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Magpie (Un)Leashed

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A rolling hitch, Magner's hitch, or Magnus hitch is a type of knot that wraps around a pole or another piece of rope. Once you pull the loose end out of the rope, the knot is tied. 

- Chapter 3: Momentarily Lost In The Blood Fog -

To say that Hyena just seduced you with a pun would be selling her - and yourself - far too short. It’s the way he arches his back just so. The tension in the muscles of her arms as he pulls at her restraints. The soft yet subtly predatory lines of her body. The way ze projects, just, total at-your-mercy vulnerability all while looking at you like you’re the one who’s tied up all helpless and needy.

It’s all of that, and more. And also the pun.

You half-crawl half-clamber into the sprawling nest of bedding that you sleep in, your eyes fixed on Hyena. You can’t quite make out his mouth behind the muzzle she’s still wearing, but her eyes alone tell you you’re giving them exactly what she wants. “Come here.”

You reach Hyena’s ankles, and you decide to stop there, making a show of slowly checking the padded cuffs around her ankles, tugging at the padlocks and chains that trail away to anchors hammered deep into the cement floor. “How’re you feeling? Do you need to walk around a bit before we start? Do some stretches?”

“I’m good,” Hyena says frankly, no trace of the come-hither purr she just had a second ago. “Bunny had me up and moving earlier, and she’s coming to check on me bit.”

You feel a flutter in your chest, and a slow smile touches your lips. “You set all this up, just so I could have you all to myself for a bit?” 

He must hear the growing heat in your voice, judging by the way he shifts under you, the way that familiar sort of imperious smugness comes back to her. “Maybe,” she says, playing coy. “If you think you can take me.”

“Oh.” Ohohoho. That’s a challenge, right there. You feel a smile tug at the corners of your mouth. “How bold of you.” You lean forward, crawling on your hands and knees up to their waist, your movements slow and languid, always keeping some part of you touching her skin. A knee brushing against her shin. You pull away the blanket draped over her, and your impish half-smile turns to genuine delight, and something like smugness, when you find that he’s so wet he’s practically dripping . “Bold of you to assume I don’t already have you.”

“You’re one to-” They stumble when you let your hand wander up his thigh, gently pressing your fingers just a little into him while you trace slow circles around his clit. You can see the muscles in her entire body clench and unclench, waves of tension rolling through her as she bites back a moan of pleasure.

“Did you just-”

“Please,” he says, in between panting for breath. His voice is heavy with that relentless leonine pride of his, but even you can hear the needy edge under the dismissiveness. He’s clearly dancing right on the edge. “You haven’t- I need permission .”

“That’s-” You’re lost for words, for a moment. That is part of the rules. Hyena isn’t the romantic type, and you know, love, and respect that. But that he’s sticking to the rules even while he bucks and writhes under your touch strikes you as ridiculously romantic anyway. “That’s so nice , Hyena. You don’t have permission.”

They make a strangled, keening noise as you push your fingers further into him, his legs going rigid with tension as his entire body shudders and twists. But he doesn’t come.

“Woah.” At some point you brought your free hand up to your mouth, lightly biting your fingers. You let it wander down to your chest, then down further. “You’re really worked up. What’s gotten into you?” You let up on the teasing - just enough that he can catch his breath, just enough to keep his body humming like a live wire.

“Fffffunny you should say that-” He almost laughs, but it turns into more of a staccato moan as you let your thumb ghost over their clit. “Deeperrr~” The word trails off into a needy, greedy purr.

“Hmmm,” you pretend to think about it, keeping the pace of your teasing unchanged. “I don’t know. This could be a trick.”

“No tricks. You’re gonna love this.” The way he has to squeeze his words in between shallow, barely-controlled breaths, through gritted teeth, makes you want to believe him. “Trust me.”

You do. 

You relent in your teasing, just a little, and with plenty of warning you push your fingers into Hyena's cunt. It hits her like lightning, shocking every muscle in her body at once. She screams, almost , but bites it back, and the strangled, animal noise that comes out of them has you more than tempted to quit the games and just fuck him senseless.

Your fingers find something inside Hyena. It's solid, but yielding. Round, and… pulsing? “An egg?”

“Yeah,” she breathes. “Bunny-” the egg pulses, and Hyena’s words cut into a sharp moan. You know that feel. Bunny applies the same touch of mad genius to all her gadgets - toys included - and you're one of her more eager test subjects.

