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To the Moon & Back

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She was like a wild caged beast, always tearing others apart and never wanting anyone to get close to her. She had tattoos galore, her raging pink hair made her stand out in the crowd and her ability to be alone drew people in as much it pissed her off. Tom had found her alluring needless to say, her father had been a musician who had one hit song that was played on repeat through out history and he had left her all the royalties that came from it, she never had to work a day in her life as she was his sole heir. Her mother had passed, her father too and she was an only child, leaving her alone in the world. She was never in one place for long, often flying to a different country and finding new niches to explore.

It was a passing encounter, one that most wouldn't of taken notice of if she hadn't been who she was but Tom's eyes were on her quickly and he couldn't take them off as she walked past. She had bright yellow sunglasses on, her long pink hair down around her shoulders and a flowery print dress that twirled around her. She was beautiful but it wasn't her beauty that caught his eye, it was her. All of her. She walked by him, never taking notice of him and he had the ability to turn to stare at her as she walked away.

He wanted to find her again but he knew the city he was in was huge and there was a very unlikely chance that he ever would. He went back to that same cafe where he had been sat alone and waited for a good part of his day off, waiting to see if she'd come by again. Just as he lost heart, she broke through the crowd and Tom stared at her again, she was as riveting as she had been the first time. This time, her hair was up and she was sans sunglasses, exposing her gorgeous green eyes. They turned towards him and he felt his whole body go numb as they landed on him, she stared at him. He couldn't manage to move except to smile but she didn't return the smile, almost regally assessing him. He wanted more, he wanted to ask her name, to capture her and bring her back with him like the rare creature she was. She continued walking and once again Tom was forced to watch her disappear into the crowd.

He went back again. Maybe this time, since she had seen him, she'd stop or smile. He didn't know what he was doing, this was becoming ridiculious but he couldn't help himself. He went back at the same time and saw her again, walking through the crowd. Her eyes went to the cafe this time, almost like she was checking to see if he was there and his heart rose with anticipation, her eyes landed on him. Again they held him with cold disregard but they held him longer, almost as though she was trying to figure out if he was worth her time. She passed him by again and he cursed himself, he was being a bloody fool.

He didn't go back for a few days, he got caught up in filming but it didn't stop him from thinking of her. Four days later he made his way back to the cafe, as he weaved his way through the heavy crowd inside to the patio, he caught sight of her sitting at the table he had sat at, the sun shining down on her fiery pink hair and as he approached, she looked over at him. She had sleek silver sunglasses on, her hair was in a loose braid over her shoulder and her long legs exposed beneath her azul colored dress. Tom stopped at the table and she looked up at him.

"I got you a coffee," she said, pointing to the cup on the opposite side of the table and he took the seat, taking the coffee in hand. He put it to his lips and sipped, surprised that it was his exactly his coffee.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"You ordered it every time you came and you're famous, its not hard to get it right," she said and Tom nodded.

"I'm Tom," he said, stretching his hand out and she shook it. Her hand was soft but her handshake strong.

"Evelyn," she introduced and he felt satisfaction within, that he now knew her name. "Tell me Tom, were you waiting for me?" she asked, leaning into the table and he studied her in the bright sunlight.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well you're in the same spot, in the same cafe at the same time every day, I just assumed you wanted to meet me," she said and leaned back.

"That obvious, huh," Tom said, rubbing the back of his neck and she smiled at him.

"A bit," she said. The conversation tumbled out from there, discussing lives, losses and gains. Tom found it unusually simple to talk to her, as though there was no privacy barrier, no awkwardness and he found her even more alluring the more he found out about her. She had a taste of fame, she was used to it and disenchanted by it, something that excited Tom. She didn't need money, she wasn't impressed with his nor his fame. She seemed amused by him, his fame and his career. An hour and a half later, she looked at her phone and sighed. "I have to get going," she said and gathered her things, Tom stood fast.

"Wait, can I at least have a number?" he asked and she looked down to his hand.

"For what reason?" she asked, pointing at his ring finger and he brought it up, looking at it himself.

"To keep talking," he said and she crossed an arm across her chest.

"I don't like to get involved with married men, they only bring drama and I'm pretty happy with my drama free life," she said and Tom sighed.

"So we're going to walk away from each other and that's it?" he asked and she shrugged.

"Call it a life experience," she said and he sighed.

"Please," he said and she studied him, her sunglasses on top of her head.

"Give me yours," she said and he quickly took out his phone, looking for it. He never tried to call himself and so was at a loss what it was. He quickly read it off to her and saw her enter it into her phone,

"Will you call me?" he asked and she put her sunglasses on.

"Maybe," she said and leaned in, kissing his cheek. She disappeared again, like all those times before and he was left standing watching her go.