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The deal leads to love

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“Taehyung, Jimin, run.” A tall man whisper-shouted to where his brothers were at. But, to his dismay, the two boys just shook their heads.

   “We won’t leave you alone, Jin hyung.” Jimin was hugging his twin, crying softly right now.

   The sound of someone yelling with his scrum of stepfather was echoing through the whole house. Seokjin didn’t know what to do. If anything were going to happen, he would deal with it by himself. But, as his twin brothers ran toward him, he couldn't. He didn’t want to risk Jimin and taehyung life, he didn't want to risk his life for JImin and Taehyung's sake. 

   A person or two or three, seokjin couldn’t tell from where he hid, tried to open the door of his bedroom. Seokjin pulled his brothers closer, attempted to hide them behind the closet, when the door bushed open, with more than 5 men walked in.

   “So, three of them?” Seokjin shivered to this man voice. His voice was so deep, that it made Jimin curled more into Taehyung.

   “Y-Yes, sir.” The old man, seokjin’s bastard of stepfather, answered. “Please let me go. You can have all of them.”

   Seokjin was both shocked and angry when he heard what that jerk had said. Jimin was sobbing, with Taehyung, a bit loud at the back. But all seokjin could hear was his mind went crazy, wanted to rip the man off. It made his body violently trembling.

   “You fuck! You sell this house, even mama’s jewelry, for gambling. And now you’re selling us for your fucking gambling debt?”Sekjin yelled loudly at the man, pointing a finger like a mad man. That seemed to catch the deep voice man interest.

   Seokjin stood up, was about to jump and punch his stepfather, when a man with red hair held his arm.

   “Such a hot head! Well,” He looked at the deep voice man, eyebrow quirked. “Shall we?”

   “Sure,” The deep voice man nodded to his members, eyes shining with something unreadable, and they finally dragged Seokjin’s stepfather away. “Take them too!”

   His eyes bored into Seokjin's siblings'. Then, a few men came, and dragged Seokjin’s twin brothers outside. Both kids yelled and begged for release.

  "Let's us go," It was the last thing Seokjin heard before his brothers were out of his sight.

   “What are you doing to them? Let’s me go.”Seokjin was trying to thrust away from the man's grip as they were also dragging him outside too. He couldn't find his brothers.

  They pushed him into a black car, parking outside his house. Seokjin screamed for help, but no one dare doing anything against this mafia group.

   One they were inside the car, one of the member put a handkerchief on Seokjin. He tried not to breathe the liquid's smell from the handkerchief, but sadly failed.  After a few minutes of struggling, Seokjin breathe was out, and the darkness welcomed him.

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  Seokjin's head felt like someone had hit it after he gained his conscious. Groaning in pain, he slowly sat up and welcomed by a strange surrounding. He looked where he- or they since Jimin and Taehyung were sleeping beside him- were and it was a huge living room that they were in.

  The living room was perfectly decorated. The structure and design were like a real palace. The TV was in front of where they laid. Seokjin noticed that the couch they were on was arranged in U shape, and each one of it could have two to three people to sleep on it. There was an opened-door at seokjin's right to, what Seokjin assumed was, a kitchen while one another beside it looked like it connected to the stair. There were a huge door that connected at the left side in the front row of the living room. If Seokjin was right, it was the front door of this house- Mansion, Villa? Whatever.

  Someone fake coughing, caught Seokjin's attention. When he turned to his right side, there were two men- the deep voice and red hair- they were staring at him in amusement. Maybe, they were laughing inside at him for being observation. You can’t blame Seokjin!!! He woke up at a strange place and beside he was poor. So, seeing a room that decorated like a king palace, he couldn’t help but looked around.

  Seokjin shook Jimin and Taehyung, who were sleeping next to him, to wake them up. Those two were in the same state as Seokjin as they woke up, but as soon as their gaze landed on those two others, they straighten their pose, and moved closer to Seokjin. 

  “Who are you?” Seokjin asked them. He knew their face, but not their names.

  The deep voice man walked toward them, and Jimin started to slightly tremble. Taehyung pulled him closer.

  “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. We won't harm you guys.” Even though he assurred, they didn't let their guard down, as they stared warily at the man.

  “But...” Seokjin trailed off. He suddenly remembered what that bastard of father did to him and his brothers. He had sold them to this man gang.

  “Well, as you know, your father, “ Taehyung whisper-yell ‘He’s not our father’, “He exchanged you guys with his debts. So, now, the three of you are us. I wonder how much can we get if we sell you?” 

  He smirked. That only served to make Jimin and Taehyung let their threating to fall tears flew down their cheeks. Seokjin gritted his teeth, ready to yell at this man, when the door to the living room- the one that Seokjin believed it connected from the parking lot- swung open, revealing a man- handsome and elegant in some weird way that made Seokjin breathe hitched- walking inside, angrily threw the bag in his hand on the floor. 

  “What got you so work up, Namjoon?” The red hair man asked. 

  “Hoseok, can you believe that my father just told me to get into relationship in two days or he will arrange my marriage with Summi?” Namjoon yelled in frustration to Hoseok. He didn't notice Seokjin or two others kids.

  “Calm down, Namjoon. We have guests here." Hoseok said. He gestured to the three people on the couch.

  Namjoon looked at where Seokjin sat, just realized there were three more people inside his living room.

  “Who are they, Yoongi hyung?” Namjoon asked the deep voice man-Yoongi. 

  “Kang’s son.” Namjoon quirked his eyebrow.

  “He’s not our father. He’s just an asshole's stepfather.” Seokjin murmured in silent, wished no one would hear since he was a bit intimidated by Namjoon's presence, but still Namjoon heard it all clear.

  “Oh! So these are the beautiful sons that he told us.” Namjoon walked toward Seokjin. He stopped in front of Seokjin, making Jimin and Taehyung squirmed more close to their big brother. 

  “Indeed beautiful,” Namjoon used his point finger to lift Seokjin's chin up, and inspected his face. 

  Namjoon smirked when he saw Seokjin swallowed in nervousness.

  “I’m planing on selling them.” Yoongi spoke, which earned a slap on hos bicep from Hoseok.

  “Stop this, Yoongi. You’re scaring them.” Yoongi just pouted at him, and that made Seokjin wondered if it was the same man that he saw a few minutes ago.

  “I’m just kidding. Upon seeing how beautiful they are, I’m planing on asking Namjoon if we can keep them. Each one for one of us.” Yoongi playfully smirked while staring at Jimin and Taehyung.

  “Yoongi,” Hoseok yelled at him in warning, and Yoongi just rolled his eyes.

  “Well, well sweetheart,” Namjoon spoke to Seokjin. “As you can see, you are now going to stay with us. We are not bad guys, it’s just Yoongi likes to tease others. You will be safe with us. And...,”

  Namjoon tiled Seokjin face up a bit, then crouched down a little too close for Seokjin liking, “Let’s make a deal, yeah?” Namjoon whispered into his ear. “We will take a good care of you and your younger siblings, and in return you have to be my person, only mine in every ways I want. Don’t worry about your brothers, no one will touch them unwillingly unless they give their consent.” 

  Namjoon stood up back, looking at the stunned Seokjin. Liking it or not, Seokjin had no choices. The moment he stepped his foot in, someone carried him here, he knew this will be his faith. Whatever was this would change his life, from now on.

  “Now, Yoongi hyung, please bring these two young boys to that next room next to mine.” Yoongi weakly complained, but he did otherwise.

  Hoseok pried Taehyung and Jimin off Seokjin, promising that they wouldn't do anything without their consent, and ushered them upstairs.

  “Hyung...” Taehyung called Seokjin weakly, with Jimin clung onto him. Seokjin couldn’t do anything beside mouthed ‘Don’t worry’, and motioned them to follow Yoongi and Hoseok.

  After they went out of his sight, Seokjin started to feel nervous again. What would be going to happen to him? 

  As if Namjoon could read his mind, he went next to Seokjin and sat on his right.

  “Hey, pretty boy,” Namjoon flirted. “Don’t be nervous.” He dropped his arm around Seokjin waist, earning a startle gasp from the poor boy.

  “You said you won’t-“ Namjoon nuzzled Seokjin neck,and that cut Seokjin sentence off.

  “I won’t touch your brothers, baby. But, not you.” He started kiss down from Seokjin jaw to his neck, sucking between the shoulder and neck junction softly.

  There was something about this pretty boy. Something that drove Namjoon's inside insane the moment he laid his eyes on him. The desire of wanting this beauty was so much that he couldn’t help, but guided Seokjin to lay down, ready on having him as his dinner.

  “Namjoon,” Seokjin whimpered, and that seemed to wake Namjoon from his daze. “They will see...” 

   Namjoon sighed as he agreed, even though he wanted others to know now Seokjin belonged to him only, he also wanted to be the only one who could see Seokjin in his pleasure state.

  “Alright,” Namjoon grinned at the few purple marks that bloomed from his bit. “Let’s me take you to our room. After dinner, we will have a talk, yeah?”

  Seokjin nodded slowly. At the moment Namjoon tiled his head up, intensely looked at him, he knew he was screwed. That he would agree on whatever this man wanted.

  They stood up together, Seokjin was about to walk forward, but Namjoon suddenly lifted him in bridal style, which earned a short yelp from Seokjin.

  “Put me down, I can walk by myself,” he tried to protest, but Namjoon didn’t have any of it as he walked straight to the stairs.

  As he was embarrassed, Seokjin put his face inside Namjoon's neck, inhaling the smell of Namjoon collagen. It smelt like rain, and sandalwood. He smelt nice, that he calmed Seokjin's mind a little.

  He shouldn’t be surprised when he had arrived at the man room. He should have expected it. Perhaps the gun rack was what caught him off guard.

  After Namjoon used his leg to close the door, he walked straight to the king size bed, and laid Seokjin gently on it. Then, he climbed over Seokjin. Seokjin, still the same as 10 minutes ago, looked at him with nervous and fear eyes.

  “You look so pretty, baby. What’s your name?” Namjoon caressed Seokjin hair, hand trailing down to his temple then stopped at his cheek.

  “Seokjin, Park Seokjin.” Seokjin, out of sudden feeling shy at Namjoon gazed, murmured silently, and avoided his eyes.

  “A fine name for a gorgeous man.” Namjoon leaned down and kissed Seokjin left cheek. It made Seokjin blushed lightly, making Namjoon internally cooed at his cutness.

  “You should take a shower before dinner, baby.” Namjoon nodded toward the bathroom. “Or do you need my help?” 

  If you asked Seokjin when did Namjoon hand stopped at his right thigh, he didn’t know as well.

  “I-I can do it myself,” Seokjin turned his face away, blaming himself for stuttering. Namjoon smiled grew wide, he couldn’t resist Seokjin cuteness so he once again leaned down, planting two pecks on both Seokjin’s pink cheeks.

  “Sure, I will lent you some of my clothes, and tomorrow how about I take you shopping?” Seokjin faced light up, but at the thought of being a burden to someone made him drop his happiness expression back. “Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t want it?”

  “No, I want to go to, but you will spent a lot of money on me, beside I can still go back to my place and bring our clothes here. I’m not used to spend so much money on things, beside foods.” Seokjin replied. Something stirred inside Namjoon chest at the thought of this pretty boy having only old clothes.

  “Nu-uh, sweetheart, don’t worry about all of these thing. You should get use to me spoiling you. I won’t let my baby wearing all old clothes.” Seokjin wanted to ask why he wanted to spoil him. What was Seokjin to Namjoon? Just a sugar baby, or just his pleasure-release partner? But Seokjin knew better not to ask. So he shut his mouth tight, and nodded.

  “You should go and have a shower now. The dinner will be ready soon.” Seokjin nodded, as Namjoon climbed off him, and let Seokjin got in the bathroom.

  Seokjin stood inside the bathroom, looking in awe. It was much bigger than his old bedroom. No wonder, Namjoon was wealthy. He quickly stripped and took only 10 minutes long in shower. He didn’t want Namjoon to wait. He almost slipped at the sight in front of him when lifted his head after he went out of the bathroom. Namjoon was in his all naked glory, well not all naked, at least he had a towel around his waist.

  “Like what you see, baby?” Namjoon smirked at him, before walking toward him, whispered something alike “Don’t worry, you can touch everywhere tonight.” 

  Seokjin went red at the words. Namjoon chuckled, ruffling his wet hair, before he went inside the bathroom.

  Seokjin stood there for a good 2 minutes, before he composed himself, getting dressed on what Namjoon left for him, a long white tee, with a sweatpants, no boxer on.




  After waiting for Namjoon showering, and became a stuttering mess in front of half naked and wet-body Namjoon once again, they made their way downstairs.

  Jimin and Taehyung had already sat down at the dinner table, once Namjoon and Seokjin arrived. They seemed to huddle close to each other since the two across from them, watched them like they wanted to devour them whole.

  After Seokjin had already settled down beside Namjoon, the maids brought dinner on the table. It felt unreal to the three brothers. It had been long since the three of them had had a nice meal, all thank to their stupid stepfather.

  “Eat,” Once the word left Namjoon mouth, everyone started digging in. Everyone except Jimin and Taehyung.

  Namjoon must have seen it, so he said, “Kiddos, you two look skinny. You should eat more. Here,” He pushed a plate full of roast turkey in front of Jimin and Taehyung.

  Both of them bowed at the said man, it made Seokjin felt proud, and started to eat one by one. 

  The atmosphere was not really awkward, just Jimin and Taehyung got scared each time Namjoon asked them questions.

  “So Jimin, Taehyung, How are you guys? Is everything okay in here for both of you? Do you need anythings?" Asked Namjoon.

  Namjoon shouldn’t have had worried about them because they were nobody, but just what people who got exchanged with the debt, still Seokjin felt touched, and even felt more at ease with this man. This man was a good guy, he reasoned.

  “Everything is great. Thank you, Namjoon hyung.” The twin replied. They bowed at the man in gratefulness.

  “You’re welcome, kiddo. Eat more,” Namjoon kept on pushing more foods in front of them, until Jimin and Taehyung protested, stated that they had had enough.

  When they all finished, Namjoon told them to go back to their room, and have a rest.If there were any problems, they could discuss tomorrow. They bid the four older men goodbye, quickly walked away from two pairs of predator eyes, slamming their door shut as they reached the inside.

  “Stop scaring them, will you?” Namjoon asked Yoongi and Hoseok who was about to go after the two kids.

  “Can’t. They have nice asses.” Seokjin looked at Namjoon in panicked, after Yoongi answered. 

