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Happy Tree Friends Drabbles

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Whiskers laughed as her baby brother, Fluffy, played with her tail. She soon heard a knock at the door. She grunted and rolled her eyes as she made her way to the door and opened it only to find cub and a sick pop. She gasped and quickly let them in. Whiskers allowed Pop to lay down a couch, putting a pillow under his head as he drifted off to sleep. She grabbed Cub and Fluffy and walked into the kitchen to make some noodles and peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. She turned around and saw that Fluffy was playing with remote. She took it from him. Fluffy screamed and Whiskers laughed. She headed back to the Kitchen counter and grabbed a knife, fork, and spoon. She grabbed a noodle and set the boiling water, dumping the noodles in the pot that over the stove. She went and grabbed the peanut butter out the cabinet and the jelly out the fridge. She turned around to check on Cub and Fluffy, only to see them fighting over the remote, hitting and pushing each other. Whiskers gasped, turned off the boiling water and ran over to  try and grab the remote, but forgot she had the fork, spoon, and knife in her hand. The remote flung into the air along with the spoon, fork, and knife. The spoon and fork landed in both of Whiskers’ ears. She looked up and screamed as the knife fell towards her. She screamed again when it landed in her eye. She ran back and forth. She tried to pull the knife out her eye but it was stuck. She pulled harder and her eyeball came out. She screamed louder. Luckily for her, she was standing right by a glass window which broke. Pieces of glass landing in her other eye, head, and stomach. She tried to run but slipped on the glass and landed on a sharp piece of glass. A few seconds later, Pop got up and walked into the kitchen. He saw Fluffy and Cub in the door way smiling at him. He smile back and looked up and saw Whiskers laying dead on the floor. He screamed in shock and ran over to her.