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It's Not Okay

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Alana stopped working on her gardening as she caught a new scent. Scents, actually. There were two true subs in the area.


She smiled, her amber eyes lighting up in anticipation. What luck! With two of them, it stood to reason that she'd be able to attract at least one of them to her bed. They might even agree to bond with her, if she played her cards right.


She dusted off her hands, fluffed her black curls, and left her garden, following the scents of honey and caramel.


She found the two subs in the three broomsticks, and both noticed her scent as soon as she walked in, faces turning to look at her, both questioning and slightly wary. They had dark blond hair that was a little unruly, but artfully mussed rather than looking unkempt, and brown, soulful eyes. Both were as slender as she was, and she was glad they were. She'd be able to manhandle them easily if she ended up in bed with one of them.


She let her scent flow freely as she approached them, and their faces lost some of the mistrust on them.


“Hi.” She said, holding out her hand to the closest one. “I’m Alana. You two are new faces around these parts.”


The sub flushed, obviously unused to being addressed directly by a dominant, but took her hand and shook it. “I'm Caden. This is my brother, Jared.” He said, introducing them both quietly.


Alana noticed that Jared was having a butterbeer, while Caden had a Firewhiskey in front of him. So at least he was of age. But the way they looked… “Forgive me if this is too forward, but are you two twins?” She asked.


Jared nodded. “That’s right.” He said.


Alana smiled. “Mind if I sit with you?” She asked. “I never thought I’d find another Sinicus, much less a submissive, and I’d like to get to know you better, see if we suit. I’m curious.”


Caden looked taken aback, but nodded anyway. “Sure. We make no promises, though. We can be headstrong, and we haven’t found a dominant we liked yet, despite living around our own kind our whole lives so far.” He warned.


Alana smiled. “I see. So you lived in a Sinicus community. I’ve heard of them. What was that like?”


Jared shrugged. “We lived by instinct, so there was a lot of posturing among the dominants and frequent fights. And our mother smothered us, which is part of why we left.” He explained.


Caden nodded. “Yes, we love her, don’t get us wrong, but we needed space to make our own mistakes and choose our own path. Wherever that may lead.” He added.


“Did you both want to leave, or was one of you more hesitant?” Alana asked.


“Oh, no, it was a mutual decision.” Jared said.


Caden grinned. “We do everything together. I wouldn’t make it a day without the other half of my soul. We’re incomplete without each other.” He said, reaching out to take Jared’s hand. “Two halves of the same person.”


Alana smiled. “Well, if I were to ask one of you on a date—"


“You'd have to bring the other. We do everything together. That includes dating and mating.” Caden said firmly.


Jared nodded his agreement. “Unless you plan on drugging us with your scent to force compliance, we’re a package deal. It's all or nothing.” He said.


“I see. Well, I can live with two beautiful mates on my arms. I'll be the envy of every Sinicus around. Not that there are many of them around, but that’s not a problem for me.” Alana said. “So, how about Italian?”


Caden perked up. “There's an Italian place nearby?” He asked in excitement. “I love Italian!”


Jared chuckled. “You've scored your first brownie points with him, that’s for sure.”


Alana smiled. “And how do I score them with you?” She asked.


Jared smiled enigmatically. “You might find out. In the future. We'll let you know then.” He told her.


“Mm, a man of mystery.” Alana murmured. “I like it.” She turned her eyes back to Caden. “How does tomorrow at seven work for you?” She asked.


Caden smirked. “What, not tonight?” He teased lightly.


Alana laughed. “Hell, no! I need time to decide on clothes, and getting ready will take more time than I have today, since it’s already five. This is not how I usually look. I was in my garden when I caught your scents, and I have terrible self-control. I had to follow them. Immediately.” She admitted.


Jared chuckled. “I was wondering what was up with the overalls and work boots.” He said.


“Yeah, not exactly one of my top ten outfits, but it’s what I wear to get dirty in.”


“Understandable. We'll be ready then. We'll meet you out front, since we’re staying here for the time being.” They both finished their drinks and stood. “Now we're off to find suitable clothes for a date. See you tomorrow.” Jared said.


“See you then.” Alana said, watching them leave. She heaved a happy sigh and got up to head home. She had two potential mates. And they were lovely.



Jared looked at Caden, dressed in a light blue dress robe that brought out his eyes, while Jared was in a red that offset his hair nicely. “You look good.” He said.


Caden chuckled. “We both do. It might be narcissistic, but you look good enough to eat. How about after dinner, we come back here and I can have you for dessert?” He asked, wrapping his arms around Jared’s waist.


