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Drunk ( Yoonji x Reader )

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“Spin the bottle already, Y/F/N! “ someone yelled.

“Jesus Christ, chill man and let her do it how she wants” someone else replied.

It was the end of your last year of university life. And you were relieved. You could finally breathe and not bother with seeing your classmates anymore. Three years of university with so supposed awesome classmates… These years had tired you so much to the point when your phone rang in the morning at 7:30 you wished you could throw it into the wall. Your degree, the exams, the constant feeling of being one of the topics of gossiping, all these tired you. But soon you were about to be finished with everything and everyone. And do whatever the hell you wanted to do in the first place, like pursue a career in literature or anything else that offered you pleasure.

A few months ago they talked about the graduation party, already making plans on going as a whole group and other stuff. At first you opposed so damn much that you grew literally sick of repeating yourself over and over again, but in the very end you gave up and here you were at the graduation party with your teachers, your classmates and embarrassing yourself since you were drunk. And in your defense at least their liquor from the club was good enough – after all, you had drunk almost three glasses of wine and four shots of whisky. You were so happy at the bar, smiling like an idiot at the bartender and asking for another shot of the alcohol. Until someone sat next to you and watched your every move: the way you were slouched over the counter, giggling out of control, eyes sparkling and your hand trembling while holding the glass. The girl who sat next to you had short black hair, seeming freshly cut and barely reaching her shoulder blades, delicate yet a mean look on her face, about the same height as you or maybe a few centimeters taller – Min Yoonji. The baddest girl in your class, the one who retorted everyone and seeming to always have something against someone was sitting next to you. Not that you minded right now, you were somewhere far far away. She observed for a little while before she approached you and wanted to talk to you. But right then another classmate came and dragged you both to your group to play Spin the Bottle.

Sitting on the floor you watched amused as the bottle kept spinning and landing on random persons, laughing at the truths and dares they could come up with. That was until the bottle landed on you. Y/F/N spun so hard the bottle that it made at least four rounds at full speed until it slowed down right in the middle of you and Yoonji. You kept giggling and looking at the crowd with a stupid grin on your face while Yoonji kept her unbothered one on her face. 

“Hmm… Y/N, I choose you!” Y/F/N chimed.

“Pika Pika” someone else interfered earning some laughter from almost everyone, including you. Yoonji only grimaced, mumbling something about you being stupid for not realising that they were making fun of you.

“Truth or dare?”

“Daaareee” you slurred, giggling again.

“ I dare you to…” Y/F/N began but another girl interrupted.

“Kiss Yoonji” she said bluntly. “Kiss her like you mean it, like you two are dating” she smirked.

Soon everyone started chanting for you two to kiss. True, you were drunk, but still not that drunk to do whatever they wanted, so you stared at them, trying to maintain a serious face. You didn’t even realise when Yoonji got closer to you, her hand slowly turning your face towards hers. Ignoring the oohs that erupted, the black haired girl kissed you gently on the lips. The kiss was slow, not demanding, giving you time to process the fact that you were kissing another girl and right in front of your classmates. Feeling lightheaded enough because of the alcohol you ingested, Yoonji’s kiss sent you into another world. It felt so right to be kissing her and for a second you forgot about anybody in the room, moving a hand in her soft black locks and pulling her closer. The faint tug on her hair caused Yoonji to quietly moan against your lips before parting her lips and letting the tip of her tongue peek outside.

The moment you felt the soft touch of her wet muscle on your lower lip, you instinctively parted them and invited it into your warm mouth. The kiss barely got deepened and soon the girl pulled apart from you, mainly because everyone started to be grossed out.

You took a few seconds to recover from the sweet, slow kiss from Yoonji before breaking into another giggle, ignoring the now mean remarks about liking a girl, or making out with a girl and enjoying it so much, about being lesbian. After all that settled down in your hazy mind, you felt hurt because, after all, it was their dare for you. Whatever, fuck it, like I care anymore, you thought.

Standing up on shaky legs, you tried to walk back to your previous seat at the bar, missing already the taste of whisky on your tongue. Whisky and Yoonji’s taste on your tongue… it didn’t sound that bad now. Whenever you took a step you had to stop for two seconds because the room started to spin and were sure that if you moved then you would throw up right there. Yoonji observed your swaying drunk form from her place before she sighed and stood up, walking towards you. Placing your left arm over her shoulders, she dragged you out of the club, calling a taxi to take you home… her home.