  “Hyung, you know...” Yoongi rolled his eyes at Namjoon. 

  “I know, I won’t do anything.” Then, Yoongi stood up from the dinning table, and walked upstairs to his own room.

  “Don’t worry, Seokjin.” Hoseok assured. “Yoongi is a nice guy. Your brother, Jimin, seems to have Yoongi interest. As well as Taehyung toward me. But, like Namjoon had said, don’t worry. We won’t do anything toward them unless they give us a green light.” 

  Hoseok winked at him, before he went to his own room too.

  “I swear, my cousins,” Namjoon sighed. “Don’t worry, baby. They won’t do anythings. I know them,” he squeezed Seokjin hand. “Shall we go?”

  Seokjin nodded, before he stood up and followed Namjoon lead.

  When they arrived at the bedroom, Namjoon lifted him up before threw him on the bed.

  “I don’t think I can wait any more longer.” Namjoon quickly undressed himself. He had said they would have to talk first, but that could wait until tomorrow. His desire for this beautiful angel couldn't. He was so attractive that the beast inside him couldn't stay under control. 

  After he was left only boxer on, he climbed onto Seokjin, hovering and staring down with lust. He did the same to Seokjin's clothes after. Seokjin clinched his eyes shut, and let Namjoon did whatever he wanted. For himself, for his brothers' safety. Beside, it was Namjoon. And Seokjin knew he couldn’t say no to Namjoon. A small mind of his believed Namjoon wouldn't intentionally hurt him.

  “Are you ready to give all of you to me?” Namjoon whispered to Seokjin seductively. How could Seokjin resist this hot man? He couldn’t, so he nodded.

  Not waiting for a breath to pass, Namjoon already have his mouth on Seokjin's neck, biting and sucking to claim. Seokjin closed his eyes tightly, praying he could still be able to walk tomorrow.




  “How are you, baby? Do you feel sore?” Namjoon asked, after their sexual activity. Namjoon pulled Seokjin to lay on his chest.

  “I feel okay.” Seokjin nodded his head, that stayed on Namjoon form chest. It was the best to say, even it was a bit rough, for his first time. Yes, it was Seokjin first time, since he had never had a boyfriend or girlfriend or hook up before.

  “Well, shall you start telling me about yourself, or do you want to wait until tomorrow?”

  "Now, please. I'm not sleepy yet."

  Namjoon started first, from he was an only child, to he had both black and clean businesses, and that his cousins helped him managed all of his businesses.

  In return, Seokjin told Namjoon about how his father was killed by a car accident, and his mother had a cancer after she married his stepfather four years later, and their family first was a second class family, to When their family financial became unstable due to his mother's death, and his bastard stepfather, to how he had to drop out his third years in accounting firm, so his twin brothers could continue their education, and to it was his first time having sex.

  “You’ve never had it before?” Seokjin had nodded, before he laughed at Namjoon shocked expression. “I’m sorry if I was too rough, you should have told me.”

  “It’s okay. I-I like it, by the way.” Seokjin hid his face inside Namjoon crooked, and felt the vibration on his head from Namjoon's laugh.

  “Alright, then should we do it one more time?” Namjoon suggested teasingly.

  “No, I’m still sore, Joonie.” Seokjin pouted.

  “Joonie?” Seokjin eyes widen, remember what he had said, and apologized. “Don’t apologize, baby. I like it. You can call me that when we are not inside our bedroom.” 

  Namjoon bit Seokjin earlobe softly. He knew where made Seokjin shivered.

  “Y-yes, daddy.” Namjoon pat his head, murmured ‘Good boy’.

  “Go to sleep baby, we have a lot of thing to do tomorrow.” Namjoon whispered close to Seokjin ear, before he cradled the pretty boy in his arm.

  Seokjin nodded his head, before he fell asleep inside Namjoon embrace. A few minutes later, Namjoon followed him to their dreamland.

  That night was the first night Seokjin had a nice sleep in many years.





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  Waking up in a huge room was nice. Waking up with sunshine on face is nice. But what more that was nicer? Waking up to see a pretty face inside his arms.

  Namjoon woke up fast today. As he stirred a bit, he felt something or someone laid their weight on his upper arm. Startled a little, he jolted awake, and instantly was greeted with Seokjin peaceful sleeping face. He once never believed in religion, but after he met Seokjin, he was so sure that this pretty and gorgeous human being was an angel who unexpectedly sent here for him, for a man fully lived in sin. His world was full of devil, evil, blood and all of these dirty stuffs. But, as he stared at Seokjin, he knew at least there were angels on this world as well. And he felt even more lucky to have met a gorgeous angel who was his, all for himself to keep.

  Lastly night before sleep fully pulled him a dreamland, Namjoon had questioned himself. Was it possible to love someone he just knew? for what like? Less then 24 hours? As for real, Namjoon couldn’t bring himself to care. He had that urge to protect Seokjin, to love him, to take care of him the moment his two eyes fell on him yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, he had thought that he allowed Seokjin and his brothers staying with them because he felt pity toward them, but after the last few minutes, he concluded that it was more than that. It was more than pity or sex. It was... it was... maybe... love. He didn't get to label his feeling when the fluffy of human inside his arms stirring awake.

  Seokjin stirred up a bit, feeling good from last night sleep. When he opened his eyes and stretched cutely, he was greeted with Namjoon, smiling so wide toward him. He smiled back before Namjoon gave a peck on his forehead. Seokjin blushed, and when he hid his face inside the said man neck, the man laughed at his cuteness. He took a moment to think. Was it okay to feel... to feel a huge adoration toward this man? The man who had taken his house, taken him here and given him and his brothers a shelter, the man who he didn't know what he was meant to? The man who was a mafia gang in black market, and the owner of big company? Well, Seokjin just said fuck it, and let his heart won the logic because the heart wanted what it wanted . As long as he could stay and see Namjoon in every possible ways, in whatever relationship they were in, he was grateful.

  “Morning, baby. How was your sleep?” Seokjin nodded, smiling a little. Still have some sleepiness inside his eyes.

  “It’s good.” Namjoon kissed Seokjin forehead. Seokjin yawned cutely, his body was shivering and his mouth form an 'O' shape.

  “Should we take a shower?” Namjoon suggested after he planted an opened kiss on Seokjin while he yawned. Seokjin could only nodded with his face all pink.

  "Can you go first? I want to lay down a little more. I'm still sore from yesterday."

  “If that the case then we should take a shower together.” Seokjin eyes went widen with it. S-shower together?

  “You can take it first.” Seokjin tried to pull away from Namjoon's hold, but to no avail. Namjoon already had had his hand on Seokjin's middle section, prevented him from doing so.

  “Don’t be shy, baby. I've already seen all of yours last night.” Namjoon cooed. Seokjin shook his head rapidly.

  Namjoon didn't flattered though as he grinned down on Seokjin while his unoccupied hand was wandering all over seokjin's body, especially his butts. He possessively squeezed it, making Seokjin unable deny his suggestion.

  “Only if you carry me,” Seokjin tried to play hard, even though his body was on fire.

  “Anything for you,” And Namjoon successfully carried Seokjin into the bathroom.


   Being a man of workload, Namjoon loved doing things quickly. That also included his daily activities. Most people took around ten to fifteen minutes in finding their clothes, but Namjoon only needed five minutes for it, as well as shower. He only spent around ten minutes in there, but since today morning was a special case, Namjoon used more than 30 minutes in the bathroom stall, with Seokjin. You asked why? Because... well, he could convince Seokjin into a quick fuck inside there. 

  After they properly cleaned from their hair to their foot, they came out with Namjoon walked out with a satisfy grin on his face, along with a red face Seokjin.

  “I will have a meeting at 8,” Namjoon looked at the wall clock, 7:15, great. “So, we will have to have  breakfast outside real quick, then go to my company. When my meeting end, we will go to the shopping mall together.” Seokjin nodded his head at Namjoon words. He liked Namjoon plans.

  They went to have breakfast at the small cozy cafe shop next to Namjoon company after ten minutes ride, before Namjoon driver drove both of them to his company.

  They made quite an entrance with both walking han in hand. There were a lot of stares from the employees, some surprised, some shocked, and some jealous because where did their boss find the beautiful man? Did you think Namjoon mind their stares? Nope, he felt nothing just felt the pride. The pride of having a beautiful angel all by himself while others could only stare . He smiled like a fool in love. This was the first time Namjoon felt this way toward someone, it did scared him a little. Even in his previous relationship, nothing seemed like a strong pull toward him. Maybe, maybe Seokjin was his possibility assigned soulmate like those clinch fairy tales. Who cared?

  Namjoon smiled fell as soon as he entered his office. Hell, he just had to forget the important thing upon seeing his father was waiting for him on the sofa.

  “Oh, you arrived.” Seokjin didn't dare to look at the man's way, as he still nervous from all the stare he had received in the last few minutes.

  “Father,” Namjoon softly called. Seokjin looked down on the floor, had no idea what he should do or say.

  “Well, Namjoon I assumes you have a boyfriend now,” his father stood up, and walked toward them. “Head up, pretty boy.”

  Seokjin almost choked on his own spits. What with this family? Always calling sappy nicknames. Still, Seokjin headed up as he was told to.

  “Wahh, you got a pretty boy for yourself. I don’t need to worry about you being all alone now.” His father pat Namjoon back. “I will be leaving this afternoon with your mother to Norway. We will stay there from now on”

  Namjoon coughed awkwardly  “but-“

  “No but, boy. Father and mother are already old. Even though she’s sick, she still worry about your well being. So do I. As I saw you happily smiled before you entered office with your boyfriend here, I know he will take a good care of you. You also will have Yoongi and Hoseok with you too, to look after everything along with you.”

  The old man hugged a watery eyes Namjoon, and a nervous Seokjin one last time, before he went out of door, singing about will have grandsons and daughters soon.

  “My father,” Namjoon chuckled. He turned to look at Seokjin, only to see him bit his lip nervously.

  “What’s wrong, baby?” Namjoon asked.

  “Well, your father just called me your boyfriend,” Namjoon nodded with his eyebrow quirked, encouraged Seokjin to continue. “ I was wondering when d-did I become your boy-boyfriend?” Seokjin stuttered a bit.

  “Technically, when I said you’re mine, I mean mine in every possible way. My boyfriend, my baby, my sweet-“

  “No,” Seokjin stopped Namjoon midway, “I mean I’m a nobody. Remember who I am? Just a man who his stepfather exchanged for-“

  Namjoon cut his speech,too, abruptly with kiss. He knew what Seokjin was a about going to say.

  “You’re my baby, sweetheart. I don’t care how I met you, how you end up with me. I just... I want you Seokjin. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I need you to stay with me, in my life, forever.” He kissed Seokjin's red nose. “Do you like me, baby? Do you want to be mine?”

  “Yes, I like you, Joonie, and want to be yours for a very long time.” Seokjin lovingly smiled. His chest felt lighter now. Thanked to Namjoon's confession.

  “Now, boyfriend, Can you wait for me in here?  I have a meeting to attend.” Seokjin giggles cutely, and nodded. “ I will let someone bring you coffee and cake.”

  “Okay, boyfriend.” Seokjin replied, throwing his arms around Namjoon neck and hugged him. “ I will wait for you in here.”

  Namjoon kissed his nose one more time, before he went out of the door. He smiled at everyone that walked past him. Because why not? He was in a good mood thanked to his wonderful man.

  Seokjin took the time he was left alone, touring himself around Namjoon office. Well, it was huge.

  The decoration was great, just like his mansion. Their were two paintings on each well-paint cream walls, one to the left and one to the right. At corner, under left side painting, laid two sofas, opposite to each other, and a long coffee table.

  Seokjin took a look at Namjoon working desk, as expected, was a bit mess. So he rolled his sweater sleeves- Namjoon’s-and started tidying up. He collected all of the papers Namjoon threw on the floor, dumped it inside the bin. He arranged the documents all together, and neatly put it at the right of computer keyboard. 

  He looked at the clock on the wall, above the right painting, and nodded to himself. He had tided Namjoon's office for the past 30 minutes, great. He was about to put the pens, pencil, and clips into their boxes, when the door opened, revealing an angry looking women.

  Seokjin stood straight. Who was this woman?

  “Where is Namjoon?” That woman yelled at Seokjin. He frowned, about to asked why did she yell at him, as a slap made contact with his left cheek.

  Seokjin held his cheek, stumbled back a tad with watery eyes.

  “So you are the slut that take Namjoon away from me?” Seokjin couldn’t answer. What did she meant? By any mean, who was she?

  “Seokjin,” someone, Namjoon, shouted his name, and ran toward him. “What the hell are you doing in here, summi?”

  Namjoon furiously asked the woman-summi- while he was inspecting Seokjin burning cheek. Namjoon could see the tears inside his baby eyes threatened to fall.

  “Oppa, is this the slut that made you broke the engagement with me?” Namjoon tried to not his temper ran around at that woman words, but miserably failed. Who was this women think she was as she dare to call Seokjin a slut? 

  It was not a gentleman act to do this, but he was allergic to what summi just called Seokjin ‘slut’, so he slapped her, hard.

  “If you dare calling him ‘slut’ one more fucking time, I swear I will do everything in my power to destroy you.” Namjoon threatened, as he looked at her in the eyes. “And for your information, we have never had any promise of engagement or engagement before. So, fuck off, go back to that fucker before I fucking lose my temper, again.” Namjoon angrily pointed at the entrance.

  Summi, who eyes were wet from the slap, stubbornly stood there, and argued back. "So tell me what is fucking good in him that you choose him over me? Give me a reason why do you choose this slut!”

  Namjoon, being a not so long-tempered person he was, pulled out the gun from the gun holder around his waist, pointed at Summi’s Head. Violent was not away to deal with a problem, but at least that shut summi mouth.

  “ you wanna know? The slut in here is you, summi. You are the one who fucking cheated on me. Before I pulled the trigger, you should fucking get out of my face, or I suddenly will forget about your father is my father's friend."

  With fear and embarrassment, Summi quickly picked her pulse and ran out of the door, didn’t expect Namjoon to point the gun at her. A tender Namjoon who used to caressing her, point a damn gun at her head.

  Namjoon put the gun back, when he saw Summi was out of their sight, and turned to Seokjin.

  “Baby,” Seokjin haven’t uttered any words toward him. That made Namjoon worried. He admitted that he was afraid of losing Seokjin that everything at that moment. “Let’s sit down first.”

