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Persona 4 and 5 in a group chat because im unoriginal

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January 14th, 2019


10: 28 P.M.


Group Chat 5


-Ren Amamiya added Yu Narukami to the group chat 

-Ren Amamiya has changed Ren Amamiya's name to Joker


Joker: yo


YN: Who is this?


Joker: its the guy you meet in Inaba


Joker: you know, from the visiting class?


YN: oh


YN: I remember now


Joker: so, what are you up to right now


Joker: its almost 10:30


YN: Watching some tv before I got to bed


Joker: wow


Joker: morgana would NEVER let me stay up that late


YN: Morgana?


Joker: my cat


Joker: dont ask


YN: If you say so...


Joker: great, morgana is yelling at me to go to bed


Joker: well, gnight


YN: Good Night