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The Former Key and the Fuzzy Elf

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AU. Dawn finds Kurt Wagner — also known as Nightcrawler — to be an enigma of sorts. So she decides to take the initiative and ask him some questions about himself... and he is more than glad to oblige..

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AU. After Buffy gives Kurt the shovel speech, Kurt, much to her and Dawn’s surprise, simply replies with, “Bring it on, Slayer. I so love a good challenge” while smiling in a confident way.

Dawn then gives Buffy a shovel speech of her own, saying, “If you even think of hurting Kurt, Buffy, I will give you what-for, if you will. You may be my sister, but I’m warning you... if you use your Slayer strength on him at all, I will challenge you to a battle.”

Buffy is surprised at not only Dawn’s words, but also at her own sister giving her own version of the shovel speech. The look in Dawn’s eyes also tells Buffy that Dawn is not kidding; she is serious..

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AU. When Dawn and Kurt hear the song The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks, they decide to take the advice of Buffy’s sister Slayer Faith Lehane to heart by getting a room (as Faith would put it). They make sure to tell Buffy about it beforehand, and she appreciates it, much to their surprise. When she sees their puzzled looks, Buffy explains that Faith had been giving her a stern and yet loving and much needed lecture (although in a sisterly way) about how Dawn was growing up, and that Buffy couldn’t be overprotective of her little sister forever — which Buffy realized Faith was right about in a sense.