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Mr. Wright's Love

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March 15, Khura’in, Airport
Apollo: Suddenly one year passed. How time flies!
Apollo: Now Khura’in has other denfense lawyers, so I don’t need to take 20 requests a day.
Apollo: If so, I need to go back to California for a while.
Nahyuta: You still want to go back, Apollo?
Apollo: Yes. I promised to Mr. Wright before. I will go back after I finish everything in Khura’in.
Apollo: Well, the past year witnessed so much happening.
Rayfa: You still need to go, horn head.
Apollo: Ah…Your Benevolence.
Nahyuta: She said that she wanted to see you off.
Nahyuta: Well, the flight is about to take off. We’d better go back.

March 16, Wright Anything Agency
Apollo: It has been a long time, but it is still the same as ever.
Apollo: Well, only I have changed a lot.
???: Um…Who are you?
Apollo: H-Hello, you’re…Lamiroir? Why do you…?
Phoenix: You’re back, Apollo.
Apollo: Mr. Wright, since Khura’in has someone in charge, I just come back to see all of you.
Apollo: By the way, why is Lamiroir here?
Phoenix: It is so good that you come back. Now I can ask Trucy out.
Apollo: What is it? (Mr. Wright is a little strange today.)
Trucy: Long time no see, Apollo. If you don’t come back, I will go to Khura’in to see you.
Apollo: Well…That is unnecessary now.
Trucy: Ah, Lamiroir! Why are you here?
Apollo: Mr. Wright, what is the meaning of this?
Phoenix: Lamiroir has something to tell you two. I need to avoid a bit now.
Apollo: M-Mr. Wright! (He goes away.)
Trucy: Daddy, what is it?

Apollo: Um, what do you want to tell us, Lamiroir?
Lamiroir: I regained my eyesight, so did my memory.
Lamiroir: However, I could not say it at that time, so I asked Mr. Wright to keep my secret.
Lamiroir: Well, I think now I can make public.
Apollo: Make public?
Lamiroir: Yes. (Rolled up sleeves) Do you understand it now?
Apollo: Isn’t it…?
Apollo: (That’s impossible!)
Trucy: Apollo, that bracelet is the same as yours!
Lamiroir: Yes, Apollo, I am your mother.
Apollo: So at that time, I felt something familiar.
Apollo: Two years ago…when I saw you.

Trucy: Well, how is it related to me?
Lamiroir: This bracelet is from Gramaye family, Trucy.
Trucy: But it is missing after Mommy disappeared…
Trucy: Do you mean…?
Thalassa: It has been a long time, Trucy. You really grow up.
Trucy: Mommy…
Trucy: At the hospital, I felt so sad…
Trucy: It is so nice…to see you again.

Apollo: So the relationship between Trucy and me is…
Thalassa: Yes. At that time, I left the troupe to marry Jove, and then I went to Khura’in with him.
Thalassa: Jove died in that fire, so I lost your information and went back to troupe.
Thalassa: Later I married Zak and had you, Trucy.
Thalassa: After that incident, I lost my eyesight and memory.
Thalassa: I still haven’t got all back, but at least I remember these things.
Thalassa: Seeing you two, I feel so relived.
Apollo: (Such a wonderful fortune. It turned out that my family is always there.)
Apollo: (And I met them even before I know it.)
Apollo: Well, I really appreciate everything, mother, and Trucy.
Trucy: I…have family. Daddy, Apollo, and…Mommy…
Apollo: Trucy, you can cry if you want. It is not at the stage.
Trucy: I’m…fine. So many people do such things to me. I feel…so happy.
Apollo: (So am I, Trucy. )
Apollo: (After these things, it is so good to have a life like this.)

Phoenix: It seems that you all know about it.
Apollo: Mr. Wright! So…you know about everything from the beginning?
Trucy: Daddy! I am not a child anymore!
Thalassa: Well, it is so hard for Mr. Wright to take care of you two.
Thalassa: I’m just here to tell you about this. Now it’s time for me to leave.
Thalassa: I will visit you later, Apollo…and Trucy.
Thalassa: Now, if you’ll excuse me.
Apollo: (She left here.)
Apollo: Mr. Wright, why didn’t you tell me and Trucy about this?
Apollo: If we knew about it earlier, we would not …
Phoenix: I really wanted to tell you two earlier, but your mother don’t want me to do it.
Trucy: Why is it like that? I really feel Apollo as my…
Apollo: Trucy! I will get worried if you do something like this.
Trucy: Apollo…
Phoenix: It is so fast for you to change to “older brother”. I’m so surprised.
Apollo: Mr. Wright, so I…
Phoenix: Well, you can’t leave the agency now, Apollo.
Apollo: (Yeah…I have my mother and half-sister here.)

Apollo: Mr. Wright, where is Athena now? I didn’t see her today.
Phoenix: Athena just got married, and she’s not here in a few days.
Phoenix: She told me to “say hi to Apollo”, but I don’t know you are back so early.
Apollo: Really? But it’s only a year from now.
Trucy: By the way, Mr. Gavin also got married to Ema.
Apollo: (I didn’t see Mr. Gavin for a while.)
Apollo: (Ema got back to Califoania a few months after I stayed in Khura’in, so I didn’t know much about her.)
Apollo: Really? Don’t they never get along well with each other?
Apollo: (Isn’t that all right to address each other as “Fräulein Detective” and “Glimmerous Fop”?)
Phoenix: Although they quarrel a lot, they are still so satisfied about each other.
Trucy: Every time when they have conflicts, Ema has much more snackoos than usual.
Phoenix: Ema is still the same as in high school, only except her hobby to chew snackoos.

Trucy: Daddy! How could you forget such an important thing? I will have a new Mommy in a few days!
Phoenix: Well, Trucy, your mother just left.
Apollo: (If it is not real mother, isn’t that…?)
Apollo: Mr. Wright, will you get married soon?
Phoenix: …So you still know that? I feel it is not enough for me to keep a secret.
Phoenix: I have planned it for so long, and I wanted to give you a surprise.
Phoenix: You shouldn’t know too much about this.
Apollo: (He got into his room.)

Trucy: Apollo, don’t you want to know about my new Mommy?
Apollo: You don’t know about that, Trucy?
Trucy: I only knew about that yesterday, but Daddy didn’t want to say anything.
Apollo: (He even didn’t tell that to his daughter?)
Apollo: Do you have someone in mind, Trucy?
Trucy: For example, Maya Fey? After all, she investigated so many cases with Daddy together.
Trucy: Oh, she investigated a case with Daddy last year, and that case was about the murder in a wedding.
Apollo: (Former assistant? This possibility does exist.)
Trucy: It’s better if we find someone who know a lot about Daddy.
Apollo: Don’t we have that “someone” in mind? I’m not sure whether he has time right now.
Apollo: I think Mr. Edgeworth will know much information about this.
Trucy: Yeah, Mr. Edgeworth contacts with Daddy a lot, even when Daddy was playing the piano.
Apollo: (Well, let’s start our investigation.)