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It's a Wonderful Secret Identity

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Although professionally, Sara Lance appreciated dresses with a low decolletage and big skirts for their ability to provide distraction and places to hide extra weapons, in February the former was downright chilly and on a train in 1861, the latter made it hard to move fast.

As she moved forward toward the president-elect's carriage, her earbud told her that Zari and Mick had cut the telegraph lines to Baltimore, and that Nate and Ray were bringing the horsedrawn carriage around to convey Mr. Lincoln across town to the Camden Street Station.

And this was where Sara brought out some of the other weapons in her arsenal: the fluttering eyelashes, the fan. Lincoln was putty in her hands.

Within the hour, the Legends had delivered Lincoln into Allan Pinkerton's hands so he could get him to the inauguration on time and whole.


As the Legends piled onto the Waverider, Sara pulled off her bonnet and ran her hands through her freed hair. She poured herself a warming glass of scotch, saying, "Gideon, report, please. How is the timeline looking?"

"Well, Captain," Gideon hedged, because part of being an AI was knowing when to act human. "The anomaly that the crew went to eradicate from the nineteenth century is well and duly eradicated. You have successfully protected the timeline. The American Civil War is back on shedule and the North wins again..."

And, because part of being a captain was knowing how to hear what someone (computer or living) wasn't saying, Sara said, "Gideon, why do you sound distracted? Are you saying that there is a new anomaly in a different century? Did we cause this?"

"Yes, Captain. I mean, no captain. Both, really."

"Gideon..." said Nate. Gideon knew he fancied himself a ladies man.

"I'm sorry, Captain. There's been a new problem almost two centuries in the future. It's 2035. Fort Knox is being robbed by an anomaly, but he isn't our usual type of anomaly. He is a future root of a past anomaly, because of quantum."

They all turned to Ray Palmer. "Well," he said uncertainly, "in quantum mechanics the whole idea that cause has to precede effect is... just one of several theories of what we might like to call causality."

Mick Rory grunted. The rest of the (considerably) smarter team looked relieved that someone had articulated what they were thinking--and so accurately, no less.

"Exactly," said Gideon. "But there are other theories, such as the Multiple Causal Trouser Interference Theory, or the Reverse Multiple Causal--"

Even an AI can see when nobody is following her reasoning. "Let me start again. You are all familiar with the idea of the multiverse theory? That there may be infinite universes where everything that can happen, does happen, somewhere?"

"Like a world where it's always Wednesday?" asked Nate.

"Or where there's no shrimp?" asked Zari, who was allergic.

"Or only shrimp!" said Mick, who really wasn't.

"Exactly!" said Gideon. "And in this universe there are moments where someone makes a crucial decision, which could cause them to go down one of two of the legs of the Trousers of Time, the leg that should have happened, and the one that totally changes the Timeline, often catastrophically."

"Okay..." said Sarah. "And the multiple part? And the reverse part?"

Gideon warmed to the captain, who always grasped the essential information. "The multiple part means sometimes a decision could open up more than one possible leg. You must remember that some of the theorizing on time was done by octopods, so..."

"Got it," said Zari. "More than two legs are a theoretical option."

"So the reverse part simply means that sometimes a crucial future event may cause multiple past events."

"Wait--" said Mick, but Sara cut in.

"I got this, Rory. Gideon. So we have a theft at Fort Knox in 2035. What kind of guess do you have about what might have caused this?"

"It appears that the individual who transported all the gold out of the fort's confines was... Lex Luthor's son?"

Mick popped the top on a beer. "I thought he got thirty-eight life sentences. When's he got time to do the dirty?"

"It appears that he was pardoned in 2025. I am looking for the causal node right now."

Sara shuddered as the scotch burned her throat and coughed as Gideon said, "Oh, dear..."


"I can't find Supergirl in the timeline. There's a Wondergirl... And James Olsen still lives in National City. And it looks like Superman... is going to retire?"

Nate asked, "What caused the changes to the timeline?"

"There is an event that happened in 2018, in Metropolis USA, the explosion of a Time Bomb. That is where I believe we should start.

"A time bomb?" said Mick. "Why would that--"

Also often happened, the team followed the logical thread just a little faster than Mick. "Not that kind of Time Bomb."

"Metropolis..." said Sara slowly.

"Yes," said Gideon. "You see the problem. The event is the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. " And...or? Another bomb at the reception? And possibly an assassin that got captured. We could be dealing with multiple causalities. I will try to narrow it down while you're dealing with it in real time. I suggest you start at the wedding."

"Okay," said Sara. "We'll figure this out on the way. Gideon, get us to the church on time."

"Right away, Captain Lance."