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A house elf rushed through the Riddle Manor, determined to get to her master. She busted into her master's study, something normally she would be cursed for, but at this time she had no worries for herself, "Master Lord Riddle! Baby mate is coming!" 

In a flow of robes, the red eyed man was up in a second, rushing towards his honored guest's rooms. He ran into the room  where he saw the carrier of his mate having contractions on the bed. His mate's sire was holding the other's hand while kneeling beside the bed. The mediwitch was waving her wand over her cousin's stomach.

Four bodies came in after him.

"It shall not be long cousin-," she was cut off by the scream of the carrier and a growl following.

"Colleana, have the stuff ready! The rest of you, out!" You could feet shuffling and a door shutting.

"My mate's sire is getting restless, Narcissa. You might want to hurry up," Lord Riddle said as he went over to the other side of the mediwitch.

"My Lord," she was cut off by another scream, "his womb need to naturally open itself up without intervention, it could-."

"I'm okay-," the carrier cut himself off with another scream.

"It could keep him from baring anymore children or worse...," Lord Riddle's eyes flashed.

"Just a few more minutes now dear cousin," Narcissa said and then looked to Colleana  who held blankets and accioed a tub of water.

A few moments and brutal screams later Narcissa spoke, "It is time."

The mediwitch waved her wand over her cousin, "Sirius, I need you to lie still, this will sting."

Sirius nodded and held tight to his love's hand. Narcissa placed her wand over where his uterus is and the wand glowed blue. She pushed down slightly and moved across his stomach, leaving a trail of almost black red blood in its wake. Sirius whimpered as Narcissa pushed apart the new wound. She pushed her hands into the wound and pulled out a child. 

A baby's cry was heard and the umbilical cord was cut. The newborn babe was handed to Colleana, who took to cleaning him, with the child’s sire watching over her shoulder. Narcissa mended the wound on Sirius. 

The child was finally passed to his sire, who walked over to Sirius. He placed the child on Sirius’s chest and Sirius cuddled the child. 

“They say you can’t tell one newborn from the other, they all have the same features, and yet he looks so different,” the sire said as he kissed his mate.

There was a gasp as the child opened his eyes for the first time. Lord Riddle who waited patiently aside was by their side instantly. He also gasped. 

“His eyes,” Lord Riddle said in awe. The eyes held a storm inside them they were the most enchanting thing. They seemed to glow and had an outline of black. They blinked and  little arms reached out to Lord Riddle.

“Tom,” the parents of his mate were given permission to call him this, “meet your mate. Hadrian Daemon Snape.”

Tom picked up Hadrian and vowed his life to the small babe. His wings sprouted and fluttered from joy. And as the child sucked on his thumb, Tom knew. Forever.


Sirius changed the child from his nappy, “Oh my. Aren’t you an adorable babe.”

The child cooed up at his carrier. He brought his thumb to his mouth. Sirius laughed and pushed his hand out of his mouth, “Here you go honey,” he pushed a pacifier into the baby’s mouth.

Two strong arms wrapped around Sirius’s waist. Sirius relaxed into the arms, “Sevvy, I thought Tom needed you to be at Hogwarts?”

A light chuckle café from Severus, “He let me have time off for you and our child.”

Sirius handed Hadrian over to Severus. Severus smiled and took Hadrian.

“My son, you are going to be so bright,” Hadrian giggled as he was spun around the room.


The weeks  went by fast, and everyone saw how much Hadrian was growing. Now, he would squirm on his belly when someone would put him down. He loved cuddling, and when someone would take their attention off of him he would cry.

“Bella, we should have a child,” Colleana smiled as the child played with his toes.

“I would love to, but in these times, it might be dangerous,” Bellatrix sighed, “we need to focus on protecting our godson  for now.”

“I understand,” Colleana sighed and continued watching the child.

Bellatrix sighed and pulled Colleana’s face to her, “When this is all over, you will be blooming with our children.”

Colleana smiled and picked up the child, for now this will do.


“James, isn’t our godson so adorable!” a wolfish grin was on the man’s face.

“Of course,” James kissed his mate’s cheek.

He walked away from the cuddling pair and into his room for the next few weeks. He went to his Chester drawer when he heard a window open. He turned around and was hit with a spell.

I wonder how Lily is doing? He though, Oh how I miss her…


Lord Riddle held his mate close in the rocking chair. He sighed as he saw that the child was not going to sleep when he was finished. He kissed his beloved’s forehead and walked over to the crib.

Hadrian never slept when in Tom’s presence, always staring into his captivating red eyes. Tom sighed and knew that Sirius would most likely kill him if they found out about this, but they were away and Sirius placed Hadrian in his care for the night.

Hadrian was laid in the crib, and he started to cry. Big fat tears rolled down his cheeks and Tom sighed, “My love, I will not leave you. I will stay here until your parents come back. Sleep” 

The child silently cried and held his arms out towards Tom. Tom sighed again, giving into those puppy dog eyes and picked up the baby.

“Fine, you little minx. Now, Hadrian. Sleep,” Tom leaked a little bit of his dominant tone into the words. To much will mentally hurt they baby. Tom knew control.

The baby instantly shut his eyes and fell asleep as he was rocked. Tom didn’t let him go until his mate’s parent were back, he always kept his promises.


Lord Riddle looked through the Ministry of Magic’s reports that was given to him by his trusted right hand. So much damage had been done since every Minister had finished. He shook his head at the idiocy of the men and women of the past. 

Suddenly he heard a shout and then a low distressed  scream of a mate. He stood up quickly and a house elf popped in.

"Master Riddle! Albus Dumbledore has obliviated Mister Black-Snape and has taken both him and little Hadrian!" The man stood up and quickly ran to his mate’s room.

Not my Hadrian. 

"Severus! Don't tell me it's true.”

Severus turned to the lord, tears running down his face and he body racking with sobs, "Yes... my son... my love... and I couldn't do anything..."

A red haired woman smiled as she was handed her new son. He started wailing. A man with glazed over eyes smiled at the woman he adored. The child was hit with a knockout spell. The woman, man, and an old fool heard a screech and saw wing flying over their heads. They left with Sirius floating behind them. 


Hmm, let us see how this shall turn out?