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A Different Road

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“Izzy! Come on, we’re going to be late!” “Do I really have to go, Ma?” “Yes, you are coming to help unpack the car at your brother’s new dorm.” “Why don’t Bella & Michael have to go?” “You’re 15, they are 10 & 8. You’ll be of more help.” “He's just going back to Cambridge." "Yes, but this my last year. Next year I'll be in law school." "Ugh, fine."

“How many more stairs do we have to climb?” “Izzy, you’re a cheerleader and a basketball player. You have plenty of muscle in your legs.” “Shut it, Junior.” “11-C. This is it.” “Here take your shit,” Izzy said dropping a box of books on the floor, making a loud crash. “Uh, hey.” “You must be my new roommate. Tony Rossetti.” “Oh, yeah, hey man, Rafael Barba. Nice to meet you.” Izzy just kind of stared at the green-eyed guy in front of her. She finally had to nudge Tony. “Hey Rudeness Giuliani, want to introduce me?” “Not really.” “I’m Tony’s little sister, Izzy.” “Rafael. Nice to meet you.” “I’m here,” a tall bronzed skin, dark haired girl came in with a box and planted a kiss on Rafael. “Yelina, this is my roommate, Tony Rossetti and his little sister, Izzy. This is my girlfriend Yelina Ortiz.” “Aren’t you adorable. What are you, 13?” “I’ll be 16 in October,” Izzy said looking at Yelina like she had lost her mind. Tony immediately grabbed her knowing his sister’s temper. “Let’s go get the rest of my things, sis.” “Yeah, let’s do that.” “I saw that,” he said as they walked down the stairs. “Saw what?” “You were checking him out.” “No, I wasn’t.” “He was checking you out until Yelina walked in.” “Whatever.” “Don’t forget about Nick.” “Shut up.”

“It’s about time.” “I got here as fast as I could, Nick. You know it takes 40 minutes by subway to get from Brooklyn to Queens.” “I know. I’m sorry.” “What’s wrong?” “My father called today for the first time in three years.” “Wow. That’s…how did that go?” “Well, of course Sonya was all excited. Mami talked to him for a little bit. I hung up when I was given the phone.” “So, where is your mom & Sonya?” “They went out to get pedicures or something. They’ll be gone for a while,” he said as he started kissing her neck and laying her on his bed. “Nick…Nick. Stop.” “What’s wrong?” “I’m still not ready.” “Still? We’ve been dating for almost a year.” “And there’s a time limit on when I’m supposed to lose my virginity to you?” “I didn’t say that.” “That’s how you’re acting.” “I didn’t mean to.”

“Miss Rossetti, late again as per usual.” “Sorry, Mrs. Firoello,” Izzy said running into the gym. “The only thing that saves you from being suspended is your mother. Now, we have a new girl joining the squad. She just transferred from Long Island. This is Erin Harris. Erin, this Izzy Rossetti. Any cheers and routines you need to know, she will be the one to teach you.” “Me?” “Yep. Maybe you’ll learn to be on time.” “Fine.” “Okay, get to work, girls!”

“God how is she a cheerleading coach,” Erin asked as they walked to Izzy’s house, “I mean she’s got to be 50!” “Right?! I mean she tells us what flips we need to do and what not, but she couldn’t do one without a breaking a hip.” It was clear these two girls were going to get along just fine. “Hey, Pop.” “Hey, kiddo.” “You finally get off your 48?” “It seemed like it was 72. Who’s this?” “This is my new friend and new member of the FDR Cougar’s cheerleading squad, Erin Harris. She just transferred from Long Island. This is my dad Anthony Rossetti. Well, Pop, we’ll be in the backyard practicing.” “Okay, have fun. It’s nice to meet you, Erin.” “You, too, sir.” “Oh, Izzy?” “Yeah, Pop?” “Nick called for you.” “Ugh. I’ll call him later.” “Who’s Nick?” “My boyfriend, Nick Amaro. He’s a Senior at Forest Hills in Queens.”