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Cold Lights

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alexwiththehat asked: "Here's an ask. See you in a few months."


I’ll have you know that I answered this WITHIN MINUTES.


You’re lost.

This place looks exactly like your hometown and yet you’re lost. You tread the pitted asphalt, stepping gingerly over clusters of rocky barnacles the size of tennis balls, looking around at the dark green sky and its slowly writhing clouds. The air is filled with the low rumble of distant thunder, and while the buildings are the right shape, the stone and brick they’re made of is pitted, as if eaten away by acid, and there are patches of the same barnacles that cover most of the road.

You close your eyes and try to shut out the sounds, from the all-too-nearby rustling behind the broken windows of a store nearby, to the low groaning of the fleshy clouds as they drop their hail of human teeth onto this strange, alien city. You take a step forwards, and set it down on a different city’s road, a spongy greyish-green substance that almost squelches as you walk across it. The buildings around you now resemble vaguely-artificial piles of pale yellow coral, thousands of tendrils moving slowly in the still, humid air. This version of your hometown is dead silent, save for the gentle creaking noises as dark shapes move slowly under your skin, the consequence of venturing this far from the light of the sun.

You tread slowly away from this version of your town, upstream through the layers and layers of alternatives, stopping at the cracked tarmac of a road strewn with wrecked vehicles, overgrown with moss and long grass. On the pavements, in the wrecked stores, in the broken cars are statues of people, eroded by time, their faces barely visible, frozen at the moment that you stepped away from the real world. Time doesn’t pass here, down in the layers.

You inhale deeply, then take a faltering step forwards into the light and bustle of the real world.



Art by Alex