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Chapter 6 – Thor

Darcy woke up naturally, slowly coming out of her dream where she was hanging out with Thor, Lady Sif, and his three amigos. It was a pleasant dream and it felt good to stretch out her limbs and turn her neck, getting all the kinks out of it. She enjoyed the cracking sounds that her body made first thing in the morning, they were so…satisfying.

“Lady Darcy, is there something wrong with your neck?” A deep familiar voice asked from her left, startling her.

She had thought she was alone in her own bed, as such, she let out an undignified, “Meep!”

Darcy’s head turned towards the voice, but she couldn’t see who had spoken until she raised her face mask. Thor’s smiling face greeted her.

“Thor!” Darcy exclaimed happily, but somewhat subdued by her confusion.

“Greetings.” Thor said with another panty melting grin. Darcy internally shivered at the sight of his naked torso bathed in a sliver of moonlight; the room remained dark all around them obscuring everything else but him.

“When did you get back to Earth?” Darcy asked, “Jane’s going to be so excited to see you…maybe not half naked in my bed for some strange reason, but excited all the same.”

“I know I am.” Darcy mumbled under her breath as she turned onto her side, folding her hands together underneath her cheek so she could see Thor’s face more easily. She was very tired and despite Thor’s unexpected arrival, she was still very sleepy.

Thor looked at her in confusion, “I am perplexed dear Darcy, for I was to ask you the same question.”

“What?..I live on Earth. What do you mean?”

“Well, not the exact same question.” Thor clarified, “But you seem to be under the impression that we are on Midgard. I assure you my lady that is not the case.”

“I say again, what?” Darcy said. She sat up as Thor sat up and reached for something beside the bed that she couldn’t see. He did something and then the room was aglow with soft candle light. It was a beautiful room, like something out of that ‘Maria Antoinette’ movie. The room had very high ceilings, a balcony, a wall where fancy shiny weapons hung on display, and a huge four poster bed.

Darcy looked around in wonder.

“Did Lady Jane travel with you? Is she hiding? Am I meant to look for her?” Thor started questioning quickly, “Is it a game?”

Darcy looked over to Thor, who’s face looked boyish as he contemplated being able to see Jane again. Darcy hated that she was to dash his hopes, but her brain couldn’t really process what was going on.

She stuttered, “ this?....Asgard?”

“But of course!” Thor boomed with a smile throwing his arms out, gesturing to all around them. Darcy felt queasy.

“Lady Darcy,” Thor reached out a hand to her cheek, “You’ve gone pale.”

Darcy felt lightheaded. She couldn’t—this couldn’t be real, this had to be a dream. There was no way her power could…But she was here, in bed with Thor, and not in a sexy way. She was awake. She wasn’t in her room, she wasn’t on Earth. Darcy felt like throwing up. She felt like she was hyperventilating. She felt like…

Darcy fell back onto the bed and fainted.



Darcy had experienced fainting once before, when donating blood in high school. And once when she saw a half run over kitten in the local libraries parking lot. She could hear Thor calling her name as she returned to consciousness, she could feel his hand lightly slapping her cheek, trying to rouse her, but she daren’t open her eyes to confirm that he was real. That this whole crazy situation was…real.

“Darcy…” Thor called to her insistently. She could hear the concern his voice, she allowed her eyes to flutter open.

Thor’s worried face filled her field of vision. Darcy frowned and felt herself begin to tear up, her head spun as she considered the magnitude of her arrival on Asgard. She croaked out unreassuringly, “Hi Thor.”

Despite her weakness, a look of relief washed over Thor’s face at her words.

“Lady Darcy, you fainted! Are you unwell? Is that why you came, do you require healing?” Darcy wiped away the one tear that escaped her eye and shook her head no.

“I..don’t need healing, I just…I’m--I’m just kinda freaking out big guy. Give me a minute.” Thor pulled back and Darcy blinked and stared at the ceiling above his four poster bed. It was gold and it had an intricate design.

“Lady Jane did not accompany you.” Thor said his words a statement rather than a question.

Darcy sighed, “No big guy. She didn’t.”

“I shall feel her loss greatly.” He said somberly. He then looked at her with a smile, “However that does not mean I am unhappy to see you.”

Darcy slowly sat up, leaning against the big fluffy pillows she made herself more comfortable as she replied, “I’m happy to see you too Thor.”

“How did you come to be on Asgard?” Thor asked, he nodded to the door, “And more importantly how did you get past the many guards that line the palace, sneak into my room undetected, and into my bed without waking me!”

