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You're Welcome

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a) Starbucks

“Hey, thanks for putting up with me”

“What do you mean?” Margaery asks and sips from her mocha frappuccino, they’re sat in Margaery’s car overlooking the beach with Starbucks’. It’s become sort of a weekly thing they do on a Friday.

“Well at the start, I wasn’t exactly easy to talk to”

Margaery scoffs, that was an understatement but she understood it. Sansa had her group of friends and she’d been worried that Margaery would steal them from her.

“It’s okay”

“It’s not, you were always so nice to me and I gave you nothing back”

“Hey, you’d have stuck by me if this had been vice versa. Besides, I knew an amazing Sansa was in there somewhere, not just the crabby one. I remember our first conversation you know”

“You do not”

“I do, it was about Taylor Swift”

Sansa laughs, “You remember a conversation that we had, 8 months ago, about Taylor Swift?”

“I do, I had a feeling it would be important one day”

“When Robb died”

“Sansa, don’t”

“No, when Robb died I thought a piece of me had died with him, a piece of my family was gone and that none of us would recover from it. You didn't know me very well when that happened and yet you sacrificed your free time to stay with me and make sure I was okay and I was an idiot then, I kissed you and everything”

“Sansa, honestly it’s no problem. There are worse things that could happen rather than a pretty girl like you kissing me and if it gave you comfort then that’s a bonus” Margaery sighs. 

You could kiss me again Sansa. That wouldn't be a problem.

“Well thanks anyway, my moods can be difficult to deal with as well and you always manage to cope with them. You even supported me when I dated Joffrey and you had Loras beat him up”

Margaery smiles, “That was for eveyrone’s benefit, not just yours. I guess I’m just good with people, I don’t know what you want me to say” Margaery shrugs.

“Well you’re perfect with me and I love you for it”

But you don’t, do you Sansa? That’s the problem