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Raised by Dogs

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Dean watched Castiel snarling out the window and frowned. He had been working with Castiel for months trying to get him to acclimate to being a human. The only positive at this point was that Castiel had stopped trying to rip the throats out of anyone coming into his new territory.

He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back into his couch, while Castiel continued to snarl and growl at someone or something outside.

Anyone and most anything invading his territory was at the end of those vicious sounds.

Except for Dean. Mercifully Castiel had decided Dean could stay in his territory but his reasoning was something Dean was trying very hard to discourage.

Castiel thought Dean was a bitch.

Dean had lost track of the number of times Castiel had tried to mount him, grunting and working his hips against Dean’s jean covered ass, in an attempt to breed. It was one area Dean was focusing a large portion of his time trying to correct so he could move on to rehabilitating Castiel in order for him to live a semi-normal life without thinking he was a dog.

He knew that Castiel had taken social cues from the dogs that had raised him and that seeing another that for some strange reason, Dean still wasn’t completely sure, Castiel believed that Dean was a suitable bitch for him.

It was one of the few things he’d managed to get from Castiel. Dean knew that Castiel had been looking for a bitch to breed and that with Dean he had found one with no other studs to compete with when it came to breeding.

“Time for bed, Cas.” Dean opened his eyes and slowly rose from the couch, groaning and stretching, as Castiel turned away from the window to look at him. “Come on. Let’s get you ready.”

Castiel was resistant to most of the human rituals Dean tried to get him into. It was slow going and well over an hour later saw Dean stumbling into his bedroom, yawning as he stripped to his boxers, before collapsing face down on top of his sheets.

He mumbled a bit and hauled his pillow towards his head before letting himself fall asleep.

It wasn’t until hours later that a warm weight on top of him jarred Dean to awareness and he jerked violently, shoving at the mattress and twisting to look behind him to see Castiel trying to mount him.

He could feel Castiel’s hard cock brushing his boxer-covered ass and groaned. Of course.

Dean listened to Castiel’s low grunts and growls before he reached back to try to push him off. “Cas—” there was a snarl when he pushed at Castiel and Dean closed his eyes.

Maybe if he indulged Castiel this once it would help. Castiel would see that Dean couldn’t be bred and he would realize he didn’t have a rut.

He pushed again and this time it knocked Castiel to the side. “Give me a few seconds.” He held his hand up and watched blue eyes narrowing at him. “You’re not attempting to ‘breed’ me when I’m drier than a fucking desert.”

Dean forced himself not to look down at were Castiel’s hard cock hung, huge and wet at the tip, waiting to push into him. Instead he moved to his nightstand to grab his lube, the same lube he hadn’t gotten a chance to use since volunteering to house Castiel, before heading to the bathroom.

He relieved himself, washed up and turned his focus onto opening himself up. It stood to reason that once Dean was in there Castiel wasn’t going to waste time. Instead he was going to shove himself inside Dean and, more than likely, fuck Dean with the intent to mate.

The first finger had him groaning lowly before he started to quickly prep himself. Each new finger had him missing his days of one-night-stands and the few longer-term relationships he’d had.

He missed sex and part of him was excited.

It had been months since he’d had anything up his ass other than a few fingers or one of his toys. He couldn’t wait this long again. Someone would need to watch Castiel so that he could have some time to himself and, hopefully, a very enjoyable weekend with someone hung like a fucking horse.

Dean was going to have to call Benny. He was the only other person who knew that Dean had taken on Castiel and Dean had shared the details of Castiel’s situation with his friend. If anyone could watch over Castiel while Dean sought time with other humans it would be Benny.

Once he felt he was open enough Dean added some extra lube, squirting it directly into his ass, before venturing into his room where Castiel was waiting on the bed, staring unflinchingly at the bathroom door. He walked into the room and sat the lube down next to his bed before letting his boxers drop.

Immediately Castiel’s attention fixed on him and Dean swallowed.

Maybe this was a bad idea. But he was already climbing onto the bed.

If Castiel hadn’t been thoroughly tested and Dean knew where he’d been there was no doubt he’d be forcing a condom onto Castiel’s cock. But Castiel was clean and Dean was careful with sex. It was likely he wouldn’t be able to get a condom on him either way considering dogs didn’t wear them and Castiel believed, very much, he was one.

He moved to the center of his bed, lowering his upper body and pushing his ass up in a good, mountable position. That was all it took. Castiel released another one of those inhuman sounds and Dean had that warm weight on top of him again.

There was little time wasted between that and Castiel guiding his cock inside. It was thick and Dean moaned at the stretch as it filled him up. There were a few seconds where it was almost like Castiel was completely aware he wasn’t a dog but it vanished when Castiel slammed inside with a snarl and started to rapidly fuck into him.

It was jarring as Dean shifted himself into a better position and mentally marveled at how like a dog Castiel was fucking him.

The snaps of Castiel’s hips were quick and hard, each one slamming his thick cock deep inside Dean, while Dean struggled not to moan. He shouldn’t be enjoying this and Castiel’s grunts, his moans, shouldn’t be impacting Dean the way they were.

“Oh.” Dean clenched down when Castiel nailed his prostate and sent pleasure flying through him. “Fuck. Fuckin’ hell.”

For someone raised by dogs it wasn’t possible to deny that Castiel knew how to fuck. His strokes were long and Dean could hear skin smacking against skin as Castiel’s breathing changed. He was fully aware that he wasn’t the first ‘bitch’ that Castiel had tried to breed. Castiel had been found balls deep in a real, whining bitch as he had desperately fucked and fucked into the whimpering dog’s hole until he’d come with a grunt.

Dean could hear Castiel grunting and reached under to grip himself, teasing the head of his cock, as Castiel slammed inside with a snarl. He knew that Castiel had come and the heavy weight pressing on him, along with his hand moving, had him coming with a low groan.

Slowly Castiel pulled out of him and Dean let himself collapse on his bed. He lay there and felt the bed move as Castiel sprawled out next to him, eyes hooded and eyes pleased. “Bitch.” It was rough and Dean stared at him silently.

He watched Castiel relaxing next to him with a small smile on his face and soon Castiel’s breathing had evened out. “Yeah that was a bad idea.” He muttered to himself and slowly moved off the bed, ignoring the wet spot, so he could walk towards the bathroom to clean up the mess from Castiel’s release that was slowly leaking out of him.