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Practice Makes Perfect

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Rey’s job was basic A-F. She worked as a receptionist for a small insurance firm, really-- the stuff of fairy tales.


Rey had graduated college last spring with a degree in poetry , of all things, and found the job market to be-- lacking. She told herself this was just going to be a summer job, but it was easy enough and it paid the bills and honestly, she didn't mind it, sometimes she thought about moving into sales… eventually. Most of that was due to the fact that she liked her coworkers. She had taken the job because her best friend Finn Tucker worked as the tech guy and had put in a good word. Rey had immediately become best friends with Rose Tico, who ran HR, after a stressful day and a bottle of wine and a mutual love of Britney Spears and it took all of five minutes for Poe Dameron’s flashing smile to win her over. It was clear why he was head of sales and marketing. Even Ben Solo, the sullen and antisocial accountant had been dragged into their little friend group, albeit reluctantly. Ben was always grumpy, but he still showed up every Friday for drinks at the pub and ate lunch with them in the courtyard most days. Rey was surprised to learn that he had been friends with Poe since childhood.


The two could not be more different.


Ben wasn't easy to get along with, and she knew that both Finn and Rose didn't particularly care for him, to put it lightly.


“He’s just-- such a dick,” Finn said about a week after Ben started really hanging out with them. “I think he only comes around now because he has a crush on you, Rey.”


Both Rey and Rose had burst into laughter at that.


“Uhm, no,” Rey had said.


“I'm with Rey, no way . He is such an asshole. He’s hanging out now because all that therapy is finally paying off. I mean he literally pays someone to tell him to try and play nice with others,” Rose said.


“Was he really that bad before?” Rey asked.


Finn and Rose exchanged a glance.


“Trust me, peanut, if you think he's bad now-- you have no idea.”


Rey didn't think Ben was that bad, but it was undeniable that he put off a sort of don't fuck with me energy. He wasn't bad looking but he was always sort of hunched or not making eye contact or scowling and it made him less attractive than he might have been otherwise. There was something dangerous about him, but not in an enticing kind of way, more in a warning kind of way. He wasn't the kind of person you could playfully joke with or casually hug, in fact the idea of touching Ben Solo at all seemed… strange.


Still, she liked hanging out with him and considered him a friend, she even missed him on the occasional Friday that he choose not to come out with them.


The Court House was a shitty pub but it had very cold beer and darts and a patio. Friday night found the entire crew crowding around two pitchers and complaining about work.


Rose was pink cheeked already and Poe had his arm around Finn who was trying to look casual and the music was a little loud. Ben looked bored, too big for the little booth.


Rey kicked him gently under the table and he turned his eyes to her, scowl softening slightly.


“Why are you so grumpy, Solo? I thought you'd be all stoked tonight,” Poe said.


“Oh?” Rey said, looking over at Poe’s sly smile and back to Ben. Ben looked suddenly furious. “Why's that?”


“Jessika Pava asked Ben out.”


Everyone went quiet.


“You're kidding,” Finn said, and Ben turned his face to Finn, eyes flashing.


Rose cut in. “No it's just-- she's like--- very hot. Nice, Ben.”


“It doesn't matter,” Ben said icily. “I'm not going.”


“What!” Both Rey and Poe said.


“Oh my god Ben,” Poe said, running a hand through his hair. “Don't-- don't do this again.”


Ben was clearly uncomfortable; his jaw was clenched and Rey couldn’t see his fists but she heard knuckles crack.


“I don't wanna go out with her,” he said.


“Everyone on earth wants to go out with her,” Rey said, trying to for playful.


Ben’s eye twitched, he huffed out a breath and rolled his eyes.


“I mean Rey’s not wrong Ben, what's wrong with Jess? Why not give it a shot? She's clearly into you,” Poe said.


Ben was blushing a little bit and he looked like he was wishing the floor would crack open and swallow him whole.


