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Cold Lights

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Meganopteryx asked: "Forgive me if I've already asked this, but if I was a superhuman, what power do you think I would have? And the side effect? ... I know powers aren't related to personalities though... but I still want to know what you'd pick."

An ability to induce entropy in things.


At a touch, things start to degrade, hairline fractures form, patterns start to become random. Things age and warp, falling apart and withering as you exert your power. Mould and mildew spread like frost over surfaces, metal tarnishes and starts to disintegrate. You don’t want to know what happens when you use it on something, or someone who’s alive.

The thought frightens you, but not as much as the whispers. Things creak and rustle, and no-one else can hear. You can. You can tell how fragile this is, and can see where just a small touch of your power would bring it all crashing to the ground. Every complicated system whispers at you, begging to be eroded and destroyed. You hear the creak of the metal fatigue in your bedsprings as you lay down to sleep at night.

Sometimes, when you overuse your power, you cough up dust. Your skin cracks, and fine sand pours out when you move. You can’t even feel it when it happens.


Art by Meganopteryx.