The ride was pretty quiet, you having your head laid on her shoulder. You spaced out, time to time wetting your lips because they felt dry and in hopes that there was still a little bit of Yoonji’s taste left there. It might sound crazy but her kiss was the easiest to remember than from your ex boyfriend.

Drunk as you were, you failed to notice that your hand suddenly had a mind of its own and slowly moved onto the girl’s lap searching for her own hand to hold. Yoonji, on the other hand, was more on the cold side. Her kiss burned your lips and clouded your judgement (more than the liquor), but her ice cold personality made you know where to stand. Black eyes scrutinized your limp body, taking in your soft looking skin which barely showed up from under your ripped jeans (not even at prom you didn’t want to wear a dress, so you settled for a casual look); your cleavage barely visible from under your pale blue shirt that you were wearing, and finally she looked at your face. Parted lips, soft breathing and tired looking eyes. Is she sleeping with her eyes open? Yoonji asked herself. By the time you reached her place, you were sleeping deep and the black haired girl had to nudge you to wake you up.

Helping you up the stairs and into her room, Yoonji couldn’t help herself but notice how you unconsciously clung onto her for support, mumbling god knows what.

“Do you always get drunk like this when you have a chance to drink, for god’s sake?’’ she voiced out.


“ I’ll take that as a yes then” she concluded with a sigh. “And you should go shower, you smell of a disgusting cocktail between wine and cheap ass vodka.”

“Whishkyy” you giggled again as you stumbled forward. “Where’z da bath broom?’’

“Dammit woman… Someone has to take care of you when you drink.” But even so, Yoonji showed you with patience where the bathroom was and even lent you some of her clothes. “Careful not to slip on the floor.”

“Yes baby” you said in a sing-song voice, making your way to the bathroom, leaving behind a slightly blushing Yoonji.

While you showered, Yoonji was strolling around her room in search for some things. Given the fact that you both were girls she assumed you wouldn’t freak out if she changed her clothes or whatever she wanted to do. And Yoonji took off her black skirt, leaving on her white shirt unbuttoned, as well as the stockings. She went to her desk to organize a little and fish around for a hair tie when your groaning form stepped outside her bathroom.

“Aahhh… My head…”

“That’s what you get for drinking like a thirsty one” she shrugged, tying her hair up while licking her upper lip.

Apparently she didn’t seem bothered enough by your presence to cover up, letting her white, flawless skin exposed, her relatively small breasts to show from their place in the black lacy bra. Yoonji stretched her arms and legs, moaning as the stiffness from her body was relieved. You only gulped, eyeing her body, unaware that you began pulling more her clothes on you to cover yourself. Compared to Yoonji you felt insecure. She was slim, you weren’t (not as much as you wanted to be); she had a soft looking skin which you lacked and so on. You mentally compared to her as you stumbled closer to her.

“Lie in bed, you need sleep” Yoonji spoke, looking with emotionless eyes at you.

“You kissed me with these eyes…?” your faint voice barely audible.

“It was a dare, it meant nothing.”

“Right… Nothing…” you mumbled.

“Sober up and we’ll talk tomorrow” Yoonji continued.

“I don’t want to. I want to go home.”

“In your current state I doubt you can even cross the street,” she smirked but soon returned to her calm face. “Lie down in my bed and shut up. You’re not leaving until you sober the hell up.’’

“I said I don’t want to!”

“Then sleep on the floor, like I fucking care” she said in a calm voice.

“Then why you dragged me here?”
Yoonji only rolled her eyes, “You seriously are asking me this?’’

You glared at her, Yoonji equally throwing daggers at you too. You weren’t about to make a fool of yourself and pour out how she made you feel from a mere first kiss with her, and neither Yoonji was willing enough to drop her defensive attitude. Out of nowhere you two started arguing whether it being about you being drunk as hell or the dare or even the kiss. When you mentioned that in an angry voice, Yoonji grabbed you by the collar of the shirt and threw you on her bed, the girl climbing on top of you.