  It was only a day since he got to call Seokjin as his. If he lost Seokjin, he would loss his mind. it seemed like Seokjin already had held a special place inside Namjoon’s heart since yesterday.

  Namjoon guided Seokjin to the sofa, and let him sit down. “Baby, please hear me out, okay? I don’t want you to misunderstand about all of it. So please listen to me okay?”

  Seokjin nodded his head, still didn't talk to Namjoon. He agreed on listening because he knew if he jumped into a conclusion by himself, he would loss Namjoon and also wasted their time. So, listening to the explanation looked like a better decision. Namjoon sighed in relief at Seokjin logically understanding, before he started,

  “Summi, she was my girlfriend before. We went to study abroad together for 2 at the last years of our university. I liked her a lot back then. So, I asked her out when we came back. On our second dates, I asked her to be my girlfriend. When it was our 1 year anniversary, being a fool for so long, I caught her cheating on me. I broke off everything with her. At that time, Yoongi hyung and Hoseok helped me managed both father’s legal and illegal businesses. My father gave me a right to do all of his business. I was only 22 when it happened.

  After I broke everything with her, I decided to shut myself and drown in my own pity self with works. And as the time went by, my father sort of wanted me into a relationship. He told me he was worried since I was already 25. I denied him from time to time. I was still hurt from the past. My father seemed to have enough of my action, and also had seen how lonely I was, how I shut myself off, he threatened me if I didn’t get into any relationship in two days, it’s sound ridiculous, he will arrange me with Summi, since you know her father is also my father friend. 

  I prayed to god. I didn’t want anything with her. And to his kindness, god answered my prayer. Yesterday was the day my father talked to me about it, and I was so furious. Then, I met you. I’ve met an angel, who I didn't realize , will cure my broken heart. I was so thankful. You have no idea how grateful I was to have met you. Seokjin, my baby, I was so happy that I’ve met you.” Seokjin pulled a crying Namjoon into a hug.

  Seokjin didn’t expect to hear anything of it. The strong Namjoon, also used to experience all of this heart broken thing.

  “It’s okay, Joonie. You have me now. I promise I will take a good care of you, like how you do to me. Shh,” Seokjin kissed Namjoon forehead.

  “Thank you,” Namjoon murmured weakly, still didn’t let go of Seokjin.

  They stayed like that for few more minutes, before Namjoon pulled away. 

  “Let’s go shopping.” Namjoon said when he stopped sobbing. Seokjin nodded happily, before he went to get tissues to clean Namjoon tears. “I don’t want my past to ruin the mood.” He caressed the red cheek. “Does it hurt? Your cheek, baby.” Seokjin shook his head.

  “I used to have it worse than a slap.” Namjoon abruptly stopped his movement.

  “Who?” Seokjin bit his lips nervously. He didn’t mean to slip it out. But, the look of Namjoon could kill him, if he didn’t tell him now. “Stepfather.”

  Namjoon expression changed to that one pure anger look. Anyone that hurt his baby would get a punishment they deserved.” To Jimin and Taehyung too?” Seokjin nodded as Namjoon pulled out his phone.

  Namjoon quickly dialed someone number, then he spoke, “kill him, Hoseok. I don’t want that piece of shit to live anymore.” He ended the call quickly after that.

  “Joonie, w-what-“ 

  “Shh, I will take care of it. Beside, I have had enough of that old man lies.”

  “Still, he was a human, you can’t just-“

  “Do you know that he caused enough troubles to my gang? Last night, he lied toward a drug lord, saying that Yoongi told him to come and collect the heroine. And those fuckers were so dumb. They gave it to him. Last night, Yoongi got his lips split and some bones cracked dealing with that bullshit.” Namjoon sighed.

  “So, think of it as I do society, my gang, and you a favor.” Seokjin looked down at the floor. He didn’t want Namjoon to kill anyone, but if he said so. And that jerk deserved this.

  “Let’s not talk about this, Joonie. I want ice cream.” Seokjin molded his expression back.  “I want fried chicken too.” 

  Namjoon chuckled at Seokjin, before he followed a happy Seokjin, who happily skipped out of the office.



* Tock tock tock * 

  Someone knocked Yoongi’s door. It was hard for Yoongi to move since he was caught off guard and got hit badly last night.

  “Come in,” Yoongi weakly shouted. 

  A head poked inside his room. He smiled upon seeing who was it.

  “H-Hyung,” Jimin said. “I bring you food and some medicines.” 

  Jimin pushed the door open, a little wide, and he carried a tray of everything he had said, into the bedroom. He put the tray on the night stand.

  “The nurse told me to let you have this after 8 hours. It will help you less the pain from your broken rips, Hyung.” Jimin helped Yoongi to sit up a little. He gave the medicines to Yoongi, and handed him the water. He happily swallowed the bitter things as it was from Jimin. 

  “Let’s me help you clean your lips,” Jimin was about to put the wet cotton to clean Yoongi lips, when a hand caught his wrist.

  “Jiminie, you know, the wound won’t go away even you clean it. Please, give this poor lips a booboo so it can help lessen the pain fast.” Yoongi made a kissy noise.

  Jimin turned red like a tomato. He quickly retreated his hand back, startled by Yoongi words.

  Yoongi had known the boy would have turned red when he said those kind of things, but still he couldn’t help and teased him a little. It was amusing to see the boy red face. He was so beautiful, and cute too.

  A pouty pair of lips touched Yoongi's, startled him out of his retrieve.

  “B-better?” Jimin stuttered. He cleaned Yoongi lips after that. When he was done, he looked at Yoongi who was still in his startled zone, and softly giggled. He then stood up quickly and took his leave, not before,

  “Please, get better soon hyung. And don’t forget you food.” He smiled at Yoongi, then he was out of Yoongi room.

  Yoongi, who had just snapped out of his daze, smiled foolishly at the door. 

  Jimin gave a sign to Yoongi. A sign that he was about to open his heart for Yoongi. Yoongi knew the kid will be the death of his. But he didn’t mind, as long as he could call the boy as his.



  “Wohh,” Seokjin exclaimed. “So huge,” That were what left Seokjin mouth once he arrived at the shopping mall.

  There were not a lot of people there, since it was only 10 in the morning.

  “Let’s go, baby. You can buy whatever you want.” Namjoon pulled Seokjin gently inside.

  Seokjin ran to look at Gucci store that displayed new model shoes and clothes. Taehyung had always wanted a pair of Gucci shoes, and Seokjin wanted to get him one. But, upon seeing the price tag, Seokjin backed out.

  “So expensive, Joonie.” He pulled Namjoon away from the store window, when he asked what was he doing. “We can buy something more cheaper and not brand name.”

  Namjoon rolled his eyes, before he pulled Seokjin inside the Gucci store.

  “Master Namjoon,” the manager came out to greet, “What can I help you with today?”

  “No need, I will just tour my boyfriend around the store a bit.” The manager nodded, before Namjoon pulled the gasping Seokjin along with him.

  “M-master?” Seokjin stared at him with wide eyes.

  Namjoon laughed at his cute reaction. “Yes, baby.” Namjoon teased, but then got into an explanation. “ what do you think I have a company for?”

  “Ohh, so you own this huge mall?” Namjoon nodded at the exciting Seokjin.

  “Others building that I would love to take you there too.” Seokjin listened in awe. 

  “Wow,” He didn’t hide his amusement at all.

  “So now, go pick whatever you want.” Seokjin hesitated.

  “But, they're all expensive.” Seokjin reasoned.

  “Baby, I’m a master here. So to every stores, I will get 50% discount. Don’t worry!” Namjoon assured him.

  “Ohh, really? Does this mean I can buy some for Taehyung and Jimin too?” Namjoon nodded, smiling to Seokjin who still hesitant to choose.

  Namjoon really loved Seokjin for being caring. He even thought of his brothers even he went out to have fun.

  “Buy whatever you want baby.” Namjoon leaned down to kiss Seokjin's lips, making Seokjin squeaked, from embarrassment and happiness.

  They were in public, for god's sake. But the look of happiness on Namjoon's made Seokjin couldn’t stay mad at him at all.

  When Seokjin left the store, he got two pairs of Gucci shoes for his brothers, and a pair for himself.

  Namjoon pulled him into every stores they walked pass, told the staffs that Seokjin was his boyfriend, and got him lots of stuffs.

  Before Seokjin could have his chicken and ice cream, it was two in the afternoon, with many bags laid on the chair next to him.

  “We will went into that panties store, I still haven’t gotten you any.” That made Seokjin choked on his chicken.

  “Baby, careful.” Namjoon changed to sit beside, rubbed his back.

  “What the? Joonie, don’t speak like that.”


  “You-“ Namjoon bursted out laughing. He knew what Seokjin thought of.

  “Fine,” They continued to eat.



  “All done, sir.” Hoseok nodded, as he saw how the man was dead due to their tortured. That was this man punishment for touching what was Namjoon's and caused his hyung pain.

  He went to the toilet, and peed, before went outside and cleaned his hand at the sink.

  After drying his hands, he walked upstairs to the small room, inside their territory warehouse, above the dungeon. He opened his door, to only greet with a cute sight before him.

  Taehyung was taking a nap on the sofa. He must have passed out when he waited for Hoseok. He chuckled, as he dropped the blanket on Taehyung.

  He had taken Taehyung to the warehouse, since Taehyung wanted to see it and to see his stepfather, before Namjoon called him. 

  He was more than gladly to do it. The brushes on Taehyung arms only angered him even more when he knew about their source.

  When they arrived, he told Taehyung to wait for him, as he got down stair to do some ‘business’. Taehyung, knew what Hoseok referring to since he had heard the conversation, begged Hoseok to not torture the man to dead, but Hoseok couldn’t, his blood was boiling at the thought of what that man did to his beloveds, beside it was Namjoon order. So they had to.

  “It was for our good. Yoongi hyung suffered because of his lie. And it’s also Namjoon order. Don’t worry. Their will be no more him for you to worry about anymore.” 

  And Hoseok went down to finish everything.

  Taehyung stirred, as if he felt someone watched him. And it was. Hoseok who was watching with a smile on his face.

  “Noon noon, taetae.”

  “Noon noon to you too, hyungie. Are you done?” Taehyung asked. He didn’t want to say the actual words. 

  “All done. Let’s head home, okay? I promise to bring you and Jimin out for shopping tomorrow.” And Hoseok helped Taehyung up.

  He nuzzled his nose at the shy boy cheek, before he urged him to leave the room.

  Hoseok felt like a lucky man, when Taehyung clung to him once he was outside. He knew that he could call the boy as his sooner or later. Hoseok had never read a sign wrong before.


  “Can we go inside the market?” Seokjin pointed to the store that sold foods, snacks...etc, once they arrived at the ground floor. 

  Namjoon couldn’t say no when Seokjin was so enthusiastic about buying foods.

  They end up went inside, as Namjoon pushed the cart, Seokjin picked the food. A while later, Namjoon told him, he would go and pick some ice cream for Seokjin. Nodding and tiptoeing, Seokjin kissed Namjoon cheek, before he ran off to the ‘Snack’ aisle.

  After he picked three bags of chips, he was about to go to find Namjoon, when he spotted it. He stood in front of it for a whole 5 minutes, before he decided to bring it with him.

  When they went to check out, he told Namjoon to go and called their driver, letting him pay the for foods. Namjoon, without suspicion, did as what Seokjin told him, and handed his card to the cashier.

  After Namjoon dropped him at home, as he had to go out to do some business, he went into their share bedroom. He kept it, somewhere among the space in the closet that Namjoon gave him for his clothes, with his clothes covered.

  He ate one of the it, that he just took out, and went downstairs to check on his brothers. Wanted to give the things he bought for them to them.

  That wasn’t what Seokjin expected upon he opened the door to Jimin and Taehyung's room. There was Jimin who drapping all over a split lips Yoongi’s chest, and Taehyung cuddling with Hoseok.

  Namjoon told him that in fact his cousins were good guys beside their reputations, that Seokjin could trust them. Maybe, he could trust his brothers with them. Let’s hope his baby brothers wouldn't have heartbroken.



Chapter Text


“I don’t understand how you can survive all this years long.” Namjoon pouted at Seokjin.

  It had already been 10 days since Seokjin came to live with Namjoon. Everything went all smoothly, after the unexpected event back then. Namjoon and his cousins took a great care of his and his twin brothers, indeed. 

  Namjoon’s cousins, in fact, were good guys just like what Namjoon had told him. He could see how his brothers were so happy interacting or just staying close to them. He could breathe at ease now. 

  Or maybe he couldn’t. Not about his brothers though. But his boyfriend. His giant idiot boyfriend. His boyfriend who almost choked himself when he tried to tie his tie.

  “Yoongi hyung helped me. Sometimes Hoseok, or...” Seokjin narrowed eyes at him.

  “Or...?” Namjoon grinned.

  “Or went to work without tie. Who do you think I was going to say?” Namjoon smirked.

  “I though it was your assistant. I was about to go there and challenge ‘who is the best in tying tie’ with her.” Seokjin challenged, and huffed out loudly on Namjoon's face.

  “Ohho, is my Seokjin jealous?” Namjoon grinned so wide, that his gum showed. He pulled his lover a little closer by his waist.

  “Shut up,” Seokjin rolled his eyes, stumbling a bit, before he could escape the grip, Namjoon pushed him on his own laps.

  “Ohh, baby just admit it.” Seokjin elbowed Namjoon playfully, earning a light groan from Namjoon. “ okay okay, so I forgot to tell you. My assistant resigned yesterday. And I need someone to help me, and I have been thinking...”

  Namjooon gave him the look that Seokjin might correctly guess what he thought and wanted to say, so he quickly defended,

  “You know I can’t, Joonie. I haven’t have finished university. I don’t think I can help.”

  “Don’t look down on yourself,baby. How about you try for a few days? If you can, you can help me. If not, I won’t force you. Beside, I’ve missed you like crazy everyday.” Namjoon pouted. If he didn’t know about Namjoon work line, he would say Namjoon was an innocent baby trapped in a giant body.

  “Okay,okay. I can’t say no to your pout and your cheesy lines, anyways.” Seokjin chuckled before agreed when the man gave him what people called puppy eyes

  "Great! Let's start from today." Seokjin just laughed at his lover silliness.

  He pried himself off Namjoon, and dressed in one of Namjoon dress shirt and black pants, ready to go to Namjoon company. Even though Seokjin had half of closet stored his own clothes, he still liked Namjoon’s better. And Namjoon didn’t complain about it. So why not? Seokjin bet Namjoon was secretly liked it.