“I'm not talking about this with you fucks,” Ben said, shuffling out of the booth and then out of the bar.


Poe sighed, moving his arm from around Finn when Rey said, “No you stay, I'll go.”


Poe shrugged and let Rey follow Ben outside.


It was drizzling slightly, misty, really, as it almost always was in November in Seattle.


“Hey,” Rey said, leaning against the brick wall next to Ben. He had a cigarette in his mouth and he was staring out toward the street. “You wanna talk about it?” Rey asked.


“Nothing to talk about, it really isn't anyone's business.”


“Is it-- I mean it's totally fine if you are-- you know Poe and Finn are gay-- no one would--”


“What?!” Ben turned to Rey, his face a mix of horror and humor. “Rey, if I was gay I wouldn't be hiding it, that's not-- no. Fuck, no.”


“Okay sorry, I just-- Jessika Pava , Ben,” Rey said pointedly.


Ben groaned, letting his head fall back against the wall.


“That's the thing . It's not that I don't wanna go out with Jess-- of course I do, she's amazing -- it’s just-- fuck, this is embarrassing.” He buried his head in hands.


Rey had the urge to reach out and touch him, but something stopped her.


Ben sighed, lowered his hands and looked at Rey.


“I've never-- gone out with someone or-- you know-- been with someone,” Ben said pointedly.


Rey's brain stuttered and then caught on his meaning.


“You're a virgin?” Rey said, her voice laced with surprise.


She supposed it wasn't that surprising, when she thought about it. It was hard to picture approaching Ben Solo for sex-- something about that unknowable energy.


“This is so fucking embarrassing,” Ben deadpanned.


“Oh stop, it's not that bad,” Rey said, nudging against Ben gently.


“Yeah it is. There's no way I can go out with her, I'll make an ass of myself.”


Rey winced. He wasn't necessarily wrong.


“It’s just-- you know after a while I just didn't care, I didn't think about it that much and I was always just-- so angry. There wasn't room for other stuff. Plus-- I don't know, girls never liked me, I don't blame them, I'm-- sharp .”


Rey couldn't argue with that, despite an unreasonable urge to do so. But she also couldn't imagine that girls never liked Ben. Jess certainly seemed to. And he was sharp , sure, but he was oddly beautiful. All of that intensity could be intriguing, she supposed.


“Okay hear me out,” Rey said, turning to lean her shoulder on the wall and face Ben. He turned and faced her too. He was so much taller than her. “You tell her this weekend is no good, something came up, but make a date for next week. That way we have time to-- practice.”


Practice ?” Ben said, brows pulling together in confusion.


Rey swallowed. She genuinely didn't want Ben to suffer, and if he had a shot with someone like Jess, she owed it to him as a friend to help.


“Yeah, practice. You can get all of the embarrassing stuff out of the way with me and then-- you know move on to the real thing.”


Ben’s expression was unreadable, his mouth was open and his eyes were dark.


“You and me?” He asked.


“Yeah I mean,” Rey swallowed and brought a hand up to Ben’s arm, god he was solid. “If you don't want to obviously no pressure, it would just be for fun you know? No strings, no weirdness. If you hate it we don't have to-- but if you want I could-- I could help.”


Rey shrugged and let her hand drop. Ben wasn't speaking, his eyes followed her hand as it fell from his arm to her side.  “We don't have to though--”


“No,” he said quickly, “I want to. You're sure though?”


Rey nodded. She was sure.


“Okay so, we have a week she said,” shrugging.


“Right,” Ben said, and just then an uber pulled up alongside the bar. “I gotta go but uh-- I'll text you?”


Rey nodded as Ben gave her a half smile and got into the car.


She stood in the silence outside of the bar for a while, before calling a car for herself and heading home.




The next morning she woke up to a text from Ben.



so did you change your mind?

bc if you don't want to do this I get it

no pressure I mean


Rey smiled at her phone.



