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If Bella had fangs

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I slam the door of my Ferrari, ignoring the shocked and awed stares of the other students in the car park, especially the boys. I quickly turn off the thoughts in my head, as I can hear the guy's thoughts creep into my head. I hurry through the rain, covering my head with my arms in an attempt to save my hair, which I had bothered to straighten that morning. I scald myself for leaving my coats with Alistair in England. The weather in Forks, Washington is worse than anything I had experienced in England.

After what feels like forever, I reach the office, having had to jog at a human pace. I quickly open the door, hurrying through and closing it behind me. I let out an unnecessary breath and look around the office, it is fairly plain: with white walls, which have a some frames with mundane photos of students smiling and hugging each other; a few potted plants, sitting by two black faux-leather sofas. I cautiously let the thoughts back into my head, checking to see if any of the boys are still within the proximity of me, ready to slam down the barrier, should any of them are still thinking about me. It's ok, as the only voice I can hear is that of the receptionist, who is smiling warily at me. "My," she thinks in a heavily American accent, "She's a pretty little thing. Not sure about her clothing, but, hey, no ones perfect. This must be Isabella Swan. Odd time to join: a Thursday in the middle of the semester..." I listen to the receptionist ramble on for a few more seconds, before shaking my head, pretending to tousle my hair, lowering my barriers down, removing the distracting ramblings of passing students, already on their way to lessons. I walk up to the front desk, smiling timidly.

"Hello," I say, my English accent sounding painfully posh in comparison to the voices surrounding me, "I'm Bella Swan. My father made a call earlier in the week to get me enrolled."

"Ah, yes, Isabella, let me just pull up your timetable and admission forms." At this she begins to type painfully slowly, in a disjointed, arrhythmic, and... human sort of way.

I wander back from the desk, perching lightly on one of the sofas pushed against the wall. I pull out my phone, sending a quick text to Alistair, telling him that I am safe, but very little else, in case the Volturi decide to pay him a visit again.

I hear the door swing open and a rush of cold air fills the overly stuffy room. I look up just in time to see a small, dark haired girl with strikingly green eyes enter the room. She sees that the receptionist is preoccupied and smiles at me before joining me on the sofa.
"Hi," she chirps, "Alice Cullen, Junior." At this she holds out her hand, which I very quickly shake, hoping she puts the coldness of the hand to the less than pleasant temperature outside.

"Bella Swan, also Junior, New." I list, smiling carefully.

"Oh, what subjects are you doing?" She asks, eyes brightening.

"AP Calculus BC, PE, Spanish Language, AP English Lit. and AP Biology." I list off far too quickly.

"Jesus, you’re doing almost all AP?” She screeches, I nod, a smiling shyly. “Well, based on those subjects, you will have PE with: me; my boyfriend Jasper; my older brother, Emmett and his girlfriend, my adoptive sister and Jasper's twin, Rosalie. You'll have Calculus with Emmett and Rose. English Lit. will be with me, which is great because I came here to change subjects, because no one in the class really likes me, but I will be fine now, cuz I have you. Spanish, let's see... no, I'm sorry, my family all do French or German. And Biology, you'll have with Edward, my twin." She smiles suddenly.

I blink a few times, pretending to take in all of the information just given to me. "How did you work out when I would have each subject?" I ask.

"A certain combination of subjects means I can work out which period you'll have each subject."

"Isabella?" The receptionist calls, causing my head to whip around, a grimace crossing my face.

"Bella." I snap, unhappy to hear my full name.

"Bella," The receptionist smiles apologetically, "Here is your timetable, your map and your locker number and key." I stand and cross the office quickly, taking the map from the receptionist and thanking her, before turning back to Alice, who is just standing up to leave.

I glance down at my timetable, which read: Homeroom, Spanish Language, AP Calculus BC, Break, PE, AP English Lit., Lunch, Free Period, AP Biology, before shoving it into my bag. "So, I'll see you in PE third period?" I ask, walking to stand by her, marvelling at how short she was, considering she barely reached my shoulder.

"No," Alice laughed, "You'll see me at Break. Seriously, come sit with us: I think you'll get on really well with Edward."

I hear the bell ring, and like a whirlwind, Alice is off, keeping up my human façade, I jog off, following various students minds rambling until I reach my Spanish

I am swiftly informed that I will be attending detention after school, as I am five minutes late to Spanish. I sigh, quickly delving into the mind of Mr DeSantos, my Spanish teacher, until I reach the part of his mind making this decision. I tell him to change his mind telling him that I was probably held up in the office, considering it is my first day. There is also a good chance I got lost. After repeating this just twice, I see his face go blank. "Actually, Ms. Swan, it's probably not your fault that you are late: you were probably held up at the office, it is your first day, after all. And I'm sure you got lost, this classroom isn't easy to find. Now, why don't you go have a seat next to Mr. Newton, second row from the back, far left."

It is the only empty seat in the room, but the mousey gangly boy who sits next to the spot that will be mine for the rest of the semester waves anyway. I slowly let my barrier up, letting the 26 different thoughts flood into my head. I ignore all of the voices but the one closest to me: the one of Mike Newton: "Wow. She is even hotter than Rosalie Hale! I wonder is she is single... I wonder if she would date me. She's looking at me. Does she expect me to introduce myself? I should talk. This is getting awkward, Newt." He suddenly smiles at me. "Hi there." He squeaks, "I'm Michael Newton, but everyone just calls me Newt."