Darcy smiled to herself; she may be on a different planet, but the questions her stupid power provoked seemed to be same no matter where she went in the galaxy. It was a little reassuring.

Thor continued as he moved to copy her pose, sitting up against the pillows he said, “I must admit, you’ve made me question my prowess as a great warrior. For what great warrior can be set upon so easily! Ho little one, tell me how you accomplished such a feat, for I must know your secret should another foe try the same tactic on me whilst in battle.”

Darcy poked Thor in his muscle-y bicep, “You don’t need to worry about a foe copying my methods big guy.”

Thor didn’t say anything just sat silently and waited for her explanation. Darcy sighed, “I’m different...I didn’t mention it when you first came to Earth. It’s not exactly something I like to divulge unless it comes up. See, I have this stupid power--”

“An ability that allows you to cross realms is not what I would classify as a ‘stupid power’.” Thor interrupted. Darcy gave him a slight conceding nod, as he had a point.

“Yeah well, this is the first time it’s ever allowed me to cross realms. So…” Darcy felt heaviness pull at her eyelids. All of a sudden she felt the urge to sleep again. She let her eyes close but, continued to explain, “Usually I just fall asleep and wake up somewhere else, with someone else. I can’t control it, it’s a big inconvenient pain in the ass and---”

“You travel to wherever you dream about?” Thor asked. Her head felt so heavy, holding it up was becoming difficult.

“No…I don’t--I…my dreams are usually about a person.” Darcy covered her mouth as a yawn interrupted her explanation, “I don’t go to a ‘where’. I travel to a ‘who’.”

Darcy let her head fall back onto the soft fluffy pillow behind her, another yawn forced her to cover her mouth. Darcy apologized, “Sorry Thor, I don’t—I’m not usually this tired. I don’t..I’m just so sleepy.”

Darcy felt Thor’s large hand run over her hair. He lowered his voice and said, “Sleep then Lady Darcy. Sleep, and when you wake we will talk more.”

Darcy felt reassured by his voice, the pull of sleep at her mind finally won. She allowed her body to relax and she once again fell asleep.


Again, Darcy awoke naturally but her ascent into consciousness was quick. She felt like the warm blanket of sleep had been ripped away and the harsh light of day shone directly into her pupils. Her blank mind was instantly awake and flooded with the memory of waking in Thor’s bed earlier. The facts of her situation, her off-planet teleportation nightmare, instantly had her worrying.

Darcy’s eyes snapped open.

“You’re awake.” A feminine voice to her right called, Darcy turned and found a older woman sitting in a chair beside the bed reading a book.

The woman closed the book and smiled at her comfortingly, “Thor had duties to attend to.”

Darcy just blinked at the woman. She was beautiful. She had her hair piled on top of her head in this mass of golden waves but also she had a long flowing pony tail that came down over one shoulder. She wore a beautiful off white dress that looked like it had metal sown into the fabric. She looked…regal.

“I am Frigga. Queen of Asgard. And mother of Thor Odinson.” Darcy’s eyes widened as the QUEEN OF ASGARD introduced herself, “You are Darcy Lewisdottir. Midgardian. Friend of Thor.”

“Uh….yeah?” Darcy said unintelligently. All thoughts leaving her at the royal morning greeting.

“You have slept for four days.” Frigga said with a pointed look.

“That explains why I have to pee.” Darcy mumbled. Frigga pointed to a door across from the bed.

“Relieve yourself. Then we shall talk.” Darcy got up and threw the covers off. She stood up on wobbly legs, then gave Frigga a weird combination of a bow and a curtsy.

“Thanks.” Darcy said quickly before running for the door she had indicated too.


After Darcy had relieved herself, she washed her hands in the opulent bronze basin. And that’s when she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

She hadn’t even thought about what she was wearing when speaking to Thor earlier. When he had stayed with them, he had seen the way she liked to dress and he hadn’t seemed to judge her for it. But now, knowing that the QUEEN OF ASGARD was on the other side of the bathroom door, she couldn’t help but hang her head in shame.

She was wearing her solar system socks that Jane gave her for her birthday, velvet sleep shorts that were total booty shorts, her watermelon wristlet…and the piece de resistance, she was wearing a pink sweatshirt that had ears and proclaimed her to be a cat. She couldn’t look less ready to meet a queen if she tired.