I'm game if you are


He texted back almost immediately.



when ?



tonight ?






come over at like 7?





Rey wasn't sure why she nervous. She dressed and headed out for her morning run.


She kept turning her own words over in her head. Why had she offered to help Ben? More accurately; why had she agreed to have instructional sex with Ben Solo? It wasn't like her to do things so impulsively. She had never really stopped to think about Ben like that, but she let her mind wander now. He was big, really big, and strong. He had expressive eyes and a serious jaw and really nice lips, they were probably soft. She would know soon enough if they were.


She got home and showered and meticulously cleaned her apartment. Then she ran her weekend errands and took a shower.


Just to be safe, she shaved her legs. She didn't plan on sleeping with Ben tonight; she was serious about them having a full week, and she didn't want to rush this. She had a feeling they needed all the time the could get.


When she got out of the shower she still had two hours. Why was she so nervous? It wasn't like this was a real date. If it was weird they could just stop, watch a movie, laugh it off. Right?


When she has only 30 minutes left, she took a shot of tequila, but put the bottle away after one. She didn't want to be drunk or sloppy for this.


She shook her hands out. She put on the TV.


Finally 7:00 rolled around.


Ben knocked on her door at 7:04.


She rushed up to answer it. Ben looked causal also. He was in dark jeans and had his windbreaker zipped up, cheeks pink from the cold. He looked-- nervous . So nervous, and younger than he normally did.


“Hey,” Rey said, and she stood aside to let him in.


He looked big in her apartment as he unzipped his coat. He had a plain, long sleeve black tee shirt on, a stark contrast to the pale skin of his face and throat and hands.


“So I have no fucking idea how this works,” Ben said, and he sounded irritated even though his body language said terrified and it made Rey warm a little so stepped closer to him.


“If you don't like something, you tell me to stop, okay?”


Ben nodded.


“I mean it, it should be fun-- it should feel good-- you know? If this is too weird you just tell me and we’ll-- I don't know, watch YouTube tutorials instead.”


Ben nodded. His face was open and his chest was rising and falling too quickly and shit-- he was really nervous.


“Relax, Ben, we're not gonna have sex tonight.”


“Oh--” he said, “Okay.” But he didn't seem to calm down at all .


“Come sit with me,” Rey said, walking over to her couch.


Ben sat down next to her, biting his lip.


“Okay this is just gonna feel weird until we push through and get a little more comfortable, so I'm uh-- I'm gonna touch you a little and then I'm gonna kiss you, okay?”


Ben just shrugged. He was obviously trying to keep his breathing even. It wasn't working.


Rey brought her hands up to his chest and pressed her palm over his heart.


It was beating so, so fast.


Part of Rey preened at the reaction, and she had to remind herself this wasn't about her, Ben was just nervous.


She let her hand slide upward until her fingers met the skin of his neck. Ben swallowed thickly as Rey's hand continued up against his jaw to touch his hair. God it was soft, how was it so soft?


Ben was shaking a little bit.


“Is this okay?” she asked.


Ben just nodded, his eyes were wide on Rey’s face.


“I'm uh-- I'm gonna kiss you now,” she said.


Ben nodded again, eyes fixed on her mouth.


Rey smiled as Ben licked his lips and she leaned up to close the space between them.


Ben's lips were soft. For someone so sharp, he sure had a lot of soft bits.


She kissed him gently, just pressing against him for a minute before parting her lips.


Ben was eager, pushing his tongue against her lips as soon as she parted them and she had to pull back.


“Try it like this,” she said, leaning back down to demonstrate, but Ben let out an exasperated sigh and blushed.


“I'm shit, Rey, just admit it.”


“Okay, calm down, Solo, it's been five seconds. Even you can't be good at everything instantly.”


Ben was pouting a little bit. Rey rolled her eyes and decided to just go for it. She slid over and crawled into Ben’s lap, straddling him.


