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Forbidden Princesses

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Third PoV
'Today is the day' thought the mysterious being. 'I will get my hands on the two princesses. In order to... Oh I dont want to spoil anything yet. Though I must contain myself for i must ask for help. This world is truly confusing and I can easily get lost'. There was a deadly silence that seemed to go on. Only the sound of ceickets making noise as the person continued to walk. Reaching a cave he decided to check in there first. "Hello, is anyone there!"they asked out loud not really hoping for an answer.

Suddenly, someone came behind him. "Who are you?"said a stoic voice. "I only came to ask for some help." Said the mysterious person raising their hands up. Another voice came sounding very feminine "What kind of assistance do you wish for?". Looking at her I said "I need to find two people". The woman came out with a orange haired man.

"And who exactly are these two people?" Asked a orange haired man with a outfit which contained red clouds with a pitch black background. "I can't say much until you promise to assist,however, I can inform you that these two are princess. They are very unique and are to be beauties. They contain immense power" a deadly silence befall all of them at once. Then the orange haired spoke "What would we gain out of this?". The mystery person thought and thought. Then spoke "I'll give you a special ability to make your enemies weaker. They will continue to grow weaker as time goes by. They will have to be bedridden and then will be swept away by death. No one will be able to cure it from this world".

Every person wearing the robes thought about it. Finally coming to the same thought the orange haired man spoke again "After listening to that I will say that we accept. Now if you don't mind the late introduction I would like you to know who you are asking this favor from. My name is Pein and I am the leader of the Akatsuki"."I'm Konan""Hnn...Itachi""Deidara""TOBI!!!""Zetsu". "The others are on a different mission so you won't get to meet them. Now will you tell us who you are" Pein ordered. "Well if you must know I am Domic. I am not from this world."