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Spawn of Satan

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A/N: Reuploaded for your viewing pleasure, as requested. I was unable to recover the first two chapters so I am posting from chapter three, now as chapter 1. I think as you read on, you should be able to put two and two together and figure out what’s going on.



Niklaus was alone in his study that evening. His siblings Rebekah and Kol were not home, and Elijah was out of town for the week. His daughter Hope sat across from him on a sofa with a book in her lap. Within the course of a year, baby Hope had aged so fast that it was as if Niklaus had blinked and presto… she was sixteen years old. The young teenager had her mother's forest green eyes, long dark hair, soft plump lips, and the fairest complexion. Haley was truly a beauty, but her daughter was more radiant, desirable, and stunning compared to her hybrid mother. Klaus was a proud father.

"What are you reading there, love?" he asked while stroking his paint brush over a canvas. They were both up late, listening to music that echoed from the streets below and enjoying their hobbies.

"Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin," Hope replied.

Klaus could not hide his devilish smile. "I had met her centuries ago. She was a closet lesbian."

"Dad!" Hope yelled out in shock. "You're lying."

Their eyes locked for a moment as he chuckled. "She was the only woman to ever turn me down."

Hope shook her head laughing. Even though her mother hated Klaus and always complained about him being controlling, she loved her dad.

"Daddy, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, sweetheart." Klaus set his paint pallet down and faced his daughter as she approached him.

"So you know how I've been growing crazy fast?"

He nodded.

"What if it doesn't stop?" Hope frowned. "What if by next year I'll be like… 60?"

"That won't happen," Klaus reassured, even though he had every reason to be just as concerned as his daughter.

"How do you know, though?"

"Because I am Niklaus Mikaelson, which means I’m omnipotent." He kissed Hope's forehead and caressed her cheek. "Your Uncle Elijah is away because he has traveled to Europe to visit a witch who can help us figure out why you've aged so fast, and whether it will stop. If it doesn't, we will find a way to stop it."

"I don't want to become a vampire," said Hope.

It pained him to see her so conflicted and afraid.

"I'm sorry, dad. I don't mean to offend you… I know that's what you are—partially."

"I'm not offended, love. I understand how you feel."

"I know I'm not entirely human, but I feel human."

Klaus pulled her in his arms and hugged her. He never felt such unconditional love until Hope was born. He hated to think back on the time he rejected Haley's pregnancy.

There was suddenly a knock at the door.

"Come in," said Klaus.

One of his vampire minions stepped inside. "Your sister Freya is here. She's requested to see you."

What does the wench want now? Klaus wondered. He was under the impression that Freya was not a threat because she had helped them capture their deranged mother and had also killed Dahlia, securing Hope's safety. What he didn't know was that Freya was the one who was severely deranged, twisted, and had stepped into his home with the most wicked plan… there would be no going back.

"Escort her into the drawing room. I shall meet her there."

The vampire nodded and did as he was told.

Hope looked up at her father. "Can I come too? I miss Aunt Freya."

Klaus let out an uneasy sigh. "I know she saved your life, sweetheart… but I still don't trust her yet."

"Please? I just want to say hi," she persisted.

He hesitated to respond but finally said. "Let me speak with her first, and then I will let you see your aunt."

Hope seemed satisfied with his decision as she watched her handsome, hybrid father saunter out of the room.


Freya was admiring the artwork in her brother's drawing room when he suddenly entered.

"What are you doing here at this hour, sister?"

The witch turned around and smiled warmly. Technically, Niklaus was older than her in human years. Freya had stopped chronologically aging at 21. Klaus was 26, but she was older than him in terms of their immortality. "I've missed my little brother." She had dressed provocatively, knowing it would entice her brother's appetite. Freya knew all of Klaus's darkest secrets, including his forbidden desires for their sister, Rebekah. All she needed to do now was plant a seed into the Hybrid's head and help it grow. Freya's most powerful weapon was her masterfully manipulative mind. She preyed on the weaknesses of all her foes, and she knew exactly what her brother's weaknesses were. He was different than the rest of his siblings… he was more like Freya—but with a soul.