  “See? You can do it.” Namjoon exclaimed smugly and loudly.

  It was Seokjin sixth day, working as Namjoon assistant. Everything went well. He had help lessen his boyfriend burdens, and he was happy about it. Beside, office sex was great too.

  “Fine, I will work for you.” Namjoon nodded at himself satisfied with the answer.

  “Come inside my office a bit after you're done.” Namjoon winked and kissed his nose. Yoongi called them the most gross couple ever. Mayhaps, they were. 

  Seokjin took only five minutes to quickly save all of the important files, before he lightly knocked and went inside per Namjoon request.

  As he entered, his boyfriend was already working on the document, sleeves rolled up 'till his elbows. Thought of Seokjin as he was weird as you want, but he had a kink for a man that rolled sleeves up to elbows like this.

  “What can I help you, sir?” Seokjin mockingly spoke. Namjoon chuckled, and beckoned him inside. Seokjin closed the door.

  One Seokjin stood in front of him, he pat his laps in invitation. Seokjin rolled his eyes, but went to sit on, anyway.

  “So...?” Seokjin started.

  “Yoongi told me about Jimin and Taehyung dream of finish the university. And I have been thinking about sending them there. What do you think?” Namjoon was stroking Seokjin waist softly.

  Silent. Seokjin just stared at him silently for a few minutes. Namjoon almost freaked out when he saw tears flew down Seokjin eyes. 

  “Baby?” He wasn’t prepared for it, the panicked self and the attack of kisses from a crying Seokjin.

  “Joonie,” Seokjin whimpered in Namjoon neck. Namjoon took this as surprised tears.

  “ shh, what do you think?” Namjoon asked.

  “I want them to finish school too, but I don’t have enough save and-“

  “Baby, you know I will pay for their tuition. I’m just asking for your opinions. Also, Think of it as the salary I give you for you working for me. Deal?” Seokjin nodded. He did refuse any form of salary from his man, though.

  Did he save the world in his last life, so that in this life he met Namjoon?

  Namjoon chuckled. “Sweetheart, That should be me asking. I’m so grateful that I’ve met an angel, angel Seokjinnie.” Seokjin realized he spoke it out loud.

  “I love you, so much.” Namjoon hand that silently rubbed Seokjin's waist stopped for a moment.

  Namjoon warmly smiled before,“I love you too, angel. Thanks for having me. Thanks for staying with me.” Seokjin nodded against his neck, before he pulled Seokjin into a kiss.

  In between five and ten minutes, someone knocked on his door. 

  “Can the two of you like, chill, for awhile?” It was Yoongi, sounding annoying, at the couple who was busy making out.

  “Nope,” Namjoon grinned at him like a fool. But, Yoongi couldn’t complain since he was the same, smitten with Park's older twin.

  He and Jimin had gotten together after a week of Jimin and his brothers arrival. It took several days for him to earn Jimin trust, and he swore to not broke it.

  “You should say that to yourself, Hyung.” Someone, behind Yoongi, said. Yoongi scowled at Hoseok.

  “Shut up, like I don’t know what you have done to Taehyung, Hosoek.” Hoseok embarrassingly snorted.

  Once it left Yoongi's mouth, he was face with a ‘standing in boss pose’ Seokjin, glaring at them.

  “What have you two done to my brothers?” They could hear Namjoon lowly chuckled.

  “Well...” Seokjin eyes widen before any of Kim cousin could utter a single sentence. 

  “You two-“

  “Come on, baby. You know they won’t do anything without your brothers consent.” Namjoon nagged him while stroking his hair.

  Seokjin knew they were in relationships with his brothers, and like he used to say, he trust his brothers with them. He just wanted to mess around. Or maybe not.

  “Fine,” Seokjin rolled eyes at them, before he went out and closed the door. They must have something to speak to Namjoon, so as a good boyfriend he was, he should give them privacy.




  “What?” Seokjin could hear Namjoon shouted.

  Eavesdropping was not a good thing to do, but Seokjin was curious okay?

  “That fucker! I’m going to kill him.” Seokjin tried to listen by slightly lent on the door.

  “Calm down, he said he wants to talk with you, face to face. Next week, Friday at the gambling house.” Yoongi said.

  “Yeah, if he doesn’t agree, I will find another drug lord.”

  Oh! Seokjin just remembered Namjoon also had black businesses too.

  Well, it was not Seokjin place to care or ask about it, so he turned back to the task on his hand, and started working on it.




  When the Friday, the Friday he had heard, came, Namjoon dressed in his leather jacket, and ready to go out, after his night activity with Seokjin.

  He looked at the sleeping Seokjin, before walked to the gun rack, pulled out his favorite, putting it inside his waist. He decided to bring it with him, just in case.

  He went to hover over the bed, leaned down a bit before kissing Seokjin forehead.

  Before he could get up and went to the door, Seokjin had grabbed his jacket tightly.

  “Where are you going, Joonie?” Seokjin asked, voice was still tired from their session.

  “Deal with some businesses, baby. Go back to sleep.” He tried to pry Seokjin hand off, but he only tighten it tighter.

  “Don’t leave me, Joonie. I want to go with you too.” Seokjin got up and hugged Namjoon. He nuzzled his face in Namjoon clothed tummy that it made it hard to say no to Seokjin.

  Seokjin was so adorable that he could just eat him again without going out and deal with whatever he needed to deal. But he just couldn't.

  Being a head of all the businesses he had, he had to. It was his duty, even his new duty was being a father and a boyfriend.

  “Baby,listen-“ Namjoon stopped dead when he spotted Seokjin puppy eyes and big pout. Oh my mother! He was so gone for Seokjin.

  “Fine!” Seokjin cheered, Namjoon sighed heavily before he ran to the wardrobe, butt naked, making Namjoon laughed at him.

  Five minutes or so, Seokjin was in a black tee with black leather jacket on, and a tight rip-jeans walking to Namjoon..

  “Baby, you're so hot,”Namjoon pulled Seokjin inside his embrace, “I can eat you right now.”

  Namjoon whispered seductively at Seokjin. One hand, he did want to eat Seokjin, on the other hand he wanted to distract Seokjin. But seemed like the latter didn't work.

  “Nah-ah, Joonie. Let’s go.” And then, Seokjin pulled Namjoon out of the door.




  “So, this is your gambling house?” Namjoon nodded. “Wow,” Seokjin looked in awe.

  “Let’s get inside, I don’t want you to catch cold.” Seokjin nodded, as Namjoon pulled him by his waist inside.

  The smell inside was intoxicating. Smell of beers, whiskey, cigarettes... were mixed and it made Seokjin felt dizzy.

  “Does it smell so strong for you?” Namjoon asked. He must notice the way Seokjin scrunched his face.

  Seokjin nodded.

  “Let’s go inside the room.” Namjoon nodded at the opposition side that had a door faced them. 

  As they walked near it, a guy in front of the door nodded at him before he pulled the door opened.

  “RM, it’s been long since we’ve met.” A guy got up to greet Namjoon. “And who is this cutie?”

  The question was directed toward Seokjin. Seokjin didn’t responded, even he had startled when that guy’s finger almost touched his face. It was just almost, but not before Namjoon grabbed the stranger's fingers, hard.

  “Touch him and you’re dead.” Namjoon said it with his cold voice, sending shiver down Seokjin’s spine. Never had ever Namjoon used this tone nor did he hear it before,

  “Dude, chill.” That guy said, hands raising up in defense.

  “Lush, stop playing around.” A guy in red jacket, said. Judging by his pose, that guy must be the leader. He sat across where Namjoon had just sat down.

  “Long time no see, RM.” They exchanged greeting, before Namjoon pulled the still staring Seokjin down on the seat beside Yoongi, in between himself.

  “Let’s start the business, Yeah?” Yoongi spoke.

  “I heard you want to increase the price?” Namjoon asked him. Seokjin could see Yoongi, hand under the table, held gun.

  “You heard right. Since you now only buy a little,  I can’t sell you in that price anymore.” The leader guy said. 

  “What the fuck? How-“ 

  “But, I can help with it.” The leader continued, “it seems like Lush here is interest with that pretty guy next to you. If you know what I mean...”

  Namjoon gritted his teeth at what the leader just had said. Seokjin couldn’t do anything in this situation to calm Namjoon besidde rubbing Namjoon's hand under the table.

  “Suga, cancel the deal.” With his last sentence, he took Seokjin hand and walked out of the room. 

  The other side man blocked Namjoon, but once Namjoon pulled out his gun and aimed at the leader, they let them out.

  Once they were outside, Yoongi quickly followed them to0, but to only excuse in going to take the contract, Namjoon quickly pushed Seokjin inside his car, and drove his BMW back to his mansion.

  They didn’t speak on the way back. Seokjin couldn’t bring himself to talk to Namjoon. He could feel the rage battle inside him.

  If anything had happened , it was all of his fault. He shouldn’t have been so stubborn, and tried to go there with Namjoon. Heck, He shouldn’t do any of it in the first place, eavesdropped and followed.

  The door had opened automatically, when Namjoon arrived. He drove inside and park it in the front yard. He got off the car once he had stopped the engine. 

  Seokjin got off the car as well, and followed Namjoon inside the house.

  “Namjoon...” He called Namjoon when they were inside the bedroom. 

  Namjoon didn’t turn toward him. So he just stood in front of the bed, bit his lips, waiting for a punishment.

  Namjoon sighed, then he slowly turned to face Seokjin, pulled him into his arm. “Are you alright, baby?”

  “I’m sorry,” Seokjin cried suddenly. He ruined Namjoon deal.

  “Don’t apologize, baby. S’not your fault.” He rubbed Seokjin back, comforted him. 

  “The deal... I should .. I,” He choked on his own spit when he tried to speak.

  “It’s okay. Yoongi told me about how they said it was their final decision. So, there was no use to talk. I just want to know what make them did that. But, after how he talked about you, they were just lust over you, I was sure I wouldn't accept the offer even it was free. And I’m sorry that I bring you into the mess.”

  “I’m okay, Joonie. I’m sorry too.” Seokjin tightened his hug.

  “Emm, you should careful from now on. I saw the way Lush checked you out. I almost killed him on the spot. Don’t go anywhere near him, in case you see him, understand?” 

  “Understand, Daddy.” Namjoon leaned down to captured Seokjin lips before he walked backward to the bed.

  “I did wrong today, daddy. Please punished me.” Just right after those words came out of his mouth, Namjoon controllable was thrown away, out of the window.

  That night, if Jimin and Taehyung woke up to the sound Seokjin praying to Jesus and Namjoon loudly, they didn’t say anything.

Chapter Text


“Hyungie, I’m bored.” Jimin whined at Yoongi, who was working at the desk, to get his attention.

  “Baby, now hyung needs to work. Please, wait for a few more minutes.” Yoongi pleaded his baby to understand. He knew that if he didn’t give Jimin enough attention, his baby will become a whiny baby just like now, and it would lead to Yoongi didn't get any lick of laid for a few days. Yoongi was tired, and man full of hormones, and also was not ready to deal with it.

  “Okay." Jimin pouted. "But in one condition," Yoongi looked up at him, and quirked his left eyebrow in question, telling his baby to tell him what he had in mind. “You have to fill me, so full, until I can feel it in my stomach all day, okay?”

  “My Baby is horny tonight,” Jimin pouted and whined at his remark. Yoongi chuckled at his small baby boy cuteness. “Of course, baby. Hyung will gladly fill you until you satisfy.” 

  Jimin, satisfied with Yoongi words, nodded happily and told Yoongi to finish whatever he was doing quick. Then, he turned his attention to his new model smart phone that Yoongi just got for him. He opened the gallery, wanting to scroll through the pictures they took together, some were innocence but some were not. That when he stumbled onto one picture.

  “Holy molly,” Jimin swore loudly, jumped right out of the bed and ran to the door.

  Yoongi was a bit startled at the sudden outburst. Before he could ask what made Jimin scream, he already had ran outside. Yoongi assumed he must go to find Taehyung. 

  Normally, Yoongi would just shrug it off, but if Jimin swore it meant it was a big matter, so he followed.

  The look in horror on Hoseok told him something was wrong once he had arrived at the said person room. 

  “What’s wrong?” He pushed the door open, invited himself into Hoseok room.

  “Is that true, Jimin?” Jimin only nodded slowly in distress. He looked anxious, and worried. Did something bad happen?

  So, Yoongi asked, “What's wrong?” Yoongi went to sit next to Jimin who was shaking, trying not to cry.

  “Jin hyung asked Jimin to buy him pills. And Jimin forgot.” Taehyung explained, looked calmly, but his voice said otherwise.

  “It’s already been 12 days. What should I do?” Jimin hid his face inside his knees, began to sob.

  “What pills? Why is it important for Seokjin?” Yoongi asked. He still couldn't understand what was going on.

The answered startled the living hell out of him once Taehyung answered.

  “Birth control pills.” Definitely wrong.

  “What-why?” Yoongi asked, still bewildered with the answer. What did they mean? Why did they need it? Was Seokjin...

  Hoseok massaged his temples soothingly. Yoongi worriedly looked from Hoseok to Taehyung and then to Jimin.

  Jimin sighed before he decided to give out the detail to his lover since only Namjoon and Yoongi was left out until now.

  “Well...” Jimin went into details for Yoongi.

  Yoongi couldn't close his gasp the whole time Jimin explained.




  It was five days after that incident that something weird happened. 

  In the morning, Seokjin woke up with a headache and felt like vomiting. Sometimes, between the morning and the dawn. It was going like that for a whole week.

  He had to sneak into the bathroom quietly, so he didn’t wake Namjoon up, and made things become messy. He did have a vague idea what was happening to him as he looked down at his stomach.

  The past few weeks, he had been busy. He hadn’t had much time in taking care about anything that he thought was not really serious. He didn't even have a proper meal, so how could he remember something so important, but yet relevant so much to him?

  Recently, the works and deals came crashed down on Namjoon shoulders, both legal and illegal. Seokjin couldn’t bear seeing his lover doing all of it alone, so he helped. He helped until he forgot to take care of himself properly. Until he forgot to use protection or taking pill.

  “Baby, are you alright?” Namjoon asked in a panicked voice once he saw Seokjin sitting on the white tiles of the bathroom, vomiting his stomach out.

  Upon hearing Seokjin footstep, running in hurry to the bathroom at the dawn, Namjoon woke up and followed him.

  “I’m fine, Joonie. Just a random stomach ache, I guess.” Namjoon helped him standing up, and didn't ask anything further, feared Seokjin would be tired or dizzy if he used his energy.