Knowing there was nothing to be done; Darcy just glared at her reflection before leaving the bathroom, lamenting the fact that Thor didn’t seem to have an extra toothbrush, or any toothbrush laying out at all. She wondered if Thor used magic to brush his teeth or if Gods just didn’t have to deal with cavities or morning breath…

The Queen was waiting for her where she had left the woman. So, Darcy crawled across the large bed and went to sit next to the woman. She quickly grabbed up the blankets and situated them around her lower half to cover up her bare legs and stupid socks. She sat criss-cross facing the queen, in her son’s bed, half dressed, with cat ears on her head.

Frigga smiled at her indulgently. “Hello my dear. Better?”

“I’m…refreshed.” Darcy said with an awkward smile.

“Good. Thor didn’t want you to awake alone, for fear you did he put it, ‘freak out’.” Darcy smiled as the unfamiliar words made the queen seem unsure of herself. The Queen smiled at her, “He asked if I would sit by your bedside until you awoke, as I do have experience in this area.”

The Odin Sleep. Darcy remembered what Thor had told her about his father having to sleep and recharge his ‘odinforce’. How his mother would sometimes sit vigil at his side, Odin being very vunerable during his recharging.

“Thank you.” Darcy said sincerely, “That’s very kind of you.”

Frigga nodded regally, “Yes. But I have to admit, kindness was not my only motive.”

“Come to see freak Midgardian who invaded the castle?” Darcy asked grumpily. She didn’t look forward to being regard as an oddity by the people of Asgard.

“More like I came to meet my fruit borne of a tree I planted a long time ago.” Frigga said with a secret smile. Darcy felt a plastic smile take over her face as she nodded, not knowing what the hell the Queen was talking about.

“Tell me about the dream that brought you here to Asgard.” Frigga said mercifully changing the subject.

“Well,” Darcy began, “Before I went to sleep Jane and I were doing research. She was doing more research on the stars, trying to find a way to open the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or as you know it, the Bifrost.”

Frigga nodded encouragingly, so Darcy continued, “I wasn’t really helping her. I was reading up on Norse mythology…it’s uh, become something of an interest of mine.”

Darcy blushed as she basically admitted she had been reading the tabloid accounts of Queen Frigga and her family. The Queen put a hand on her knee and squeezed it, prompting, “The dream?”

“Oh, yes.” Darcy exclaimed loudly, before loweing her voice to a normal volume. “The dream.” She echoed.

“In the dream there was Thor…obviously, it started with Thor. I watched him canoodling with Jane back on Earth, taking his shirt off—often, uh…” Darcy stumbled with her words as she realized she just inadvertently admitted she was having dirty thoughts about the queen’s son, TO the Queen!

“Thor is very handsome. I’m sure many dream about him so.” Frigga commented with a twinkle in her eye. Darcy felt her face get hot once again. Instead of languishing in her embarrassment, Darcy powered ahead, speaking very quickly.

“I watched as Thor did some boring things, eat dinner with the warriors three, I saw him train or like, spar, with Lady Sif. I saw him run through a field, fight this…ugly creature thing, wash his hammer, that last one was not a euphemism.” Darcy ignored the chuckling Queen, “It was a very normal, very boring dream but then…then it changed and Thor was different. Sadder, maybe? He was still doing normal things, but his eyes didn’t sparkle as much. His smile wasn’t as wide. He just seemed…subdued?”

“Then the dream changed again and I saw myself in Asgard, which is weird because I usually don’t dream about myself when I’m…travel-dreaming. I saw Thor and me walking through the halls of the castle. Then Lady Sif and the warriors three appeared. And then there was drinking and laughing and just…hanging out. It was…a very chill dream.”

The Queen was quiet for a minute after Darcy finished. She sat there waiting for the older woman to say something, it was hard for her to resist filling the silence with idle chatter but the Queen looked so deep in thought that she abstained from her more annoying instinct.

“You are no normal mortal Darcy Lewis.” Frigga announced. Darcy rolled her eyes; this news was no new revelation for her.

“I kinda figured that out the first time I teleported…your highness.” Darcy quipped.

“You have a touch of the Aesir in you.” Frigga said dramatically. Darcy didn’t know what “ICE –ear” meant but she had a couple guesses.

“Uh huh.” Darcy grunted, “Ice-ear. Yeah that’s….the Asgardian curse word for mutant right? Pfft. I figured.”

The Queen rolled her eyes as she seemed to realize Darcy did not understand. Frigga spoke with authority when she said pointedly, “You are of Asgard.”