“Come on, I thought you didn't give up easily,” she said, winking at him.


Ben’s surprise at suddenly having Rey in his lap clearly won out over any grumpiness and when Rey leaned back down to kiss him, Ben followed her lead.


She parted her lips slowly, gently nibbling at his plush lower lip before using the tip of her tongue to taste him.


Ben sighed against her as he opened his mouth and let a brief flash of tongue dip into Rey’s mouth.


Rey could feel him underneath her, already so hard, and her heart started to race.


This was Ben , angry Ben, sullen Ben with his big shoulders and smouldering eyes and soft lips, and he was hard under her.  It was dizzying to see the effect she had on him, even if logically she knew it wasn't about her, was just biology, it was still-- hot .


Rey let herself grind against Ben a little bit and Ben made a strangled little noise. Rey didn't want to be cruel and they weren't ready for that , so she lifted her hips enough to ease the friction as she nipped at his bottom lip and moved her mouth to his neck instead.


Ben let out a choked little sound at this new sensation, hands fluttering by his sides and Rey's face before fisting in the couch.


She liked pulling these little reactions from him. It was a bit surreal. Ben had always seemed so untouchable, yet here he was, hard and whimpering underneath her.


Rey sat up to look at Ben. His pupils were blown wide, his cheeks were pink and his lips were swollen and shiny from kissing her.


“You don't wanna leave a mark when you do this, not without asking anyway, and not where anyone can see it, usually. But if you pull your shirt down a little I can show you how.”


Ben tugged the collar of his shirt down, stretching it out. He didn't seem to care.


Rey let her mouth trail over this new exposed skin, the sharp jut of his collarbone, the hollow of the skin next to it. She kissed and then she nipped and sucked, bringing the blood up just under the skin. Ben's hand found the small of her back and he gasped, leaning in to her touch.


Rey soothed the little love bite with her tongue, and then pulled back.


Ben's eyes trailed down to the spot she had left, and they became impossibly darker.


“Can I try?” he asked.


Rey nodded, pulling her shirt up to reveal her flat, tan stomach. It wasn't pulled up enough to see her bra, but Ben dipped his head and fell on the skin eagerly.


His mouth found a spot just along her ribs. He sucked at the skin there, and Rey felt a shiver run down her spine and settle deep within her, warmth flooding her.


Ben clearly liked this, because he moved his mouth to suck another hickey into her skin.


Rey reminded herself that no one was going to see them, it's not like she would be in a bikini in November. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him back up to her face.


“Good,” she said, “that's good.”


Ben swallowed.


“I think we should uh-- practice a little more. Just kissing stuff, if you still wanna.”


Ben nodded, waiting for Rey to make the next move, so she did. She leaned back into him and kissed him again.


They made out for like an hour and a half. It was more kissing than Rey had done since high school. Her lips were chapped and she was surprisingly wet. She didn't think kissing Ben would draw this sort of reaction from her.


Just biology, she reminded herself.


Finally, her stomach growled. Loudly. Ben let out a little laugh against her lips and pulled back. He was smiling in a way she had never seen him smile before.


“Should we order pizza?” he asked.


“Oh god that sounds amazing,” Rey said.


If Ben had been here with her for real, Rey would have kissed him again before she got up, but that wasn't what this was so she smiled and crawled out of Ben’s lap to grab her phone and order food.


It was a strange and slightly stunted rhythm, unnatural.


Rey ordered pizza and handed Ben the remote.


“It has Netflix and shit, you want a beer?”


“Sure,” Ben said and Rey grabbed two IPA’s from the fridge.


She sat down on the couch, a comfortable but casual distance from Ben, and they spent the rest of the evening eating pizza and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and laughing.


“Oh god, I used to stay up late watching this when I was a kid,” Ben said.


“Have you seen the new ones? They're great,” Rey said through a mouthful of pizza.


Ben looked over at her smiled.


“Food good?” He asked.