  He took Seokjin to the sink, and helped him brushing his teeth. He washed some of pale Seokjin snorts from his nose, and also carried him back to their bed.

  “Stay at home today. I will leave work early, and bring you your favorite food.” Seokjin nodded. He wanted to argue since there were stuffs that he should help Namjoon deals with, but his stomach and head hurt so bad. So he agreed without making any fuss like everything he did whenever he disagree with Namjoon.

  After Namjoon put Seokjin to bed, and pulled comforter over him, he left Seokjin on the wide bed, not before told him to get rest, and worrying about any other matters. He kissed the pretty guy one last time before he got up to wash and get dress. While he was bottoming his shirt , it was already 6 o’clock, he kept on glancing at Seokjin. Should he bring Seokjin to the hospital? His baby looked uncomfortably pale.

  “Baby, should we go to hospital? You don’t look good at all.” He went to sit down beside Seokjin, after he zipped his pants.

  He pat Seokjin head lovingly, before bend down and kissed him all over his face. 

  Seokjin smiled at the affection and attention his lover feeding him.

  “A few hours rest will be fine. Don't worry about me. Joonie.” Seokjin lifted his hand weakly to arrange Namjoon's tie. His Namjoonie still couldn’t tied it properly. “I will be fine. Go to work now, honey.” 

  Namjoon, even though he still felt unconvincing, nodded his head. The last thing he wanted was his pretty baby worrying about him worry about the said patient. So, he leaned down to give a last peck on his beloved boyfriend’s lips one last time before he had to go.

  “Take care,” Namjoon got up and went out of the room, knowing he would leave evrything behind to stay with Seokjin if he sat on their bed another five minutes. Some minutes later, the sound of the front door was pulled close, announcing that Namjoon had already left the house.

   His eyelids became more heavy, Seokjin let it dropped. Getting some rest might help his symptom.

  While he was walking down his dream zone, he saw something out of ordinary in the dream. It was a baby. A beautiful baby boy who he was carrying and singing to him. A baby boy who happily smiled at him and called him Papa. Seokjin smiled in his sleep.




  Namjoon couldn’t concentrate on his work, not at all. One, he was worry about his company profit. Two, Seokjin was at home alone, feeling sick and Namjoon couldn’t be there to look after him. 

  Suddenly, his phone suddenly rang. “Hyung...” It was Jimin at the end of the line. He sounded like he was crying

  “Jimin, what’s wrong?” Something serious must have happened. He heard a fading noise behind. Was that siren noise?

  “Jin hyung, he...” Namjoon was stunned upone hearing his baby name, and broken sobs followed.

  “Where are you? I will come,” Namjoon didn’t care about other stuffs as he grabbed his car key, and ran toward the elevator like a mad man. 

  “Hospital downtown,” Taehyung, it was Taehyung voice, “Hurry Hyung, Seokjin hyung needs you,”

  Namjoon hung up, and ran out of the building like some crazy dude, earning stares from his employees.

  Once he was inside, and started his car, Namjoon quickly sped up to 80km/h. He broke whatever laws out there, and drove as fast as he could to the said place.




  Seokjin woke up again around noon. The sunlight was shining on his face, making him stirred from his rest. His stomach growling loudly, telling him to go and find something to eat since he already spit all of his food out.  He sat up before went to their closet to find some suitable clothes for him since he was still in his pajamas. He wanted to go out for some spicy foods. He craved them so much.

  Seokjin looked through some of his clothes and realize his black tee and sweatpants that Namjoon bought him was still in the laundry room. He pouted, and went to Namjoon side of clothes to get his big hoodie that he stumbled on the forgotten bottle.

  Seokjin lifted the bottle to inspect, still in his headache state. soon enough, his eyes went widen once he realized what was the pills for.

  Seokjin mind went wild. This couldn’t be.... he shook the bottle, hoping somehow it still had some pills left. When he heard no sound from the bottle, Seokjin collapsed on the floor.

  Memories came flashed down on him:


  “Babe, hurry up.” Seokjin could heard Namjoon urged him since he they were a bit late. 

  “In a minute,” He answered and sneaked the pill he held in his hand into the bathroom.

  He didn’t stopped properly to take the pill, so when he was running inside the bathroom, he slipped on the wet floor and accidentally spilled most of the pills into the toilet. Seokjin face moped in horror.

  ‘What should I do?’ He asked himself. He looked at the only remind pill in the bottle and quickly swallowed it, thinking he would deal with it later. He lifted up his watch, and seemed like he had no time. He flushed the toilet. 

  Seokjin quickly took a picture of the bottle and sent it to Jimin. Asking him if he could help Seokjin got another bottle. 

  When Seokjin was done, he quickly threw the bottle into the bin and ran downstairs to Namjoon. 


  Seokjin remembered it all clearly. He wanted to laugh at himself for being careless, but he couldn’t. Because the last thing he knew, his head already met with the cold hard floor, his brain and body welcomed the darkness.




  He should have known better. The look on Seokjin this morning was not good. He should have skipped work, and stayed with his baby. He should have done just that. He swore at himself internally.

  After he arrived at the entrance, he just threw the car key to the security there, and ran to the emergency room as fast as his long legs could.

  There, he saw Jimin and Taehyung curled up together. Did... no! This couldn’t be! Was thing really bad?

  “J-Jimin,” Namjoon murmured to him when he stopped in front of Jimin,

  “Hyung,” Jimin wailed, as he stood up and hugged him. “It was all my fault.”

  “N-no, Jimin ah, it’s not.” He comforted Jimin even though he didn't know what was what,

  Taehyung hugged Jimin from behind, and Namjoon hugged both of them, telling not to worry that Seokjin would be fine. To be honest, it sounded fake to his own ears too.

  “What had happened? Seokjin, he...” In Namjoon peripheral vision, he could see Yoongi and hoseok arrived shortly after him. But, all he cared now was Seokjin. What had happened? 

  Before Jimin couldn’t answer, the door of the emergency room opened. The nurses pushed Seokjin out of it, as the doctor asked for the patient family.

  “Park Seokjin-ssi family,” The doctor called.

  “I-I’m his boyfriend, doctor.” Namjoon answered. “What happened to my boyfriend?”

  The doctor looked at the clip, and back at the Namjoon.

  “Don’t worry, sir. The patient is out of danger. Due to the expiration of birth control pill and his unhealthy meals balance, it caused him to feel light head, and vomit. And, for the baby, it is also safe because luckily the patient did not take the pill when the baby is formed.” 

  The doctor informed Namjoon thoughtfully. 

  After the doctor's speech, Namjoon stood there, speechless. What was Seokjin doing with birthday control? And the real question was what did he mean the baby?

  “E-excuse me, sir!” Namjoon stuttered, still couldn’t grab the situation. “What did you mean ‘the baby’?”

  “Ohh! Yes, the patient was born with a gift. A gift of having a feminine body function. He’s in a rare case, since not many men have this function.” The doctor explained. Then he excused himself when the nurse asked for his presence, leaving a utterly shocked Namjoon in front of the emergency room.

  “H-Hyung,” Taehyung called him softly. He tried to get a hold of Namjoon hand.

  But, Namjoon didn’t hear him. His legs were carrying him toward Seokjin's room.

  After the door was opened, a pale Seokjin who was sleeping soundly on the hospital bed welcomed him. He looked so small. He looked so fragile that all Namjoon wanted to do right now and every times was to protect him from everything. Namjoon walked toward the bed, and absent mindlessly took a seat beside Seokjin’s.

  His surrounding felt motionless. Namjoon couldn’t even think straight on what to ask. Couldn’t think straight on what he wanted to know or to do. Everything became blur.

  Because right now, in his brain, there was only one question,

  “Why didn’t Seokjin tell me?” Namjoon whisper-asked himself. 

  He felt like a failure. Did Seokjin trust him? Was he trustworthy enough to earn Seokjin trust? Did he make Seokjin felt insecure, and scared? Those negative questions were running inside his mind, and it hurt him to think Seokjin didn’t trust him. That he was untrustworthy.

  “Hyung, we can explain.” Jimin spoke softly. 

  Right now, all they had to do was to explain to Namjoon. The last thing they wanted was anger clouded Namjoon judgement, and everything turned out worse.

  Namjoon turned his attention from Seokjin, toward Jimin and Taehyung.

  Jimin and Taehyung took a seat on the sofa to the left of Seokjin bed, opposite from where Namjoon sat. 

  “Well, mama had told us about Seokjin hyung is a special person. He’s blessed with a gift. Since he’s a little, he have always taken care of us, like mama did. Mama said this was because Seokjin is blessed, and told us to keep it as a secret. To protect Seokjin hyung. Mama didn’t want anyone bullying him because they knew that he is specially different.” Jimin stated.

  “Even without telling others, students at Hyung high school and university always picked on him. There was times that they called him ‘gay bastard’. Hyung kept it all to himself. Hyung cried all day, most of the time. Also that one time, Hyung locked himself inside his bedroom until me and Jimin found him faint. 

  And before Hyung dropped out, they bullied Hyung by painted his locker pink, telling him he was a girl and a girl shouldn’t use blue locker.” Taehyung said.

  Jimin sighed sadly, as Yoongi rubbed his back. He stared straight at Namjoon and continued,

  “Hyung had two part time job after mama's case and dropped out. No one financially supported us. Before we met you, stepfather had tried to take advantage of him. He was a bastard. We hit him, and he ran away. Until the day that Yoongi hyung and Hoseok Hyung came, that we met him again.” Taehyung and Jimin nodded to tell Namjoon that they were all the truth.

  “But, still why didn’t he tell me?” Namjoon still asked the same question. Because why not? Did Seokjin not trust him at all? 

  “Hyung always doubts himself. He used to say how he is just a burden to everyone. He always believed those ugly words that he was a weirdo, and a waste of space. And...” Jimin seemed hesitant, so did Taehyung. 

  “Tell us,” Hoseok held Taehyung hand, encouraged him to say.

  “He used to try to poison himself one time, but we caught him.” 

  Both of the twin felt their eyes wet with tears. Their Seokjin Hyung had had enough. 

  Their own boyfriend pulled them into their arm to comfort them.

  Namjoon sighed after all the stories by the twin. He indeed needed to ask and comfort Seokjin by himself. How could his baby think of himself like this? Seokjin deserved everything in this world.

  “So, why didn’t you two tell me before when you know Seokjin will stubbornly not tell me anything?” Taehyung and Jimin pouted.

  “We wanted, too. But it Seokjin hyung place to tell you.”

  “Don’t you afraid if I doesn’t know, I will make the same mistake to Seokjin?” Namjoon massaged his temples.

  “We trust you,hyung. We have never seen Seokjin hyung smiles this much since mama death and everything. We also guessed he told you. But, we were wrong.” Jimin replied.

  Taehyung looked at Namjoon, and saw how red his face was. He was afraid, and he unconsciously bursted out, “Are you mad at us?” 

  “No, little boys. Hyung is thankful that you trust Seokjin with me. And thank you for telling me, now.” Namjoon smiled at them, assured them he was not made but grateful. It was not their fault, beside he felt much better to know that Seokjin’s brothers trusted him, and Seokjin himself was happy with him.

  The sound of heart monitor was beeping inside the room. Namjoon turned his attention back to Seokjin. His poor Seokjin! 

  No matter how Seokjin was going to explain himself, he won’t blame him. He promised himself to protect this boy from now on. 

  “Yoongi hyung, please bring the kid home,” He spoke to Yoongi even though his attention was all on Seokjin. “And Hosoek-“

  “I know. Me and Yoongi hyung will look after the company and others for you.” Both of Namjoon cousin nodded at him. He was really thankful for having both of these men as his family.

  “Thanks, bros. You two are the best.” Namjoon turned to wink at them, as they faked gagging.

  “We will go now. I will have someone to send you two foods.” The four of them stood up and left the room.

  After they all gone, Namjoon still sat on the chair, holding Seokjin hand.

  “Please wake up soon, my little precious baby.” Namjoon murmured to himself. He kissed Seokjin hand one last time before laid his head beside Seokjin's hand and slept along with Seokjin.


  Seokjin woke up to the feeling of his throat, head and back were hurt. He tried to move, but there was a hand held his hand tightly. He turned to his right, and saw Namjoon closed his eyes. He smiled slightly to him and admire the man, the man once he was scared of, now to think of not having this man with him, Seokjin was even more scared.

  Namjoon must heard his thought, as he slowly rose up, and sleepily looked at Seokjin.

  “Hey,” Namjoon called.

  “Joonie, where am I?” Seokjin asked. He looked to the left and right, the room looked like a hospital room.

  “Hospital room.” Seokjin eyes went wide.

  “What am I doing in a hospital?” 

  “Apparently, the pill you took was expired, also you didn’t have proper meals. So, it made you went unconscious. Our baby is fine, though.”

  Seokjin started at Namjoon liked he was an alien. But when the word ‘pill’ and ‘baby’ sinked in, Seokjin eyes once again went widen. Like balloons.

  “O-our B-baby?” Seokjin stuttered.

  He remembered the pills he spilled weeks ago. And he remembered he faint today because of the ‘pill’ memory too. So, was that mean...did he get pregnant?

  “Seokjin,” It was rare that Namjoon called him by his name, and that made Seokjin scared. His eye was already watering. “Why didn't you tell me about... about all of it?” 

  Seokjin couldn’t control his emotions as he let it all out. He let the sob and tears out. He was crying like a baby.

  “I’m sorry. I-I... should... I didn’t... I was scared. I was scared what i-if you get disgusted of me? I was B-born with this weird condition. Namjoonie, Please- please don’t hate me. Don’t leave me.” Seokjin tried to hold Namjoon hand, but Namjoon pulled it out of his grip.

  That made Seokjin cried even more. He attempted to pull the cover to cover himself, but before he could do so, two large palms cradled his face.

  “Shh, shh, baby. Don’t cry. I don’t hate you and I won’t go anywhere.” Namjoon kissed his forehead. “I’m not disgusted of you or anything, but feel like a lucky guy instead that I have an angel who is blessed with a special gift. Thank you for staying with me, baby. Thank you for giving me a family.” 

  Namjoon looked down at Seokjin, as his right thumb caressing seokjin's cheek.

  “You’re okay with it?” Namjoon nodded. "Not weird out by it?"

  “Perfectly okay with it. In fact, I’m so happy that I'm a guy who get to have this bless with you. So please Stop crying, baby. Don’t want you to hurt your beautiful eyes, and getting exhaust. You should go to sleep. Our baby also needs to rest too.” Seokjin nodded in relief. But the hiccups still spilled from his mouth.