“I’m a what?” Darcy exclaimed, unable to not picture that scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in her head.

“Interbreeding with mortals throughout the ages have diminished the Aesir light in you, but not snuffed it out. The Asgardian blood in your veins is much diluted, generations and generations, separate you from your ancient Asgardian ancestors.” Darcy felt gob smacked, she had no words.

The Queen reached out two hands and placed them over her temples, Frigga’s hands hovered over her head then slowly she lowered them to her heart. Still hovering over her skin, the Queen squinted in concentration as if looking into the very soul of her. After a few seconds a smile broke over the royal woman’s face. Frigga dropped her hands from Darcy’s body and Darcy found herself hurrying to sit up straighter.

“Ah, yes. That explains it.” The Queen mused aloud as if she was talking to herself.

“What?” Darcy asked anxiously, that freaked out feeling returning.

The Queen explained, “Many of Asgard, Vanir, and Olympus were known to indulge in trysts with the mortals who worshiped us. So many in fact that many Midgardians unknowingly have the blood of ancient gods and goddesses running through their veins. Though, not usually enough to spark any gifts as powerful as yours.”

“Like Hercules.” Darcy whispered, picturing the Disney movie in her head before moving on to Kevin Sorbo.

“You have two different races of Asgardian ancestors in your lineage. That explains why you’re gifts are so strong. I can sense the Vanir blood in you. It calls to me.” Frigga said with wane smile.

Darcy scrunched up her face in confusion, “Vanir? I thought you said I was descended from the Asgardians?”

“The modern race known as Asgardians is actually a blend of the Aesir and the Vanir. Before Odin and I were married, there was war. The Aesir lived in Asgard, and it was home to the gods and goddesses of war. Odin was their ruler. The Vanir lived in Vanaheim, home of the fertility gods and goddesses. I am Frigga, daughter of the Vanir leader Freyr.”

“Uh-oh.” Darcy interjected, “I smell a woman getting sold into marriage to stop a war.”

Frigga gave her a sad smile, “It worked out in the end….after years of war Odin proposed to marry me, establishing a lasting truce that holds to this day. When we were married, the Vanir joined with the Aesir to become the Asgardians. And I…was appointed the goddess of marriage.”

“Woah.” Darcy said quietly a she processed the story Frigga had told her and silently compared it with what she had read about back on Earth.

“Indeed.” The Queen said diplomatically, “I feel…a faint connection to you Darcy Lewisdottir of Midgard.”

Darcy felt the ends of her mouth tip up in a smile, “Really?”

Frigga nodded, “I would not be surprised if it was revealed that you and I are related.”

Darcy’s eye brows shot up high on her forehead, “Uh…..”

“I have other children besides Thor and Loki. Older children who lived long before Thor was ever born.” Darcy wanted to ask more about Frigga’s other children, but she could sense that the woman didn’t want to talk about them.

Frigga admitted quietly, “Also, I too dream of the future.”

“I can’t dream of the future.” Darcy disputed.

Frigga got up from her chair and came to sit next to Darcy on the bed. Frigga put her arm around Darcy’s shoulders and hugged her one armed. “Do not fear your power child.”

Darcy wanted to pull away from the queen, but didn’t because she figured it would be rude. Still, she argued, “I’m sorry, but I think you, you must have misunderstood what I said. I don’t dream of the future. I dream about a person and teleport to their location, as long as they too are asleep.”

Frigga caressed a lock of her hair, “And you dreamed of being on Asgard. And here you are.”

“But that supports my argument that I dream about someone and then appear where they are. That doesn’t prove I can see the future.” Darcy pointed out.

“You can see the future child. It is a gift…and a curse. Believe me I know.”

Darcy decided to let the ‘Darcy can see the future’ argument drop, instead she changed the subject and asked, “You can dream the future? I never read anything about that.”

Frigga nodded, “I don’t—not many people know this, I would ask you keep my confidence in this matter.”

Darcy nodded vigorously, “I swear.”

Frigga smiled sadly at her, “What I dream of…cannot be changed…as all events are directed by fate and fate--fate is something you cannot fight or outwit or change.”

The melancholy way the Queen spoke lead Darcy to believe that Queen Figga had been trying to change the future for a long time…and failing to do so for even longer. Darcy was suddenly reminded of the Scottish princess with wild orange curly hair.

“Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better. Our destiny is within us. You just have to be brave enough to see it.” The Queen looked at her oddly, as Darcy spoke in a vaguely Scottish accent, reciting the end quote from the Pixar movie ‘Brave’.

