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Impassive Retort

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"I've been thinking". She told him,  while placing her trunk beside her other hand clutching her passport and plane ticket. She's wearing ripped jeans, sneakers, a plain grey shirt and a thick green hoodie that looks old but is clean anyway. She's standing beside the coffee table that's facing him while he sits on the couch in front of it. " hmm" comes his barely audible reply. He stares at his Tea not daring to look up to her. His hair slicked back, his white shirt tucked neatly inside his crisp black slacks. Early grey, He sips carefully. Savoring each drop of its perfect blend. Black, 2cubes of sugar, exactly 1 splash of lemon and 3 drops of honey. That's the exact taste he liked. That's the way she perfectly does it every single time he asks for it in the past six months. He doesn't want to finish it. He knows that's the last time he'll get to taste it.

"6months,  and you've been paying me with a handsome salary. I have saved up enough for me to start a small business back home and be with my kids." She continued,  voice cracking in the end but not enough for tears to form in her eyes.

"I see" He looks collected but his tone quiet yet angry. He finally stood up, looked at her. He is mad. His face is deep red and he's breathing fast like he's about to strangle her. But his eyes were heart breaking. They're full of sorrow,  regret and hurt. It took every ounce of his energy not to cry. He walked slowly towards her.

"so you want to go back home. where you become a simple girl, content of having that idiotic dream of just living a mediocre life. Being morose and boring while you waste your life away wishing your kids will have a better life than you had. You are a fool. A fool with nothing. So go ahead and leave. I have no use of you and you know that." He said voice rising in each word. He is confused and hurt and the only way for him to mask this weakness is to get angry. He is the God of lies after all (or former that is) and he cannot be seen by people without that fair facade.

She was not surprised at all. She understood that he's angry with her. He's got all the right to, but she's not one to back away from a challenge. She knows that he is proud and she wouldn't let her pride get trampled also.

"Is that all BOSS?" She asked, her tone unaffected looking up directly to him.
He said nothing. He just looked at her,  as if he wants to tell her something. All anger gone now. It's just pure pure sadness. He licked his lips and closed his eyes. Tears theatening to spill. She waited for a few minutes but nothing came. He turned his back on her. Feeling defeated but not surprised, she picked up her trunk and headed towards the door.

"I made a pitcher of your tea and left it in the fridge. You can reheat it until you've found a suitable replacement. Bye boss"

Then she left.
This is the exact moment when he broke down. His magic exploded and all his illusions has been washed away. His furniture broken, while he sat in the corner. A proud God,  reduced to a crying weakling. His hair messy, his clothes changed to a green tunic that looked limp on him. He's now alone and for the first time,  it wasn't even his fault.