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A New World

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Chapter 1

Goliath woke up, shedding his stone skin like always. He looked over the ruined cityscape. The buildings that hadn't collapsed and added to the rubble below were empty and never to be what they used to be. The streets were damaged, cracked and upheaved, and the metal and glass littering it made it worse. He sighed and took to the only thing still the same after all that happened.

He flew to a patch of green and began to wait. The ruins were still and silent. But it had been a few days; maybe there was still a chance. He circled the area and listened for any signs of prey. Gargoyles could eat raw meat; it was just ever since the humans showed them the joys of fire, they ate cooked meat when possible. He caught a few birds and rabbits, but they didn't really satisfy him. They couldn't hunt too often in the same spot or the animals would catch on.

Finally, something large caught the gargoyle's eye. The slight rustle of the brush was the last sound the deer ever made. The purple gargoyles ate his fill and then contemplated his next action. To find a new place to take off from and patrol the area or go further into the city.

A gunshot stole any more thought from him and he ran toward the sound on a dulled instinct. A human, dressed in hunting clothes, was gutting the deer he had killed.

"I didn't see you there, Goliath." He glanced at the bloodied giant. "Are any of the others with you?"

"Xanatos." He rumbled.

"I'm pretty sure we scared most of the prey by now." He continued.

"What do you want?" Goliath crossed his arms.

"Always so forward." The former billionaire chuckled.

He wasn't in the mood for his old rival's games and turned away.

"Goliath, it's getting dangerous." Xanatos told him.

"It's always been dangerous for my kind." He answered.

"The earthquakes are coming more often-"

"Angela lost her wings! She will never fly again! A roof collapsed on Hudson and Broadway! Kanata and Brooklyn have no rookery for the egg. I know what danger we are in." Goliath growled.

"Those ruins aren't our city anymore. Everyone is going upriver. Inland." The human explained.

"But you are not." He said.

"I chose a good place for the bunker." Xanatos said simply.

"This is not like before. It's a new world for both of our kind." Goliath looked at him.

"Perhaps for now, but we'll adjust." He smiled. "Goliath, we need to work together. I've been trying to find you ever since the Eyire Building fell."

"Elisa is still missing. I will not leave without her." He insisted.

"Is that all? I'm sure Alex would glad to help you." Xanatos' eyes sparkled.

"And I want to find her clan as well." The gargoyle told him.

"Done." The human smiled a cat like grin and put his hand on the gargoyle's shoulder. "Meet me back here in a few days."

"Very well." Goliath rumbled and left him.

Xanatos took his kill back to the all-terrain vehicle where his assistant was waiting. He was wearing hunting gear like himself, but he somehow made it look professional. They put the deer in the back.

"Did your hunt go well, sir?" He asked.

"I got him with the first shot." He answered then his face soured. "Hudson and Broadway are dead and Angela's wings got smashed."

"Shame. Why exactly did they stay so long?" Owen inquired.

"Elisa and her family. Although, I'm sure he wants to find Bluestone as well. I don't suppose Puck could teach Alex a bit of tracking, could he?" Xanatos safety locked his gun and put it away.

"Very well, sir." The blond said.

"How long before he notices the tracker?" He asked.

"How subtle were you?" Owen replied.

"It'll be good to have them back. The detectives will probably hate it at first." Xanatos closed the back.

"Yes, but it's new world for all of us." Owen said.

"Let's go home." Xanatos told him, amused.

"Yes, sir." They got in the vehicle and drove away from overgrown green space.