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Even Angels Need a Break Sometimes

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Even as the last class of the day ended, Lucius still worried if Leo was alright. He hadn’t been kidding - the angel really had looked like shit.

His face was pale, its usual rosy flush drained away and replaced with dark smudges under and around his eyes. His lips were dry despite that he wet them with sips of coffee every few moments, and his fuschia hair was dishevelled and his blue eyes dull.

But the angel had insisted he was ‘just tired’ and that his coffee would fix everything.

Lucius still didn’t quite get the point of coffee, and though Elena had told him it sort of jogged people awake, he doubted it was that much of a miracle worker. Leo didn’t just look tired, he looked dead.

Well, not dead in the literal sense… but it wasn’t too far off.

Arms folded across his chest Lucius walked alongside Elie back to their apartment building.

“You’re awfully quiet today.” Elena noted.

“Hmm?” Lucius looked down at her.

Elena puffed through her scarf. “You haven’t spoken to me since ‘hi’ this morning. You’re normally asking a bunch of dumb questions, or at least complaining about something.”

Lucius frowned. “Yeah, I guess… I’ve just been thinking.”

“Nice job.” Elie congratulated flatly. “What about?”

Lucius found himself chewing on his lip. It rather hurt. He should probably stop that. “It’s nothing. Leo’s just being weird.”

They walked another block in quiet.

“Weird about…?” Elena finally prodded.

Lucius shrugged. “He just looked like complete shit this morning. He said he was just tired but…”

Elie raised an eyebrow. “You’ve been clammed up all day because Leo was tired?”

“What?” Lucius huffed. “I just…” he shook his head. “I guess that kind of thing is normal here. I just… haven’t really seen Leo look anything short of perfect before.”

Elie snorted.

“Hey!” Lucius complained. “I just… oh, forget it.”

He folded his arms tighter against his chest, tossing his bangs from his eyes with an annoyed jerk of his head.

Another block went by without conversation.

“Sorry.” Elie murmured. “Sometimes you’re just so…”

Lucius cast her a glance from the corner of his eye, seeing that her apology was genuine despite that she still smiled a little. “It’s… it’s okay.” He decided.

They arrived at their building and trekked up to their floor. Elena gave a little goodbye and received an absent-minded wave before she entered her apartment.

Lucius walked down to his door and dug the key from his jeans pocket, entering and dumping his backpack to the side before raiding the kitchen.

Through the doorway he saw Leo in his chair at the table, his head buried in one arm on the tabletop as his other arm hung loosely about his middle.

Forgetting about food for the moment, Lucius entered the room that was their dining room and living room mashed into one, placing his palms on the table and leaning across to peer at Leo’s face behind his limp arm.

Leo looked no better than he had that morning; if anything, he looked paler, the grey smudged about his eyes more pronounced, his slightly parted lips dry and stiff.

The worry that had only just started to fade snapped back, and Lucius poked the top of Leo’s head testingly.

“Uh… Leo? Are you okay?”

Leo cracked one eye open, a small, high-pitched sound coming out of his mouth that made Lucius jump.

Slowly Leo licked his lips, prying his other eye open, but not opening either more than the original squint. “Lucy… what are… you doing home… already?”

“School let out twenty minutes ago.” Lucius said. “Shit, Leo, what… what happened to you?”

Leo hummed, eyes fluttering back closed. “Ju...just… tired.”

“Yeah, you said that this morning.” Lucius said. “I’m starting to think - Leo? Leo, look at me!”

Leo hummed again, not opening his eyes. His right arm weakly curled around his middle, that sound once more escaping his parted lips.

Lucius had no clue what to do. He stared at his friend, feeling helpless as Leo wriggled slightly in his chair, obviously in pain, with nothing Lucius could do.

What the hell was wrong with the angel?


Lucius glanced to the cat. “I’ll feed you later, Lucca.” He fumbled with his words. “I… I need to get Elie.”

His feet carrying him more than he commanded them, Lucius found himself back outside his apartment and knocking on the Sullivan's door.

Elie’s brother answered.

“Lucio.” Kay frowned. “Are you okay? You look-”

“Are people supposed to look ten minutes from dead when they’re tired?”

Kay blinked. “What now?”

Lucius saw Elie on the couch through the door. “Kid, I know the whole tired thing is supposed to be normal but I really think something’s wrong!”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Kay asked.

“Leo.” Lucius said. “He keeps saying he’s just tired but I really don’t think tired is supposed to make that sound.”

Elie peered around her brother, now standing behind him. “Make what sound?”

“I don’t know!” Lucius tossed up his hands. “It’s like he’s crying or something! And he won’t open his eyes and-”

At the word crying Kay pushed past Lucius and made his way for the Bakers’ apartment in quick strides.

Lucius and Elie exchanged looks, then unfroze and darted after him.

In the dining room/living room Kay rounded the table to crouch on Leo’s right. He had a soft hand on the angel’s shoulder, shaking him gently. “Leo? Leo, open your eyes.”

Leo made that sound again, that high-pitched pained sound that made Lucius jump and cringe at the same time. The angel squirmed a little, and he opened a single glassy blue eye halfway to look at Kay, though he didn’t really focus on any part of the man’s face.

“K...Kay?” He slurred, his voice scratchy.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Kay rubbed his shoulder soothingly. “What’s wrong?”

“Hmmm… m’ head… everything… ow.”

“I think he’s sick.” Elia stated.

“Obviously.” Kay shot her a look.

“S-sick?” Lucius stuttered. “No, that can’t be right! He’s not supposed to get sick!”

Another one of those pained sounds left Leo’s mouth, and the angel hugged his abdomen tighter with his weak arm.

Kay took note immediately. “Does your stomach hurt?”

“Mmmm… yeah.” Leo groaned quietly. “Hurts… a lot.”

Kay glanced to Elena. “Go grab the tylenol from our apartment.”

With a nod the teen trotted off, and Kay looked to Lucius next. “Which room is his?”

Lucius took a moment to respond, pointing to the bedroom door to the right of the room. “That one. Why do you-”

Before Lucius had time to be stunned, Kay had scooped Leo up bridal-style and disappeared through the door.

Lucius opened his mouth and closed it several times, no sound coming out.

“Hey, it’s alright.” Kay’s gentle murmuring carried through the open threshold. “Just rest, okay? I’m going to get you some water.”

Kay reappeared, passing Lucius into the kitchen, collecting a glass of cool tap water. He passed Lucius again as he returned to Leo’s bedroom.

Lucius just stared, still unable to speak, only jerking back to his senses when Elie jabbed him in the side on her way after her brother.

He went after her, sitting cross-legged on the floor next to where Kay sat on the edge of Leo’s bed, prompting the angel to sit up and swallow the medicine Elie had brought.

Elie dropped to sit on her heels beside him, hands resting on her knees as she watched her brother intently.

Leo took the pills and downed half the glass of water, and Kay helped him lie back down. His head hadn’t even touched the pillow before his eyes were closed again.