“The best,” Rey said, mouth comically full.


They didn't touch again at all and eventually Rey yawned and and Ben stood up.


“I should go home,” he said.


“Yeah, yeah I'm beat,” Rey agreed.


“I'll text you?” Ben said, looking nervous again.


Rey nodded.


“And uh-- Rey? Thank you.”





I have an idea



why do those words make me nervous ??



lol relax

it's Sunday let's go to the farmers market?



uh sure. meet me there?



yaaa I'll be there in an hour.





It was chilly and gray. In winter, the days were short, the sun didn't fully rise until after 9:00am.


The light was watery and cold as Rey pushed through the mist and over to Ben. He smiled down at her.


“So this was your idea? Produce?”


“Kind of. But I was thinking about it and part of being on a date is being like-- physical in little ways. I think we should just act like a couple. You know, hold hands, be cute, get used to having someone in your space.”


Ben sighed deeply, head tilting in thought.


“Okay,” he said, but he looked unsure.


Rey walked up to him, brought her hands up to touch him. One on his chest, one in his hair.


She felt his heartbeat double.


Rey tucked his hair all the way behind his ear and let her thumb drag along the shell, red from the cold morning. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, pressing her body closer. Ben's hand came up behind her and found her neck, turning her head so he could lean down and kiss her for real. His other hand came up to hold her jaw, thumb tracing a small circle near her temple.


Good, that was good.


Rey pulled back after a moment and smiled.


“Come on babe, ” Rey said, pitching her voice playfully. “Lets go get some fuckin’ fruit.”


Rey took Ben by the hand and led him through the farmers market.. They stopped at a berry stand.


“Oh god, these are my favorite,” Rey said, grabbing a thick, dark raspberry. “Here try it.”


She raised the berry up to Ben’s lips. He smirked at her, ducked his head and took it from her. As he bit into it, the dark liquid stained his lip, like a flash of blood.


Rey leaned on her toes again and kissed him. Ben stooped to deepen the kiss immediately, much to her surprise. She felt him gasp gently against her lips.


He pulled back, eyes wide on her face.


“How was that?” he asked.


“You really do learn fast,” she said, and her voice was a little rougher than she meant it to be. She cleared her throat and kept walking.


Ben trailed behind her. He wasn't initiating contact, but he had been receptive to it every time Rey tried to do so.


The Fremont neighborhood of Seattle had both a farmers market and and underground flea market, so the pair dipped down as the rain picked up.


Rey loved it here, it smelled like old books and coffee.


She wandered over to a rack of clothing, looking through floral patterns and denim and lace, before holding up a pair of red overalls.


“Those would look terrible on you,” Ben said.


Rey dropped her hand to her side and pursed her lips. “I thought we only needed to cover physical stuff, not how talk to other human beings. Isn't that what your therapist is for?”


Ben’s face reddened.


Fuck .


“Sorry, oh my god sorry,” Rey said, stepping closer to Ben.


“No, I'm a dick--”


“No, you're not. You're honest and funny and I don't know what I was thinking. I'm not always great with people either.”


Ben swallowed as Rey crowded closer to him. She leaned up and pressed a soft kiss against his cheek. Not for the sake of PDA but because she wanted to, because she was sorry.


Then she took his hand.


“I'm starving, let me buy you lunch.”


Ben scoffed.


“You should let me treat. I make way more than you.”


Rey wasn't sure he was joking but she laughed and pressed herself up against his side. He threw and arm around her and they set off through the drizzling rain to the car.


Ben drove them a little ways away to Beth’s Cafe. There was a wait so they pulled their hoods up and ducked into the alley alongside the cafe.


“Did you grow up here?” she asked him.


“Yeah, in Magnolia. What about you?”


“California,” she said.


“What part?”




“Ah-- redwoods and shit, right?”


Rey laughed. “Right.”


Someone called Ben's name from the doorway. They shuffled inside. The cafe was small and every inch of the walls were covered with pictures drawn by customers.  