“What, now you’ll be telling me you didn’t enjoy my kiss? Please, you moaned for me” Yoonji said in a menacing voice. “Your tongue pulled mine in your mouth, you wanted the kiss to escalate, it was your hand which tangled itself in my hair, so don’t give me that bullshit Y/N!”

“So what? Why does it bother you that much cause I said that kiss was a mistake?’’ you spoke in a surprisingly calm voice, staring right into her eyes.

“Because it fucking wasn’t!”

“You make it seem so.”

Yoonji, having enough of that, slammed her lips over yours for the second time that night. It was rough now, she showed no mercy as she bit harshly on your lower lip, having you arching in no time. Feeling again that soft touch of her lips despite the kiss being rough had your head spinning again. Her right hand held your chin in place as she minded her business, not sparing you a single second to suck in a breath. Her tongue darted out again but not asking for permission, this time it got on its own into your mouth to explore everything once again. Her minty breath mixed with your still booze-tainted one. The temperature soon raised and in the room the sexual tension was now palpable enough.

The girl however still didn't want to let you breathe, deepening even more the kiss, dominating your own tongue and sucking on it desperately. Her slender fingers slightly held tighter onto your chin, tilting it to the side some more, reaching deeper with her tongue in your hot cavern. Saliva was slowly dripping from the corner of your mouth and eyes barely opened, enough to steal a glimpse of Yoonji’s eyebrows frowned together and her own eyes shut tightly in concentration, as if she was memorizing each and every spot that her tongue touched. Closing your eyes again, you moaned loud into her mouth, hand shyly going up and interlocking with her black locks, this time tugging on it harder.

“Fuck, ah, you…” Yoonji mumbled over your lips, licking them before attacking your neck with licks and bites, leaving marks. She didn’t even bother to catch her breath, she wanted to make it up for the past years in which she had chosen to stay behind and not make a move on you – after all, she had the longest and biggest crush on you. And now here you were, slightly sobered up and on her bed, in her clothes and moaning for her.

“Bite more” you whined when the black-haired girl pulled away to stare into your eyes.

“Damn, I love your puppy eyes. I love the fact that you are underneath me right now, moaning for me, wanting me to mark you as mine” Yoonji continued in low voice, taking off her shirt and throwing it on the floor.

She smirked as she noticed the way you were staring at her chest, then lower towards her slim waist, taking in the beautiful contrast between the dark lacy underwear and her milky skin. Yoonji parted her legs bit by bit and positioned in between, grinding your lower halves together and feeling the growing wetness on her bare stomach.

“Do I turn you on, sweetheart?” she whispered in your ear, smirk evident, moving her index finger up and down the wet spot on your panties. “I can feel your wetness growing more and more, wouldn’t it feel good if I removed your underwear?” You only nodded, biting your lower lip in anticipation.
Yoonji removed them slowly, smirking at your shy reactions and wanting to press your legs together. But she pulled your legs even farther apart. Lifting the shirt you were wearing, her dark eyes were greeted with pale skin that almost screamed for her touch. Pulling it off your head and throwing it on the floor to join her own shirt, she went for your bra, making sure to grind again. Earning another moan from you, she commented, “Sensitive? Do you like it so much when I grind onto you that you let out these cute sounds?”

You only blushed and looked away but the girl pulled your face back to hers, kissing you just as rough as before. Her fingers played with your breasts, fondling them, drawing patterns on the skin and time to time pulling on your nipples. Her lips left yours with a tug on the lower one, kissing on your throat and stopping on your collar bone to leave a hickey there too. Just when she sucked harsh on the skin and her nails dug into your flesh, you let out a rather loud moan of her name. Supporting herself on her hands and looking down at you with the biggest smirk she had, you gulped.

“Already calling my name, baby? And I haven’t even licked you – and she barely traced her fingers up your slit – here.“



“Don’t tease” you mumbled.

“Oooh no, I will tease you because your reactions are so fucking cute.” And with this she dived back to your chest, sucking on your right nipple so rough that she had you arching in no time. Her index and middle finger kept teasing your hole, getting the tips wetter by the second.

Yoonji’s tongue did wonders on your chest, having you moaning and gasping for air very soon, arching for more and digging your nails in her shoulder. Yoonji learned fast that you liked it when she sucked harshly and so she wasted no time in being as rough as she could with you. As she pleasured your breasts, one of her hand was massaging your bottom and pulling you closer to her own core before she suddenly spanked you. Grinning when you let out a small moan, the girl finally sank her fingers inside of you, feeling your moisture and how easily she could slip out and back in due to the lubrication.

