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After 8 months at the Mirror Andy is glad to be given more challenging stories then the obituaries she started with. Even if it means walking the streets of New York late at friday night and alone.
Tonight she’s working on a story she received today. In the past 3 weeks there have been 6 break-ins in one specific street. All of them between 11 and midnight. The police was not off any help for her story since they refuse to give any information while the investigation is in progress, Andy has therefore taken residence at the corner of an alley in the street where the break-ins have been. Hoping to catch the perpetrator in the act and have the scoop.
While looking around for any suspicious activity in the streets she misses a guy coming from within the alley until a hand is wrapped over her mouth and she’s being dragged further into the alley.
She struggles to get loose, but the guy just holds her tighter and licks her ear before whispering “You can fight all you want. I won’t let you go, it might be better to give me what I want though.”
Andy knows she is in big trouble and tries to get loose even harder. For a moment she thinks she’s going to succeed when his arm lets go of her waist, but her hope is gone the moment he turns her and practically throws her into a wall. She hits her head hard and sees black at the edges of her vision. By sheer will she stays conscious and blinks the black spots away. Het mouth is still covered with a hand while the other hand of the assailer has taken residence at her throat squeezing and making it hard to breath.
After a few seconds he lets go of her mouth. Andy immediately tries to scream but with her throat squeezed nearly shut she can’t produce more than a whimper. The now free hand of the man moves to Andy’s blouse ripping it and her bra open before reaching for her breasts squeezing them while he moans into her ear. Andy tries to push him away but with her throat being squeezed her struggling only makes it harder to breathe and stay conscious. The hands of the man in the meantime have wandered to the button of her jeans and she is starting to panic. The relationship with Doug and Lily is not yet repaired and she has no friends amongst her coworkers. So nobody knows where she is and nobody will miss her until she doesn’t show up for work on monday. This gives Andy another bout of energy. Her jeans and panties are halfway down her thighs and the man has just opened his own pants and is lowering them when Andy knees him in the groin with as much force she can manage. Although he eases his hold on her a little bit it’s not enough so Andy can wrestle herself free. After a few moments his hold tightens again while his other hand moves into his hoodie for a moment and reappears holding a piece of metal that turns out to be a butterfly knife. Before she knows what is happening she feels a searing pain in her abdomen. The guy has stabbed her and is know whispering in her ear again. “This was a warning shot. Next time you pull a stunt like that I’ll slit your throat.” To put emphasize to his words he slowly moves the knife across her throat in a slitting motion leaving a trail of blood from her abdomen. Once he is satisfied he sufficiently scared Andy he finishes lowering his pants and slams his dick into Andy without any warning. Andy’s scream of pain comes out a whimper through her still squeezed throat. She squeezes her eyes shut and tries to zone out from the grunting noises the man is making in her ear. After what feels like an eternity but was probably no more than five minutes she feels the man ejactulade inside of her. After he has pulled out of her he pulls his pants back up, all the while still pinning Andy to the wall with his hand on her throat. When there is a police car slowly driving by the alley he pushes his body into Andy in order to hide from prying eyes. Once the car has moves passed the alley he moves back after whispering into her ear. “Thanks for the fuck ma’am.”
He then slowly releases her throat while in the meantime delivering 2 more stabbes to her abdomen. Andy falls down in pain for a moment before regaining her strength and running away from her assailant as best she can. The trauma and pain of what just happened cause her to lose her orientation and she runs away from the main road into another alley. About halfway down the alley she spots a gate slightly ajar and decides to go into the yard, hoping the owners of the house are home and will help her. Before Andy can reach the back door however her legs give out and she falls into the grass. She sees a light going on in the yard and hear the backdoor open before everything turns black.

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“Come Patricia, let’s get ready for bed.” Miranda tells her dog before moving to the kitchen door and lighting the back yard. When she opens the door to let Patricia out she gasps and immediately closes the door again.
“Someone’s in the backyard.” She whispers while hurrying to find her phone. Once she has her phone she moves to the laundry room to retrieve her daughters baseball bat. When she’s ready to head out into the yard she makes sure to put 911 in her phone so she only has to push the dial button if things go wrong.
Walking outside to the lump of clothing in the middle of the grass she clearly states. “You are trespassing on private property and the police are on their way.” When there is no reaction she slowly moves closer to the lump and when it is in reach she pokes it with the baseball bat. It moves enough to reveal a woman with shredded clothes that’s bleeding from her abdomen. Miranda calls 911 before looking at the face of the wounded woman in her yard. Recognizing the face she lets out a gasp. “Andrea?”

