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he was her prisoner

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"I’m sorry, please."
"I can’t- I- "

Her words suffocated her, grasping at her neck as they shut it tight and whispered no more.
Their Icey walls started to build as she ran further away from them. The only thing that had every made her happy had become her biggest fear and destroyer.
She could feel herself ripping from inside, her heart was heavy, as if the devil had finally found the key she had hid for so long.

I gave it to him and I didn’t even realise it. I let him dance on my shoulders and let him control me effortlessly. I was foolish and imprudent. I was wrong father.
I’m sorry father.

"Was this what Taeyong had wanted? For me to become shattered and broken like the rest of them. For me to dry up, lose faith and be forgotten?
Like everyone else who had trusted and loved him. Did he want to see me become so weak so that they could swallow me up, drain me of the darkest secrets I had left?
To them, I was nothing; I was never anything but a mere token to him so that they could finally have the treasure they mourned so long for."
Now she was truly a nonentity.

The fire within her slowly started to dissolve and burn out.

Why me?
Why did I become weak and allow myself to become manipulated and forced into the destiny of everyone else?

She fell hard on her knees, crossed arms against her chest. Howling with pain and agony as tears singed down her face; they burned her as they cascaded down onto the ground that ignited no more. Her garments ripped off her shoulders, the little defence she had disappeared and with that, her heart did as well.
Is this what it feels like? she thought. To lose to her greatest enemy, fear.
Her thoughts were empty like she was as a whole and little by little, her auburn skin lost pigment; the ice crystals grew on her cheeks.
Bit by bit, her eyes started to droop and close slower. She watched him laugh and rejoice in the distance

But he was not happy. He smiled a shamed smile. Had regrets. Guilt.
A man’s biggest weakness.

With that eruptions of anger, fear, sadness, hurt, grieving and wrath exploded. Ice pillars fell one by one and blue flames roared in every corner, ricocheting off the walls.
Her body slowly lifted. Her head hung low. Her fire still distinguished. The blue flames enclosed themselves around her and burned her body down to the bone.
Nothing was left except cobalt dragons of the flames, which infolded her still body.

Or so they thought.

A torrent or firestorms vented to then reveal that she was alive and as thirsty as ever. Eyes as tantalising as the northern lights, emitting with rage and violence.
That is when she finally understood, the devil did not take over her, she took over the devil.
His flames where her flames. His power was her power. He, was her prisoner.