’t been there.

Harry and the others were working on planning his approach to the upcoming hearing when Kreacher popped in. “Master Harry. The intruders are searching for you. They is going room by room trying to find you’s.”

“Thank you Kreacher. Is anyone in the lower library?” Kreacher shook his head. “Can you bring me down there? Remy, Siri, just keep researching. I should be back fairly quickly.”

Kreacher took Harry’s hand and they popped away.


The library on the lower floor was nothing like the one on the upper floors. The upstairs library had tens of thousands of self updating books that covered some of the most ancient forms of magic. The lower library still had plenty of books, about a thousand or so, but they were far more basic. Sirius and Remus had gone through this library and removed any book that could be considered, questionable, or, dark, by Dumbledore. 

Harry grabbed one of the books on potions and sad down in one of the high back chairs that faced the fire. This would hide him from anyone that just looked in from the door. It would give him an excuse as to why they didn’t see him if they just looked in. Opening the book, he started to read.

Ten minutes after he sat down, he heard footsteps behind him, though, he didn’t worry as it was two sets of feet and he knew that the only ones that would not be searching for him were the twins. They would trust him to look after himself.

“Well, well, well,” George said.

“If it isn’t our little,”


“Gred, Forge.” Harry nodded to each of the two in turn. “How has your day been going?”

“Fine, fine.”

“Watching the Order, run around like headless chickens. They seem to think they’ve lost their precious golden boy.”

Most didn’t realize that the twins didn’t always speak in twin speak. They often did, but when they were with someone they liked and trusted they didn't.

“Oh, they’ve lost him alright.” Harry gave them a wicked smile that they returned. “I’m what’s left behind.”

The twins laughed before they walked back out of the room.


Twenty minutes later, the twins were sitting in the kitchen when the rest of the Order stormed in. They were all clearly panicking.

“What do we do?”

“Where could he have gone?”

“How dare he just disappear like that?”

“We need to contact the headmaster?”

“What,” It was Fred that started this time.

“Are you lot,”

“On about?” Fred finished, though, they both already knew, it was just more fun for them this way.

“Harry has run away?” Ginny whined.

“We’ve searched every room.” Ron added as he threw himself gracelessly down.

“Not very well.” George said.

“Yes we have. We’ve been at it for hours.” Hermione told them.

“He’s sitting in the library.” Fred told them.

“He’s been there all after noon.” George added.

“What, no he isn’t.” Ron said.

“Really,” Fred made his voice surprised.

“Then who was it,”

“That we were talking too?”

“I don’t know Freddy. Must’ve been a ghost.”

The group all stormed off to the library, leaving the twins behind.

Harry hid a smirk as the library was invaded.

“Harry James Potter, what do you think you are doing?” Molly Weasley shrieked.

Harry gave her a puzzled look. “Reading. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“We have been looking for you for hours.” Ron whined. He really hadn’t liked having to search, he had wanted to take a nap.

“Well, I’ve been here. Not my fault you didn’t do a proper job in your little search. All you would have had to do is talk to the twins and they could have told you where I was.” Harry got up and put his book back. “I’m going to go get something to eat.”

“I haven’t gotten around to cooking dinner yet honey.” Molly said in a motherly voice. She needed to make sure that he ate food that she had prepared, or he would never stop being so difficult.

“I am perfectly capable of cooking my own dinner Mrs. Weasley. After all, I was forced to do all the cooking at the Dursley’s. At least I will actually get to eat the food I make here.” Harry reminded everyone before he walked out of the room.

Once in the kitchen, Harry started grabbing things out of the ice box to make his food. The twins came up beside him and started to help him. They both agreed that it would be a good way to avoid being potioned. All three of them also always enjoyed working together.

When the three took their food to the table, Ron started trying to take food from their plates. After repeatedly smacking their greedy little brothers hands away they both finally snapped.

“If you do not stop,” Fred’s voice was like ice.

“Trying to steal our food, Ronnikins,”

“You will find your bed,”

“Full of spiders.”

Ron instantly stopped trying to take any food.

“Fred, George.” Molly shrieked, coming to the defence of her baby boy. “Don’t you dare threaten your brother. He’s just hungry, he is a growing boy after all. You need to share with your brother.”

“If he wants food,”

“He can make his own,”

“Like we did.” The twins argued back, never stopping protecting their food.

Molly huffed before she went over to the stove and started on dinner for everyone else. Before she could finish, Harry and the twins finished their food and all said that they were going up to their rooms.

Hermione and Ginny tried to follow Harry to see which room he was using, as they hadn’t found another room that looked like it was being used during their search, but Harry was already gone by the time they came out of the kitchen. Ron hadn’t wanted to miss any of the food so he stayed in the kitchen.


A few nights later, Harry was sitting in his upstairs room, waiting. Kreacher popped in, a twin on each side.

“What can we do for you?” George asked him. Neither he or Fred had been overly open with Harry yet, they weren’t sure if this was there Harry, or the one that Dumbledore and the rest of the order created with their potions and spells.

In answer, Harry held out two doses of the purging potion.

Fred took the potion, opened it, and sniffed. “Purging potions.”

“Sirius and Remus have already taken theirs. I also took one after they did.” Harry told them. Sirius had insisted that Harry take one just to be sure. He had shown evidence of a few minor potions, but nothing as extreme as the two men. “This is just to be sure you’re you before this goes any further.”

Both Fred and George got into the bath tub and turned the shower on before they each downed the potion. Luckily, this was the heir suite, so the bath tub was large enough to fit four people comfortably. Like it had been for Harry, the purging potion quickly burned through a few minor potions, but nothing too big. 

Once they were out of the tub, they both flicked their wands simultaneously, casting drying charms. After they were dry, the twins slowly backed Harry out of the bathroom.

When Sirius came in half an hour later to check and see how the purging was going, he found his godson sitting on Freds lap, making out with him, while George worked on decorating his throat with hickeys. Sirius cleared his throat and almost smirked when all three of them jumped.

“Remus and I were wondering if you were going to come and assist us with Harry’s defence?”

Harry pouted at his godfather, he had the worst timing. “Coming Siri.”

Sirius just smirked at his blushing godson. The twins didn’t bother to blush, they looked more proud than anything.

“Hey Remy,” Harry said as he bounced into the library. “We were just talking.”

“Talking?” Remus said in an amused voice. “Is that what you kids are calling it these days. Before you try lying like that cub, you might want to look in a mirror.”

Harry turned to look in the mirror that hung on the wall. He could clearly see that George had been very successful in his hickey endeavour. Turning back to look at George he raised an eyebrow at him, George just smiled smugly.

They spent a few hours going through old law books before they went to bed. The twins joined Harry in his room, but they just slept. The twins had both agreed when they had started seeing Harry the year before that they were all going to take their relationship slow. They still hadn’t moved past the kissing and light touching stage.