Jared flushed, one hand coming up to play with Caden's hair. “I think I'd like that. Are we going to tell her about… Us?” He asked.


Caden snorted. “If she makes it to a third date, we’ll tell her then. Alright? If she can keep us interested that long, we'll probably end up in bed with her, so she'll deserve to know. Otherwise, why risk it?”


“Yeah. She's really pretty.” Jared said.


“I don’t know if she’s dominant enough to keep you out of trouble.” Caden teased, leaning in to peck Jared on the lips. “You need special handling.”


“Look who's talking! Which one of us is prone to wandering around alone, Cade? One day it's going to get you in trouble.” Jared shot back.


Caden smiled. “Sometimes I need to be alone to think. It doesn’t mean I love you any less. You enjoy your alone time, too. I know you do.”


Jared snorted. “I stay inside when I need to be alone. Where I'm safe.”


Caden shook his head. “And that works for you. I need to do what works for me.”


“Whatever.” Jared said. “Let's go wait for her.”


Caden grinned brightly. “Yes, let's!” He said in excitement.




Alana walked up to them, both hands behind her back.


She bowed, and with a flourish, brought out one of her hands, handing a peppermint rose to Caden. She brought out the other hand, handing a blue rose to Jared.


The twins eyed each other's flowers, snorted, and swapped.


“Close, but not quite the right twin. But you did guess both of our favourite roses, so you get points for that.” Caden said.


Alana chuckled. “I tried. I picked off all the thorns, so there's that.” She said wryly.


Jared leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. “It's sweet. We appreciate it. Besides, you have time to learn us better. We don’t expect you to read our minds. Only we can read each other's minds.” He said.


Alana looked surprised. “That twin-telepathy thing is true? I thought it was a myth!”


Caden smiled serenely, stroking his rose’s petals. “To an extent. We usually communicate through looks and reading what we see in each other's eyes, but when we touch—” he grabbed Jared’s hand, and continued, “—we can pick up each other's thoughts. And we do have our own language, though it's rare that we use it nowadays.”


Jared smiled. “Shall we go? Cade is really hungry.” He said.


Caden scowled and dropped his hand. “Big mouth.” He accused.


“All right.” Alana said with a chuckle. “Let's go. It's this way.”


She let them to what appeared to be an ordinary brisk wall. She tapped one of the bricks three times and said, “Reservation for three, Richards.” And the wall opened, revealing an Italian restaurant decorated in cream and red.


Alana led them in and the waiter seated them, handing out menus.


Alana thanked the waiter and he hustled away as they perused their menus.


“So, I'll have the manicotti, and Jared wants…” Caden laid a hand over Jared’s wrist. “Really? Lasagne?” He asked.


Jared raised an eyebrow at him and Caden blushed, removing his hand. “Point made.” He said wryly.


Alana laughed. “You two are adorable. I suppose I’ll go for ravioli, then. We'll need a nice red wine.” She set down her menu and the waiter appeared, taking their orders and collecting menus. Alana read through the wine list and selected a bottle for them. “So, lightweights or not?” She asked.


Caden smiled. “I can hold my liquor well. Jared gets tipsy off of a glass, but I keep him out of trouble so he can let loose if he wants.” He explained.


Jared grinned. “He's really a life-saver. Without him, I’d probably have a dozen illegitimate children by now.” He joked. “He makes sure I don’t just jump into bed with strange dominants when I'm drunk.”


Caden chuckled. “He needs a keeper.” He teased.


The wine was brought over and Alana tasted it, then nodded, and the waiter dutifully filled glasses.


Both twins tried the wine, Caden nodding and Jared shrugging. “Cade knows about wine. I let him tell me if it's a good bottle or not.” Jared explained before turning to Caden. He searched his eyes and his eyebrows shot up momentarily, before his expression returned to neutral. “Hmm… Interesting.” He murmured.


Apparently, according to the look he was getting from Cade, Alana had selected one of the most expensive bottles of wine on the list. Either she was loaded, or she was trying to spoil them for anyone else. Jared decided he liked it either way.


Their food came and they talked mostly of inconsequential things. Family, of which they only had their parents and a sister, older, and Alana was an only child from Wizarding parents who hadn’t even been aware of the possibility of a Sinicus inheritance, and hobbies. Caden brought up his love of music and Jared his fondness for making potions. Both of them were unsurprised to hear she loved her garden, but her real passion was cooking. “I'll have to have you over sometime and cook for you. I’m very good at it.”


Caden met Jared’s eyes, and they agreed: third date.


The night went well, and even if Jared ended up drinking too much and getting a little giggly, Caden kept him from making a spectacle of them, or making a mistake in regards to his virginity with doms.