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Together at Last

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You all know SAINW, don' you? Where SAINW Donnie goes missing for thirty years? Well I wondered what if ALL the turtles disappeared and left Bella Swan to deal with it and the loss of her boyfriend Michelangelo by herself. I hope you enjoy this.
Silently I jump from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding the searching lights from the Foot helicopters. I hated the fact that things had turned out like this after the turtles disappearence.
I hated the fact it had twisted me into a different person, because one secret I had managed to keep was that Mikey and me, were in a relationship so when they disappeared they took my heart with them, wherever they were.
My head shot up as I heard voice ordering people to put their hands up. Moving to where I could see what was happening, my heart gave a painful thud as I stared in shock.
Pushing it aside I threw a few of my throwing stars at them as I pulled out my nunchuku I found in Mikey's room the night they disappeared as I jumped down, staying low and sweeping the men off their feet, flipping and leaping away as they started firing at me.
As I finally took the last one out, spitting on him I took a disbelieving look at the very turtles I had missed for 30 years.
"Bella,?" Leo asked. They all gasped when I came into the light though. I looked mostly the same, a bit older and with scars crossing my left side of my lips, making me look as if I was doing a half frown. A scar ran through my right eye, rendering me blind in that eye.
"What happened?" Raph asked me. I glared then slowly getting angry at the fact that they had the gull to ask me what happened when they were the ones who had disappeared. "You four are the ones who had a lot to answer for!" I snarled, my eye showing barely restrained anger and hostility.
"Where the shell have you been all these years?!" I snapped, watching as Mikey looked confused before asking "All these years?" innocently. As I saw that I winced as I deflated answering him softly "You four have been gone for 30 years".
" WHAT?!" Donnie started only to be cut off- "Shush!" I hissed angrily "We need to find a safer place! Follow me and DON'T wander off! That is dangerous nowadays" I told them harshly "Stick to the shadows and stay quiet!" I instructed them.
As I moved across the street quickly I heard Donnie ask " Where are you taking us". I answer " To see master Splinter".
I wondered if what I was about to show them was too harsh, only to recall 30 years of loneliness. Stopping at a manhole, I looked around before opening it and ,gesturing in, instructed "Wait for me at the bottom" as they went in one at a time.
Climbing in I made sure the manhole cover was in place before I allowed myself to fall and land on my feet. Turning around I made sure that all of them were there before I continued on my way. Darting quietly I stopped as I heard the loud splashing the turtles made. Turning around I held a finger to my lips.
Leo asked" Are Karai, Shinigami and Tails with master Splinter?". I answered "Are you kidding? Karai, Tails and Shini aren't with ANYBODY anymore" I told them. Donnie asked "What happened?". Sighing, I said" Lets just say they got into a huge fight years ago and went their separate ways. I haven't seen them in years".
We arrived where Master Splinter was buried. I smiled sadly, saying "Here he is".
I saw the realisation hit them as I pointed to the grave. They surrounded it as Leo cried out" Master Splinter!" while Mikey whimpered "Papa..".
Staring at them, Raph looked up and demanded roughly " What happened?!" he hissed. I patted the ground in an signal for them to sit down, which they did.
"After you disappeared, a few years later Shredder had taken over the whole city but still hadn't managed to find the lair. Unfortunatly we didn't realise there was a traitor in our mists. A month before you disappeared, we took in this fox mutant, called Alopex who was being attacked by the Foot. We took her in and treated her as one of us, she even managed to fool Master Splinter. One day she must have told the foot where the lair is as when they came bursting in she stood by Shredder's side. Master Splinter was killed in that battle but me, Shini, Karai and Tails managed to get out. Unfortunatly that caused resentment between Karai and Shini against Tails. I stayed neutral but was forced to watch as my team, no my family turned against each other, two against one then Tails turned on me, saying it was all my fault. She would have attacked me had Shini and Karai not stopped her by knocking her out. They carried her out and I haven't seen them all since" I finished as years of tears (ha, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!) flowed unrestrained down my face.
I stiffened though as I was pulled into a hug by Mikey, as I tried to force years of instant reflex down not to hurt him, staying stiff in the hug as I looked pleadingly at the other turtles, my hands twitching towards my nunchuku instantly.
Raph pulled Mikey off and I relaxed as my hands left my nunchuku. My head snapped up as Donnie spoke "So how do we fix this?". I gaped at him incredulously, pinching myself and realising I really had heard that. " We can't! Otherwise he would have been defeated by now" I told him sharply "You think we hadn't tried?! WELL?! WE LOST LOTS OF LIVES TRYING TO FIGHT HIM" I shouted roughly as I wiped away tears.
Donnie said "No I have a plan. But first we need Karai, Shinigami and Tails", as I loked at him, REALLY looked at him, I saw the determination in his face and for the first time in years, felt hope I thought was long lost rise up. Standing up I laughed unable to believe I was about to agree to this " This is a suicide mission and a tall order but I know someone who can help. Come with me and stay quiet".