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For The Dancing And The Dreaming

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The speeches had long gone, the dinner was served and the cheers for the just married couple had passed a few minutes ago; family and friends came and went by the pass of the music in the background. Jeremy saw his now husband's face, he was gorgeous as always, Michael had been laughing in a dorky way for five minutes straight thanks to a joke Rich just told and still he manage to look perfect.

Suddenly the light started to drown out and the dance floor was the only highlighted; it was they're time to dance the waltz.

Michael's eyes searched him and locked his hand with him under the table, they just shared a small excited smile and so Mica took his hand and drove him to the dance floor. The music started to sound, a cover version of "For The Dancing And The Dreaming" was playing in the background.

They started to slow dance almost unconscious, they knew how this worked. How couldn't they know? They have been dancing to this song for years, even before dating.

"You look gorgeous" Michael told him while moving some locks from Jeremy's eyes "How I'm this lucky to marry such a beautiful man like you?" He told him while humming the background song.

"Oh really lover boy? I wonder too" He said with teasing voice while just letting himself swung with the tune, it was a simple joke buy his anxiety just raised itself really fast "Imeanjustlookatyou,youaresuperperfectformeandomgijustloveyousomuch.Youaresuchawonderfullboyfriendandyouwouldbeawonderfullhusbndtoo-"

Michael looked at him with shock and then chuckled, he really was used to Jeremy's fast way to talk when he was embarrassed.

"I ain't the only perfect boyfriend too, don't ya' wonder why I proposed?" Soft kiss pressing in his lips. The audience shower them with a chorus of "Awww" with Cloe and Valentine's high pitched voices shouting 'GET HIM SLUSHY BOY' 

There were small giggles, but the flashbacks that came to Jeremy were more important and he receive them with a gentle smile.


I'll swim and sail on savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life

If you would marry me

No scorching sun nor freezing cold

Will stop me on my journey

If you will promise me your heart


It was they're last year of High School, they were spending the evening in their normal way; video games, snacks and movies, some cuddles with a little to much 'I like you' indirects.  

"Dude, I... I have something to tell you." Michael said while moving his hands from his best friend's hair and screeching his way to his backpack.

"Sure, go on. I'm all ears." Heere pauses the game, softly getting more comfortable in Michael's laps and concentrating on his friend. He literally bite his tongue to no shout in excitement when he saw what was in the other boy hand's.

There was he with a medium size toothless plushy in hands, hiding his face in the back of the dragon and starting to move it's paws. "For a long time we being friends and with the pass of the time... I started to fall in love with you. From the way you laugh to the way you get frustrated; all seems so cute and so perfect that I just can't help but fall in love with you. The first time I felt like this was in 8° grade; at first I didn't knew what were this feeling, I was so scared so I kept buried them down but they kept growing back, and I just couldn't help so..." Michael looked over the plushy full of embarrassment "Do you wanna go out with me?" 

The excitement on Jeremy's face couldn't hide, he all ways thought it was one sided love, he randomly dropped over his best friend. "Of course I will! You were the only one who tried to conceal his feelings." He kissed his boyfriends nose and smiled stupidly. 

Both of they're hearts were a rushing mess. 


And love

And love me for eternity

My dearest one, my darling dear

Your mighty words astound me

But I've no need for mighty deeds

When I feel your arms around me


The start of collage was full of chaos; projects, exams, anniversary surprise ND relationship advices; which means Chris started to date Jenna and Jake was sending hints to Rich that he liked him but all flirtation ending with a "no homo", and above all of the mentioned ones went with the couple for help.

This wasn't helping Jeremy with his anxiety and self-esteem issues. 

It was supposed to be a romantic dinner in their dorm, sharing kisses and gifts, spending time in silence with each other, Jeremy giving all of his love and showing to his boyfriend that he is the most perfect man he ever met.

Not Micha helping Jer in his anxiety attack in the bathroom. 

Not Michael carry him to the bed just to help him feel more safe. 

Not Michael sharing his body heat to making stop shaking.

"Come on Jer, breath with me." He instructed to help his boyfriend to get more oxygen "Seven in" Jeremy did as in was mentioned "Seven out, you are doing it great baby. Keep it going, just focus in my voice, okay?" 

Jeremy finally calmed down the exercise his boyfriend told him and the strong arms that were hugging him. 

"I'm so sorry... It was supposed to be a romantic dinner." 

"Don't be, things happen." He kissed him in the forehead.


But I would bring you rings of gold

I'd even sing you poetry 

And I would keep you from all harm

If you would stay beside me

"Jeremy Heere this stupid!" Michael was annoyed of how his boyfriend didn't appreciated himself "Just look at you! You are gorgeous! Don't start again with this!" 

"It's false! You only say it because you are my boyfriend!" 

Michael felt his blood boil. It was always the same, it was always the same fight for the same thing, why can't he just accept it?

"Ugh! Why are you like this!" He left abruptly closing the door.

I have no use for rings of gold

I care not for your poetry

I only want your hand to hold

I just want you near me

"Baby I'm so sorry for what I said, shouldn't have treated you like that." Michael said while back hugging Jeremy.

"No, don't be. I also shouldn't have sai that, I know you love me and that you want me to love myself, I promise I will learn." He said while giving a kiss Micha's cheek.

"I promise I will help you, we are not perfect but we can help to fix each other. Also I bought you some ice cream as a apologize." 

"You didn't have to! But I also bought you like four slushies because I felt bad." 






To love and kiss to sweetly hold

For the dancing and the dreaming

Through all life's sorrows

And delights

I'll keep your laugh inside me

I'll swim and sail a savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

I'd gladly ride the waves so white

And you will marry me!

Years of relationship and still figuring out each other. They were holding each others hand and had been talking for hours after work and we're heading to home."

"Head on I need to adjust my shoe." He was kneeling and as Michael said Jeremy advance a little. 

"Micha it's taking you a long time, what are you doing?"

He looked back and saw Michael in his knee with a little bow in his hand.

"Jeremy Heere" 


"I know that we're have been in a relationship for years and we know each other longer that that. So I made the decision to ask you, will you marry me? 

"Definitely yes!!" 


He was a crying mess, Michael was laughing of pure happiness, Rich and Jenna were shouting of how lovely the married couple was. Jeremy's dad was proudly taking a video of the waltz and Michael's mothers were crying for how proud they were of they're baby. Jake and Christine were happily hugging they're partners, Chole and Brooke were hugging each other while giving the couple shouts of excitement. 

It was a pretty dam beautiful wedding.