"Hi there," I respond, my eyes sweeping the classroom, before returning to Newt, "I'm Bella Swan."
"You're European, right?"

I laugh at his simple observation. "Yes, English. How could you tell?"

He also laughs at this, a breathless chuckle escaping his throat. "How come you moved?" He asks, genuine curiosity marring his features.

"Felt like a change, I guess." I say, unable to think of anything to say but the truth.

"And your parents were good to just pack up and move?" He asks, again curious.

"Well, my dad has stayed in London for a bit - he is moving offices to somewhere near here, but I'm not sure where." I think of Alistair, who encouraged me to go off by myself for the first time in almost half a millennium. I was going to miss him, but I understood where he came from with this point.

"And your mom?" Newt asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I grimace, remembering the backstory Ali and I had created: "She died during childbirth."

The casual half smile on Newt's face drops. He grimaces. "I'm sorry." He murmurs, his eyes downcast.

"It's fine." I reply, my voice firm, thus ending the conversation, just as the teacher begins to talk. After giving the rest of the class instructions, he weaves through the rows before stopping in front of me.

"Bella, I was hoping to have a word with you."

"Of course, sir." I quickly stand, dusting down my jacket, trying to look human.

I follow the teacher to the front of the class, not letting my eyes wander from the salt and pepper curls on the back of the teacher’s head. He sits down at his desk, gesturing to a wooden chair next to him.

"I was wondering how far along you were with Spanish." He says, his blue eyes piercing mine, "Your notes say that you are close to fluency, so I was hoping to test you, to see if you could move up to AP Spanish, or even take the exam this year."

I nod noncommittally. In truth, I was fluent in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, English (of course), Latin, Greek, Irish, Italian, Russian and Arabic. It was what I did with my spare time: learn new languages. When I was told I had to take a language, I had chosen Spanish, one of my most recently learnt languages.

The test is easy, but I try to get one or two questions wrong, to keep up the human façade. I finish within 15 minutes, but pretend to continue working until the end of lesson, handing in my test, before heading off to Calculus.

I end up sat next to Rosalie Hale (the girl that Newt was thinking of during Spanish), who immediately replays a conversation she had with Alice, who it appears she just had AP French Language with. Alice says some really lovely things about me, making me smile: it appears I have already made a reliable friend. Rosalie, a girl with platinum blonde hair, deep brown eyes and pale skin, is sat beside Emmett Cullen, who has the same face shape and nose as Alice, but that is where the similarities end: he is a huge hulking figure with deep brown eyes and tanned skin, with copper coloured hair. They are both incredibly good looking, for humans and both smile at
me as soon as I sit down.

“Hey,” Rosalie smirks, a southern accent colouring her voice, “You must be Bella, you met Alice, my boyfriend’s sister this morning.”

I smile, timidly at the couple, “Hi, are you Rosalie? Alice partially explained your family to me this morning, she described you as her adoptive sister… I think.”

At this, Emmett chuckles, swinging back in his seat. “ Our family is hugely complicated, in their relationships,” Rosalie laughs. “Basically: there are seven of us, three couples and Edward. There’s Carlisle and Esme, who are essentially our parents, although we are all adopted.” At this, my mind is filled with a couple, obviously in love, the woman has caramel coloured hair and eyes, a heart shaped face and a curvy, but mother-like figure. The man has blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin, he is tall, in comparison to Esme. If I had to guess, I would say they were around 35. “There’s Emmett and I, obviously, and then there’s Alice, who you’ve already met, and Jasper, who is the only member of the family I am actually related to: he is my twin brother. At this, I see a teenager, who is as pale as Rosalie, with the same coloured eyes, but a muddy coloured mop of hair, he looks tall and gangly, and has a smattering of freckles across his nose. “Jasper and I are from Texas, you can probably hear it in my accent. Anyway, Carlisle and Esme adopted us six years ago, when we were both 12. When we were 13, they adopted the Brandon-McCarthy's,
although the three of them decided to change their last names to Cullen. So then there were five kids, and, let me tell you, that was loads of fun.” I laugh at the sarcasm in Rosalie’s tone. “So in that family, there’s Emmett and the other set of twins, Alice and Edward.” When the image of Edward fills my head, I gasped inwardly: he is gorgeous. He has pale skin with freckles over his nose and on his forehead, bright green eyes, similar to Alice’s, and copper coloured hair, which is the same colour as Emmett’s, apart from the streaks of red flowing through it. His hair is unruly, and sticks up at all angles. His face was angular and he looked well muscled, but not overly buff, like Emmett. “So,” Rosalie finished, grinning at the confused expression I put on my face, “What about your family?”

I let my expression fade into a grimace, “It’s just me and my Dad, my mom died during childbirth, and three of my grandparents died before I was born, we decided to move after my grandmother, on my Dad’s side, died.”

Suddenly the teacher turns, after asking a question to the class, her eyes search the class, until they meet mine. “Bella?” She asks, hoping to catch me out.

I smile, my eyes running over the equation on the board. I smile, “x=12.82” I murmur.

The teacher’s thoughts are confused for a moment, as she ponders over how I did the math so quickly. Then she smiles and writes the answer on the board.

Rosalie and Emmett both give me shocked stares, “How did you work it out so quickly?” Emmett asks. I don’t reply to him vocally, just smile and shrug. We don’t speak for the remainder of the lesson, and when the bell rings, we leave together, as, according to Alice, I will be sat with them at break.