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Dāku Enjeru

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Splashing water and the sounds of the woodland creatures was all she could hear. A small boy began yelling asking her to join but she smiled and shook her heard as a strand of  brown hair fell from her loose braid.


"But Jade! You never have fun!" The small boy named Toshi said as he dipped back under water.


"I'm not meant to." She said silently.


The young boy resurfaced and got out. As he began walking towards her he picked up a small sunflower and brought it over to her. Her dark green eyes met his light green eyes as he placed it neatly into her hair.


"Huh?" She asked startled by the action.


"A pretty flower to compliment a beautiful lady." He smiled brightly an caused her to have a tint of red appear on her light tanned skin.


"I'll never understand why you never embrace your beauty. You never have fun and you always just watch me. I don't need a babysitter Jade. I'm 10!"


Pfft! "It's not like I'm watching cause you're mesmerizing kid I'm just making sure that-" he cut her off before she could finish.


"It's been five years Jade! I honestly believe you need to realize we're safe!"


Jade scoffed at him, " You don't know him like I do. He loves to catch his prey unexpectedly. He is the one that taught me."


"Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! I still think you could try dating..."


Jade rolled her eyes this time. "This conversation is over with Toshi-San."


"Ew! Don't call me that! Call me Toshi-Kun at least." A small smirk appeared on his face. "Or Toshi-Sama.."


"Beat it!"


"Well it was worth a try."


He ran off back into the water and went under Again for an unusual amount of time. Well she was probably would be worried if they were  humans. But for them being under water for a long period was nothing. An hour of holding their breath was like 3 seconds compared to humans. They didn't start to feel pain until close to two hours.


Just how he wanted them. Everyone who served him was turned into a freak. Well they were called other things but a freak was the best description for them.


Toshi resurfaced once again and smiled at her brightly.


She ignored him and laid back in the grass. The sun shining on her exposed legs due to the black shorts she wore with a long sheer skirt that covered her behind. And a white skinny strap shirt.


Her sandals were to the side of her as she wanted her feet to be free. 


She heard footsteps and knew it was Toshi coming to sit by her. But instead he laid next to her while staring.


"I don't understand you at all Jade. I wish you would let me or at least someone in."




"You shouldn't keep things bottle in." He said with a serious expression.


"I'm not-"


"Yes you are! You always do! You act as if you don't have people that care about you. Well I do!" He stood up to look her better in the face. 


"I grew up watching you all the time. Never once I have you smiled genuinely. Only a forced one that made it look like it hurt you. You weren't happy there which a lot of us wasn't. We're free now and you still never smiled."


"Cause I know he'll come. Maybe the day I actually feel safe I will but until then that Jade will only be apart of your imagination."


He frowned at the last part and stood completely. "Get in the water with me."


"No." She said firmly. 


"Do it or I'll throw you in."


"Kid if you-" a crack of a branch was heard from one of the surrounding trees.


"Grab your stuff." She said as she flipped up on high alert.


"What?"  Then he sensed it. They were being watched.


"What should we do?" He asked. 


"Their chakras seem low as if they're kids but a feel a slightly bigger one near by." She said. She pulled out a kunai strapped to her thigh. 



Then suddenly a small blond boy jumped out. 


"Wait! We're not here to fight we just wanted to swim!" He said with his bright blue eyes looking at her. Then two more jumped out. A pale skin girl with onyx eyes and red glasses that stood out due to her black hair. And a pale boy with yellow eyes.  He kinda reminded her of a snake.


"Who are you three small people?"


"I'm Uzumaki Boruto! And this Uchiha Sarada and Mitsuki."


"You're ninjas?" She said looking at their forehead reflectors.


"Ah!" Boruto said and looked the two over.  "Who are you guys? We never seen you around here before."


"I'm Toshi and this is Jade she's my-"


"I'm his sister."


Toshi looked at her in shock.


"Oh! Where are you guys parents?" Mitsuki asked.




"Oh..." Sarada said.


"So you two are wonderers?" Boruto asked.


"Yeah." Said Jade as she looked for an opening for her and Toshi to leave.


"Well would you like to finish swimming with us?" Mitsuki asked.


"Yeah!" Toshi said But was stopped by Jade.


"Toshi we're leaving."




She took ahold of his wrist and started walking with him tagging along forcefully.


"Bye!" Toshi said sadly as they made their into the woods.


"What was that about?" Sarada asked.


"Maybe we'll see them again?" Mitsuki says.


"I have a feeling we will." Boruto said as he finally turned away from the direction they went.


"Last one in is a rotten egg!" Boruto yelled happily.