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Sherlock Watson Roughdraft/ Notes/ Plot points

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  • Sherlock Watson:

Female with a million-watt smile Only called Watson by the actor playing Holmes. Plays the role of sidekick Dr. Watson to Mr. Holmes in an amusement town, entail it is revealed she shares the role of Sherlock. There were hints were she made snide comments that ultimately cracked the case, She also knows more about all the sinister things going on as well as other players. Hits of a relationship with John Holmes, but betrayal on both sides doesn't make it easy. Her past is the biggest mystery but she's one of the ones that's been in the town the longest. John is the one that names her as when they first met she didn’t have one and as they were supposed to live together made her Watson for her smile and so the lease would say Watson, John.

  • John Holmes:

Male actor who is called Holmes by Watson because he feels like home. He “solves” real and fictional mysteries as an attraction in the city. He was an actor in stage plays approached because he had a personality that fit a character in the story of Sherlock Holmes. At the time it wasn’t specified which character but was asked to play Mr. Holmes. He's seemingly dramatic and stumbles across the right answers but is brilliant in his own right. His name is actually John, it is later revealed he works for the Military/Government trying to find out what is going behind the city front. He “writes” up his reports of all mysteries he comes across, solved or not; he shares the role of John Watson. Hits of a relationship with Sherlock Watson, he loves her but is loyal to his job and country so he plays his role entail he pays the price. He is one of the first actors to play a role in the town, and one of the only to not really fit his character entail its shown he's supposed to play John. He's also the first along with Sherlock to show not only can you be playing 2 characters you can also share roles.

  • M- Mary Poppins-Holmes:

Petite Nice Female. Might be a little insane and have Multiple Personalities.

  • M:

The mysterious M whom people think is Moriarty or the Mayor leaves notes of mysteries and/ or truth mostly for Mr. Holmes. Later revealed to be Mary/Mycroft.

  • Mary Poppins:

Plays a nurse at the asylum gives “sugar” to the patients seems like a helpful charter to the patients and has their trust and knows more that's going on. Is being forced to make and gives out a drug that makes people be their fictional counterpart. The Government wants her to hand it over and make a version to make people into what they want. She has Bert the chimney sweep of her story and drugged Janitor Play Mycroft for her. She thinks she might like Bert but doesn't know as they have been both manipulated into their roles and she has a hand in controlling him. She also lends her “magical” umbrella to Sherlock.

  • Mary Watson/Mycroft Holmes:

The first to be playing 3 characters at once and characters from separate stories. She and Sherlock Watson have a history in the city and seem to try to work against it. They have a weird relationship the mostly play the role of Sherlock and Mycroft with each other, which seems to be done through conditioning to play their roles. She sometimes flirts with John though often feels Sibling affection for him. She supports John and Sherlock's relationship but feels slight bitter towards them because one of her characters is a wife to a character that's split between them. She has seen poly-relationships of split characters work, but she knows the one between even John and Sherlock won’t last for long so she tries to let them have as much happiness as they can as something even more sinister is on the horizon.