Ben moved to sit across from Rey in the little booth but she laughed and pulled him next to her instead. He rolled his eyes but he slid next to her easily, putting his arm around her to rest it along the wall.


Rey leaned into him. He smelled good , warm and spicy and clean.


They ordered eggs and doodled on paper.


Ben drew Rey.


“What the fuck, Solo, you're good.”


Ben smiled a little, shrugging. The drawing was just crayon, but he had managed to capture the spark in her eye and the set of her mouth.


Their food came and they tucked in. Rey didn't tape Ben’s picture to the wall; instead she folded it carefully and put it in her bag.


“So what do you wanna do for the rest of the day?” Ben asked between bites of omelette.


“I thought we could go back to my place and I could show you how to finger me,” Rey said casually.


Ben choked on his eggs.


Rey smiled sweetly and stuffed another bite into her mouth.




Rey fully intended to stick to her word. Ben dropped her back off at her car after they left the cafe and then followed her to apartment in Ballard.


He was nervous again, hands fisting and unfisting alongside him.


“Your coat?” Rey said.


Ben just looked at her, disoriented. Rey stepped forward and unzipped his jacket. His breath caught as he shrugged it off. He had a dark red button up shirt on. They toed off their shoes.


Rey grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled him toward her bedroom.


Ben's breathing had gone shallow and he looked terrified again. They got into her room and Rey stepped close.


“Hey,” she said softly, “we don't have to do this--”


“No-- I want to know-- I wanna know how to do it. I don't want to be bad at this.”


He doesn't want to be bad at this with Jess. Right.


Rey smiled tightly and backed up onto her bed.


“I think we should start with just touching me, you don't have to get naked for this.”


Ben wasn't moving.


“Just come sit down.”


Ben sighed and came over to the bed, sitting back against the headboard. Rey was in a grey thermal and thick leggings. Ben was in his dark jeans and button down.


“I promise this will be less awkward when you're with someone you like, there's more-- flow,” Rey said.


Ben opened his mouth, then closed again and gave a half shrug.


“Sorry if this is like-- weirdly clinical? But I figure there’s not a lot of time for trial and error and vaginas are not the easiest thing to learn.”


“Right,” Ben said, and he looked kind of mortified.


Rey sighed. She hadn't planned on kissing him for this (he really seemed to have that down now) but it all seemed so weird and tense. He needed to relax.


“Hey,” she said softly, and she straddled his hips. His breath caught and his hands found her hips easily. “Relax,” she said, “just put your hands on me.”


“They are,” Ben said stiffly.


Rey leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth, trailing doward to his jaw and then back up to his ear. She took his earlobe in her mouth and gently sucked. Ben gasped, hips arching up toward her in such an endearing way she felt her body react. His hands moved to her back, nails digging into her flesh. She ground against him and could feel his cock straining against his jeans already. So eager.


“Do you wanna touch me?” she asked.


Ben nodded, huffing out a little breath that was almost a whine.


“Where?” Rey asked.


“Everywhere,” Ben said, so earnest.


Rey felt her body clench at his word, his voice was so low.


“Where do you wanna start?” she whispered.


Ben dipped his head to her neck, softly kissing the tender skin there as his hands came up and dipped under her thermal.


“Is this okay?” he asked, blunt fingernails tracing over her skin. Rey trembled and arched closer, nodding. She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her in just her leggings and a lacy black bra.


Ben looked mesmerized. His awe was enough to make anyone blush, make anyone feel appreciated. He looked positively moved .


“You can touch, remember,” she whispered. Ben brought his fingers up to trace her ribcage and Rey looked down to find the marks he had left on her yesterday, small galaxies on her skin. He rubbed one with his thumb, his large hand covering an entire half of her ribcage. Rey trembled a little.


After a minute, Ben's hands came up to palm at her tits, pushing the material of her bra against her nipples and the soft skin of her chest.