Andy bolds upright looking around in fear. It takes her a few moments before she registers the hand on top of hers and the soothing words Lily is saying.
“Lily? What are you doing here? I thought I wasn’t your friend anymore?”
“Yes well I was angry when I said that, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be here for you after what happened to you.”
ANdy nods and looks around. “How did I end up in the hospital? How did you know I was here?”
Lily takes a deep breath before starting her explanation. “I’m not sure how much you remember but last night you were attacked.” Andrea stops her. “The part where I was raped and stabbed I remember. What happened afterwards?”
“You ended up in the yard of Miranda Priestley.” Ignoring Andy's sudden intake of breath Lily plows through. “When she found you she called 911 and had her assistant, I think her name was Emily, contact your parents. Since it would take them some time to get here they asked this Emily to call me and Doug. I was the first of us to arrive and found Miranda holding your hand. When I arrived she asked me to take care of you and left with two girls, her daughters probably.”
When Lily is finished Andy looks at her incredulously. “Miranda asked?”
“Well not really. She said ‘take care of her. That’s all’”
Andy chuckles for a moment before turning more serious.
“How bad is it?” She asks Lily.
“The nurses couldn’t give us any information but said they would get a doctor when you woke up. Doug went out to grab one when you started stirring.” Lily explains when the door opens to Doug followed by a nurse and doctor.
“Good morning miss Sachs, my name is doctor Smith. Can I check your wounds for a moment?” the doctor asks while gesturing for Lily and Doug to wait outside for a moment.
“Yeah sure. How bad is it doctor?” Andy asks.
“Physically you’re fine. The wound will heal, though there is probably going to remain some slight scarring on your abdomen. Emotionally I imagine you’re going to need a while and some professional help. I would recommend doctor Parker, and have been so bold to ask her to come see you today.”
“Although that is kind sir, I only have minimal benefits at work. I’m not even sure I can afford the stay this night, let alone any extra treatment. So if you would be so kind to give me the after care instructions I’ll be out of your hair in no time.”
“I understand your concern, however there has been an anonymous payment for your treatment last night as well as a consult with doctor Parker.”
“By whom?”
“It was anonymous, so I don’t know. Now I’d like to explain some more about the treatment you had and the after care. Than I’ll let doctor Parker know she can come for the consult. Than the police would like to talk to you, but after that you’re free to go home.”

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It takes a few weeks for Andy’s wounds to heal enough for her to be able to move around the way she likes. The doctor told her it would take several months to heal completely physically. The shrink she talked to at the hospital, Dhr. Parker, warned her that the psychological healing would take even longer. Andy doesn’t agree though. She needs to get back into her rhythm and put the incident behind her. In order to do this she needs closure. Which is why she is currently walking a hole into the sidewalk in front of Miranda’s townhouse while trying to find the courage to ring the bell and give her the small bouquet of flowers as a thank you. Before she can make a decision the door opens.

“Please don’t wear a hole in the sidewalk Andrea, the repouring would be to much of an inconvenience for me and you know how I love being inconvenienced.”

“Yes Miranda.” Is Andy’s pavlovian reaction while hurriedly moving past Miranda into the house.

After closing the door Miranda leads Andy into the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink Andrea?” Miranda asks while starting to coffee machine. “Just a glass of water please.” After Miranda has made cup of coffee for herself and poured a glass of water for Andy she sits down across of the table from where Andy is sitting.

“What brings you here Andrea?” Miranda inquires after several minutes of silence.

Taking a deep breath Andy tells Miranda what she’s been rehearsing ever since coming out of the hospital. “I.. I wanted to t-thank you for what you did that night. I am aware that I might not have survived if you didn’t act as quickly and efficiently as you did. It was more than I could have hoped from you after how I left you in Paris.” Before Andy can continue to apologize for her desertion in Paris Miranda cuts her of.

“I’m not as cold as the monikers make me out to be. No matter who turns up in my backyard bleeding half to death, I’d call an ambulance. That includes the assistant who makes the choice to walk away from the job a million women would kill for. And as far as Paris goes I don’t want an apology. I told you there is always a choice and you made a choice that day. It might not have been the choice I would have liked you to make but it was your choice to make.”

Andy looks at Miranda in surprise for a few moment before continuing.

“Alright I won’t apologize. I would like to thank you however for the recommendation. It made it a hell of a lot easier to find a job so thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The two of them sit in silence for a few minutes before miranda speaks up.

“How is you healing coming along?”

“I’m finally able to get around although I have to take it easy and I won’t be working for the next few weeks. However the doctors are confident I’ll fully heal up.”

“And psychological?”

“I’m fine. I believe coming here to thank you for your help is the final step.” Andy tells Miranda, who in return raises an eyebrow clearly doubting her words.

“Have you talked to someone about what happened?”

“The police took my statement and I talked to a shrink in the hospital.” Is Andy’s short reply.