  “I’m sorry for hiding it from you, Joonie.” Namjoon shook his head in understanding.

  “It’s fine. But from now on, please don’t hide anything from me. Share everything with me. I’m your boyfriend right?” Seokjin nodded.

  “I love you so much, Joonie. Do you know that?” Seokjin whispered with a wet tone.

  “I know. And you should know I love you, too, Baby. Always.” Namjoon kissed Seokjin forehead. “And I love you too, little Jinnie.” 

  Namjoon bent down to kiss Seokjin tummy. The action caused Seokjin to burst out laughing. 

  “Will you be okay having a family with me, Joonie?” He asked once he calmed down a bit.

  “Baby, Jinnie, sweetheart, I would have never have it in other way. Beside, I’ve never wished for anyone to be my kids mother. Only you, sweetheart.” Namjoon went in to nuzzled his nose with Seokjin’s. Making Seokjin heart combusted with love.

  “Thank you,” Seokjin said. "For everything."

  “That should be me thanking you, baby. Thank you for staying with me, for choosing me as your happiness.” Seokjin smiled. 

  “I love you,Joonie.” Seokjin murmured softly. The effect of serum and his headache made him felt sleepy again.

  When Seokjin closed his eyes, he heard Namjoon softly whispered, “I love you, too” next to his ears.




  “Come on, Joonie. It’s not like I’m going to break.” Seokjin pouted at the protesting lover.

  After he woke up the second time, Namjoon told him, he will transfer Seokjin back home, and had his health taken care there. But Seokjin protested, saying he was fine. That he just needed more rest. And promised not to overwork himself. Namjoon also banned Seokjin from office work.

  When the nightfall, Seokjin started to feel horny. He disturbed the living hell out of Namjoon. He pouted when Namjoon denied and told him he still not feeling unwell, and should rest instead. Seokjin gave him a silent treatment until Namjoon gave in and made love to him. 

  Namjoon made love to him this time was so tender. He afraid Soekjin would break, but Seokjin wanted it other way.

  “Baby, but our baby...” Seokjin rolled his eyes at Namjoon, before he pushed his hips back at Namjoon, making Namjoon choked.

  Seokjin began to moan again, due to his own action. Damn, Namjoon filled him so well. Both length and size. He felt like it was their first time.

  “Don’t hold back, daddy.” That was it. The sentence broke every spell of ‘keep under control’ inside Namjoon, making his beast came out at the surface.

  “You ask for this,baby.” Namjoon growled, before pulled the cover over them.




  “I will go to Yoongi hyung room, Tae. I won’t be able to wake up on time tomorrow if our hyungs keep doing this.” Jimin had his ear phone plugged inside his ears, with bombast music helping him cover all of his hyungs moan.

  “Me too,” Taehyung face-palmed himself. He should have bought that soundproof earphone.

  The twin existed the room quickly, didn’t have any intention on staying to hear what their hyungs gonna moan over.

  Jimin, went to Yoongi’s and Taehyung, went to Hoseok, decided they would move in next day with love, to avoid any sleepless night that caused from their now horny and whinny hyung night activities just like tonight.


Chapter Text



  It had been 2 months already since Namjoon learned about the news. It first started with just Seokjin being grumpy. But after two days into the second month, he was suffered from having to wake up from two or three times at night to get whatever Seokjin was craving.

  He remembered that one time when he went out to buy some bibimbap for Seokjin, and came back to Seokjin crying with an angry Hoseok hovering next to him. Hoseok looked like he wanted pull his hairs when Namjoon asked what happened.

  “Joon, he almost ate durian with coke. If it not for Taehyung wanting cool water, and asked me to get some, he would be poisoned right now.” Hoseok looked stressful. He knew how much his cousin adored Seokjin as much as him was. Everyone really worried about Seokjin, not wanting to have any unlucky fortunes followed the pregnancy male.

  “I’m sorry, Hobi.” Seokjin hiccuped and pouting. He tugged Hoseok tee seam cutely. Namjoon could only stand at the corner, and watched the whole exchange with amusement, a tad worry too.

  “It’s okay,Jin.” Hoseok sighed, and crouched down to Seokjin's eyes level. “Be careful next time, Okay? You should ask if it okay to eat something with something first. It can be poisonous, and we don't even know.” He sighed.

  “Okay,” Seokjin understandingly smiled at the cousin. Hoseok pat his head before grabbed the water bottle for Taehyung. “Namjoon ah, give Seokjin his food. Your baby must be hungry and tired now.”

  Hoseok jerked his chin at Seokjin who was eyeing the plastic on Namjoon hold. Namjoon chuckling nodded. He walked to where Seokjin sat.

  “Are you hungry, sweetheart?” Seokjin nodded. Namjoon looked at Seokjin meaningfully. Seokjin bowed down his head in the manner of acknowledging his action and Namjoon smiled at it.

  “I’m sorry, Joonie. I will be careful from now on. Now, can I have my food? Our booboo is very hungry.” Namjoon quickly unknotted the plastic bag.

  He brought the plastic containers out and handed it on Seokjin.

  Seokjin dug in immediately. Namjoon smiled as he looked at Seokjin eating.  He wouldn't admit it out loud, but his baby was adorable whenever he ate. His cheeks were puffed out, and it made him look like a hamster.

  It was amusing how Seokjin could eat for three to four people all the time, yet his body and weight were more than good than most of the models. Ever since he was carrying their baby, Seokjin started to glow and gained more weight. It made him healthy, and Namjoon loved it.

  Sometimes, Namjoon couldn't understand how his baby unintentionally attracted people even if there was Namjoon standing beside him, more like all over him. Most of the times, he had to put his hand on Seokjin waist every time they went out, to be honest. Because even if Seokjin tummy was slight shown, people still gave flirty or dirty stares at Seokjin direction. It never failed to irritate the husband of the pretty guy.

  “Joonie, ahhh” Seokjin tried to feed him a spoon of the food. Namjoon gladly opened his mouth because he used to experience a terrible crying Seokjin that one time he refused to eat the share food.

  “Eat more, baby. Is it enough? Should I go and get some more?” Seokjin shook his head no. He put the plastic box and chopsticks back into the bag once he was done. Namjoon used the wet tissue wiping his baby mouth.

  “I’m so full now. I want to sleep.” Seokjin made grabby hand toward Namjoon.

  Namjoon chuckled fondly. He quickly scooped his baby up. They left the bags on the table, and went into their bedroom.

  Once Seokjin body touched the bed, his eyes completely shut, and his mouth hung opened, snored softly. Namjoon leaned down to give a quick peck on Seokjin forehead, before he laid down and spooned Seokjin. 

  He loved this feeling of having Seokjin's next to him. He loved everything that was Seokjin so much.




  It was at the start of Seokjin 4 months. If Namjoon was being protective of Seokjin, no one can blame him though. It was his first child, with Seokjin. He was so happy about it. And he also had planned the proposal, on asking Seokjin hand, today too. Yoongi and Hoseok had helped him decorated the place, that one empty room that they planned on making it as the baby room, since Namjoon freaked out at all things. 

  Namjoon smiled at the sleeping Seokjin. When the dinner finished, Namjoon will start the proposal immediately. He can’t wait to call Seokjin his, didn’t mind on how long they had met, even it wasn’t long since they got together.

  He can’t wait for it to happen.




And Namjoon also definitely didn’t wait for this as well.

  “You don’t love me anymore,” Seokjin threw tantrum like a kid at Namjoon. He folded his arms tightly on his chest and glared his watery eyes toward Namjoon.

  After the dinner had finished, Seokjin asked his permission to let him go shopping with Jimin and Taehyung. But, being a protective boyfriend and father he was, he couldn’t say yes. Not with this one. 

  A lot of scenarios had ran inside his head. Something bad could have happened. Not to mention his enemies from his line of work. The news about Seokjin had been known by many. He had a bad feeling people would take advantage of the situation.

  And Seokjin being a brat, started to yell and sob, saying that Namjoon hated him. Didn’t want him anymore because he looked like a pig- his bump wasn’t that big yet.

  “Baby, because of I love you. That’s why I said no. I don’t want anything to happen to you and our baby.” Namjoon tried to be reasonable. But Seokjin couldn’t careless. If he wanted someting, he had to get it.

  “You say no because I’m not beautiful anymore, you only care for the baby.” Seokjin cried a bit louder this time, making Namjoon face-palmed since it started to get a ridiculous.

  “Baby, yo-“ 

  “That’s it. You don’t want me now. I will go away from you. You can find someone...” Namjoon sighed. If it was only the a  few months in, he didn’t know if he could handle the rest.

  Namjoon sighed heavily. Some of his hairs must turn gray by now. There was the only way to stop this, and it was to let Seokjin wish came true.

  “Fine, fine, you can go.” Immediately, Seokjin face lit up like a candle, and crashed Namjoon in a hug. “Baby, careful.”

  Namjoon caressed Seokjin back lovingly. His baby was so adorable at this point, all giggling with tearful face.

  “You’re the best boyfriend ever,” the snort was flowing from Seokjin’s nose and it stained on Namjoon shirt. “I love you,” 

  “I know,” Namjoon rolled his eyes at Seokjin antic, and kissed his forehead. “Let me take you downstairs, alright?” 

  Seokjin nodded quickly, and let Namjoon carried him, but not before Namjoon handed him his black card. “Buy whatever you want, baby.” 

  Seokjin beamed at him and promised he would come back home before midnight.

  Namjoon scoffed. Of course, as if he would he let his baby stayed out that late.

  “Take care of Seokjin, okay?” Namjoon told Jimin and Taehyung once he put Seokjin inside the car, earning a ‘sure’, before his bodyguard drove he three of them out.

  Namjoon sighed and pouted to himself. His plan had been ruined.

  “Don’t sulk, Namjoon. You still can do it tomorrow.” Namjoon nodded at Yoongi, before telling him he will be inside his office.

  Yoongi promised to call him when Seokjin came back.




  But, not this kind of call also.

  Seokjin was so happy. After being under Namjoon protective gaze for 2months, he can finally come out and had a nice relaxing time. 

  After the news had broken out, Namjoon banned him from going to work, as far as telling Jimin and Taehyung to come back home early and took care of Seokjin. Of course, Namjoon took off work early as well. Lately, he had asked Yoongi and Hoseok to look after everything for him. 

  Thinking of that, making Seokjin smiled from ear to ear. He had never been so in love. Even though this was his first love.

  He used to take care of people around her, but having Namjoon taking care of him felt oddly good.

  “I want to use the toilet, Jiminie.” Jimin nodded.

  They had been shopping for a few hours now. Somehow, they mostly ended up in baby stores. Even though the gender weren’t known yet, but Seokjin had bought some plushies in advance. They also shopped for some clothes for themselves as well. Most shops gave them discounts since they had known who they were. It was fun. And Seokjin planned on asking Namjoon to accompany him to the malls more often.

  “Taehyungie, can you bring our bags to the car first?” Seokjin asked.

  “Hyungie, I will ask the bodyguards to do it. I will accompany you to the toilet too.” Seokjin nodded.

  Taehyung told the men to put all of their things in the car, and waited for them a little bit, since Seokjin wanted to use the toilet. 

  They all obeyed, leaving 2 of the men to wait for Seokjin and his brothers at the entrance.

  “Done, it almost 10pm.” Taehyung sighed. He promised Hoseok that they would come back home before 10, and now they were still at the toilet of the mall.

  When they arrived at the toilet, Jimin and Taehyung waited for Seokjin at the sink area. Two breathe had passed, and there were two men walked inside the toilet. Taehyung didn’t think something was wrong at first. He stood there with Jimin, until the bat made contact with their head that they knew something was definitely wrong.

  Seokjin went out after spending almost two minutes inside, his pants tried to make wearing it hard for him. Silent, outside of the stall was nothing when he unlocked the door. He didn’t see Taehyung or Jimin. He thought maybe they also used the toilet so he waited at the sink.

  He waited and waited for two more minutes, but there were no sights of his brothers, he went to knock on all of the stall. 

  “Jimin, Taehyung, are you two in there?” Silent, no answer.

  He turned around, only to meet with a man, bulky tall man, grinned at him, before put a handkerchief on his mouth.

  Seokjin tried to screamed for help but there was no use.

  Like last time, Seokjin tried to struggle out of the man grip by thrashing around, he did. But, the smell of alcohol from the handkerchief was too strong that Soekjin had to close his eyes involuntarily.


  “What do you mean, Yoongi?” Namjoon yelled into his phone.

  “Stop yelling, I’m trying to open the mall CCTV here.” Yoongi yelled back. Both of them knew it was not a right thing to yell, but they couldn't help. Their three precious people had been lost or kidnapped. They couldn’t calm down, not at all.

  “Calm down, Namjoon. I already arrived at the mall. I'm checking the camera.” Yoongi spoke calmly to Namjoon after he inhaled a large sum of air before he ended the call.

  Namjoon threw his phone on the floor, making a smash sound bouncing in the room, before he collapsed on his office chair. What should he do? Did his precious baby get hurt? And Who were they? What did they need from him? 

  If anything happened to Seokjin, he won’t forgive anyone, himself included.

  Namjoon tried to contact Hoseok, but there was no answer. Hoseok must be at the gang place to collect their men for a searching party.

  His eyes felt sting. The tears wanted to escape Namjoon eyes as many possible scenarios of Seokjin getting hurt came crash down inside his brain.

  Then, the sound of the notification caught Namjoon interest from his distress in the silent room. Someone sent him an email, to his personal account.

  Curious took over him. He clicked to open the mail when it wrote ‘important’.

  A horror thunderstorm went through Namjoon body, making it shivering and shaking. If it wasn't him already sitting, he was sure he will fall to the floor right now.

  There was a pictures of a blindfold Seokjin, being tie on the chair in the middle of unconscious Jimin and Taehyung who were located at both side to his lover.

  Namjoon shakily inhaled the air and stared down at the text beneath. 

  The email wrote,

  “ Come alone, or they will die.” Namjoon read it out loud, and looked at the address. There was a note below the letter saying if he dared calling the police, the three of them will be dead immediately.

  Namjoon quickly stood up, and went to his gun rack. After chose his gun, he quickly drove to address.

  Namjoon was not naive. He knew what might happen. So instead of the police, he messaged Yoongi. Well, he didn't tell the police, just his co gang leader.

  It only took Namjoon 15 minutes to arrive at the location, but it felt like forever to him. 