"Look at you, so wet that you drip on my fingers. It must mean I'm doing a hella good job then" Yoonji commented. Licking her lips she stared intensely as her index and middle finger picked up their pace, ripping lewd sounds from you and filling the room with the dirty sound of her fingers moving at a fast speed in and out and your wetness.

You arched and moaned, somewhere in the middle moving slightly your hips against her hand but Yoonji had no plan on letting you come too soon. Pressing her thumb on your clit, she rubbed harshly causing you to grip tight the bedsheets and call loud her name. Two fingers pumping in and thumb massaging roughly your clit, as well as having her lips back on yours was more than you could take. Mainly because it was your first time getting this sexual with someone. The kiss was messier the faster her fingers worked on your private part, having you moaning and spitting curse words between kisses.

"Should I put now my tongue on you? Have you scream my name? I bet I can have you come so hard right on my mouth. I can picture you arching your back off the mattress and holding tight onto my hair, pushing my head deeper on you. Sticking my tongue so deep inside your hole, then biting on your labia and sucking on your clit. You'd like that, wouldn't ya?"

Yoonji just smirked as you only gulped, cursing mentally for actually imagining the scene and feeling yourself getting wetter. Your core ached for her now.
Slowly, the girl lowered herself onto you, kissing on your body until she reached your pelvic area, lingering there more.

''Please..." you quietly said.

"Begging me?" The smirk she had on her face was insane; apparently Yoonji liked to be begged if you wanted to get something from her.

But she didn't let you begin your sentence because Yoonji was already in between your legs, spreading them wider. She began to slowly lick up and down the slit, picking up some of your juices, tasting them. Yoonji seemed to take her time, collecting everything and in return coating your lower lips with her spit, even drawing eight-shaped patterns or barely applying a bit more pressure on your clit. Her eyes closed, her pretty mouth and skilled tongue pleasuring you, black hair sticking to her forehead and you being a moaning mess under her. Yoonji's fantasy had finally turned into reality. 

Bit by bit she increased the speed, as well as pushing in her tongue and tasting more of you. She hummed satisfied with the sweetness, moving closer to taste you better. Your moans increased in volume too, as well as the tight grip on the sheets. You shifted according to Yoonji's movements until her hand pressed firmly on your waist, pushing your body back into the mattress. She loved to hear you whimper under her, craving for more.

Before you could comprehend what she did next, Yoonji assaulted your labia biting and sucking roughly as her thumb returned on your clit rubbing at a fast speed.

"Fuck! Yoonji! Christ, s-slow...aah!" you moaned loud, feeling like you were dragged brutally to the edge of your release and wanting to be left some more to enjoy the foreplay.

But Yoonji was determined to make you come right now. Back to licking up and down your slit, her thumb never stopped rubbing unless she wanted to tease you. Her tongue felt so good on you that for a second you really thought that you'd actually like it if Yoonji treated you like this. But that wicked tongue disappeared way too soon and got replaced by her fingers pushing knuckle-deep into you.

"Will you come on my fingers? Or do you prefer my mouth after all?" she asked in a low voice while nibbling on your earlobe.


"That is not an answer, babygirl"

"M...mouth...Aaah!" you suddenly yelled when her fingers touched a special spot inside you.

Yoonji smirked as she kissed you before positioning herself back in between your legs. Sucking hard on your clit and fingers abusing that new found sensitive spot in you, you could feel your orgasm approaching. Threading your fingers into the black strands of Yoonji's hair, you pressed her closer and even began grinding against her mouth, needy for that release. All it took was a bite from Yoonji on the clit and fingers buried deep inside you to have you press her head so damn close to your core as you came hard, juices spilling on her mouth and fingers, dripping onto her chin and even the sheets. You laid limp on the bed, breathing hard.

While you were still recovering, Yoonji sat up to take off her stockings and bra, fully naked now too. She crawled back on top of you to plant another rough and hungry kiss on your lips, letting you taste yourself too. But the kiss was short. You stared at her in confusion before you realised that she was about to sit on your face.

Smirking, she added "Don't think we are done yet, babygirl. The night is long."