You've crawled the rest of the way up Hyena's body before you know it, pulling frantically at the buckles of her muzzle with slick, trembling fingers. You get as far as loosening one strap before your patience runs out and you yank the thing down her face to let it sit around her neck while you kiss her.

The first touch of Hyena's lips has you moaning with such relief that you pause in sheer surprise. Between Tadpole on her knees and Hyena serving himself up to you in chains, you've gotten so worked up it hurts , your whole body vibrating with a need that’s now finally being met.

Hyena opens her mouth to say something, and there's a spark of triumph in her eyes and there's that damn smile , and you shut her up with more kissing, and you finally have enough control of yourself to loosen the last strap on her muzzle and toss it aside. She wants you to want her, and you do, and so you will .

You have to stop kissing him at some point, if only to catch your breath. You lie there for a moment on top of Hyena. Your head is swimming, you're gasping for air, and all you want, all you need , is- “Fuck, Hyena.”

You manage to rise to your elbows and knees, and you crawl forward until your dripping cunt hovers just inches from Hyena's face. You sit up and look down at him, his face between your legs. His eyes are unfocused, glassy with need. “Love you.”

Your whole body is shaking with need and anticipation. You can barely get enough breath to say it without stuttering. Your voice is barely more than a murmur. Hyena snaps to attention instantly, as if he's been electrified. Her whole body tenses in rhythmic waves. Her face, already flushed, colors even more. Her eyes spark and glow red and gold beneath you, and there it is. For a moment, Hyena is speechless .

You smile. It's a sharp, smug, victorious thing, piled high with all the confidence and bravado you've stripped from her. See? You can make her want you just as much as you want him. “Do a good job, and maybe I'll show you just how much I love you.”

You lower yourself over his face, and you make a noise like a squeak when their tongue brushes against your clit. You shoot up and try to hide your surprise at how close you just, well, came.

You look down and see mischief in Hyena's eyes. “Touchè.” You reach down and grab two fistfuls of his hair, and bring your legs in so that Hyena's head is tucked firmly between your thighs. “But not what I'm after. Now, behave.

You punctuate your words by sitting back on Hyena's face. You try to focus on the feeling of her hair in your hands, on her breath on your- no, your breath, on the various kinds and cuts of agates, edge-point ratios, the Interfect coefficient of sapphire, the-

The first touch of Hyena's tongue almost destroys you. It’s a gut punch that leaves you doubled over and gasping, clutching Hyena’s hair and squeezing their head between your thighs as you ride them for dear life. You yelp .


You can feel him grinning under you. You're far past caring. Your blood is roaring like an engine, out of your control. "Fuck fuck fffuck - Hhhhhy ena -"

Your face hits the pile of pillows on the edge of your bed. You wrangle your twitching, trembling hips into a thrust, and then another, and Hyena picks up the rhythm as you start to fuck his face. "Good-" your voice breaks for a moment when Hyena's tongue twists and presses hard against your clit, no doubt seeing if she can trip you up (which she very much can), and you yank on her hair until she falls back into your rhythm  " Good boy ."

After the initial shock of just how turned on you are wears off, and Hyena stops being a brat, the lightning in your spine turns to liquid. Pleasure starts to pool and build in you, and you ride it higher "Such a good boy" and higher "You're ssso- fuck right there right there " and higher "I love you I love you I love you so much Hyena- "

Your orgasm builds, and builds, and builds. Your arms grow limp even as your grip tightens on Hyena’s hair. Your thrusts grow shallow and erratic. You moan and squeak and gasp as you're almost- almost- almost-

One of these days either you or Hyena are going to kill each other. He's- he's behaving! Maliciously! The closer you get to the edge, the more energy he puts into everything except what will make you cum. Your moans turn to half-desperate cries of frustration. "Hhhhhyena!!!" You squeeze your thighs around her head, trying to pin her down as you thrust into her face. Almost- almost- “HHHYYY ENA!!!

Seemingly deaf to your cries, they keep you riding the edge for what feels like forever, until your body is limp and your legs are numb and shaking, and you might have called out your safeword if you could unclench your jaw from biting the pillow. Just as you're about to hit the limit of your endurance, Hyena unmakes you. Xe goes from cruel edging to tongue-fucking your clit so fast you can't even process it at first - your nerves are too frayed and your thoughts scatter and buzz so it takes a moment before you even realize you're cumming, and when the white-hot pleasure finally cuts through the fog you scream . Your blood is on fire. Your whole body seizes around Hyena as ze works you relentlessly throughout.