“Have you talked about what happened to Lily or other friends?” Miranda softly inquires.

“No.” Andy replies through clenched teeth.

“I see.” Miranda sighs thoughtful. “My girls have been asking about you these past few weeks. They have a sleepover with a friend today and will be sad to have missed you. Are you amenable to coming over for dinner tomorrow? I’m sure seeing you up and around will be more comfort than me telling them you’ll be fine.” Miranda continuous.

“Ehh.. Sure. What time?” Andy hesitantly agrees.

“We have dinner at six thirty, so if you could be here around six.”

“Sure.” ANdy agrees while standing up. “I’m sorry but I really need to be going. The doctor still has me resting quiet a lot.”

“No problem, do you need a ride from Roy?”

“No thank you, I prefer to talk the subway, that way I can stretch my legs a little more while walking to the station.”

“Get home safely. Please send me word when you get home.”

“Will do. Have a good evening Miranda.” andy says her goodbyes.

“You as well Andrea”

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Chapter 4


The next day the door to Miranda’s house opens to reveal twin redheads before Andy can ring the bell.

“Hi Andy, come in.” One of them says moving aside to let Andy in.

“Hi girls.” Andy greets. “How are you guys doing?” She continuous trying not to sound as nervous as she is.

“Better now that you're here.” The other twin says before hesitantly moving to Andy. “Will I hurt you if I give you a hug?” She tentatively asks.

“Nope.” Andy answers and immediately gets wrapped up in a careful hug.

“Caroline, what have we talked about.” Miranda’s strict voice sounds from the stairs.

“But I asked and was very careful.” Caroline answers.

Miranda looks at Andy for confirmation. “She was. Both careful and polite.” Andy confirms.

“Alright then girls. Let’s get Andrea out of her coat and then we’ll have dinner.”

The other twin, who Andy now knows is Cassidy, takes Andy’s coat and puts it away before Miranda leads them all into the kitchen where the table is set for four.

“I thought you’d enjoy a less formal setting for dinner.” Miranda explains when she sees Andy’s look of surprise.

While Andy settles on a chair Cassidy and Miranda bring the dishes to the table. Caroline is in charge of the drinks. “Would you like a glass of wine Andy?” She asks while pouring a glass for her mother.

“No, I’m on painkillers and they don’t mix well with alcohol.”

“What would you like instead? Water or juice?” Caroline continuous.

“I’d like some juice please.” Andy responds.

When everybody has beverages dinner runs smoothly. The twins direct the conversation with stories of school.

When dinner is finished the twins ask to be excused and storm up the stairs back to their new video game.

“Care to join me in the den for a nightcap, I have some wonderful non alcoholic wine.” Miranda invites Andrea.

“Eh.. Sure.” Andy agrees not knowing what to make of this kind and considered Miranda.

They sit down in silence for a while. Miranda seemingly fully at ease while Andy is fidgeting not knowing what to say. After finishing her drink Andy stands.

“Thank you for dinner. I wish you well.” With these words Andy leaves the den. Before she has reached the front door a hand on her shoulder stops her.

“Andrea. I don’t think it wise if you leave now. If you would please come to my study. We can talk there without my daughter overhearing anything.” With a hand on Andy’s back Mirande leads her to the study. After closing and locking the door Miranda leads Andy to sit on the coach. Miranda sits down beside her and starts explaining.

“Physically you are on your way to be fine. Emotionally however you are not. Hiding the way you are now is not the way to deal with what happened to you. Refusing to talk about how you are feeling is not a healthy way to deal. I understand I might not be the person you want to talk with but I urge you to look at it another way. I am somebody who knows what happened to you. I am not to close to you yet no stranger. If you look at it logically I would be a good choice to talk to. As much as I applaud the fact you put on a brave face for my children you can’t keep that mask on at all times. You will eventually drown. I understand you might not be ready to talk right at this moment so I have a proposition for you. For the next however many weeks it takes you to start healing emotionally you’ll come here for weekly dinners on saturday. After dinner we’ll retreat here and sit. If you want silence we’ll sit quietly, If you feel like talking I will listen, if you feel like screaming I’ll let you scream, if you want advice I’ll give it to you, if you need a hug I will provide it, if you’re being an idiot I’ll call you out on it. For as long as you need to either heal or find another person to help you heal.”

By the time Miranda is finished with her monologue Andy has tears streaming down her face. Until now nobody had offered to just be with her and give her what she needs. Everybody wants her to seek out a shrink and here is her old boss who she thought hated her telling her she’ll provide whatever Andy needs. The more she thinks the more emotional she gets. By the time she is sobbing Miranda has gathered her in her arms whispering to her that everything eventually will get better.