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"You have reached Paul Heere, but unfortunately not here. Leave a me-"

Jeremy tapped on the end call button before tossing it on his bed. He let out a rather loud groan, leaning back on his chair with his hands rubbing his face. Jeremy knew his dad wouldn't answer- when does he ever? This time, though, his dad forgot to leave some food on the dining table for him to eat. He has been trying to contact him for the past hour but to no avail. He considered going out to buy his own dinner but realized he didn't even have enough money with him, not even on his piggy bank.

"Don't worry, Jeremiah." His words were mumbled from the hands still covering his face. Jeremy dropped his hands so now they rest on his lap. "You've done this before, no big deal! Best-case scenario is that no one will notice how skinny you've become. Worst-case is that your dad will profusely apologize but won't do anything to fix it. Yea, sounds fantastic." Jeremy stood up and paced around the room for a bit before belly-flopping onto his bed, exhausted all of a sudden.

Jeremy sometimes thought why his life was like how it is even though he already knew the reasons. Firstly, he is the biggest loser in his grade and is often a target for bullying. Secondly, he didn't have any friends- not at all. Unless you count the librarian in his school but even then Jeremy didn't really think of any of his classmates as friends. Thirdly, his mom left. Jeremy was around six at that time when he watched his parents talking in the living room. He was told to stay in his room but curiousity got the best of him, so he watched from around the corner. He didn't remember the event clearly, but he did remember his mom carrying her luggage out the door while his dad went straight for the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of beer.

Nothing really changed that much, except of the absence of a mother. It was pretty normal until a month later when his father got a promotion on his job, which strangely he did not know about. It caused his father to leave the house much earlier and come back much later. There were even times when they won't see each other for days. Luckily for young Jeremiah, his dad hired a babysitter until he reached the age of ten, where Jeremy insisted that he can handle on his own now (and only because his babysitter is boring the hell out of him and vice versa. It's a win-win situation for the two of them).

So Jeremy accepted what the universe gave him; loneliness and anxiety.

If he was honest, Jeremy would do anything to change his life. Given the choice to be a popular kid where he has friends and is not a loser anymore, he would take that. Scratch that, he will take that. But sometimes, if left alone long enough for him to collect his thought, Jeremy wonders if he will really take it. Popularity seems like a good thing to Jeremy but what if he found someone who understands him and actually wants to be his friend, not because of his social status. Years of walking through halls and being able to avoid being seen gives him the chance to look at how being popular would be like from afar.

Unfortunately, the popular kids in his grade are dick heads.

Yet, Jeremy would always see girls crowding around popular guys who mostly consist of those with muscles, handsome features and some chill personality. Jeremy doesn't have any of it, and he imagined himself the day where he would be the popular guy in his school.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Jeremy perked his head up from the bed. It took him a moment to find his phone right beside his right foot. Thinking it was his father, he anwered the call without looking at the Caller ID.


"Jeremiah Heere."

Jeremy's face paled. It was an unfamiliar female voice, of which he never heard before. He was never good at guessing by ear but he can tell it was a middle-aged woman. Jeremy was standing at the centre of his room now, his legs frozen to the carpeted floor below him. He tried to ask how the caller knew his name, but he ended up letting out stuttered words that doesn't even sound like english.

"I know you may be wondering why I would call you, nonetheless know your name. I wish I could explain, but unfortunately I do not have the time."

Suddenly, Jeremy heard sirens outside. He widened his eyes in fear and confusion as he walked over to the window, pulling the binds open. He was shocked to see more than five black SUVs parked outside his home, people wearing armor and holding guns jumping out of the back doors.

"W-Why is there black vans outside my house?!" His sentence sounded frantic and was said too quickly. He flinched when heard his front door being rammed open. Jeremy felt suffocated, and he struggled to even out his breathing while still being in the call with the mysterious lady.

"Whatever happens next, just know this is not personal. It's for the best of everyone around you, and yourself."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Jeremy almost dropped his phone when the front door was broken down. He felt his ears ringing, everything a bit too loud than normal. He began to hear the soldiers running up the stairs. Any moment now, they will be busting through the door and he will be taken away for a reason Jeremy does not know.

"Everything will be explained soon. They will not hurt you, but they will not hesitate to take you down."

Jeremy screamed, dropping his phone on the ground when his door was slammed open. Three people got through the door, though Jeremy could see a bunch more soldiers waiting outside. He frantically tried to back away until his back hit the window pane. He was trapped.

"It's okay." One of the three, a lady with dirty blonde hair slowly said. It reminded Jeremy of how a mother talks to her child, and he didn't help but let himself relax, only for a bit. But it did not help Jeremy feel safe when he saw the other two guys still holding their guns, pointing at him. The lady, however, slowly walked towards him but still kept her space. "My name is Heidi, what's your name sweetie?"

Jeremy gulped down the saliva producing in his mouth. "U-Uh... Jer- Jeremy... Wh- What's going on?" He knew talking too much would cost him but he couldn't help himself. He has too many questions more than answers.

Heidi had a sympathetic look on her face. She was about to speak when they felt the room shaking,

"Ah, shit!" One of the guys shouted, nearly bumping into his desk. Jeremy didn't even know what was happening, and only thought that there was an earthquake. That thought alone caused the shaking to increase, his books and items toppling over his desk and on the floor, the fragile ones smashing into tiny pieces. "What's h-happening?!" Jeremy could feel his legs giving up beneath him, but used his strength to stand still. Well, as still as he get from all the shaking. Heidi nearly tumbled over but remained balance. "Jeremy, dear, I need you to calm down." She calmly said. Jeremy couldn't. His lungs burned and he could feel tears building up in his eyes. It also worsened the earthquake for some reason to the point he was leaning against his bed post.

"Fuck this."

"Agent Felix NO-!"

Jeremy felt something shot him on his shoulder. It was painful, but it faded away rather quickly. His knees buckled beneath him, moving just enough so he landed n his side. He felt himself growing weaker and weaker, his mind slipping into unconsiousness. Jeremy felt his brain go numb when he heard muffled shouts and voices. The last thing he remembered was feeling as if someone lifted him up from the floor before darkness consumed his vision.