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Where Shadows Play ~ formerly titled Dark Shadows Play

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"“Lovers and madmen have such seething brains
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Alden held Jamie tenderly, lifting him as he reached up to slip the leather cuffs off of the hook. He caught Jamie as he fell back into him, pulling at the fasteners on his cuffs, his arms falling aside, limp as Alden put the cuffs aside. Then he carried Jamie to the nearby settee where he draped him on the pillowed arm, biting his own finger again, tenderly watching Jamie's face as he was drifting inside, trusting Alden to care for him in his vulnerability.

Alden knelt next to Jamie then, and enjoyed licking the last of Jamie's semen off of his stomach and chest, a sort of vampire snack. He was indifferent to the very small amount of sperm in it, and the semen had no blood at all, but it was a part of humans that he ate, a delicious cocktail of nutrients and flavors. When he was finished, Alden arose to sit next to Jamie on the couch, petting Jamie's face and hair very softly, allowing him to drift. Alden was purring to himself while absent mindedly grooming Jamie's teeth with his fingers while he cleaned his own with his tongue. Jamie was used to this form of self pleasure and grooming for Alden, for whom teeth were constantly groomed and inherently erotic, and accepted Alden' fingers without reaction.

Alden had partaken of Jamie's full body orgasm, and the excitement and taste of his ejaculation. He was still very much aroused, mentally sated, but physically still full of need and frustration. But immediate release was not a part of the scenario he had imagined. He must now wait for Jamie to return from his undoing, becoming strong again, and fully capable again of building pleasure and sexual response at Alden' hand. He would then take Jamie much farther, and this level of play would be well worth his own current and temporary physical frustration.


After awhile, Jamie opened his eyes to Alden, still sitting so close to him in the low candlelight, remaining eye to eye with him, neither of them moving at all. Jamie loved his eyes, deep whirlpools of brown in a little sea of whitest white, pulling him in. He loved Alden' eyes. He loved them.

He lifted his hand to Alden' face, caressing his sharp cheekbone, feeling the so soft skin below it, touching Alden' lips, slipping between them to touch his teeth through closed lips, his eyes smiling as Alden' eyes were smiling.

"Will you let me please you?" Jamie asked.

"Yes," Alden said.

"Will you use me? I need to give you pleasure." 

"I know."

Alden felt a midnight stillness as he leaned forward and brushed Jamie's lips with his own, his favored form of a kiss. He breathed on Jamie, watching the muscles in his face soften with intoxication. How he loved the font of desire pooling in Jamie's eyes, desire becoming need, already blossoming again from a single, almost chaste kiss.

Alden felt an operatic level of complex pleasure, the opening aria having opened them both, the libretto written in him by his nature, a beast restrained, the story imagined again in him as though it was not as old as all stories, as old as predators and prey, fight or flight. He had mastered the ability to rise upon the vast crescendo of Jamie's pleasure, not only for his own pleasure, not only for Jamie's pleasure, but because it helped Jamie to endure more for him, longer. It gave him the most pleasure to shape Jamie's pleasure in this way, to use it to serve his own needs. And so, he had carefully prepared Jamie, giving him everything while taking nothing. Jamie knew a continuum of submission that ranged from gentle to his deepest reflexes. Soon he would be deeply challenged in his submission, for Alden' pleasure.

Alden reached behind Jamie on the couch then and lifted him easily, lettings his legs fall so that he held him tightly around his chest, facing him, Jamie's toes just touching the floor. Again he felt that Jamie was his beloved toy, and relished that he was strong enough to hold him like one. He kissed Jamie's forehead for a few moments. Precious... my precious Jamie, he thought, still hugging him, then letting his feet down onto the floor. He felt Jamie's back under his hands, the welts raised, the skin hot, patterns on his smooth and supple back, which Alden sometimes oiled to keep his back as supple as possible for the whip.

He turned Jamie away, visually admiring the welts and the beginning of bruises on his back and buttocks, tracing them with his fingers, the sharp pangs of pleasure, his level of arousal becoming more intense with each moment.

Jamie had become alert, responding to Alden' touch, waiting for the moment when he could know how to return Alden' pleasure.

Alden pulled Jamie's back tight against him, reaching around him to lightly caress the most vulberable places on his chest and belly, just touching Jamie's growing erection, gauging his arousal. Grasping him gently, he began to move his hand on him, feeling Jamie becoming very full at this unexpected pleasuring. Alden knew many subtle secrets to pleasuring Jamie with his hand, and very soon Jamie was arching on his feet, trying to hold still for him in spite of this pleasuring. Alden stopped. He knew that he had Jamie's complete attention, a fullness of anticipation. 

His mouth was near Jamie's ear. Jamie was standing perfectly still and erect, waiting to see what Alden would do next. Alden moved his mouth a little closer to Jamie's ear, and whispered, "RUN."

Jamie turned sharply in Alden' arms, which Alden left open as though reaching to him for a sweet, consensual hug. Jamie knew well the expression he found on Alden' face, his fangs bared, his playful smile fierce, the obvious game he played with him as he desired: a predator playing with his prey.


"Will you give me more?" Alden' quiet voice sounded different somehow. "Yes." Jamie loved this word more than any he had ever known. "Yes." Alden reached down and stroked Jamie's hair with great, poetic motions of pure love. "Come to me, my love." Alden' boots were gone. It did not break Jamie's heart. Nothing would ever break his heart again.

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