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Ravarra High

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“What are you drawing?”

“Myself in a wedding veil.”

“That’s gay.”

Victor just glared at his boyfriend as he continued drawing.

Esteban groaned beside him, “Fuck this class...”

“You say that about every class.”

“Well, I especially mean it with this fucking class,” he started to stretch his arms.

“Esteban!” Adriano called from behind them, “Put your arms down, you look like a stripper!”

Esteban turned around, “Adri, you look like you’re sucking my dick!”

Victor tensed at that. Thank God Ms. Rivera wasn’t here yet.

Just then, Esteban’s cousin walked over to them, history book in hand.

“¿Que onda, güey?”

“Oh look, it’s a wild maricón.”

“Esteban!” Victor scolded.

“I can say that, get over it. Hmph. At least I haven’t slept with every bicurious guy at R High, unlike some people...”

“That’s me,” Amador nodded, “Anyway, did you do your homework?”


“Can I copy it?”


“Why not!?”

“Cuz I said so, marica.”

“¡Esteban, déjame verlo!”

“No, suck my dick.”

“I’d love to! Gimme!”

“No! Why don’t you just copy off of your boyfriend like you always do?”

“Aurelio’s sick!” Amador whined, “I need the work! ¡Dámelo!”

“¡Déjalo, fuck off!”

Amador whined again. He looked at Victor with a coy smile.

Uh oh...

“Victor. Victor, Victor, Victor,” he cooed as he walked around to Victor’s desk, “I know you did your homework.”

“I did...”

He reached his desk and started to turn.

No! Not the ass! Anything, but—!

Too late.

Amador sat right on his desk, plopping his cute-ass ass right on top of Victor’s binder.

Amador ran a hand along Victor’s arm, “May I copy tu tarea, Victor? I would be... very grateful if you let me.”

Amador’s hand moved to his chest, making circles around where he was nipping in his shirt.

“Sure...” Victor breathed. He totally was not entranced by Amador’s beauty. He totally was not giving into his temptations.

“Thank you, guapo,” Amador cooed, “Where is it?”

“Umm... It’s...” Victor looked down at his binder.

The same binder underneath Amador’s beautiful ass.

“Oh, it’s under my nalgas, isn’t it?” Amador giggled, “Silly me.”

Amador got up slowly, purposefully getting it all up in Victor’s face.

Victor totally was not staring. Victor totally did not want to touch it.

“Sorry about getting my butt all over your shit, Victor,” Amador batted his bright eyes, “If only there was... some way that I could make it up to you.”


“Oh,” Amador picked up his drawing, “Isn’t this a cute picture. You look good in a veil. Do you think I would look good in a veil, Victor?”


Victor totally was not imagining him in one right now.

“Why, thank you,” Amador batted his eyes, “Can I see your homework now?”


Victor opened his binder and pulled out his homework, handing it up to the walking beauty.

“Thanks, cutie,” Amador took it, “I’ll be sure to... make it up to you soon.”

Amador batted his eyes one more time, then turned and went back to his desk with Victor’s homework—and his drawing—in hand.

Victor totally did not watch his ass go.

Victor totally did not have a crush on his boyfriend’s gayer cousin.

Victor totally was not getting hard in his pants right now.

Victor pulled his shirt down to hide his definitely-not-a-boner from sight. Beside him, Esteban crumpled up a paper and threw it at the side of his face.

“You’re pathetic.”

Victor blushed, “I was just trying to help.”

“Yeah. Keep your eyes set on me, or I’ll rape you to death.”

That didn’t sound like a bad way to die...

Luckily, Amador managed to finish copying and passed the paper back to Victor before Ms. Rivera came in. And of course, he kept his drawing.

“Good afternoon, class,” Ms. Rivera greeted, “Before we begin, I have a survey that you all need to fill out. When you’re done, raise your hand so I can come and collect it.”

She started to pass the papers out.

“Ugh,” Esteban muttered, “I hate surveys.”

“I love surveys,” Victor smiled.

“I’m going to rape you...”

When Victor got the survey, he began to fill it out.

Grade? 11/Junior.

Gender? Male.

Sexual Orientation? Homosexual/Lesbian or Gay.

“What the fuck is this?” Esteban sounded annoyed, “This is not a word! How do you even pronounce it?”

Victor looked down at his paper. He was looking at the Race/Ethnicity category.


“‘La-teen-ex,’” Victor sounded out.

Esteban rolled his eyes, “That’s not a fucking word! It’s a mockery to the Spanish language! It should not exist!”

Honestly, Victor agreed. It was a stupid excuse for a gender-neutral word. ‘Latin@,’ had been better, even if you couldn’t say it out loud. He’d heard, ‘Latine,’ somewhere. That was probably the best of the bunch.

Amador leaned over to them, “I heard a couple of girls from the Latino Student Union pronouncing it, ‘Lah-dihn-ex.’”

Esteban pointed, “I like that. Obviously created by an English-speaker. Pronounce it the English way.”

Victor liked that too. ‘Lah-dihn-ex.’ It sounded so much better. Thank you, LSU!

When everyone was done, the class officially started, and they continued to learn about history.

“Hey, look, I found you.”

Victor looked to where he was pointing in the book. He pointed at the picture of Victoriano Huerta.


“Who is this marica anyway?”

“The guy that named himself president after Francisco Madero during the Mexican Revolution.”

“I’m Colombian.”

“Not everything is about you, Esteban.”

“Hey, Amador. Who’s Francisco Madero?”

“How the fuck should I know?”

“You’re half Mexican.”


“So, who is he?”

“I don’t know! Stop being racist!”


“I’m Belizean.”

Not that that had anything to do with his knowledge of the Mexican Revolution.

“I know. Who is he?”

“I’m not telling you, read the book.”

“I am so going to rape you if you don’t tell me...”

“Read the book!”

“I. Am going. To rape you.”

“Fine! Read the book!”

Esteban groaned as he fell back into his seat, “You’re the worst boyfriend ever.”

“Thank you. I love you too.”

They continued to study for the rest of the class period, until the bell—which sounded like a boat’s foghorn—rang for them to leave.

Esteban snorted under his breath, “The speaker farted.”

“You’re disgusting!”

“You love me for it.”

Just another average day for Victor at Ravarra High.

After school, Esteban raped him.