Rey couldn't help it, her hips were moving against him, the outline of dick pressed against the place she was aching. His mouth came down over bra, a sudden, wet heat as he took both the fabric and her nipple into his mouth.


“Oh fuck that's good,” Rey said,one  hand coming up to run through his hair. Ben hummed against her before pulling back and tugging at the bra.


“It unhooks in the back,” she panted.


She wanted to just unhook it and get it out of the way, but this was admittedly tricky at first.


Ben faltered, tugging at her clasp.


“What is this sorcery?”


Rey giggled.


“Hooks and clasps Solo,” she said.


Ben grunted and roughly bent Rey over so he could look closer at her bra.


She gasped a little as she was manhandled down.




“I got it,” he said, totally focused. She felt her bra come loose. She sat back up, letting it fall away.


“Wow,” Ben said, exhaling.


“I know they're not as big as Jess’s, she got like--”


“You're perfect,” Ben said, and he sounded so genuine that Rey believed him, words dying on her tongue.


Ben licked his lips and brought a finger up to trace the edge of her nipples, moving to pinch one. He ran the calloused pad of his thumb across her pebbled peak, and Rey let out a breathy moan.


“Does it feel good?” he asked, working her nipple in a tantalizing circle, sending shockwaves right down to her center.


“Real good, I'm-- ah-- kind of sensitive.”


He kept circling, circling.


“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.


She didn't, but this wasn't really part of the lesson and he seemed to already have this particular thing down.


Rey let out a little whine as shivers racked her body again, leaning forward to press her face into Ben’s neck.


“I think you mastered this, honestly, and I really want you to touch me.”


“I am,” he whispered.


Rey grabbed his hand and brought it down to her leggings, pressing it into the damp heat there.


“Oh--” Ben said, eyes darting down.


He was rubbing at her and it wasn't quite the right spot.


“Higher, further up,” she said and she guided him to press the heel of his hand against her clit, and she let out a little noise as her hand tightened on his arm.


“It's a tricky spot,” she breathed.


“Take these off, please ,” Ben said.


Rey crawled off of Ben's lap and laid down beside him on her back, kicking off her leggings. Ben was propped up on his elbow next to her, she could feel the outline of his cock against her hip, could feel the he the way he rocked against her gently to relieve some of the ache he was feeling.


Rey spread her legs.


Ben looked fucking mesmerized. He dipped his hand between her thighs, letting a finger trail through her slick folds.


“Fuck, you're wet ?” he whispered.


“You're better at this than you think you are,” she said, smiling sheepishly.


Ben let out a little laugh, eyes glued to her body. He moved some of her arousal up and into the soft curls above her cunt.


“There's two ways to make a girl come,” Rey said, bringing his hand down to her clit. “Feel that?” she asked, and Ben nodded. “Think of it like the express lane. Pretty surefire way to get where you're going. The g-spot is more like the scenic route.”


Ben looked focused, studious even, as he brought a finger up and began to rub at her hardened little button.


Rey gasped, body twitching and hips raising when he touched her. He did it again, and again.


Rey couldn't help it, the pressure and drag of his skin against her was absolutely delicious, sending little electric sparks thought her body.


Ben was still pressed against her side, rocking gently, exhaling through his nose in little puffs as he worked his finger against her.


“Ben I'm close--” she whispered, and he hooked a knee up over her legs as she arched off the bed a bit, holding her down. Fuck that was nice, he was holding her so tight, it felt so good, and Ben was strong and solid and he smelled wonderful .


“You look amazing like this,” Ben said, reverent.


Rey cried out, toes scrunching and body trying to lift itself off the bed. Ben continued to work her clit as she came back down and after a moment she grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand down and away.


“So sensitive,” she whispered, and Ben nodded.


“I wanna feel inside you,” he said.


