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The Thing About the Thing With Feathers (All of Season Six)

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Past is Prologue (Annie)
(mid-April 2014)

Even though the campus is still lousy with Subway branding, and the Greendale remnants holding it all together is still trashed, the study group holds a little celebratory shindig where Annie puts up the ceremonial “Save Greendale” star under the accomplished portion of their to-do board.

Her friends may think she’s beaming with pride as she turns to face them, but the truth is that she’s smiling with relief. Everything and everyone is in their place, everything and everyone has reset to their natural equilibrium.

Well, almost everyone.

Okay, she’s not there yet. She will be, just not today. But they don’t know that.

The they in this equation refers to a specific subset of they, rather than the general they in the room.

But again, they don’t know there’s anything to know, and that’s okay.

Really, it is.

Because if they knew, there’d be…a reaction.

Maybe condescending pity (Britta), or some vague concern expressed via a string of placating words that would be the verbal equivalent of a head pat (definitely Jeff).

So, yeah. If they (she’s thinking the general they for this part) want to believe she’s beaming with pride, let them. She’ll keep her relief very much to herself.

Almost despite herself, her eyes find Abed.

She’s pretty sure that Abed’s not fooled even in the slightest.

She knows he won’t say anything here and now, but it wouldn’t surprise her if at some point he finds a way to make her confront it. If he does, he’s in for a rude surprise, because Annie’s done.

She’s 100% done.

She knows she’s made that vow in the past, but this time she means it.