It takes… a while before you're coherent enough to do anything but tremble and moan and ride Hyena's face as it drives you to orgasm after orgasm. "E- Enough," you manage to say, lifting yourself off its face, flopping bonelessly on to your side. "That's- that's enough. Holy shit."

You reach down and run your hand through Hyena's hair, petting him as you catch your breath.

He swallows. Audibly. "Magpie."

"Just- Just a sec. I'm- I can't, move my legs right now."

" Magpie. " His voice is rough - almost hoarse, but sharp, and vibrating with tension. Oh. Oh. " Please. "

"Right." You pull yourself up to your knees, turn, and manage to wobble-crawl down the bed, still straddling her body, down, slowly, too slowly for Hyena's taste, who moans and grunts with effort as their release approaches. "You've been very good, Hyena." Every muscle in their body is tense and trembling, and you can't resist leaning in and kissing a trail down his soft belly. “ So good.”

Don’t you have somewhere to be?

You freeze, your mouth and hands inches from Hyena’s dripping slit and shaking hips. "Oh. Oh shit, I forgot."

Behind you, Hyena sobs. " Magpie, PLEASE! "

The security sweep. You forgot. Crow asked you to do it and you forgot . One look from Hyena and the thought fell right out of your head. Some gangster you are. You roll to the side and clamber out from the bed pile and to your feet. Then you stumble and trip until your hand finds the wall and you steady yourself. Your legs are still wobbly. You’re still half-undone, the other half of your brain still dripping down your legs, down Hyena’s chin.

“No. No no no no.

You turn your head towards the bed, towards the soft red-and-gold glow of Hyena’s eyes in the dark, where you read genuine despair . “I’m sorry. Crow asked me to sweep the building and- I’m sorry.” Hyena’s pleading stabs at you as you pad over to the stash of clothes you keep at the lair and pick your way through them by feel. Binder? Binder. Shirt - yours? No - one of Shark’s button-ups, so soft, smells good, like her. Briefs. Skirt? Yeah. And- thigh highs, there they are.

“You monster! ” Hyena’s almost shouting as you pull everything on in a hurry, then step back to the bed. He falls silent as you drop to your knees over him. “C’mon, Pie, don’t-” She tries to put a bit of smolder in her voice, but the effect is broken when she trails off into a moan. Her eyes grow unfocused as she pulls herself back from the edge, again . You watch and wait while he bucks and writhes in his restraints. The begging, you could almost deal with, but the rattling of chains, the deep, sobbing breaths, the blood rushing in your ears- You’re leaving him with nothing, and he’s still being good.

“I’ll make it up to you.” You lean down, cupping his face in your hands, brushing sweat-slicked hair from her eyes. “I promise.” You kiss her.

“NNNGH!!” Pain. Sharp, hot, sudden. The taste of blood in your mouth. She bit you! Hard! Hard enough to tear at your lip as you reflexively pull back. “ Fuck!

Hyena smiles- grins? Bares her teeth at you? Below you. “Something to remember me by.”

You bring your hand up and touch the wound. You can feel blood drip down your chin. You reach down. “I won’t forget it,” you promise her, as you grab her muzzle and roughly strap it over her face.

You prod at your lip with your tongue, feeling the split flesh and the red blood pools in your mouth and Hyena’s eyes rip into you as you reach the door. You look back, back at the yellow and blood-red light pools in Hyena’s eyes in the dark, and you swallow the blood. “Tell you what.” You pull up your skirt. “You want to come?” You pull down your briefs, slide them down your leg, kick them aside. “Catch me, and I’ll let you come as much as you want.”

You leave.

Three steps from the door, your body catches up to you. Your legs are sore and still unsteady. Your face is on fire. There’s blood dripping down your chin, your neck- staining the collar of Shark’s shirt. Fuck. You pull out your phone. It’s 5AM. Woo.

First, you message Bunny.

CutiePie Today 5:26AM

hey babe

had 2 leave hyena high+dry

forgot a thing

make sure shes ok??

no cummies but like it needs 2 cuddle n hydrate

gives me a head start also

HunnyBuns Today 5:26AM


you good?

CutiePie Today 5:27AM

if hyena bites me and i choke on the blood is it still breath play

HunnyBuns Today 5:28AM

let us meditate

Next, Shark:

CutiePie Today 5:31AM

my love my pumpkin peach my dearest heart

i borrowed your shirt and

there’s blood on it now

i am so sorry

love you heart emoji

A moment. A breath. A whisper. “Narrator?”




Limping along, you decide to start your sweep at the nearest first aid kit.