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My Little Butterfly

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Klavier will admit to not having the best impression of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi before they met. Blackquill hadn't had very nice things to say about the man...and Ema was never around because of him. (Athough Ema usually tried to avoid spending time with him if she could help it.)

But, out of all the preconceived notions that he could've had, he'd never once considered that the regent might have that much of an interest in him.

It's a little silly, thinking back on it. The Prosecutor's Office didn't have many Prosecutor's left thanks to Edgeworth's hard work rooting out corruption, and from Blackquill's account the man had an amazing memory. Given that the regent was regularly working with Herr Forehead and Ema, and the fact that Herr Forehead was his step brother, it was also incredibly likely that he'd heard things. Things that were probably not flattering in the least.

Regardless, it was quite a shock when he approached Klavier to inquire if he'd like to spend his lunch break with him.

"Surely Herr Forehead would be a more fitting choice, ja? Or perhaps you could convince Herr Panda to join you." He wouldn't admit it aloud, but ever since he heard Sahdmadhi's nickname for the former jailbird, he'd mentally referred to him as a panda. Until now, he'd never slipped up in front of anyone, but he is curious about what the man thinks of someone else using his nicknames.

Sahdmadhi merely tilts his head and smirks, although Klavier isn't sure if it's because of the nickname or something he isn't aware of. "My brother is currently catching up with his friends, and I have no interest in bickering with the Reverse Panda today." Sahdmadhi closes his eyes and shakes his head, smirk still in place. He forms what Klavier can only assume is a prayer symbol using the hand with a dragon tattoo. Klavier could've sworn all the windows in his office are closed, but a mysterious purple butterfly floats down and lands on the man's fingers. "If I am bothering you, you need only tell me and I will seek companionship elsewhere." Once he was done speaking, he opened his eyes and peered through thick eyelashes at Klavier.

In spite of himself, Klavier's heart races, although he has enough practice to not let it show. He'd be blind if he didn't think Sahdmadhi was attractive. Begrudgingly, he can admit to himself the man is one of the few who are more attractive than him. But if he focused on that attractiveness for too long he starts thinking things he really shouldn't. 

'Why is it him? What's wrong with me?!'

Ignoring such thoughts, Klavier gives his practiced sly grin (which is great for flustering horned attorneys). "Nein, it's no trouble at all. I must admit to being interested in the long lost brother of Herr Forehead."

As if on cue, the butterfly flies away and disappears, allowing Sahdmadhi to lower his arm. The regent chuckles before replying. "Very well; let us go then. I assume you have an idea of where you would like to eat?"

A year and a half later finds Klavier saying 'Good Night' and ''Praise to the Holy Mother' (mostly to amuse Nahyuta) after a concert (his first in a long while, not counting his duet with Fraulein Woods) in Khura'in. The whole thing was Nahyuta's idea, and Klavier will admit to being sceptical at first (and possibly a bit hesitant, though he'll never admit that aloud) but the reception had been better than he had imagined, and the bonds between Khura'in and the outside world had grown as a plus. 

Nahyuta greets him in his dressing room with a small smirk. And then, because no one else was around, a kiss. Klavier smirks into the kiss and wraps his arms around Nahyuta's waist, pulling him closer. Nahyuta hums contentedly. 

This contentness is short-lived, however. It is at that point Fraulein Skye happens to step in. If she'd knocked, it had gone unheard by the both of them. The woman had been delegated to Security Detail after Nahyuta found out she'd done so before. Needless to say, Ema had not been happy about being forced to attend one of his concerts again, but complied with only minimal grumbling.

"Prosecutor Sahdmadhi, I don't- Oh!" It would be no surprise to her that Klavier and Nahyuta were involved with each other, but they preferred to keep physical affection a private matter. Plus, Klavier felt uncomfortable displaying his newfound romance in front of his former interest, doubly so since the woman also had feelings for his boyfriend. 

As they pulled away from each other, Nahyuta lowered his head and signed softly.

 "Was there something you needed, Detective Skye?" he inquired curtly. 

"What? Oh, um! Nothing that can't wait a bit longer! Sorry for interrupting you.... I'll just..." Without another word, Ema left, slamming the door in her hurry to get away. 

There was a few moments of silence before Klavier smirked. "How long do you think it'll be before Herr Forehead and Her Benevolence come around?" 

His question was met by a smirk. "As we speak, our poor pepper is probably getting dragged around to aquire whatever merchandise Her Benevolence was unable to get before the show." 

Klavier chuckles, amusedly picturing the scene in his head. "Assuming Fraulein Detective isn't coming back around any time soon, how about we continue where we left off, Schmetterling?" 

Instead of answering, Nahyuta wraps his arms around Klavier's neck and presses their lips together. 

If someone had told him that one lunch would spiral into multiple lunch get togethers whenever possible, that weren't dates no matter what Herr Jailbird seemed to believe because getting over unrequited feelings was fine but falling for the same person as your former crush was pathetic, and then months of pining only to be confronted one morning by a determaned Apollo who demanded that he pull his head out of his ass and make a move on Nahyuta before the guy agnsted himself to death with his own pining, Klavier would've put his most show worthy grin on and teasingly referred them to see Fraulein Cyckes for a therapy session. But now...? 

Now, Klavier wouldn't give this up for the world.