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The Battle of Earth

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Eli sat and stared at the screen, he was looking through the logs for the pods. He needed to fix the broken one so he could 'sleep' for the next 3 years. He had 4 days left before he had to turn off all the systems, so they would have enough power to get to the next galaxy. If they ran out of power they wouldn't wake up for thousands of years.

Eli thought, there had to be a solution. Then he noticed something, someone had to have been there before. The pod had been damaged before, and then repaired by the robots. Someone had to have been there to activate it. Could the ancients have come here before? What if the robot had remembered the damage and could fix the pod?

Eli sprinted through the corridors, he reached the storage room and activated the machine, then he turned and ran back to the control interface room.

He linked the system with the repair robot and entered the command. The computer thought for a moment then displayed the time it would take for the repairs. "36 hours! That's great! Now while I wait I can work on the FTL drives, see if I can make them more efficient and we'll get there faster " He said to himself...