His words could have been interpreted clinically but Rey's brain was all blissed out and it sounded so hot , it sounded like dirty talk. Part of her wanted to beg him to fuck her with his fingers. Instead, she took his hand and brought one finger to her opening.


“Right there,” she said.


Ben pushed one of his thick fingers inside of her.

She clenched around him and his eyes widened. He moved in and out slowly, and Rey took the time to let her body come down fully. If Ben tried to push her to another orgasm so quickly she was going to be a needy mess, begging him for it.


She evened out her breathing.


“I'm not doing this right,” Ben said. “I wanna make you come again.”


“Put another in,” Rey said and Ben stretched her with two of his fingers.


“Good, okay, kinda bend them up against my pelvis like your doing the ‘come here’ motion.”


Ben did.


“Fuck-- yeah that's good-- fuck,” Rey panted, turning her head toward Ben. She looked at his face.


His eyes were huge and dark, pupils blown so wide that his eyes looked black. His lips were parted and his cheeks were flush and he was absolutely fucking beautiful. How had she never noticed? How had she just existed around this creature without picturing this, without wondering….


She leaned up and kissed him. He met her eagerly, biting at her bottom lip and pushing himself harder against her hip, grinding against his jeans and her body, like he couldn't help it.


“Don't stop,” she said.


“Fuck, Rey, look at you, holy shit,” he said, nearly incoherent. “Can't believe I'm doing this to you.”


“You're amazing,” she said, and he kissed her again, groaning. His fingers were relentless, pressing against that vital place inside of her. “God, Ben, you feel so good,” she whimpered, hips thrusting against his hand, fucking herself down on him.


Ben groaned, his hips were moving faster, he was humping her, breathing uneven and she knew he was gonna come too.


“You can take your dick out and cum on my body, if you want,” she told him.


She wanted it.


But her words must have been too much because as soon she she spoke Ben move his hand from inside of her to grip at her hip and drag her entire body closer to his, fucking into his pants and on her hip bone.


“Oh shit--” he said, and his face scrunched up, red and sweaty. He let out a delicious stream of grunts and whines, noises Rey desperately wanted to swallow, before pressing his face into her neck.


“Fuck, sorry, too late,” he said, and he sounded sad about it. Rey wanted to tell him it didn't matter, they had time, they could do this again, keep doing it for as long as they wanted but… that wasn't what this was.


She leaned over and kissed him, though, and he brought his hand back to her sopping cunt.


“Not done with you,” he said, and he pushed his fingers back into her roughly. Rey cried out as Ben set a punishing pace.


“Thumb--clit-- I'll fucking-- Ben-- ah!”


He understood her though, keeping his fingers buried inside her he brought his thumb up to swipe at her clit.


“Fuck!” Rey cried out, arms coming up to hold onto Ben as he worked her through her second, more intense orgasm. She felt herself gush on his hand, soaking his wrist and her bed. Tears stung her eyes.


When she collapsed back she was panting, chest rising and falling violently.


Ben kissed her neck softly, moving his hand away from where she was so sensitive.


He looked down at his hand for a moment, eyes darting to Rey and back before bringing his fingers to his mouth.


Fuck, he was trying kill her.


She brought a hand up to touch his face softly.


“That was-- so good,” she said. “I’m sorry I didn't take care of you better, nex--”


“Don't worry about it,” Ben said with a sweet smile. “I know how my dick works, that isn't really the point of this.”


Right. The point of this. Jess.


“Oh,” Rey said.


“Rey?”  Ben swallowed thickly.




“I gotta- I gotta get going, there's jizz in my jeans, super itchy, but really-- thank you.”


Rey let out a little laugh. “I feel like I should be like thanking you, but you're welcome.”


Ben smiled and nodded, moving away from Rey and heading to the door.


“See you at work tomorrow?”


Rey nodded at Ben and he walked out of her room.


She laid there for a long time, unable to sleep, and irrationally wishing Ben had stayed to hold her.