  He locked his car and went inside the abandoned building.

  He carefully took each step inside the building. It was an abandoned building not so far from his own gang warehouse. If he wasn’t wrong, this was usually where Yoongi came and collected their orders. The Red Gang's place.

  Namjoon went pale. Of fucking course. He should have known it better. It had to be them. Who ever the fuck dare to touch what was his? He hissed before he took steps up the stair.

  Suddenly, he could hear someone painfully  crying at the floor above, so he ran upstairs in hurry, hoping nothing will happen to his love, and brothers in law.

  Once he was upstairs, he was surrounded by the other side men. He looked left and right to find the leader. There he was at the corner to the left.

  “Let’s see who is here,” A voice, from the corner, spoke. “Long time no see, dear RM.”

  There the drug lord who he canceled the contract with. The leader of Red Gang.

  “What do you want, you motherfucker?” Namjoon yelled angrily as he stepped forward.

  “Well, RM-ssi. You know how to act innocent. Don’t you remember what you did to me?” He smiled devilishly. “You told most of the clubs to stop taking the drugs from me and you’ve sold them in a cheap price.” He pointed an accused finger at him.

  That was right. Namjoon remembered it all so well. After one of the Red Gang man tried to woo Seokjin, and this fucking asshole tried to change the price, he played them back dirty. It was not like it was the first time it happened. They changed the price rapidly to the point that Namjoon gang couldn’t handle anymore. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even provide for them even they paid regularly. To get to the point where Yoongi almost got shoot when he had tried to reason with them.

  Now it was their turn. If they wanted him dead, he will show them who the real winner was.

  “Also, my sister wants your baby dead,” The asshole smirked cruelly.

  Namjoon attention snapped to the shadow of who Namjoon sure was a girl, came out of the corner.

  “Surprise, Love?” The girl spoke which made Namjoon pulled out the ‘I’m so disgusted of you’ face.

  She was that girl. The girl who cheated on him. The girl who broke his hear, that Seokjin healed it with caring and attentive, Summi.

  “What the hell do you want, Summi?” Namjoon yelled at her. She looked all the same, only this time her eyes burned with hate and jealousy.

  She looked at him unbothered, just shrugged her shoulders, and quirked her left eyebrow at him. 

  “Ain’t it clear, Oppa? I want you back, and to get you, I have to get rid of your slut first. So,” She smirked and shrugged her shoulders like it was not a big deal.

  Namjoon wanted nothing more than to slap her even it didn’t sound gentleman at all. He glared back at her with passion.

  Whoever touch Seokjin, man or woman, Namjoon would kill them without winking his eyes. And if it caused Seokjin miscarriage, he would make sure their lives was living in hell.

  “What if I say I don’t want you?” Namjoon breathed in a huge sum of air. He needed to calm down.

  They laughed carelessly at Namjoon.

  Namjoon took that moment to scan the area. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see another shadow, but that the shadow he had known for life. 

  Namjoon smirked when he looked back at the group of shitty people. He knew how to deal with his enemies now.

  “Let’s him and his brothers go, and we can talk,” Namjoon offered like it was just a business talk.

  If playing hot head couldn’t deal with them, so maybe playing cold mind could work.

  “Ah-ah, Sorry RM. But didn’t you know that your Suga man almost beat my man to dead?” Namjoon knew. It was because their man tried to mess in his areas, that was why. 

  Don’t blame him or his gang, blame the rudely man for being stupid to try to mess in his area.

  They all knew the rule in this criminal world. The top one rule was not messing anywhere near others gang territory. But this Red Gang surely couldn’t take it into their brains.

  “One thing for one thing. If you let them go, I will not sell any products toward those club anymore.” Namjoon offered calmly again.

  Namjoon tried to delay the time for his men. He could see Yoongi along with some of their men already had their gun aim silently in the dark. They just needed a go signal before the bullet flew out.

  “Oppa, what is fun in this! Maybe, we should let our members enjoy your precious slut first before we let them go.” Summi said casually. 

  Namjoon's body and face went red. How fucking dared she call his lovers slut while in fact it clearly shown it was her?

  “Even if they just lose one of their hair, trust me, you won’t see where tomorrow sun shines.” Namjoon gritted his teeth. 

  Namjoon formed his finger crossed behind his back. Just one more movement from them, Namjoon would snap it.

  “Tsk, I’m tired of all of this,Boss. Want him now,” The taller man beside the leader said.

  He walked quickly to stand behind Seokjin, his palm on Seokjin neck, as Seokjin tried to squirm away, and screaming for help, but it was no use. Seokjin mouth was tapped too.

  Each tears of Seokjin was like knives piercing his head.

  “Don’t fucking touch him,” Namjoon yelled, his hand quickly found where he kept his gun.

  “Try me,” The asshole smirked before he ripped Seokjin shirt with both of his hand, and the action of wanting to take the clothes of, making its buttons came undid.

  “You fucker,” Namjoon pulled his gun out, and aimed at his bloody enemy who was smirking, thinking Namjoon couldn't do anything. He snapped his fingers toward his man.

  Yoongi and his team came into view on Namjoon right side, and aimed the gun at the opposite men.

  But before any team could take an action, the bullets could come out, there was a loud scream echoed the building.

  Summi figure, who tried to snatch the gun from her waist and point at Seokjin, fell on the floor with bloods oozing from her thigh because Namjoon already had fired her. The Red Gang leader eyes went wide. He ran to help Summi.

  The chaotic began.

  The fucker stopped whatever he was doing to Seokjin, to Namjoon thankful, pulled out his short gun, and aimed it at Namjoon who was firing the haters.

  Namjoon was busying shooting at enemies, so he didn't pay attention to his soon to be danger.

  “Namjoon! At the back,” Yoongi shouted. Some of their current men ran to protect and helped Hoseok’s men that just came rushing in. They tracked down the other team.

  Hoseok, arrived a minute late after his men, was busy untying the twin after Seokjin, flinched at the loud yell. His eye went wide when he saw what was about to happen.

  Because just a blink of unguarded attention, bullet had gone through Namjoon shoulder, making Namjoon fell down on the floor with a loud yelp of pain.

  “Namjoon,” Seokjin shouted his name after he helped himself off the blindfold. He ran toward Namjoon once he was free. 

  Not caring about the blood, Seokjin shifted Namjoon's body on his laps.

  “Joonie, baby,” Namjoon groaned in pain, and looked at Seokjin. 

  “I’m fine, don’t worry.” He tried to assure Seokjin even though breathing hurt him.

  At his peripheral vision, Namjoon could see Hseok was successfully free the twin, and Hoseok helped Jimin and Taehyung out of the building. They were safe now, only Seokjin was here.

  “Baby, ran please. I will be fine.” Namjoon weakly pushed his lover.

  It felt like a melodramatic where the lead female actress refused to leave the male lead when Seokjin shook his head frantically.

  “I’m sorry I can't listen to you. I won’t leave you, we will go out together.” Seokjin cried. He tried to stand up with the weight of Namjoon and his baby, but it was not easy.

  Namjoon felt his eyes slowly closed in tiredness, but the image of struggling and stubborn Seokjin, who was trying to help both of them stand, kept him alarmed.

  “Yoongi, Seokjin,” Namjoon used his last power yelling to Yoongi for his attention, but it turned out to be the devil leader who noticed them instead.

  A bullet flew from his gun, flied straight to aim piercing into Seokjin. Seokjin was stunned when he saw it. He tried to move and covered Namjoon, who was weak standing from the bullet, but Namjoon was faster. He used all of his last strength to pull Seokjin behind him. He faced the bullet with his chest popped out, and it went piercing Namjoon, at his heart spot. 

  He fell on the ground afterward, blood was oozing from both bulllet wounds. "Please, don't close your eyes, Joonie. Stay awake, for me and our child." He was on Seokjin's laps again.

  The pain and watery in Seokjin voice made Namjoon kept him holding on his life line. But, the world was spinning too fast for Namjoon liking that he felt like he couldn’t breath, and stay awake. He heard Seokjin crying over his head, shaking his cold and stiff body, begging him to stay awake. But all Namjoon could do was sleepily stare and mouth ‘Don’t cry’ and 'I love you' at Seokjin one last time, before he blacked out.





  The first moment Namjoon opened his eyes, all he saw was white. Everything was white. He tried to tile his head to the left side, wanted to find out where was he, when a delicate hand cup his head softly.

  “Don’t move, Joonie.” That shook Namjoon up a bit.

  Namjoon didn’t reply immediately. He closed his eyes to feel the familiar warmth before,

  “Baby, are you okay?” Namjoon asked, voice dry when he stared at Seokjin. 

  “I’m fine,” Seokjin let his tears out. He hugged Namjoon tight, afraid he would leave him alone, afraid if he let him go, Namjoon would be disappeared.

  “I’m sorry, Joonie. It was all my fault that you got hurt.” Seokjin cried loudly inside Namjoon shoulder. “ I’m so sorry for being a troublesome, I should have listened to you.”

  Namjoon shook his head slightly, chuckled. He was caressing Seokjin hair lovingly.

  “Baby, don’t worry. I’m fine now, see? Please, it will be unhealthy for you and our baby if you don’t stop thinking about it. I would gladly take hundreds bullets if it meant you are safe.”

  Seokjin pulled himself out of Namjoon shoulder to look at him. Namjoon nodded assuredly to him.

  “I love you, Joonie.” Seokjin said as he stared down at the love of his life. “If anything had happened, I would never forgive myself. I, I..” 

  Seokjin cutely hiccuped. Namjoon tiredly smiled at his cute baby.

  “I’m fine, now. Don’t worrry about it anymore. Beside, I won’t leave you here alone. We need to raise our children together, remember?” Seokjin nodded, wiping his eyes and nose.

  Seokjin helped Namjoon sat up and brought a bottle of water for Namjoon to drink. He fed half bowl of the porridge to Namjoon. He also kissed Namjoon as a dessert. It made Namjoon smile appeared wide.

  “So, what happened?” Namjoon asked once he was full and already laid back on the bed. 

  Seokjin put down the bowl as he sat beside Namjoon before he looked at him, holding their hands together. 

  “I’m not so sure of it.” Seokjin shrugged. “I only heard that Yoongi cleared everything. My brothers were safe. I heard Hoseok fired the guy who fired you on his head before one of your man came to get you. I don’t know, what happened after that. I was busy staying here, looked after my mate all the time.” Seokjin said guiltily. 

  If you asked, he still felt guilty. If he wasn’t being stubborn, there would be no one got hurt or killed. He was such a troublesome. Only if he listened to Namjoon.

  Seeing his baby bit his lip, Namjoon took hold of Seokjin hand, knowing what was running inside his pretty little head.

  “Baby,” Namjoon shooed him. “I told you to stop blaming yourself,”

  Seokjin frowned. Did he say that out loud?

  “No, bae, but your expression told me what you was thinking about it.” Seokjin pouted at him. Namjoon knew him like his hand. “Come on, I need kisses, baby.” Namjoon puckered his lips. Seokjin smiled, and gladly leant down to give his man kisses right on the lips.

  “You know, Joonie, you should have told me faster.” Seokjin talked again, once he had done given kiss.

  Namjoon stopped chasing Seokjin lips as he looked at him, puzzled. “Huh?”

  “The box, the ring box saved your life. Yoongi told me you had planned on asking for my hand that night. You should have told and stopped me, you know. I ruined your plan, also got you hurt.” Seokjin pouted sadly. “I'm so stupid,”

  “Oh,” The box, Namjoon forget he kept it in his chest pocket. “ No, baby. You’re nothing but wonderful. It was partly my fault as well for not stopping you. If things bounded to happen, nothing could stop them. So let’s forget about it Yeah?” He inched his soon-to-be-husband.

  “Okay,” Seokjin nodded obediently. “You should rest more.”

  Both of them decide to stop talking for now. They should clean the air first, but this might not be the right timing. It could wait until Namjoon healed completely.

  Namjoon pat the empty spaces on the bed, and Seokjin got the sign. He climbed up the bed, a bit difficult lately, since his belly was growing big from day to day. 

  He lay down with Namjoon as Namjoon pulled Seokjin closer to him.

  “No matter what, I will always love you, baby.” Namjoon whispered, before the serum made his mind dizzy, wanted to sleep.

  “I love you too, Joonie.” Seokjin nuzzled in Namjoon neck. "So much, my husband."

  Namjoon fell asleep peacefully with his arm around Seokjin belly, caressing their baby. It was all he want and ask for. This little family of his.




Chapter Text


  Old people said after rain, sky cleared. But for Namjoon was after rain, it was a storm, a fucking huge storm. Damnit!

  Seriously, he was an adult for crying out loud, and he had to misplaced where he put the ring, the one that had saved him on that certain day.

  To Namjoon, it held a special meaning. It was the first eye catching ring that once Namjoon gave it a glance, he liked it. It also was the one that Namjoon certainly sure will fit Seokjin finger well. Also, it was the one that saved both him and Seokjin on that eventful day.

  It held a special meaning that it difficult to give it a price. It was priceless.

  Yoongi kept it when the doctor had handed all of Namjoon’s priorities. And he gave it back to namjoon three weeks after he had fully recovered. 

  But now, he had to forget where he kept the ring and process to make Yoongi and Hoseok angry. Damn!

  “Where is Namjoon?” Yoongi aggressively yelled for him. Namjoon who was inside of his room, winced at the sound. He had to be quick. The last thing he wanted today was to deal with Yoongi wrath.

  Today was Seokjin sixth appointment also his 6months of pregnancy. Namjoon had told Yoongi about he wanted to propose properly to Seokjin today. 

  After the appointments ended, Yoongi asked the twin to distract Seokjin. Both of the twin agreed with the plan, and they lied to Seokjin that they needed clothes and more school materials. Asked Seokjin if he could help them picking everything. Seokjin being Seokjin couldn’t say no, especially to his brothers. So, at that moment, he was occupied, oblivious about the three cousins plan.

  They had planned on having a small party in the nursery room with only six of them, seven include baby Jungkook, after the proposal since Mr. and Mrs. Kim couldn’t come due to the weather. 

  Now, the only thing that Yoongi and Hoseok hadn’t planned was Namjoon losing his mind inside his bedroom, yelling and asking god where the hell did he keep the ring.

  “I will go look af-“ 

  “I’m coming!” Namjoon ran out of his room, tie clumsily loosen, shirt a little wrinkle, and he almost dropped the ring box at the running time.

  “Namjoon,” Yoongi sighed. His giant cousin!

