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Masking the Truth, Saving the Day

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When the squips deactivated, something happened. All Jeremy could feel was pain. Everyone was screaming, even Michael. And Michael wasn’t even squipped. Jeremy got one last look at his friends, screaming in agony, before he blacked out.


Jeremy sat up with a start. Why did he feel so groggy? It was like his senses were turned up to 11. Jeremy flinched as his father grabbed his hand.

”What happened” Jeremy croaked.

”I don’t really know dude”. That was Michael’s voice. “It was like you all got electrocuted, then I freaked out and joined in on the screaming”.

”You all almost died” Jeremy’s dad, John, whispered. “All you kids, the teacher too”.

”I’m sorry dad” Jeremy mumbled. “Can I talk to Michael for a minute”?

John nodded and left the room. Jeremy still felt like he was high or some shit. Jeremy waited for Michael to say I told you so, it never happened. Jeremy felt Michael wrap his arms around Jeremy’s torso in a hug.

”You are a fucking idiot” Michael stated. “Do something stupid like that again and I’ll murder you”.

”What else could I do Michael” Jeremy asked. “Jump off a building”?

Six Months Later


Jeremy jumped off the building and pressed the button on the side of his suit. The mesh wings sprouted out and Jeremy started gliding towards Brook’s house.

Everyone who had been squipped somehow got powers, did I forget to mention that? Jeremy was Spider-Man, you can imagine what that included; Rich was the Human Torch, his whole body lit on fire; Chloe was the Invisibe Woman, she can make her whole body invisible and creates force fields; Brook was Thor, goddess of thunder and lightning; Jake was Cloak, he could teleport himself places and fire dark matter blasts at people; Christine was Captain Marvel, she could fire cosmic blasts and could fly.

Actually...everyone could fly except Jeremy. It sucked for when they were superheroing around and Jeremy was always late to the scene.

Mr. Rey’s was an interesting character. He was called Tinkerer among the group of powered teens. He suddenly had a genius mind and built the young heros gadgets, trackers, and made their suits. That’s how Jeremy got the mesh wings.

Mr. Rey’s quit his job to monitor Jeremy and the others. He just accepted his role in the group. Mr. Rey’s made money by helping out college professors and spent it on necessities and gadgets. He contacted the kids when he finished a design or an upgrade and whatever teen it effected went to meet with him.

Only people in Subway Soup or Hero, the name of the group, knew the Jeremy was Spider-Man, that meant Michael didn’t know. Jeremy tried telling Michael countless times, he just never got it out. I’d didn’t help that Michael was obsessed with Spider-Man and was taking pictures of the hero for local papers and magazines.

Jeremy landed on the wall of Brook’s apartment building and crawled up to her window. Jeremy knocked and the window opened. Jeremy nodded to Rich as he pulled off his mask.

”Alright” Chloe whispered. “Everyone here now”?

”Yep” Jake nodded.

”Remember” Chloe sighed. “We hold these meetings for Jenna. The only one to not survive the Squip.’d patrol go tonight”?

”Nothing out of the ordinary” Rich said.

The response was the same for everyone else who patrolled that night: Jeremy, Rich, and Jake. Jeremy almost always patrolled unles it couldn’t be helped, the others switched off.

”Jeremy” Me. Rey’s called as the meeting ended. “I have the new mask ready”.

Jeremy was handed a new mask and the old one was taken back. Jeremy pulled the new mask on and squinted. He heard the eyes shutter.

”Thanks Mr. Rey’s” Jeremy beamed”.

Everyone left Brook’s apartment and went home. Jeremy did flips as he swung home. Jeremy could see the Rich flying around with Jake before the two vanished as Jake teleported the pair away.

Once Jeremy was home he pressed the spider emblem on his suit and watched as it lossened from his body. Jeremy therew the costume into his backpack and pulled sweatpants before trotting down the stairs.

Jeremy’s dad was asleep on the couch. Jeremy crept by and mentally noted that he hadn’t seen his father wear pants in nine days. Jeremy grabbed a slice of pizza before running back to his room. Jeremy threw on a shirt and grabbed a spare set of clothes before racing out the door to get to Michael’s house.

”Jeremy” Michale grinned as he opened the door. “How was your cult meeting”?

”Michael” Jeremy sighed. “You know that community service isn’t a cult”.

”Then why can’t I join” Michael asked.

Because my community service is punching criminals in the face and jumping from building while swinging from webs that come out of my fucking body!

”Not looking or applicants” Jeremy shrugged.

Michael nodded before ushering Jeremy down to the basement. The two teens sat down in front of the TV and once again, attempted to beat level nine.