"How is my beautiful niece? I sense her presence." She sat down on a couch and crossed one thigh over the other.

Klaus's eyes cascaded down her body. He had a weakness for sexy legs. "She is in good health. She was asking about you, as a matter of fact."

"What a dear." Freya simpered.

Klaus fixed them both a drink and handed his sister a glass. He may not have been able to read her mind, but she was incredible eye candy. Little did he know that their father had fucked her silly all evening. Freya was still sore from his massive cock pounding.

"Now tell me why you're really here," Klaus demanded.

She took a sip. "I've learned some new information about Hope's growth process."

"I'm listening."

"She is aging at a rapid rate. By next year she will look like a forty year old."

"What?" Klaus could not believe his ears. "That can't be."

"I've discovered a way to stop her growth spurt permanently. But…" She paused.

"But what? Who must be sacrificed? I don't care if I have to massacre the entire bloody town!" Klaus was losing his patience.

"Calm yourself, Niklaus. What I am about to tell you… is an extremely unconventional method. But it's the only method." She sipped her drink and met his eyes again.

"What needs to be done, Freya?"

"You must have sex with her and ejaculate inside her womb."

The Hybrid had had many moments where he'd blown up, lost his temper and destroyed things with ease, but in that instance he was too flabbergasted to even respond to her absurd suggestion.

"Have you gone mad? Are you mentally ill? She's my daughter for fuck's sake!"

Freya stayed serious. "Believe me, if there was any other way… but there isn't. If you don't do this, she will age, and she will die prematurely."

Klaus looked distressed as he paced around. "I will wait for Elijah to return. I cannot and will not do this!"

"But, Kla—"

"I want you to leave! Now!" He bellowed.

Freya faked a sad expression and stood up, slowly walking toward him. She knew her bother was very temperamental, but she had already won and achieved what she needed to accomplish. All she had to do was "plant that seed of thought" into Niklaus's head, and then he would obsess over it relentlessly until he would finally succumb to his darkest deed.

"I only want the best for her," she expressed before softly kissing her brother's lips.

He did not flinch or pull back. Freya held his face and murmured. "She's a teenaged girl with raging hormones. All you have to do is seduce her and she's all yours… you can save her life this way. We are immortals, my dear brother. The rules of society have never applied to us and never will, especially for a vampire Original like yourself. I trust that you are more than experienced in the bedroom, it will be a fulfilling experience for you and for Hope. She loves you and she trusts you. You can easily carry out this task and save her life. It will only be one night. No one has to know… and I won't tell anyone. Neither will Hope. I can talk to her if you like?"

"This is madness," he replied.

"No, it is not. Ever since ancient times werewolves have been mating within the pack. The Alpha is allowed to mate with whomever he chooses—alpha daughter's included. Hope is more wolf than vampire. She will easily succumb to her body's impulses and the powerful need to mate. She is at that age now. It's better to do it now before she finds herself a boyfriend and falls in love."

"I cannot do this." Klaus shook his head.

"Just think about it." Freya smiled sympathetically, caressing her brother's chest. "Don't tell me you haven't thought about it."

Klaus scowled at her.

"Don't look so offended, Niklaus. I told you already that it's completely normal for an Alpha wolf to want to mate with his daughter." She reached for his cock and began to palm it, smiling when he got hard. "You have the ability to seduce any woman, my dear brother. Seducing your virgin daughter will be the easiest thing you have ever done."

He shut his eyes and growled low. The truth of the matter was that he had been having very graphic sexual dreams starring Hope ever since her 16th birthday. Now it all made sense why.

"Give in to lust," she whispered in his ear. "Save your daughter's life."

Freya kissed him sensually before pulling away and leaving her brother alone to digest all she'd said.



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