Queen Frigga removed her arm from around Darcy’s shoulders, “Yes, well. Here on Asgard we take fate and dreams seriously.”

Darcy admired the deft way the Queen changed the subject, “You must take caution with whom you share your ability with. We will have to tell Odin of course, but…while you are here on Asgard; I beseech you to hold your tongue.”

“If Asgardians take dreams seriously, why are you unable to change the futures you dream about? Don’t they believe you when you tell them horrible things are going to happen?” Darcy questioned, thinking of the Greek myth of Cassandra.

The Queen looked away from her, to the open window. Her voice trembled when she spoke, “Even when believed, the futures I dream of always come to pass. No matter what I or anyone else do to try to alter them. The Norns demand obedience from gods and men alike.”

“Who are the Norns?” Darcy asked, knowing the answer from Earth’s Norse mythology but wanting to hear from Frigga what the real answer was.

“The Norns are sisters; they oversee the fate of the people of the nine realms. Many seek their counsel, they are wise and they live in a liar in the roots of Yggdrasill.”

“Yggdrasill’s the world tree. Right?” Darcy asked. The Queen nodded.

“It is known that a fair amount of dreams are draumskrok, “dream nonsense”. They are more dreams that are random and meaningless, than those of significance, but still. Occasionally the Norns grant some a glimpse of the fate they have loomed for them. Other times, dreams provide a means of contact between the living and otherworldly beings.”

Darcy couldn’t help the patronizing tone she used when asking, “Asgardians think dreams are like face timing the dead?”

“We believe in dreams elves, spirits, deities, and yes the dead can establish contact with the living. Often imparting an important message to the dreamer, or sometimes even striking a deal with them that leads to tangible benefits in waking life.”

“Okaaaaaaaaay.” Darcy said, dragging out the word, “So, in summary. I am not a mutant, like I thought for most of my life. Instead I am the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-you-get-where-I’m-going-with-this-great granddaughter or cousin or whatever, of some ancient Asgardian, who may or may not have been from Vanir, which means that I might be related to you…Queen of Asgard.”

The Queen let out a musical laugh, and Darcy couldn’t help but smile, “Well, I think my brains just about reached its limit of new information for one day.”

“I understand child. It is a lot to absorb.” Frigga acknowledged, “Perhaps you would like to instead get dressed and join Thor and I for a light lunch? Odin should be done with him by now.”

Darcy looked down at her sweatshirt then back up at the regally dressed Queen, “I uh, didn’t bring an extra set of clothes.”

Frigga gestured to a chair by a small desk on the other side of the room. Over the back of the chair lay clothing. “I hope I got your size right.” The Queen said with an impish smile.

Darcy grinned broadly before bounding out of the bed and over to the clothes. She gently picked up one of the most beautiful dresses she’d ever seen in real life.

“Oh my god! I’m get to be a pretty pretty princess!” Darcy squealed as she held up the delicate gown to her chest and spun in a circle. Her feet knocked a shoe over and she let out an excited noise as she bent down and picked them up to examine them closer.

“Oooh. These are sooooo pretty!” Darcy remarked holding the shoe up for the Queen to see. The woman looked about ready to laugh out loud at Darcy’s antics, but her queenly demeanor kept her from breaking.

Queen Frigga nodded nobly, “I’m glad you approve. I worried that they would be too different from what your used to wearing, and thus wouldn’t like them.”

Darcy’s eyebrows rose, “Are you kidding?! If I could dress like a fairy tale princess every day, I totally would!”

Darcy pursed her lips as she pictured herself wearing a Cinderella-esque hoop skirted gown whilst trying to enter the narrow doorway of Jane’s trailer/home. “On second thought, I’d only dress like this if I didn’t have a job, or have to pee more than once a day.”

Queen Frigga finally cracked and began to laugh at Darcy, though she tried to be subtle, hiding the gesture behind her hand. Darcy didn’t mind. She walked back to the bathroom to change.

“There’s a matching cape, if you’re cold in just the dress.” Queen Frigga said from beyond the door, “I hung it on the back of the door.”

Darcy let out a girlish squeal of delight when she set eyes on the dark blue floor length cape. Darcy stuck her head out the bathroom door to tell Queen Frigga, “I love you. Will you be my official fairy godmother?”

That time, Queen Frigga didn’t bother to try to hide her laughter. She just laughed freely.


Darcy’s Sleep Outfit

Asgardian Dress picked out By Queen Frigga