  He should have gone inside the room and helped Namjoon find the box and picked out his outfit. It looked like Namjoon went to the funeral, all in black with his messy hair and sweat all over his forehead.

  “Hobi,” Yoongi sighed. “Help him with the outfit, will you?”

  Hoseok nodded before he pushed Namjoon back into his bedroom. Not before Namjoon threw the box to Yoongi. Just in case his clumsy self forgot where he kept.

  Yoongi went to the nursery, not after he shook his head at his cousin, checking the light, the speaker, and the food. All set. 

  Yoongi beamed at himself. All he hoped was Namjoon to have the happiness he deserved.

  Just as he was checking the speaker, the door cracked open. Namjoon, in purple shirt, came shuffled in with Hoseok trailed behind.

  “Yes, this look better.” Yoongi gave two thumb up. Hoseok smugly smiled.

  “Well, let rehearsal your speech.” Hoseok pushed Namjoon into the place where the proposal would start.

  Namjoon inhaled a big gulp of air, before he did an ‘okay’ sign to Yoongi and Hoseok. 




  “We should eat first before we head home,” Seokjin suggested.

  He had been helped his baby brothers with their need. Now, he and Jungkook baby were hungry. They wanted some foods.

  “Ahh! I’m sorry, hyungie. We have an assignment to do. We have to go to meet our team after drop you at home. We can’t stay too long.” Taehyung pulled out his most fake apologies look, so Seokjin would believe him.

  “Alright, school is more important. Guess I will have Joonie buy me food then.” Jimin and Taehyung beamed at him. They mentally high five.

  They gave their bodyguard all the plastic bags as they dragged Seokjin back to their car. 

  The exchange of knowing look between the twin went unnoticed by seokjin.




  “Good luck, you two.” Seokjin waved goodbye to his brothers as the driver drove out of their gate.

  Jimin and Taehyung giggled excitedly inside the car. Well, The game was just started.




  “Joonie,” Seokjin yelled for his boyfriend. Damn, why the house was so silent? Where were the maids? Where were Namjoon bodyguards? Where were his cousins in law?

  Jin took off his shoes before he walked up the stair with Jungkook inside him. One of his hand was on his belly. Nowadays, it had became his habit of having one hand on his belly. It made him felt love and safe, knowing their bundle of joy was still inside and with him.

  Seokjin panted as he climbed up to his bedroom. It was all too silent that made Seokjin scared. What was all of this? Where were everyone?

  “Joonie,” Seokjin cracked their bedroom door open, hoping to see his boyfriend inside. But it was empty. No one was inside.

  Seokjin pouted. Namjoon had promised him that they would have a dinner together. So where was he now? Seokjin and Jungkook were hungry. 

  Seokjin eyes watery at the thought of possibility of Namjoon forgot their promise. He walked toward the nursery direction. He thought to himself that he should stay inside Jungkook room. He wanted to prank Namjoon for forgetting their promise.

  Seokjin pouted as he pushed open the door. He slipped inside quietly. He walked a bit to the left to opened the light. However, when the light turned on, he was shocked.

  Rose petals was scattered on the floor, shaped in an arrow, pointed to the small doorway carved to the left of the main door that made the room separated from the sleeping room. Curios, Seokjin waddled to where its point to.

  He was about to arrive at the small doorway, when the light which he had turned on, shut down. Then, the light in another room came to life. 

  The next room floor was scattered in rose petals, with many fairytale bulbs hanging from the ceiling, making it look like that one place where the ball took place in fairytales, and there were two tables of food at the end of the room, right side of baby crib, opposite of the doorway.

  Seokjin smiled, wondering what did Namjoon up to. He walked into the room. He looked around at each walls that he noticed there were mostly sticked his picture from him sleeping, to him having a huge tummy being rub by Namjoon.

  Seokjin walked to the, right side of him, wall. It was not like the left wall hadn’t had enough pictures, but the right wall was more interesting. It mostly were photos of him being all sex-dazed. Namjoon must take it when he was tired and fell asleep from their night activities.

  “So...” someone spoke. Seokjin didn’t need to turn around to know who was the owner of the voice. He knew it by heart.

  “What was all of-huh?” Seokjin was about to ask about of these cheesy things that Namjoon did. But he was faced with a smiling Namjoon, down on his right knee in front of him. “Joonie...”

  “Jin, from the first time I saw you, I’ve known you are the one for me. You know my line of work, yet you doesn’t back out and stay with me.  You know about my past love, yet you stayed with me. You give all of you to me without any hesitant. You make me realize without you I have no life. We may start off with something call ‘deal exchange debt’ but as time go by, I’ve realized that it’s not just ‘the deal’. It’s more than that. My heart always scream your name. I can’t picture myself without you or our kids. So, will you hold out your left hand for this man to make him the happiest man alive?”

  Silent. Seokjin had his hand on his mouse. He didn’t say anything. The tears just freely flew. A few minutes passed, but Seokjin still didn’t say anything.

  “I’m sorry, baby,” Namjoon sighed. Maybe it was not a right time yet. “I will give y-“

  Namjoon stopped dead when he saw Seokjin stick out his left hand to him.

  “Now, Mr. Kim. Put the ring on me before I change my mind.” Seokjin teary smiled.

  Namjoon gasped at him. But, he didn’t stay shocked too long, afraid Seokjin would change his mind. He quickly slide the ring on the Seokjin. The size was perfectly fit.

  “Wow,” Seokjin exclaimed. “Joonie, Th-“

  “Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you for choosing me. I can not wait to officially call you Kim Seokjin.” Namjoon hugged him tight as he did the same to the said man.

  “I should be the one who thank you. You’ve saved us. You’ve protected us. You give us a roof to stay under even though you doesn’t need to. Thank you, Joonie. Thank you.” Seokjn emotionally cried on Namjoon embrace.

  “I can’t imagine my life with your sweetheart. Please, stay with me forever!” Seokjin nodded.

  He would do anything in his will power to stay with Namjoon forever. In this life and in others life.

  “I will. I love you,” Seokjin tightened their hug. The hug with the man he loved the most. The hug with the person he gave his heart to. 

  “I love you, too, so much.” Namjoon pulled them away as he gave Seokjin a lovely kiss.

  They kissed like they had just met each other after 10 years. They kissed as if tomorrow would never come. They kissed from their sincere love. They kissed as if they were meant to be with each other from long time ago because in there eyes, no one can replace one of them. They kissed until Yoongi rolled his eyes and yelled at them.

  “Yah, I’m hungry.”

  Upon hearing Yoongi’s, they pulled away and pressed their forehead together. 

  “I love you, wifey.” Namjoon whispered.

  “I love you, husband.” Seokjin smiled,” but as much as I love to stay with you like this, me and Kookie are hungry now.”

  Seokjin pouted when Namjoon laughed at him once they pulled away. 

  “Right, let your husband feed you.”

  They heard Jimin and Taehyung fake gaging. But they couldn’t careless. 

  That night was so beautiful. Seokjin laughed and ate with his beloved people.

  Seokjin knew his new chapter with Namjoon was about to start.




Three months later


  The hall decorated full of flowers. Namjoon parents had flied back to host the ceremony. Seokjin was adored by everyone that came, especially Mrs.Kim, his mother in law.

  The ceremony went well. Jimin and Taehyung cried their eyes out when his Hyung was asked to exchange his vow with Namjoon.

  “In my life, after the fault of my past love, I have never believed in love. I saw it as a pain, a useless and weak thing. I hate the very thought of its concept, love. But, Park Seokjin, when you came into my life, the wall I built to protect my heart broke down. You have became my star, my moon and my sun. I love you so much. Lets start our new chapter of life from now on, Kim Seokjin.” 

  Seokjin wailed like a baby after Namjoon said. He threw himself and hugged Namjoon tight with a soft whispering of I love you’s.

  “You idiot, you make me cry on our wedding day.” Everyone laughed. “I love you. More than word can say. You’ve taken care of me. You’ve taken care of my brothers. You’ve taken care of us even though we were just the deal in exchange with the debt. I love you so much, so let’s start our chapter together. I’m ready to give all of me.”

  The crowd cheered for them.

  “Kim Namjoon, will you take Seokjin as your fully spouse? No matter what happen in the future?” 

  “I do,”

  “Park Seokjin, will you take Namjoon as your fully spouse? No matter what happen in the future?”

  “I do,”

  The priest asked them to exchange the rings. Jimin and Taehyung were the one who bear the rings, both of them wore the same grin on their face.

  “Now, I officially announce you husband and husband, Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin.”

  The crowd all cheered once again. 

  Namjoon surged forward to claim Seokjin lips fully. Everyone cooed at them, but not Seokjin.

  Seokjin pushed Namjoon away, panted softly as he clutched his stomach.

  “J-Joonie,” Seokjin moaned in pain as his knees bucked downward. 

  Everyone stood up, screamed in fear, but Namjoon caught him first.

  “Baby, what’s wrong?” Namjoon asked in panicked. 

  “Joonie, K-Kookie is coming,”

  That all what got Namjoon on his full speed mood. He carried the moaning in pain Seokjin in bridal style as he ran to the entrance. Yoongi got the car ready, which Namjoon was thankful for, and Namjoon got in.

  The ride to the hospital was a painful for both of them, Seokjin was painfully crying, and Namjoon was painfully worrying about his beloved one.

  “Shh, it’s okay,” Namjoon whispered and kissed Seokjin every time the mother moaned in pain when the contractions hit.

  “It hurt, Joonie,” Seokjin was crying out loud. Even Yoongi, who was driving, glanced back at him, worrying.

  They rushed Seokjin to the labor room once they’d arrived.

  “Please change your clothes,sir,” the nurse gave Namjoon the anti-virus labor clothes. Namjoon quickly worked on it because he couldn’t keep Seokjin in pain, alone.

  “I’m here, baby.” Namjoon whispered, when the nurse let him in the room.

   Namjoon let Seokjin held on his hand tight, didn’t even care when Seokjin nails dig inside his palm. 

  “Please, push hard when I count to three,” The doctor in charge asked Seokjin.

  “One, two, three, push,”

  Seokjin screamed. The pain was too much. It felt like something ripped his private part open. 

  He almost gave up at the fourth try. But, he remembered he soon will meet his beloved child, so it gave strength to him.

  After 3 hours of labor, the sound of a new born baby cry echoed inside the room.

  “He’s so beautiful, just like you,” Namjoon teary cooed. The nurse put their son on Namjoon cradle.

  His son, Kim Jungkook, was with them now. 

  “See, sweetheart?” Namjoon put Jungkook on Seokjin cradle. Seokjin cooed at his son.

  “Welcome to our world, Kookie,” before Seokjin passed out cold.




“Kookie ah, careful baby,” Namjoon scolded his baby boy. 

  Time flew so fast. Jungkook was already 6 years old this year. 

  Today was his first day at elementary school. He was so excited to go there. He smiled so wide when they parked in front of the school. He didn’t even cry like others kid when Namjoon dropped him inside his classroom. 

  “Daddy,” Jungkook excitingly ran out of the gate once he spotted his daddy. He ran into a welcome arms.

  “Next time don’t run like that, okay?” Namjoon scolded him again. 

  Jungkook looked up at his daddy, pouted and nodded. “I’m sorry, Daddy. Kookie won’t do it again.” 

  Namjoon chuckled at Jungkook cuteness. He was so gone for his baby boys, both big and small.

  “Apology accepted.” Namjoon carried his baby toward the parking lot in front of the school. 

  Along the way, Jungkook told Namjoon how today he made friends with everyone, and teacher praised him for being a good boy.

  “A good boy should receive an ice cream treat, shouldn’t he?” Namjoon asked once he slid the door open. Jungkook frantically nodded.

  “You can’t spoil him like that, Joonie.” Seokjin replied to Namjoon.

  “But, mommy, Kookie is a good boy today,” he pouted up at Seokjin. Seokjin opened his mouth to reject, only halted when his husband replied.

  “Of course, right Mommy?” Namjoon smirked. Seokjin was soft his baby boy, Namjoon knew.

  “Fine, but after you eat lunch first.” Jungkook happily nodded as he went to snuggle with Seokjin.

  They arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes later. Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok And Taehyung were already arrived.

  “Uncles,” Jungkook raced toward them. Hoseok picked him up.

  “How was school today, Kookie?” Jimin asked.

  “So much fun,” Jungkook swayed his arms left right to emphasized how much fun he was.

  “Good, kiddo, sit down and eat.” Yoongi said. 

  Jungkook told the story that he told Namjoon to his uncles. They looked at him with fond look and proud smiles.

  Hoseok put him between Taehyung and Jimin, while Jungkook tried to tell them about how tall his teacher was, let both of the twin babied Jungkook.

  “I’m planing on visit our new mall at Jeju with Hoseok,” Yoongi informed. “Jimin and Taehyung will go with us, so I was wondering...”

  “No, Yoongi. Kookie is too small. I can’t let him out of my sight.”

  “Come on, Jin. Last time we came back fine. We want you two to have time alone.” Hoseok said. Yoongi smirked.

  “We want another nephews,” Taehyung, who was on Seokjin left side, jokingly whispered.

  “But Kookie doesn’t want to have brother or sister,” Jungkook pouted. Did Jungkook hear them?

  “Why Kookie? Don’t you want to have anyone to play with?” Jimin asked.

  Jungkook didn’t answered. He got up and walked to Seokjin.

  “If Kookie have brother or sister, mommy will only love them.” Jungkook still pouted. Seokjin could see his eye teary.

  “Ohh, Kookie,” Seokjin lifted him on his laps. “Even you have siblings, mommy, daddy and uncles still love you the same, right?” 

  Everyone nodded. Namjoon leaned down to peck Jungkook cheek.

  That seemed to do magic. Jungkook smiled at his parents. He did want to have sibling, but the thought of his parents would stop love him, scared. But since his parents and uncles said so, well, it no harm in having his sibling ran around with him.

  “Okayy, Kookie will go with uncles so mommy and daddy can give Kookie lots of brothers and sisters.” Jungkook delightfully beamed as he ran back to his old seat to let Jimin fed him.

  “More baby?” Namjoon leaned down to whisper to Seokjin when he done promise Yoongi everything in need for their project.

  “Shut up,” Seokjin pushed his face away. He acted as if he was angry, but Namjoon could see his blushed face. 

  Namjoon pecked Seokjin cheek, Yoongi and Hoseok groaned, before he started eating his own food.

  Few days later, after Jungkook left with his uncles, Namjoon and Seokjin may or may not start their ‘Jungkook siblings’ project.