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the light that dawns over me and you

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It has been a long day for Kara. For the whole day Alura had scheduled her etiquette sessions and how to "behave like a princess" and she can't quite get a finger on why she needed to know all of this. She knows all the table manners and how to act properly in the dining table, how to walk and how to speak to people, all with proper posture and poise. She only needed her mother to teach her these, she didn't need what they call a specialist to know. The blonde is a keen observer, and how her mother seem to act, it is a sign that that is the way she's supposed to act too, and somehow, she had picked her mother's actions to be hers.

But a feminine princess is not her type of princess at all. She wanted to train with the children that are expected to be the greatest warriors of Krypton. She wanted to be one of them. She wanted to have an expertise in wielding any type of weapons. Kara wanted to be one of the badass female warriors in the kingdom who will have the strength to protect in and out of the castle and the villages of Krypton. She didn't want herself to be a useless princess, an heiress to the kingdom, that will rely on their forces in order to be safe. She wanted to protect her mother. She wanted to protect herself. And most importantly, she wanted to keep Krypton safe.

Her mother, of course, did not allow it. And as a 10 year old kid, Alura only kept her inside the premises for the protection of her only daughter. And the queen said that she'll only be allowed to be outside when she turned 13, and Kara can't wait for the next 3 years to come. She did not want anything for her daughter that will only bring her harm. And another reason is that they have all these people that would do the fighting for them, Alura told Kara in her private chambers, and the kid badly wanted to oppose her mother's - what Kara thinks -poor advice. But Kara decided that she would not hold and start an argument just yet.

It is almost supper for the royal family and little Kara now rests in her chambers, resting after long unimportant lessons. She laid down and stares up at the canopy of her queen-sized bed and thought all about her likes and wants that are never granted. And on the top list is to enjoy the beautiful fields outside the castle where the flowers always bloom inexplicably beautiful, where the grass is so soft and the clouds above cover the sun just enough to counteract the heat it brings. Alura said she can't go out without guards with her 'til she turns thirteen which totally sucked because she can't have her own fun time with guards actually surrounding her. She just wanted to be alone where no one knows her and where no one will use her because of her title as a royal.

And so she hopped off her bed and braided her gold blonde hair and tied a big blue ribbon at the end and some hair dangling at both sides of her face. She looked sweet and beautiful even with her tiny freckles spread across her cheeks. She had no trouble passing by any of the knights guarding each hallway because she grew up in this very castle her entire life so she knows which way to go and where the guards are posted. She had to pause and hide in the shadowed places when a group of knights take their walk before finally going back out. She continued strolling through the hard rock flooring until she finally came to a stop. An unlocked gate is standing right across her and finally, she is outside the premises.

Cool breeze flew past her face and Kara closed her eyes, taking in the peaceful, cold her swarming her skin. The sun was almost setting but it was still high enough and the blonde had lots of time to wander before dark. If she is not yet home if the moonlight starts to lighten up her room, things may not go so well. But nonetheless, she took her time gliding her fingers to each different species of flowers and inhaling various scent it brings. It was awfully great. Kara had never felt so free before, not in her chambers, not in the villages. She wandered through the wide, empty field, now a little bit far from the castle, and nearing the forest. She had never gone into the forest before, and it saddens the blonde that this, the whole Krypton, is her home yet many places are still very unfamiliar to her.

She continued her walk until from a distance, she saw someone - a kid, a girl just about her age. She was alone sitting on a rock and she looks like she was holding a wooden arrow. No, she doesn't look like it because she actually is holding an arrow and a wooden bow is lying across the grass. She is a girl with long raven black hair wearing an outfit for a huntress.

She is a little too young for a huntress. But Kara found it really impressive and cool.

Kara walked a bit slower now as she nears the girl. Her blue eyes glinting small specks of shyness out of it but it didn't stop from approaching the girl. Well, she did not say anything, just sat beside her looking at what is very far from them.

The girl just looked at the blonde and smiled, then continued sharpening the tip of her arrows with a small flint. Her quiver sits just beside Kara and it is made out of black cloth.

"Hi," the raven haired girl managed to say, paused sharpening and lowered her arrows onto her lap and reverted her gaze from her weapon to the blonde that just randomly sat beside her.

Kara's shyness were quickly replaced with a cheeky smile that made her eyes curl up into a smile too.

"You look familiar, I think I have seen you somewhere, haven't I?" The raven haired girl said, apparently raising her eyebrows up at the blonde, carefully studying her features, but still hasn't come up with the fact that the girl beside her is the princess of Krypton.

"No, sorry, you must have been mistaken." Kara quickly denied. As much as she loved living in a beautiful home, a castle even, she always wanted to have a normal life where no one automatically knows who she was, and now is her chance. And right now, she wants to sustain the ordinary treatment the other girl is giving her. "But my mother says not to give identities to an actual stranger, she says it's dangerous. So our names should be kept confidential. For now, I guess."

The raven haired girl put her arrow back into her quiver and looked at the blonde with an amused expression. "Usually, no one really does that."

"Hmm," Kara hummed, agreeing. "But I guess I've changed that, huh." She paused, grinning into the horizon as the sun slowly sets. "I'd like to learn how to wield a bow and arrow, too. But my mom won't let me. She's a stubborn woman, like me."

"I guess you got that from her, then. Someday, when we meet again, I'll teach you." The other girl said, her green eyes sincere. "I'll make you your own bow and arrow too, if you'd like."

The blonde is surprised. Just a girl in her age offered her lessons and a bow and arrow too. Maybe it has been the princess' lucky day.

"I'd like that. Someday, we'll meet here again." Kara said as she slowly stood up, smoothing her dress. "But I guess I'll have to go now. I need to be home before the moon is up. I'd be dead if I'm not."

"Yes, you better go home. Or else I won't have the chance to teach my very first apprentice." The other girl jokingly said, looking up at the cute blonde across her. She is special, she thought. So, she reached the insides of her pocket and grabbed a necklace poorly shaped like a diamond. It was made by hand by the raven haired girl herself. "It is my first time creating a necklace. My brother is still molding my abilities. But this is the best I can do for now."

"Wow," the blonde is astonished. "You made this? You extremely are talented, thank you."

"Because we are still completely strangers, I will give you this necklace for identity purposes. And someday when we meet, I will know you. And in that someday, I wish to know you for who you truly are." The black haired girl said, placing the necklace on the blonde's palm. "And I hope our first lesson won't be our last meeting. Be safe."

Kara nodded her head, enclosing the necklace in her fist. "I'll see you soon, huntress."

The huntress had taught her the week after their first meeting and Kara had effortlessly picked up on the lecture. She aimed and released as if she was born to do it. She practiced with her til the sun sets, had a good conversation, thanked her and left. It happened again the next week, but after Kara told her gratitude for the other girl's efforts, she had to said goodbye. Her family had sent her into an academy to teach her on how to wield different weapons to become a warrior. She wanted that, buf she did not want to leave Kara too. They hugged each other before leaving.

"I hope our next meeting will be very soon. Do good on your practices. I'll hold this necklace very close to my heart."

"I know you will."